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Monday, January 4, 2010

Oooo...I ate too much...

Seemed like such a good idea at the time, because it was dang tasty! Good thing I pulled some out for lunch tomorrow...I just kept eating and eating and eating. I am soooo full now.
Started the day off by cursing the alarm! While I didn't take any time off during the holidays, I was getting used to 4 and 3-day weekends! The alarm going off this morning was rather disturbing, to say the least. As was the cold walk into work...just have to hold off till Friday. The warm weather arrives on Friday!
Breakfast was my now favourite oatmeal concoction; chocolate tropical banana oats. 1/2 c oats, 1 c 1% milk, 1 tbsp Nutella, 1 sml banana, 1 Tbsp shredded coconut. Heat in microwave till cooked. Yummy!!! Reminds of the crepes I ate from the street vendors in Paris.
Lunch was a tossed together hodge-podge. Tried the new Epicure Mac & Cheese (I am a KD purist, but it wasn't bad) on whole wheat macaroni, with a couple of bison wieners and some celery. Snacks were 2 mandarin oranges and a Pink Lady apple. I do remember them sweeter last year - kind of disappointed in what I've had so far this season.
Came home and threw together the dinner I was going to have last night, before H-woman and her mom whisked me off for Chinese (which was freaking awesome!). My older brother and his wife gave me a large wok pan and a box of Zatarains for Christmas, so I decided to take it up a notch. I sauteed a diced up chicken breast, 3 oz wild meat sausage (extra lean, homemade by a coworker), until they were browned, and added the Zatarains. Threw in a can of diced tomatoes, some celery and green pepper, to up the veggie factor, and let it all stew until cooked, adding shrimp at the last minute. As per my first was very, very, very good! Bowl all clean!!! Now can't wait for lunch tomorrow! LOL!
Drinking back the goal is at least two of these a day, although 3 would be great.
Gotta get my gear gathered together, to take to work tomorrow. Lunchtime runs/walks/stairs start again. December and all of it's meetings, potlucks, fundraising and the excuses is over. It's January and it's 131 days until the Windemere marathon. Let the good times begin.

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