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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Booten' in the rain

Yesterday it was it was +12C and raining.  The difference a day makes in Calgary.

Last night's boot camp was fun and hard, as usual.  We ran a new trail, on which I almost got lost, and then after much step-ups, jumping jacks, push-up rows, curls, lats, dips, more push-ups and 1-legged squats, it was while I was on the bitch-path that Mama Nature tried to take me out!  The wind had picked up through-out the hour, and it was while I was coming down the path that we heard the loud crack, and the sound of a tree falling down!  Just didn't know where, so I threw my arms over my head (because they make a great helmet!) and RAN!  The tree came down beside the path, but that was still too close for comfort.  Dinner was chicken Greek salad (cucs, tomato, red pepper, chicken chunks and Greek Feta dressing).  It was still warm when I went to bed, so I had to sleep with the fan on.

However, very different story this morning.  I shut the fan off as some point in the night, and I'll admit the walk into work was gloriously COLD!  I love the crispness of fall mornings.  It had rained, and every bird in town was signing with the joy of the little rain drops and how fresh the city smelled all of a sudden. 

I did go to boot camp tonight, despite the steady drizzle on the walk home.  I don't skip for nuthin'!!  It seems though that not everyone adheres to that was myself and one other girl.  Even Trainer Josh wondered (out loud) why we both didn't bail.  Then HE could go home!!  So, it turned into an hour of "punishment" for us!  We were at Weaslehead tonight, so we did our usual run down and up the hill, and then sprinting hell.  Starting at the bottom of the hill (this hill is STEEP and LONG), we sprint for 20 seconds, turn around and walk back down for 10 seconds.  Then it was 30/15.  Then it was 40/20.  Finally it was 50/25.  My legs and lungs were both screaming at me...loud!  We switched it up a bit with squat pyramid: facing downhill we did 2 squats, walk backwards (while in a squat) 2 steps, 3 squats, 3 steps...till 10.  Then we faced up the hill and did another pyramid, only with lunge walk in between each squat set.  I seriously cannot feel my quads right now!  Finished this little round of torture off with a sprint to the top of the hill, to return to our mats/weights.  A round of jump-rope, v-sit shoulder press, drop-leg flies, more jumping, shoulder press, extensions and finally more rope.  Back and forth and forth and back.  Finally it was a little plank-a-thon (side plank & dips, full plank & lift legs), and then some good old ab work.  That'll teach us for making Josh stand in the rain for an hour!!  Too bad it wasn't really that bad out, and I'll do it again.  Mwah-ah-ah-ah!!

I was really hungry when I got home, but wanted something totally fast and warm.  So I scrambled two eggs with some goat cheese, dill seasoning and maple smoked salmon.  Dumped that on top of a bed of spinach and drizzled the whole thing with balsamic dressing.  Quite tasty.  Sorry, no pics...too time to hold camera...too busy shoveling food into mouth!

I am about to head for bed.  I made it just after 10pm last night, and really enjoyed the almost 8 hours I got.  I need to make that a habit, as I know it also helps in the weight loss department.  It would be such a waste to blow all my hard work and food choices on a body that was always tired.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday Hike

Have I mentioned how much I have enjoyed our Saturday hikes, even with some of the adventures we've had?  Like butt-sledding in July, and while not "lost", we weren't exactly on the trail either!  But each hike out is filled with laughter and good times, regardless of the size of the crew or destination.

Saturday's hike was going to be up the Heart Mountain trail.  This is not to be confused with Heart Creek Trail, which takes you over Heart Creek many times, and up to the waterfall, a measly 100 meters.  No, no...we had our work(out) cut out for us today.

We followed a pretty decent trail, with a nice steady grade, I think more so to lull me into a sense of complacency!  Yes, there was some hard work, and a little scrambling, and S. (who shall be forever known as "Super-Hiker-Woman") saying "I thought we had a bigger rock to climb over" repeatedly.  I was getting nervous!

Oh....THIS rock?!?!

The red arrow, by the way, was actually on the rock.  Yes, the trail goes up.  That is your only choice!  After helping another set of hikers up and over, S. (or S.H.W. for short) scrambled up, and then between her, M. (also a Super Mountain Woman in her own right), and everyone else, for that matter, guided, cajoled, hefted and heaved me up the side of a very scary, at least 8' tall rock stuck on the side of a freaking mountain!!!  Funny thing is I've always thought I'd like to try rock climbing...just in the safety of a gym, with foam and ropes and such.  Not on the side of a breezy mountain!!!  But I did it (would have done a little dance, but was still on a mountain, after all!), and after collecting myself (aka...getting heart rate back to normal levels!) we continued our climb up, up, up (900m ascent).

Maybe it was the excitement of the big rock, or the fact that breakfast was hours before, but I suddenly had to eat and eat now.  I was turning into a grumpy bear, so we finally found a spot to grab a bite.  Lunch was a turkey meatloaf bunwich with Havarti cheese and roasted peppers.  I know how to rock a mountain picnic!!!  We continued up until we reached the peak, and signed our names and date onto a piece of paper, which we stuck into the time capsule left at the top. 
The hiking gang...everyone here ('cept for me and J. in the white top) are competing in the Lost Souls 100km trail run in September.  They are far braver than I!!!

Hard climb, but as usual, the views are worth it.
Look, it's Barrier Lake, where we hiked on July 1st.  My first hike out with the group!  We had lunch up by the look-out cabin, way at the tippy top!  Memories...

As is with all hikes, what goes up must come down.  The good news is we didn't have to go back the way we came!  After all, I really don't know if I could swing my legs over the abyss...oops...that rock, and make my way back down.  The bad news is there was a bit of scrambling involved, which I am not fond of.  I just don't like the feeling of the earth moving beneath my feet, while I am tentatively making my way down the side of a mountain.  There were a few spots where I had the "death grip" on Mother Earth, and even more spots where poles were abandoned and we made our way down on our butts.  Needless to say, I am still feeling the quad/glutes workout today!

Turns out this little 10km hike was the longest 10km I have every done!  Seriously, every time we looked towards the highway, I swear it was not getting any closer.  It was like hiking on a treadmill!!!  I was hot, tired, had run out of water (it was 28C) and as usual, my feet hurt.  And when they start to ache, it's just misery.  Only one wipeout for me, which I can't even describe how or why, but S. and I almost peed ourselves laughing, as I managed to do it in slow-mo to boot!!!  At least it was in the safety and relative softness of the trees.  Could have been far worse!

Made it back to the cars in the parking lot, 11.7km and 7.45 hours later.  It was a slow descent over some of the trickier parts, but another day I wouldn't have traded for anything.

Dinner was a refreshingly cold Green Monster (thank goodness for frozen bananas), and the last of the leftover turkey meatloaf.  Managed to sleep like the dead until 10am this morning, where I spent the day puttering about.  Picked up Mom and bought some silk plants to replace the oh, so sad dead ones in her house (these ones don't need to be watered!) then home to a dinner of salmon sashimi, salad and salad rolls (no noodles).  Can't believe it's back to work tomorrow.  The week off just flew by.

Wonder what adventures await me this week?


Friday, August 26, 2011

Hard work = pay off

I have not missed a single boot camp, since committing to 5 nights a week, not even letting a marathon get in my way.  I can be am a little on the obsessive side when I say I want to do something (Go big or go home), and I'm happy my recent fixation is on finally breaking past this weight loop-de-loop I've been on for the past year.  The last time I was under 200 pounds on the scale was last October.  Ten very long months ago!  Granted, I had a rather sucky year last year (cannot believe Dad's anniversary is in 11 days already) but the fact that I have been stuck at 204-207 since October is hugely frustrating.  It's a vicious hamster wheel, and I finally wanted off.

Boot camp on Wednesday was HOT.  In order to keep us from passing out, Trainer Josh had us find any shade we could, and then we took off for the Douglas Fir trail.  It's all shade, and amazing that you step onto the trail from the pathway and feel the temperature drop a good 10 degrees.  I'd day it was much better, but then we began the climb UP.  Legs were still tired from marathon/boot camp/boot camp, but I plugged along till I caught up with everyone.  Only took me 9 minutes, which Trainer Josh was pleased with.  The uber fit duo of C. and J. made it in just under 5!!  Hate them...I mean, way to go, you guys!  Once at the top, we did some drills, sprints up and down, until Josh figured he had worked us all hard enough.  Back to the mats, and a big patch of shade, which we stuck to with a lot of shoulder and triceps work.  We even had a band to entertain us!!  A group showed up at the picnic area near us, complete with big old double Bass and started "jamming".  Groovy, cats!

After picking up the vegetables from our co-op, I dropped off H-woman's share and then went down to Eau Claire to meet up with some very sweaty, hot runners.  Enjoyed my usual pint and the Frank's Lime Red Hot Mussels (sans bread for dipping...sad for me) and a tossed green salad.  That is becoming my Wednesday usual, and it is quite delicious.  Even without the bread...

After puttering around in the morning, I walked down to Weight Watchers (I am on vacay this week, but am really doing nothing all day...guess I needed the rest) and practically did a back flip off the scale!  199.8!!  Boo-yah!!!  Since Trainer Josh took me under his wing starting beating me with a stick, I have lost steadily every week, for a total of 7.2 pounds, or almost 2 pounds a week.  Outstanding!  I know it's all me doing it, but I guess I just needed that nudge in the right direction.  I will most definitely keep up the 5 days a week for the next session, as I'm also noticing some changed in the old bod, like my tummy not being quite so prominent these days. 

Speaking of, class #19 involved the staircase at North Glenmore and some interesting drills.  Of course, we did have to wait for the group of young men idiots to finish what ever it was they were smoking at the bottom and move on, before Trainer Josh would let us go down the stairs.  Safety first, always.  After a warm of high kicks, high knees, sprints, and butt kicks, we got down to work.  First, some shoulder work, then run down the big hill, squats at the bottom and run back up.  It's not as steep at the BA hill at Edworthy, but it is long.  I ended up having to walk a bit of it, but I picked it back up when needed.  After more shoulder work, we then went down and up the stairs twice (need to count them, but 80-100 steps??) before coming back up the hill backwards (we did some serious quad work yesterday) and then one final sprint down and back up again.  Finished the day off with more squats (the dreaded one-legged), lunges, step-ups, shoulder presses, plank (which I might say mine was perfect and I held it for a good minute or more!), sit-ups, v-sit and negatives.  Love getting my sweat on!

Home to dinner of baked salmon with maple syrup (which I didn't notice mine had a layer of something on it till too late - didn't affect the taste at all, but I threw the bottle out...guess you can't trust Walmart brand to be good quality, huh???), on salad greens with goat cheese and balsamic dressing.  That's becoming a fave salad of mine.  Caught up on some People magazines, watched some mindless TV till way too late and went to bed.  On the agenda for today...must.cut.the.grass!  And then some tidy work inside the building, and in my suite.  figure out what I'm going to do with all the crap in the abandoned suite, and decide if I'm brave enough for tomorrow's hike to Heart Creek.  There's supposed to be a lot of spree and I don't like that slippery/slidy feeling when hiking.  Makes me nervous.  But I do love hiking, and I just bought a cool backpack with big bladder in it (3L) so I don't have to carry a camel back and a bottle and on and on.  Okay, okay...I'm going!

One more cup of coffee and then I'm out of here.  Seriously...I mean it this time!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Edmonton Recap

Sorry everyone.  I have been so bagged, and running around so much, that I just haven't had/made the time to sit down and write.  And maybe because I don't have such good things to say about this marathon, I was stalling till some happy thoughts came into my head.  You know what they say about having nothing nice to say...
I knew I was in for a challenge when at 5:30am, it was already +15C (59F).  The forecast for the day was +30 (86F) but with the humidex, that number jumped to +33C (91F).  I was not looking forward to running 42.2km in that kind of heat.  I ate a breakfast of a whole wheat bagel, peanut butter, banana, a bit of coffee and some chocolate milk.  Mixed up my OJ, sea salt and water concoction and I was off to find the train.  Met up with L. (who was running her first marathon) in the lobby of the hotel, and together we walked to the station.  She was nervous and excited...I was filled with dread.  There was not a single cloud in the sky...not one.  Thankfully there was a bit of a breeze, but not one cloud.  I was in for a long day!

We arrived at Northlands Park about 6:15, in time to watch the marathon walkers leave at 6:30.  I hate this part...sit around and around and around, waiting to start.  Finally, after a quick potty break, and L's multiple breaks, we went out and queued up.  Sadly, despite reports otherwise, there was not a 5:30 or "to finish" bunny, so I just placed myself at the back of the pack and reset Mr. Garmin to 10:1's, for L.  We started off, at a pace that I felt was too quick.  By the first water station, L. was taking off (she usually trained with the 4:30 pace group) and I was left to my own devices.  I took water at each station, as well as Gatorade, because I knew I was going to sweat it out in no time.  I was right.  I don't know Edmonton very well, but we ran from Northlands, weaved our way through downtown, through some nice, older neighbourhoods, across the river, through some more neighbourhoods, bobbing and weaving the whole way.  Suddenly people were shooting past me, and the front runners for the Half were passing as if I was standing still!  They started a half hour after we did!!!  Sadly, I got sucked up in the draft of the halfers, and found myself once again running a pace that my body just did not like.  Finally, we reached their turn-around point (and "only" 10km for us!) and I could slow myself down again.  However, the heat got to me.  As did my shoes...I could feel the blister forming on my insole and knew it was going to be nasty (it was HUGE).  I kept trying to push myself forward, but as the day wore on, the more discouraged and less like a runner I felt.  There was that naggy little voice wondering why I was doing this again, and that I should have started at 6:30, and if I were only doing the Half, I'd be done by now...blah, blah, blah!  Did my best to talk around it, counted from 300, challenged myself to just run one more block, etc. but I was toast by the halfway mark.  However, I am a very stubborn person and refuse to say quit.  So I walked on...the volunteers were all great, very enthusiastic, filling my water bottle repeatedly for me, and one guy even dumped a whole bucket of water over my head!!  Yes, as per my request!!  The more I tried to run, the more my legs cramped up...I just could not do it anymore, and it became a game of wills...left, right, repeat to the end.  Ended up catching up to a couple of ladies, who also suffered from the heat, and we ended up walking in together.  Official time was 6:26.  Grabbed some water (hot from sitting in the sun), totally missed out on the `brunch` that was offered, went back to the hotel via a Shopper`s Drug Mart for a very large bottle of COLD water and some food from the food court, before crashing in my room for a couple of hours.  Iced my feet and had a cold shower, still trying to cool down, before finally heading downstairs for some dinner.  Grilled chicken breast, a half rack of baby back ribs, brown rice (I ignored the carb rule) and steamed veggies.  And a beer...a delicious, cold glass of beer!

Spent one more night in my heavenly soft hotel bed, before the drive home to Calgary.  Managed to get out of Edmonton unscathed (simply back-tracked and it was much easier by the light of day), and made it home with time to unpack, cuddle George and head off to boot camp.  Yes, I went to boot camp!  I actually wasn`t that stiff from the race, and I just wanted to wipe it from my mind, so I thought getting my sweat on would be a good thing.  Trainer Josh was kind, as I didn`t have to run the hill, but just walk my way up the back way to meet the group.  Then we did our usual drills.  It was all good.

After boot camp, I stopped at Safeway to grab some vegetables and protein (in this case, light Babybel and some hummus) before I went to the Epicure Selections fall launch.  Oohed and awed over the new and returning stuff, had some nibbles (oops...there`s those dang carbs again) before heading home and crashing.

Today was spent with Mom - I am on vacay all week - off to the Dr`s for a follow-up, then groceries, lunch, Purdy`s, the vets and home again.  I did manage to squeeze in a quick nap (I am on holidays, after all) before boot camp again.  I arrived a little late (TRAFFIC SUCKS!) to which Trainer Josh said  ``I though maybe you finally decided to take a deserved night off``...Um...nope!  Sprints up Weaslehead, with my favourite (OMG, can`t believe I just said that) was when we walked up it backwards, stopping and doing squats every 10 steps.  The quads and butt felt it HARD tonight.  Boo-yah!

Dinner was BBQ salmon salad (Maple BBQ salmon, roasted in my oven, greens, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, goat cheese, balsamic dressing) and some fresh blackberries and blueberries for dessert.  Going to lay low the rest of the night, and decide how to spend the rest of my week off.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Busy weekend

The city of Edmonton is one busy place this weekend.  The Fringe Festival, the Canadian Derby (I couldn't find a link, but it's a horse race that went on today), The Dragonboat Festival and of course, the marathon tomorrow.  Good thing I booked my room way back in January.

Speaking of, the hotel is awesome.  The rooms are extra quiet, they're providing a free breakfast in the main lobby for all us runners tomorrow, the beds are super comfy, and they are one of the few places that I know of that actually serve brown rice and it's on the menus.  It's not an expensive change out item!

I got my much-needed 6 shots and a low fat turkey sandwich at Starbucks (just down the street from the hotel), and then found the train, again, right down the street.  This will make tomorrow so much easier.  Went to the Expo (a little lame...only 8 or 9 vendors and one of them was the Running Room - sponsor of the race!).  Picked up my bib and shirt (it's nice), had a wander, figured out where the race starts in the am, and then took the train back downtown.  Did some more wandering, finally finding the mall, where I found a Sunterra (yay) right across from a McDonald's.  I was much happier with my choice of chicken salad (chicken breast, greens, peppers, tomatoes, & broccoli with raspberry vinaigrette), a whole wheat baguette with tomato, cheese & basil and a rice krispie square, for my treat, than what I could have found at McD's!! 

Dropped some stuff of at the hotel, then went for another wander, down towards the river.  That's where I discovered that the Dragonboats were racing, so I stopped to watch for a bit.  Got a call from another runner that I know from Eau Claire, who's running  the marathon tomorrow as well, and met up with her and her man for dinner.

I had the maple smoked salmon with brown rice, broccoli, red pepper and asparagus.  I was still a little hungry when I got back to my room, so I ate a Honey Stinger waffle cookie and drank some water.  Running gear is laid out and ready to pull on in the am.  Coffee pot is primed and ready to roll, chocolate milk is chilling.  I also have my OJ and sea salt ready to throw into my water bottle.  Bring this race on!

L. and I are going to hang with the 5:30 pace bunny and see how we feel.  This will be a better time than Calgary, but not as good as Toronto, but I'm also testing out my "bootcamp vs. running" training program, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.  If I feel it, I'll pull ahead...if not, still a very respectable finish.

Time to start shutting down.  I am actually tired,  so should fall asleep quickly tonight.  Race deets to follow tomorrow.


I made it

I forgot just how much I hate driving in downtown Edmonton!  Doing it at 11pm in the dark does not make it a better experience.  I spent much of my drive cursing the miscreant that stole my GPS!!  But I did find (totally by accident) the hotel, and enjoyed a lovely sleep in an awesomely, soft, huge king-sized bed with a trillion pillows.  And not the wimpy, "where did all the support go?" hotel pillows, but nice, firm, "wow, that's comfy" pillows!  I may never leave!

My view...not the best, but it was pretty at night.

I did go to boot camp yesterday.  Many wouldn't have, whether you call it a taper or rest day, but whatever.  I needed to feel the burn!  Besides, it's working...I am within spitting distance of my weight starting with a "1" that I am excited, and I will not mess it up now.  It was Tabata-Friday, and I think in respect of my marathon on Sunday, Trainer Josh focused a lot on upper body and core.  Surprised I was able to roll out of bed so easily today.

Finishing up my morning coffee, and then I'll head out to look for sustenance and then off to find the LRT (Light Rail Transit, as we call it here in Alberta) and the Expo.  I have a day to kill, so hoping to find something to occupy my time.

I am excited to see brown rice on the hotel menu...that means a good carb (the one I'm allowed this week!) for dinner tonight.  In fact, the maple cold-smoked salmon with veg and brown rice has already caught my eye.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halfway point

I cannot believe that it's been 3 weeks of boot camp every night.  It's getting easier too...oh, not the workouts, mind you, but how well I'm feeling afterwards. 

Last night was back at Edworthy, and we basically repeated what we did on Tuesday at Weaslehead, albeit on the "stairs" and goat trail.  Up and down, up and down.  Then we got "really tough"!  There's a new triple play Trainer Josh loves, that involves dips, incline push-ups and step ups.  Back and forth, with push-ups, burpees, 1-legged squats, lunges, sprinting, curls, shoulder press and extensions thrown in for good measure!  Feeling lucky I can stand today!!

Picked up our fresh veggies again last night (starting to see stuff of substance) and dropped off H-woman's share.  Sadly, hers includes all the potatoes, as I think Trainer Josh is making me break up with them!!!  I then met up with the runners at Eau Claire, and enjoyed a pint (Josh said Guinness is okay, but just one) and steamed mussels (cooked in a broth of tomatoes and Frank's Red Hot Lime sauce - YUM) without the glorious chunk of garlic bread to dip with, and a side green salad.  Came home, and crashed.  Didn't even turn the computer on.

Today at weigh-in, I came oh, so, close to a huge milestone.  I am within spitting distance of being under 200 pounds for the first time in FOREVER.  Next week...  Enjoyed by usual Thursday lunch of crab & corn salad, thai marinated avocados, spinach, greens, and tomato/cucumber/cheese salad.  Stuck with smaller portions than I usually have (which was hard, as I arrive there after meeting and I am HUNGRY) and actually finished eating feeling satisfied, not stuffed.  Snack later for the day was fresh fruit salad (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, pineapple) and a babybel.  This is an older I did not get a nut bar, or the mango salad.

Back to North Glenmore for boot camp, after a brief nap.  I debated nap vs. cutting the grass, and wouldn't you know it, the nap won out!  Good thing I showed up refreshed.  I swear Trainer Josh is trying to make someone throw up this week, and it may very well be me.  After a brief run to warm up, we started at our various stations, but check-point charlie (aka, "home") was where we all started.  Step-ups (or hops, if you had it in you) followed by jumping jacks.  Oh, 15 of everything...I know you are dying to know that.  Then we moved on to the next station, where we did the triad of dips, incline presses and 1-legged squats.  Back to home, repeat, off to next station.  Bands, where we curled, seated row and lat pulls.  Back to home, repeat, station 3.  Five burpees followed by sprint out and back, repeat 3 times.  Back to home, repeat, off to station 4.  On the mats, plank row with push-up, drop-leg flies.  Back to home...repeat whole mess again!!!  I made back to station 3, but thankfully Josh called time before I started the dreaded burpee.  I loath burpees!!  Finished up the class with some core and ab work.  I left feeling stronger than I have in months.

Managed to beat the massive summer storm home (HUGE thunderclaps, hail, lightening...the usual) and while I sat far away from anything metal or electronic, I cooked up a Marc Angelo butterflied chicken breast, and just before it finished, I tossed on the swiss chard we got in our baskets last week.  Topped that with some herbed goat cheese, and sun-dried tomato dressing, and inhaled.  Again, HUNGRY.  While I waited for that to cook though, I whipped up a quick green monster of spinach (again from the basket), frozen banana, pineapple and UVAB.  That helped fill a hole.

Must go pack up for my road trip tomorrow.  Driving up to Edmonton after boot camp, and then spending Saturday chillaxin, visiting the expo and seeing what downtown Edmonton has to offer.  Then it's early to bed and up for marathon.  Hoping the heat of the day (forecast to feel like +29C) holds off till I'm mostly done.  I did get sun-stroke in Calgary in +14C, for crying out loud, so I admit to being a little nervous.  Yes, sunscreen will be packed!  I will also be taking the notebook, so hoping the hotel has wifi!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


After Sunday's hike, and yesterday's squat-ariffic squat-a-thon, today we ran sprints.  Uphill.  With lunges and squats thrown in for fun.  Uphill.  Over and over and over again.  Uphill.  I have no feeling from the hips down!!  We then moved to our mats and did 5 45-second exercises, and then ran down and back up the hill.  Oh, this is at North Glenmore, and the hill in question was the infamous Weaslehead! 

After boot camp, I managed to drag myself back to my car, and pick up some spinach and Greek yogurt for the Green Monster madness I've started this week.  Tonight's concoction had spinach, Greek yogurt, banana (no frozen, pineapple and UVAB.  I needed to get my calories up for the day, but keep the carbs down, so I also had some plain 1% cottage cheese and the last of the chicken strips I bought last week.  Hope they were okay...didn't smell or taste funny.  If not, remember me fondly, won't you all??

I also had to swing into Walmart, because I am an idiot.  I think after Sunday's hike, I didn't hit the lock button all the way on James, and someone decided to help themselves to my iPod Nano, my GPS, the adaptor for the iPod and all my parking change.  Oh, and my $10 sunglasses!!!  Seriously?!?!  I take full responsibility for being a dolt, after all, I do live downtown.  But still...I have not been having the best thoughts regarding the crack-head who took off with the stuff.  My mother raised me better then that.  New Nano and adapter in hand but they were sold out of the GPS I wanted, so I'll shop around Blackberry App land and see what I can find.  At least I'll have tunes for the drive up to Edmonton on Friday.  And I am triple checking that I've locked the damn doors!

After work and before boot camp, George and I had an appointment with Dr. Sean.  It was to be with Coco, but I took advantage of the time slot and had George in for his annual.  Dr. Sean is pleased with how well he's doing, and the fact that he's even gained more weight.  We "may" (depends on blood work results tomorrow) even get to ease back on the insulin!  Yahoo George!!!

Okay...I was up far too late last night and felt it this afternoon on Weaslehead.  Must head to bed.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Update and a tongue lashing

After my much needed haircut on Saturday, and some running around with Mom, I met up with a friend from work who moved away about 4 years ago.  He was here under sad circumstances, but it was nice to meet up and catch up a bit.

I did admit to eating a chicken sandwich (grilled chicken breast on a bun, with salad - TONS of salad) and a Guinness before the race scheduled for 9:30 that night.  I figured the little bit of bread (read: carbs) wouldn't hurt.  After catching up, meeting some of his friends and assuring myself he was in good hands, I took off from the far NE part of Calgary to the deep SW, North Glenmore Park.  Arrived in good time, about 8:15, and managed to find a relatively close parking spot and the group very quickly.  We went into the park, trying to figure out the route, and just all chatted about our various days.  Then, as the sun started to set and the wicked full moon came out, the race began.  There was a lot of people racing (1,000??), whether they were doing the 5 or 10km.  Simple course, as we ran the roadway through the park from west to east, turned at the Canoe Club and onto the pathway back to the west to Weaslehead, turn around and back to the east.  Any 5k's turned off at this point, while us 10k's kept going for loop #2.  I maintained a good, steady pace.  The breathing was awesome, the temperatures great and there weren't any bugs, that I felt anyway.  Didn't fall over anyone, although there were some people that sounded like they were in serious need of medical attention!  I walked once at the 8km point, but only for 30 seconds, before I caught my breath and ran it in, even managing to surge past not one, but THREE runners ahead of me.  1:10 was my official chip time, which is about 3 minutes slower than my personal best.  Not so bad, considering I haven't been so much of a "runner" lately, and more so of a boot camper.  I am going into the marathon on Sunday in a better mind space now.

Crossed the finish line, hugged everyone, grabbed a water and a treat and immediately left the park (and beer garden/party) to head for home, as we had moved our Saturday hike to Sunday and were all meeting at 8am

This time, we went up to Bourgeau Lake.  All of these trails are new to me, but this one was nice.  The weather was perfect, and the hike relatively easy, with a bit of a climb at the last bit to the lake.  However, all switchbacks and in the trees, which makes it a bit easier to deal with.  There were 7 of us this time, as we added Z. and D. (a Mister!) to the mix. 
Thanks Jaime!  I had fun playing in the Picnik site.
After lunch, we decided to keep going to Harvey Lake and Harvey Pass, which was only a 290m climb from where we were.  It was a bit more difficult though, as the path opens up into a shale field, and is quite steep in places.  Again, it wasn't the up that was so bad, it was the thought of "how the heck am I getting down that, besides on my butt" that keeps going around my head!  But the views from Harvey Pass were worth it, with Assiniboine off in the distance.

It was quite a bit windier up on the pass, and while some headed up some more, to the first "bump" on Bourgeau Pass, my legs (and spirit) just wouldn't let me go!  I sat and rested, contemplated life and hung out with M. (still nursing a leg injury) and Z, while we waited on the others to return. 

Me, admitting defeat!  "I surrender!"

Slow and steady was the name of the game on the way out, with my feet slipping a couple of times, but nothing too scary.  Okay, I was a little scared!  It was a long hike down, and by the end, my feet were telling me they were done with this silliness.  I can only handle my toes jamming into my shoes for so long before I get cranky!  After a game of Frogger (we were parked across the highway from the trail head), we all made our way into Canmore for supper.

This is where the tongue lashing comes in...see, we went to this really sweet Poutine place, that J. knows (she grew up with the owners!).  I will say everyone asked if it would be okay with me, and could I eat, and I answered "hell yes, I hiked over 7 hours and for 20km, so I can eat!", but after my admonishment from Trainer Josh tonight, perhaps poutine (however small) and a steamed dog wasn't my best decision.  It was good though...but he's right.  Am I doing this, or am I DOING THIS!?

I.AM.DOING.THIS!!!!  Dinner tonight, after boot camp, was a Green Monster, strengthened up with Greek Yogurt for extra protein kick.  Boo-yah!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Update

So tired, so you'll have have to look at a tease picture of what I was up to.  Deets tomorrow, I promise.

Waiting with this crew for our 10km race to start at 9:30pm.  Yes, a night race.  Twas awesome!

And then I was back with the same crew (well, not everyone, but the ones that count!) for a 20km hike up to Bourgeau Lake, Harvey Lake and Harvey Pass.  Some ventured onto Bourgeau Mountain and up it's pass, but my feet/legs were having none of that.

Going to bed.


Saturday, August 13, 2011


First...celebrate the return of my eyes from behind a wall of hair! 
Please note the's a warm one today!

And secondly...tada!  The triumphant return of the Green Monster!

Into the new KitchenAid (hereby to be soon as "I Lurve U" or KA) went two big handfuls of spinach, a frozen banana, 2 spears of fresh pineapple, UVAB and a glob of almond butter.  Get in my belly!!!

The KA is new because I was thinking smoothie today, and yet I could not find all the pieces of my blender, anywhere I looked.  This one so kicks the other to the curb anyway.  It used to leave chunks, or the bananas would get stuck in the blades.  Just a quick whir and we were off to the races.

Speaking of races, I'm off to get changed, go meet my friend for a brew and a bite (low carb, good race food), then down to North Glenmore park for the 10km.  Deets may not come till tomorrow sometime, depending on my arrival back home and whether it's ridiculously late or not.  I am, after all, meeting up with the hiking ladies at 8am for another adventure hike in the mountains tomorrow.


Focus, Carol, focus...

That's what one of the fellow booters likes to yell at me, when he's razzing me about holding up the group, or laughing at what I'm doing (I'm laughing too, BTW), or trying to figure out a move.  It's caught on, as Trainer Josh will yell it out every now and then, and others, even via Facebook.  Focus, Carol.  That's what I'm doing. 

One lady, who I met last summer at boot camp, and saw intermittently through the winter, came back this spring, after a rather harsh fall/winter (same parental issues that I went through) at 190 lbs.  She totally owned up to the problem, and she looked so different (and felt like crap) that she did something about it.  Well, this week, she's back after a month in the Okanagan, and she looks FREAKING FABULOUS!  She's dropped 45 pounds, she's ripped, she's got a six-pack, and she came in 2nd in her very first 5-Peaks Trail Run!!!  SU-ICK!!!!!  I WANT THAT!  Granted, she is 15 years younger than I (old dog, new tricks, you know how it goes) but she said it was the combination of Weight Watchers (she loves the new system) and Trainer Josh kicking her butt.  I am now focused!  This week's loss helps so much in keeping my eye on the prize, but I am only concentrating on achieving my first goal.  Seeing a number on the scale that starts with a 1.  It will happen, soon.  And then soon enough, I will be the one everyone is talking about!

Boot camp last night was Tabata Friday.  After running the BA hill and down the goat trail/stairs (Trainer Josh challenged us all (insert hysterical laughter from me here) to beat the current record of 6:45  or something like that.  The total loop is just over 1 km, but also includes a 63m (207') climb right at the start.  And it's at a pretty intimidating angle to boot!  I did not break the record, nor did the jack-rabbit pair of C. and I. - they took a paltry 7:24!  Slackers!!  After the climb, we tabata'd (is that a verb?!) squats, lunges, basketball lunges (hold weight, lunge to the right and "throw" weight out, back to centre and jump up, "throw" weight to left with lunge, repeat), jump rope, curls, shoulder press, seated rows, leg lifts, jumping jacks, before running up the bitch-path just once and returning for some killer ab work.  I just going through the pain and sweat, telling myself I will soon be "su-ick" like C. and Trainer Josh will be gushing about me to his other groups!!  Yes, I will stay focused.

Got home, after swinging by the Running Room at Glenmore to pick up my race package for tonight's night run.  Should be fun, it's "only" 10km and I know a lot of the other runners participating tonight.  And there's a beer garden afterwards.  The race starts at 9:30 and we all have headlamps we have to wear (it's in the rules...) as part of our race swag.  Nice shirt too, but not the one they advertised.  It was supposed to have reflective parts, but this is just a black, long sleeved technical tee.  Liars!  Once home, I tossed carrots, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, red/green & yellow peppers, mixed herbs and evoo into a pan and roasted till everything was a golden, caramelly brown.  Heated up a nice piece of roasted turkey breast that I had (with a little chicken broth, to keep moist) and that was dinner.  I'm getting used to not thinking about pasta/rice/potatoes with dinner, and I'm challenging myself to do this for 21 days - form a habit right?  I will push through!

Up and at 'em this morning, about to head to Mom's.  Then it's off to Wissam to get my hair cut/coloured (the grays must die), off to meet an old friend/coworker that moved to the island and is here under the saddest of circumstances, as he knew the poor man trapped under his vehicle and drowned by last Friday's massive storm.    Then it's off to the race, visit afterwards, home, bed and out to the mountains for a Sunday hike/adventure.  Can't get into too much trouble...we all have to work on Monday!


Thursday, August 11, 2011


Don't know if it was the boot camp every night or mixing things up food-wise (no carbs after 3pm) but I lost 4.4 pounds at weigh-in today, and am the lowest I have been since BEFORE Weight Watchers introduced the Points Plus program in December!  What ever it is, I don't care.  I am sticking with it all, as this was the boost my battered weight-loss ego needed!

Didn`t blog last night, as by the time I went to boot camp (Trainer Josh as a new favourite, as we`ve done it every night so far...squats or lunges, then 10 hops forward, repeat till you drop!), picked up the latest crop from Eagle Farms for H-woman and myself, dropped off H`s produce, met the gang for a brew and a bite, it was almost 10pm.  So I was a good girl and didn`t even turn the computer on, choosing instead to do some tidying up, change George`s litter and hit the hay, lights out, at 10:26.  Pretty sure I was asleep by 10:27!

Tonight`s bootcamp was interrupted briefly by another summer storm, but we gathered in the shelter of a cookhouse (at North Glenmore Park) and by the time we did our warm-up (run down the path with our weights, stopping to do various stuff, ending with sprinting up and down the staircase) the rain had stopped and it turned into a lovely evening.

Came home, and was so hungry, I just couldn`t wait to cook something, so dinner was an odd hodge-podge of sorts...sardines (I know, most say ewwww, but I love them) straight out of the can (packed in water) with some Thai chili sauce on them, a small avocado with the same sauce, some 1% cottage cheese and a schwack of fresh veggies...peppers, zucchini, carrots and sugar snap peas.  I did have a small chocolate jonesing, so I did indulge in a bit of trail mix (has m&m`s in it) so it was a bit on the healthier side and I was able to control the portion.

Dr. Sean (George`s vet) sent me the loveliest card for Coco, including her little footprint inside, and he didn`t even get to meet her!  He really is a sweet man, who loves cats to death - it shows when he`s examining them - and this gesture, how ever small, brought me to tears.  Not of sadness...okay, a little bit of sad, but just knowing someone else cared about my baby girl.  Hence the chocolate fix mentioned above.  But I will not derail all of my hard work (my aching muscles won`t let me!!) in one fell swoop, and will keep moving forward.  If my legs let me...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And on the 7th day

After another killer boot camp, which saw us repeat much of last night's class...different group, different location, so Trainer Josh in unapologetic!  After all, I signed up for this, right?  And I will totally rock it by the end.  I know I will. 

By the end of the hour though I wanted some serious protein.  I was thinking some sort of seafood and salad, and really wanted some baby mozzarella to go with the tomatoes I just bought.  Sadly Sobey's didn't have any, so I changed it up to salmon and goat cheese.  I am a good cooker.  'nuf said.

On the plate:
salad greens, pepper (red, orange, yellow and green) strips, carrots and red cabbage.  Top with salmon coated with Epicure Salmon and Fish rub, cooked in a hot pan and to medium perfection, I may add.  Crumble herbed goat cheese, and top with a dressing of Epicure Sweet & Spicy mustard, Epicure balsamic vinegar, evoo and some more of the fish rub, and voila.  I am that good!!

Oh, and look what else I've found.  Yay!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday blues

I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many caring friends and family, who have all offered words (and shoulders) of support when I have needed it most.  I thank each and every one of you.

After taking Coco to the vet (they have to officially pronounce her) and making the final arrangements (no ashes for me, but I am getting a paw print in plaster), I came home and tried to get some sleep.  I didn't get much any after finding Coco, and was starting to feel my late night (also didn't make my 10:30 cut-off either).  No good...I cried, tossed and turned and cuddled with George (Giorgio), and maybe dozed off for a few minutes.  Finally I got up, picked up H-woman and went off for some much needed noodles at Vietnam Fortune.  Third time for me in two weeks...what will people think?!  We had a good talk, got caught up with each other, and after I dropped her off, the food coma was enough to help me finally fall asleep.  However, I had the alarm set so I could go to boot camp.  Yes, I went...I knew that sweating and throwing weights around would be good for me.  Otherwise, it's sit at home and try to figure out which food group (fat, salt, sugar, chocolate) would best cover up the hurt. 

We ran up the big hill (the legs were NOT pleased after Saturday's hike) and around to the stairs, before returning to the mats for the killer circuit.  This one is fun.  Two groups, reps of 15, two different sets of exercises that basically figure 8 each other in the middle.  I was in group B.  We all start together, push-ups and squat press.  Group A moved to the bands where they did seated row and curls.  We lunge walked to a marker, then ran to our next station of dips, incline push-ups and step-ups.  Group A moved on to their next marker, where they did lunges, then ran up the Bitchy path.  We moved to the jump ropes (50 reps) and then met up with Group A at the middle and squats.  Return the way you came, repeating everything.  Quick drink of water and we swap routes.  Finish that, and it's one giant loop of everything, but double the reps!  I was BEAT by the end, and I think Trainer Josh picked up on that, as I only had to do one lap of the path (others had to run twice) and he finished me early for much needed water.  Finish up the class with v-sit shoulder press to cheek-to-cheeks to toe touches.  Repeat three times.  Then drop legs and hold banana  (arms & weights out to the side...OW) - repeat 3 times, narrow grip push-ups to slow count down and 4 second hold - repeat 4 times, to sit-ups and negatives.  I was sore and exhausted, but so happy I went.

S. and I stayed after class, regaling Trainer Josh with tales of our hike on Saturday, before parting ways.  I came home, not hungry but knowing I had to get some more calories in me so I mixed some spinach in with some black lentil curry I had in the cupboard and dinner was born.  Took all of 5 minutes to heat up, and it was just satisfying enough to get me through till tomorrow.  Some fresh cherries for "dessert" and a glass of milk and I'm done for the day.

Again, thank you all for your kind words and actions.  Means a lot to George and I.  Hug your children, furry or not.


Sweet dreams, my love.

Today I am sad.  Heartbroken.  Devastated.  Words cannot adequately describe.  Today I lost my precious little fur-girl, Miss Coco Chanel, or Princess Coco-Puff, as she was more commonly referred to.  She passed in her sleep, in what I can only hope was peaceful and painless.  Don't even know what was wrong, other than she just wasn't herself the last week.  We had an appointment with Dr. Sean next week, but I was going to take her in this morning, as she really didn't act well last night.  Hindsight, huh?   

 She would give me that look across the pillow when I woke up in the morning, to a gentle "ppprrraattt" and she could purr with the best of them.  She loved to tell me stories of her day when I came home from work, most starting with an emphatic "do you know what your other fur-child did to me today?!"
 She may not have been classy, but she was my Phat baby girl!
 Her favourite way to sleep!  On whatever was tossed on the bed by her not-so-neat Mama.
 But she also knew how to sit like a lady, working it for the camera.
 She loved to cuddle with her Mama.
 And her brother, Giorgio Armani (come on, they're Tuxedos...they had to have classy names!).
 This is how I found them most days.
 Of course, anything that could be used as a pillow would be.  Loved it when she slept with her tongue hanging out.  Such a hard life...
 Dressed up for Christmas...the cataract started last year, but she never acted like it bothered her.
Instead choosing to be a goofball.  She always made me smile, and today she's making me cry.

Sweet dreams, my love.  I see her cuddled on Dad's lap in heaven, telling him her tales of woe and purring her brains out.

She was loved.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spruce up my butt and tree in my face...

Told the ladies on the yesterday's hike that this would be my blog title, and I don't lie!  But more on that later.

I did it...I managed to do all 5 boot camps this week.  Five down, with only (omg) 25 to go.  Means to an end...means to an end.  We ran Douglas Fir, did a lap of the Bitchy trail, had some tabata good times (although I seriously don't know how I managed to hold my weights above my head), 1-legged squats and Trainer Josh's new favourite, lunge hop.  Lunge 10 times (either each leg or plie (??)), then hop (forward, not in one spot) 10 times, lunge 8, hop 10, lunge 6, hop 10 and basically continue till you reach zero lunges or the edge of the field, which ever comes first.  My legs were screaming at me by the end of the class.  Which ended just as the skies opened up over Calgary and did some serious damage!  I could barely see driving through downtown Calgary, the hail made it look as if a tree exploded at my house, and sadly, someone died when they were swept off their feet by the torrents of water and got trapped under a vehicle.  It was a nasty one.

But on to lighter things!  Yesterday was spent hiking the Forget-me-not Ridge in K-country.  This was a close one, just outside Calgary, south west of Bragg Creek.  That was actually the easy part of the day.  After some careful stream crossings (we built our own bridge at one point with rocks and logs that we found), we hiked along...and along...and along.  I was thinking "this is too easy", as were the others.  That's when we realized we passed the turn point, about a km behind us.  After turning back, and finding the caron (??) - a pile of stones that I joked was either a really bad inukshuk or covering up a deceased hiker - we turned up and started a climb.  A hard, pretty straight up climb.  With almost an 800m climb to the ridge, we were all puffing pretty good.  In fact, I was arguing with my heart monitor, as it seemed way too low for how I was feeling!  Had to stop for lunch in fact, as I just could not go any further without some food in me.
 Lunch for me was carrots, snap peas, hummus, a ww bagel with lite cream cheese and some trail mix.  Love J's "cougar" gaters!
 The view is well worth the climb.  This is still the foothills to the north east...
 And now to the west.
 At the top of the ridge (what a climb!) we found this.  The biggest, baddest Inukshuk in the land!!!!
 I'm 5'10", so you can figure out how tall it was.
 If you squink, you can see the white dot off in the distance...that's downtown Calgary!!!!
 Stavros, Inukshuk builder!  He says he hikes up a couple of times a year to build on it and make any repairs.

At this point, our 4-hour planned hike took a definate turn.  We didn't want to go back the way we came, as it was pretty steep and one member of our team is recovering from a stress fracture, so had to be careful with how she hiked.  And we thought there was a loop trail, as many of the hike books indicated different distances for this particular ridge.  S. had talked to a pair of ladies who had a map, before we caught up, who said "just follow the trail around the ridge, and you'll get back down to the bottom".  Our lesson today, kids???  Never, ever, ever leave the trail...ever!

We walked along the ridge, looking for this elusive other trail.  Of course, the top was so wind-swept, there really wasn't a trail to follow anyway.  Then we came upon this weird area that felt boggy to walk on, but it wasn't wet.  Very odd to hike upon.  Finally we thought we have to start making our way down, or admit defeat and turn back.  Down it was, through this very dead, dense section of forest that would challenge anything Harry Potter could come across!  Kind of creepy, and we made sure to make LOTS of noise to keep any curious critters at bay.
We started WAAAAAYYYYY up there...
And had to go WAAAAYYYYYY down there!  We continued our descent, finally following what appeared to be an old creek bed, that most likely is a very pretty waterfall during spring run off!  In August however, it was a rocky, bumby, tree-filled obstacle course.  Hence the spruce up my butt - I was walking over a small one when it "popped" out from behind me, causing S. to laugh hysterically.  And many, many tree branches in the face...sometimes it sucks to be tall!  On and on we went.  While we were pretty calm, and tried to laugh a lot, which was easy as J. would whoop or yell or call out at odd intervals, I admit to getting frustrated with how long this was taking.  At least the bears and cougars were entertained, I'm sure!  At one point, the ravine was bearing down on us from either side, and I was thinking (especially after Friday's storm) that a flash-flood would suck!  I swore to the ladies if we ever got out of here, I was kissing the ground!  BUT then we noticed the rocks started getting smaller, and the trees kind of opened up a bit and then there it was....the blessed caron we turned at, oh, so long ago!!!!  I threw my poles and backpack to the ground and planted a big wet one on it!!!  I didn't care what had been on it before (it is in the middle of nature, after all)...I have never been so happy to see a pile of rocks before in my life!
We were way up there...

So our 4-hour hike ended up as yet another adventure, taking 9 (yes, NINE) hours and 5 minutes to hike 19.88km.  Once again, Mr. Garmin died just short of 6 hours, so next time I'm trying him without the heart-rate monitor.  I think that combined with trying to pick up signals in the mountains just drains the old boy.  Just like me!  My legs were seizing up on me the last bit back to the car, so I decided then and there that I was taking Sunday off.  Twelve hours after pulling into the COP lot to meet the ladies, I pulled out to head for home.  Barely made dinner (wasn't even that hungry) of avocado, spinach and carrots tossed with sweet Thai chili sauce, and crashed at 10:23.  Slept pretty soundly too, till about 9 this morning.  Glorious!

Cut the grass, cleaned up some the storm damage, met the ladies (who did go run 35km today...they are my heroes!) for coffee, visit with Mom and a load of laundry.  I do have a rather sick little kitty cat here, so she and I are hopefully going to see Dr. Sean tomorrow (fingers crossed all is well), so I am using an unplanned emergency day.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

What was I thinking?

It's only day 4, and I'm seriously wondering what was I thinking?!  I could barely lift my arms above my head, and I have another class tomorrow.  But I will only get stronger...right?   Right?!?

I have also enlisted the knowledge of Trainer Josh (and Survivor Bootcamp) to guide my nutrition as well.  I'm just stuck and I need a nudge...okay, a solid kick in the the right direction.  Biggest change up will be no carbs after 3pm.  Bring on the fresh vegs.  It's time to get a little creative!

In keeping with that, here is dinner tonight.  I feel like Jaime, with my big-assed bowl full of salad!  Into my bowl went spinach, fennel, carrots, mushrooms, red pepper, cucumber, tomato, mango and curried chicken strips (hence the mango), all topped with a dressing of 0% Greek yogurt, lime juice, canola oil, cumin, salt and Garam Masala.

Now I have a happy tummy, am sipping some water, catching up on blogs and getting ready to head for bed.  That's my other challenge...getting enough sleep.  I have been good the last two nights, with lights out at 10:30pm.  Sleep hasn't been too bad (darn night sweats) so I am hopeful that this will just become normal, and I won't perk up as usual at 10.  Joys of being a night owl.

Friday all ready.  Wow...  Going hiking on Saturday, and getting in a nice long run on Sunday.  I hope to meet my great-nephew, but he may not be released from the hospital yet.  Poor little dude did not have a great birth day (collapsed a lung!) and is now not feeling well and is in NICU.  Happy thoughts, please, everyone.

Oops...past my bedtime.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Boot camp

After last night's "train the trainer" night, and tonight's super-duper butt kicking, I thought it would be appropriate to march straight home and sign up for this fun 5 TIMES A WEEK!  Yes, in the next 6 weeks, I will attempt to go to boot camp 30 (THIRTY) times. 

My arms hurt already.

Help me...


Monday, August 1, 2011

Tough training

After a lovely lay-in (9am), I got up , did a load of laundry (which involves down & up three flights of stairs per wash and then dry and then unload), caught up on blogs, thought about cutting the grass, took Mom on some errands, hauled the recycling to a bin, swore at the a*holes who think the sofa they dumped by my bin will miraculously disappear, ate a snack, forgot caffeine and remembered far too late (massive headache), but nothing a Starbucks grande iced non-fat latte couldn't cure (okay, I did need to take an Advil too), played with my new phone some more, picked up a docking station for said phone for work and went to boot camp.

There were 3 of us tonight...I was scured for a bit there, as it was me, Josh and a new trainer, Brian. I back away slowly and not make eye contact??  Then maybe they won't see me!  But thankfully two more victims campers showed up and we were off to the races.  While the new guy set up (he was running the class tonight, with Josh observing) we ran the big-a%$^d hill and down the stairs.  We met back up in a nice shady area (still warm today...but not as bad as yesterday) and Brian put us through our paces.  Loads of cardio as we ran, ran backwards, sprinted, side shuffled, crab walked and then did some new moves, like basketball jumps (jump up, pretending to throw the ball) and karate kicks.  Add to that monkey jumps (squat down with hands on ground, jump up to arms in the air), tuck jumps (yes, tuck legs way up while jumping...I did lunges), jumping jacks, curls, shoulder presses, lat raises and plenty of core, and you have another great boot camp.  Even Josh, after some ribbing by us, joined in and did a bit of a workout.  It was nice to see him sweat too.  While Brian was good, I still heart trainer Josh, and will only follow him.  Not sure where Brian will end up, but as long as he doesn't bump out my Josh.  I am a creature of habit.

Came home and finished up the rest of the raw veggies of yesterday, made a small Greek salad with cherry tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, some the oregano we received in last week's veggie basket from the farm, the last of my olives from the Greek Gals (must return to Farmer's market) and some feta cheese, and a piece of salmon I picked up in the frozen section of Walmart.  It was in a baggie that you poach, with spices already in it.  It was Mediterranean and quick nice.  I'm doing my very best to not have any carbs or starches as dinner, as a way to spur my weight loss in the right direction.  Not no carbs totally, as you do need them, but more so at breakfast and lunch, than later in the day.  I also started a calorie counter app on my phone (I am totally getting into this smart phone thing) called FatSecret, which shows a -761 calorie deficit for the day.  A step in the right direction.  Oh, and just so you know I am not starving myself...2077 calories in, 2838 calories out.'s 10:08 and time for me to head to bed.  I have managed to average 7 hours a sleep a night, which for me is huge, and I want to keep that up.