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Friday, September 20, 2013

Back to it

It's been an interesting, albeit stressful, two weeks.  I've thrown myself back into crossfit with a vengence.  Trying to do all I can, with as few modifications as possible.  Still not jumping or running, so me and the rower are becoming good friends.  I think one Sunday I'm going to see how long it takes me to row a Half.  It was one of the challenges at the Crossfit Games earlier this year, and it would be interesting to see if I could beat my running PR.  Anyway, I ramble.

We've been concentrating on back squats, and since starting back I started at 45#.  On Monday I not only broke triple digits, but I squatted 105#!  Tonight we are going for our ME (maximum effort) weight in each the back squat, shoulder press and deadlift.  I am aiming for at least 125# for the squat and the lift, and will attempt 60# for the shoulders.  The ankle has actually been enjoying crossfit, rarely swelling and relatively pain free.  In fact, I'm pretty much limp free.  Chicago will still be interesting, but I'll take what race day hands me.  I'm not afraid of the distance, nor is the time an issue.  It's just been a while since I've run or walked any distance (21.1 in Vancouver at the beginning of May and 19 in Blackfoot at the end of May).

Getting very excited about Chicago.  Have a food tour (includes deep dish pizza), a Segway tour and a canal tour all booked.  Dinner reservations are booked for Saturday night right a the hotel, and we're already figuring what to do after the race Sunday afternoon.  I think Wednesday will be a "do what you want" day, as I know a couple of friends that are excited to shop on the Mile.  Kill me now.  I have also located the nearest crossfit box (yes, I chugged the kool-aid) to the hotel, a mere 10 minute walk away.  I WILL be there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The stressful part of the last two weeks has been dealing with Mom and the house.  It has been listed for a month now, which is nothing, but while we've have plenty of showings we have yet to receive an offer.  Of anything...crap, at this point, low-ball me just so I know there's some interest in it!  We've dropped the price four times now, creeping closer to the range my agent suggested.  Guess being older really is wiser, since we went with the young upstart with dollar signs in her eyes.  Oh well, lessons learned.  Having an open house this weekend, so hoping that spurs someone on.

Meanwhile, Mom waits ever so (not) patiently in the Rockyview Hospital transitions unit for a placement in assisted living.  She's been in the hospital since April (fall, heart attack, pneumonia, dementia) and now feels that she's "been bad and being punished" and that's why she's in this place.  We play the same game every time I long have I been here, where is this place, why am I here, when do I leave, where are my babies...etc.  Thursday afternoon last week though, got a call from the unit saying Mom had a fall.  Can't quite get a clear answer as to whether it was by her bed, in the bathroom or the hallway, but regardless, she broke her shoulder.  Now, explain to a 77 year old dementia patient why her shoulder hurts and why she has to keep it still.  Such fun.  Saturday night receive a voice message that states "we've moved your mother to unit 74 as there was an incident".  Hmmmm...of course got this while I was at the movies (The Butler...very good, but boy you sure have to remember your American history!), so nothing I could do until Sunday.  Went to the hospital Sunday morning and to the new unit (which is acute care) to find out Mom actually had another heart attack.  Again, chicken and the egg...which came first??  But, if you're going to have a heart attack, have one while already at a hospital!!  She had to have a blood transfusion on Monday, and really did not look or feel good.  She was delirious and talking to ghosts.  I was getting scared.  Tuesday saw the return of Mom.  She ate, she was making sense and while still on oxygen and IV, was feeling better.  Granted, she still doesn't have a clue as to where she is or why, but getting better every day.  But now, assisted living is out the window and we'll be looking at long term care.  Wonder how long THAT will take?

That's been my September thus far.  It is my favourite time of year, as I love the colours, smells and change in the weather that fall brings.  I hope it ushers in even more change, all for the good.

Yay for fitness,

Friday, September 6, 2013

A new year begins

Yes, seems odd that I am "celebrating" New Year's in September, but it's the beginning of another fiscal year here at Shaw, so I am taking the opportunity to reflect and set some new goals. 

The arthritic ankle (or "It", as I refer to it now) has actually been behaving.  I have been back doing squats at CrossFit, including back squats.  While I'm not back to triple digits, I am thrilled with the 70# I cranked out 35 times on Monday.  Tonight's goal is to add 10#, so we'll see if I can do 80#.  At this rate, I'll be back up over 100 in no time.  Goal for back squats - goal body weight. 

Other CrossFit goals include push-ups from my toes, one-band pull-ups, actually touching my toes to the bar and/or knees to my elbows and possibly a double-under.  Can't wait to try jumping rope, to see how "It" takes it. 

I think I've quite punished myself enough over the summer, regarding the whole "I can't run anymore so I'm going to turn into a giant blob of bitter regrets", and have once again paid Weight Watchers to gain weight.  I'd like to say that stops now, but I'm also being realistic.  One day at a time...heck one meal at a time!  Celebrate the small victories, like walking out of the deli today WITHOUT a Hazelnut Crunch croissant!!!  Win!!!  I have signed up for another round of Get Ripped at CFCB (CrossFit Currie Barracks), which starts on the 21st.  It's really just a tune-up, as they discuss nutrition, making healthy choices at the grocery stores, incorporating exercise, etc, and Coaches are great at inspiring and motivating everyone to reach their goals.  And it doesn't have to be losing weight...some people sign up to gain.  I said I would teach that group, since I have that down to a fine art!!!

Spend another wedding as a solo guest, but I'm the only one standing in my way, as far as that goes.  I did sing up for the singles over 40 through Facebook, but am now too chicken to actually respond to anyone!!!  Defeats the purpose, I know.  So, pull up the big girl panties and bite the bullet.  Gulp...maybe tomorrow!  Okay, goal is to respond/wink to at least one person a week for the rest of September.  Eek!

Mom's house is on the market, so hoping it sells soon.  Hard to say goodbye to the family home, but now it can start memories for someone new.  Just have to pack up 45 years worth of life stored in it.  I just got tired thinking about it!  Oh boy...

Work is a bit crazy this week, so I for one am thrilled it's Friday already.  I was here till midnight on Wednesday, but that should be all for me and crazy hours.  I can actually do my job during normal hours, and still meet deadlines.  I don't understand those that feel 12+ hour days are "normal", regardless of year or month end.  I am starting to poke around the website, to see if anything else catches my eye (job wise).  Not really unhappy...just a little bored with it all.  There was a Change Management position that looked intriguing, but since I don't like change, I thought it would be silly to be in charge of that!  Hehehe...

That's it for me...still contemplating an update of the blog, to reflect my new passion and move away from it being about running.  Just have to sit still long enough to do that.
Yay for fitness!