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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sitting and staring

Here I sit, pondering life, staring out the window into nothing.  And why nothing, you ask?  Because I'm staring out at the loading zone of the Vancouver airport, waiting for my flight to San Francisco.  How exciting, right?  It would be if  it weren't  for the fact that I landed at 9:35am, and my flight doesn't depart until 3:45pm!!!!  Yes, that's right, folks...6+ hours sitting in the airport.  BORING! 

That got me to thinking though.  I will be here for about the same time it should (please be less) take me to run the Nike Women's marathon in San Fran on Sunday!  That's kind of least that shouldn't be as boring as sitting  here is.  Marathon #9 for me, and this one will be cool.  Tuxedo-clad  firemen waiting for us to cross the finish line, with little blue Tiffany boxes in hand.  Yes, the finisher's medal is a Tiffany necklace!  And a well earned one, too boot.

Since this year has plagued me with injuries and weight gain and hot flashes and mood swings (oh, yeah...menopause rocks, kids!), I am going into this marathon with the only goal of finishing it.  Upright, smiling and hopefully kissing a fireman in the process!  Granted, firemen in San Fran most likely bat for the other team, but that's profiling right, and a kiss is a kiss!  Going down with a group of ladies, with most running the Half.  I, of course, do not know how to run shorter distances, and feel I must always go big or go home.  Melissa's, for example, has a 10k.  I've never run it, always going for the 22 instead.  I'll have to try it one year, just for the heck of it.  See what all the fuss is about.

Staying at the Stratford right on Union Square.  Looks like a really unique little hotel.  And tonight we're all off to a drag show, Beach Blanket Babylon.  Tomorrow will be casual - the Expo, get our bearings, find carbs for dinner and an early night.  Race Sunday (7am) and then I'm headed to Alcatraz Sunday  night - spooky!  A wine  tour of Napa with the ladies on Monday (limo and all), and then I have Tuesday to wander San Fran, as everyone else heads home then.  Back to Calgary on Wednesday (with another 5 hours to waste in Vancouver airport) but not back to work until Tuesday.  I need this little  holiday.  It's been too long, and I always seem to fill any days off with many things to do, people to see, places to go.  It'll be nice just to sit and chill.

I'll be sure to post pictures of the race (if I can get something big enough to run with a camera/phone/honey stingers/water and inhaler!), otherwise the photos will be from other than the race.  Back to staring out the window.

Today I am grateful to be surrounded by a strong, amazing, supportive, inspiring group of ladies.  Congratulations to L., who qualified for Boston over the long weekend, and looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with J., C., Z, more Cs, O. and new friends I haven't  met yet.