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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Speed work

Let the games begin!
Fast post, as it's late and I'm tired. So, the focus on the speed work is not just running fast, but maintaining form, and helping train your body to run faster overall. Um...okay.
We had a rough 1 km loop to run, which we were to do 2 laps as warm-up. Then, with a 1 km stretch in mind, we were to "turn on the guns"...aim for 85% heart rate, while the actual speed was just a guideline. My first speed km was at 6:57 - not to shabby! For the 5:30 finish, I think the pace to aim for is 6:51. Because we were instructed to walk at one point, to get the heart rate down, and I was trying to strip off my jacket (it was cool, windy, cloudy and sort of snowing, but I was HOT!), my next klick didn't average out nice, but I am pretty sure at one point I looked at the Garmin and it said 6:25! One guy says his said 5-something and he was trying to catch up to me! Then we did the 2 lap cool down (which I did very well, thank you) before heading inside for a good stretch and our usual Wednesday night beer.
Pretty simple day food wise - nothing spectacular, although I did very well saying no to all the offers of pizza tonight.!!!! Mantra in my head...I will hit 50 on Saturday...I WILL hit 5o on Saturday...I had my one pint, a pint of water and came home.
Fed the cats, contacts are about to come out and I'm already in jammies. I will be in bed, and by the feel of it, asleep before 10:30 tonight...that's pretty good for me.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally figured Tempo out!

And to quote my marathon instructor..."just in time for speed work". That doesn't sound like fun, does it?
Despite the massive west winds today, I went out, determined to hit 7:55 tempo pace (the pace for a 5:30 finish). Warm up started nice and slow, low heart rate, pace of 8:02. Next km, picked up the pace (or tried...holy head wind!) and hit stride of 7:43, with the heart rate just below 80%, next klick - 7:40 - faster, I know, but still within the range. Turned around at this point, and finally had some wind to my back, hence the 7:35 pace! Controlled everything in klick #5 and slowed myself back down to 7:42. Finally, cooled down with a pace of 8:09! Overall, average pace was 7:50 (not bad, considering I was aiming for 7:55) and heart rate of 140 (80.9%)! Really feeling it in my butt right now though, and my shins were a little sore this afternoon. Went at them with the massage stick, and I'll have one more go before I go to bed. Now is not the time to be injured.
Work was work...winding down to month end, and dealing with a couple of issues, but nothing major. Still, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy my 4 day weekend (I get Easter Monday off, in lieu of Family Day in February) and then only 2 days of work, before the big Epicure Conference.
Came home, and decided since I had a little bit of taboulleh left, I'd stay in Morocco and have some spicy grilled chicken with yogurt sauce.
Marinated a piece of chicken in evoo and Epicure Moroccan Spice Blend for about an hour, before slapping it on my grill. Added some more grape tomatoes to the taboulleh, as well as a touch more lemon juice and feta cheese, just to round it out a little. It was an awesome supper...that chicken was so moist and delicious. Simple, but perfect.

Ended up watching an older movie (1995) on TV "Home for the Holidays"...Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr, Dylan McDermott...directed by Jodi Foster. A little confusing, but Robert Downey was brilliant, as usual. Odd watching a Thanksgiving movie the Wednesday before Easter, but whatever!
It is time for bed...going to pull some lunch ingredients together, so it's easy to grab in the morning. I really should aim to be at work AT 7, rather than my usual 7-ish!!
My Coco says "ain't I precious?!?!"

Monday, March 29, 2010

10 pounds is heavy!!

What was I thinking?? I'm not ready to hoist around 10 lb weights at boot camp!! Am I?! big group tonight can you tell it's spring? Friday night at 5, there were 5 or 6 of us...tonight, there had to be 15-20! While all the newbies did their fitness tests, the rest of us went up Edworthy Hill and across the ridge, ending up running back down the road (over 2km in total). While I struggled up the hill, and couldn't keep up to everyone on the ridge, I did manage to totally catch up to the last person running down the hill. I was SMOKIN'!
We broke the newbies in with squat presses, burpees, walking lunges with curls, curls to press to controlled drop, suicide drills, dips, leg raises, etc. I felt every moment of the extra 2 lbs on each arm. Ow! We then dropped to the mats to do v-sit shoulder presses, drop leg flies, bench presses and skull crushers to end. Oh, and times that by 3! Just when we thought we couldn't take any more, we did Russian twists (what Josh calls them when you v-sit and move your weight side to side) and oblique crunches. I think it will be a miracle if I can actually get out of bed and dressed tomorrow! Can't wait till Friday!
Since I sat up way too late last night, and I ate all of my delicious dinner, I bought breakfast and lunch today (egg burrito and a Vietnamese chicken salad). Both okay, nothing spectacular. Came home from boot camp and decided to throw together a Taboulleh for supper.
Into a bowl went 1/2 c bulgar and 1 c hot water. Into the microwave for about 5 minutes, till all the water was gone.
Meanwhile, dice up a couple of roma tomatoes, a jar of baby artichoke hearts, some roasted red peppers, some kalamata olives, drain & rinse some chickpeas, and chop up mounds of fresh mint and parsley. Add everything to the bowl, and toss with evoo, S&P and lemon juice till everything is combined. Enjoyed a plate piled high. along with another panani bun with some cheese melted on it. Delicious and meatless. Just can not give up on the dairy, sorry! eyes have been closing and opening for the last 15 minutes, so I am signing off of this post and going to bed. I was up past 11 last night, and that alarm at 5 this morning was harsh. One of my goals is to get more consistent sleep a night, so I'm off to make that a reality.
Happy Monday, people...we survived another one!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holy Mutha, that was good!

Wow!!! I can really outdo myself sometimes!
Into a resealable baggy went some evoo, S&P, fig jam and a chicken breast. After sitting in the fridge for a while, I peeled some parsnips (never had them before...felt it was time to try) and tossed them with some evoo. Onto my very dark clay baker they went, to be joined later by some yam fries.

In a small bowl, I mixed together some low-fat mayo, more fig jam and some fresh grated garlic. Instant garlic fig aioli! Slice an apple and some brie, and start grilling the chicken. Toast a crusty panani bun and once everything is cooked, slap it all together. OMG!!! This was beyond delicious!!! The sweet crunchy apple, with the warm, salty, gooey cheese and the garlic in the aioli, the grilled chicken...I.AM.GOOD!!!!!

Paired it with one of my favourite salads, feta & watermelon. Don't mock till you try it!!! Granted, I did forget the prep the onions, which really add another dimension, but here's what you do.
Thinly slice red onion, and put in a bowl with the juice of a lime. Let that sit for awhile (takes the bite out of the onion), before adding some evoo. This is your dressing for the salad. Meanwhile, cube some watermelon, crumble (large crumbles) feta and add some thinly sliced fresh mint. Toss in the onions, juice and oil and toss well. So light and fresh and refreshing! Try me, you'll like it.

So how was the day, other than the orgasmic dinner I just had?!?! It was good...didn't really sleep in, since I was in bed, asleep by 9pm last night! I turned out all the lights for Earth Hour, and when I realized I was "watching" tv with my eyes closed, I decided to make it official and just go to bed. Other than a couple of "feed me" wake-up calls at 1:25 and 5:37, I slept like a rock until 8 this morning. Nothing like a solid 11 hours to make a girl feel refreshed!
Wandered over to feed Miss Nermal, wondering where the +15 I was promised went...probably got blown away in the wind!
After a quick breakfast of a toasted bagel and a much needed espresso, I did 4 loads of laundry (= 24 flights of stairs!) and then went back out into the sunshine for a good, solid walk. Wandered over to Lululemon and came out with a pair of crops for the summer (Man, I HEART's the only place in the world I am a size 6!). Then I wandered up & down 4th Street, then down 17th Ave, and finally over to the Coop on 11th and 11th SW. Grabbed some groceries (and where I was inspired to make tonight's dinner) along with the most fragrant bunch of mint's all I could smell all the way home. There's a lot of it, so I'm already planning other meals this week, like a tabouli (tabbouleh) and maybe something with lamb. Can't decide what else yet.
I love going to this Coop, because they carry Liberte yogurt, and a good selection of it...not just the Mocha and Cherry, like Safeway. I got another tub of plain Greek, as well as a tub of the ever most wonderful Coconut.
That was dessert! A fresh new banana, some pineapple and a dollop (okay, a large one) of the yogurt. I have a very full and VERY happy belly right now!

And despite about 4 different displays to walk past, I still managed to come home without a single Cadbury Mini Egg!!!! Only one more week!!! And this too shall pass.
Back to work but at least it's a short week.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

23 klicks in the sunshine

Spring sprung in Calgary today, albeit a rather breezy version of itself!
Got up and got everything organized for the 23km run, including making a hearty, portable breakfast. After all, I've been a WW member 4-Ever, so I do not, under any circumstances, eat before weigh-in! I put together some oats, ground chia, plain Greek yogurt, honey, sunflower seeds, craisins and chopped up pineapple in a go container, and stopped into Starbucks for a 5-shot latte to go.
Thank goodness I had the coffee to console myself, as weigh-in did not go my way. I was up .8, which in itself is nothing, but I was really, really, really wanting to hit 50 today, and because of that, I did not cave into temptation (damn Cadbury Mini Eggs calling my name all freaking week!!). Wednesday night...surrounded by wings, pork bites, potato skins, artichoke dip...I had my beer. Thursday at work...lady who has been away for a month shows up with 6 BOXES of Tim Horton's donuts...I had nothing. The entire week, every time I wanted a Cadbury Mini Egg, I said no. Sometimes out loud, and rather forcefully, but it was still no. So imagine my extreme disappointment when the number went the other way this morning. But it's done. I've moved on. Can't undo what's been done. I can only move forward.
However, there was a saying at meeting today that I really liked and am going to adopt:
Don't think of it as losing weight - rather think of it as removing it. Things are lost carelessly, while removing something takes care and attention, and is done with purpose.
After eating my breakfast, drinking my latte and staying for meeting, I hopped in the car and drove to Eau Claire to meet up with K. I was already wearing my running gear, but I did grab a long-sleeved tech shirt just in case, so I had to change up a bit and put my heart-rate monitor on. Once we were both ready, we headed out. The route took us east to Langevin bridge, over to the north side of the river and then west all the way to Shouldice Park. Turn around and come home. Felt good today, although I think I had a tad too much salt in my OJ/water mix, as I was feeling crampy towards the end. Note to cut back on that a bit for next week.
After some serious stretching, I came home, cleaned up and changed and worked on my lower legs with the massage stick a bit. Once I was loosened up, I walked over to H-woman's to check in on Nermal again, enjoying the sunshine of the late afternoon. Not the freaky people who hang in our neighbourhood, mind you, but a quick avoidance tactic by myself and I was walking peacefully in the sun again.
Home where dinner was a chicken, spinach and tomato pizza (about half) and a low-fat Caesar salad. I am FULL! Think it's all the water too, as I'm on to my 3rd refill of my water bottle. Again, maybe a touch too much salt in the OJ.
I am thoroughly going to enjoy sleeping in tomorrow, but I will roll over long enough to think of everyone running Around the Bay in Hamilton! I may not bother to wake up, but I'll think about them!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day off

Waking at 4:30am wasn't the best way to spend a day off, but H-woman and I got to have a nice visit while driving to the airport, and once she checked in, we had a Starbuck's and a gab. I was home and back under the covers by 7! Man, there's a lot of traffic on the roads at 6:30 in the morning...crazy how big this city is getting.
Woke up (again) at 10:30, and after a shower, cup of coffee and breakfast two hard boiled eggs on a toasted thin bun, with a sliced tomato, and then went down to get Mom.
After a quick visit with the family doctor (and after explaining why about 50 times! Seriously, this ISN'T Alzheimer's?!) and picking up some prescriptions, we took off for the pharmacist. Have I mentioned that my mom has lost all patience with waiting?? But when I say to grocery shop while we're waiting, she can't think of anything that she needs. I knew I should have checked those things out before we left the house. Oh well...
The day started out warm (+5C), then it rained and the temperature dropped, and then the rain stopped and the sun came out, starting to warm things up again. I came home from running around with Mom, and made a quick lunch of tomato and cheese on a toasted thin bun...kind of like a pizza. It wasn't quite enough though, since I had Boot Camp coming up, so I supplemented with a bowl of Kashi squares and UVAB.
Boot Camp was HARD!!! Once again, we trudged up the hill from hell, and did a couple of speed drills. Both Trainer Josh and I noticed that when I run up this hill, I can push off my toes of my right foot, but not my left, so Josh told me to head back down and lay off the ankle! I did share that I am running my LSD (23km) tomorrow, so while everyone else did speed drills, I did some squats, push-ups and general upper body weights. I HEART my trainer...he doesn't want me to get hurt any more than my marathon guy does. We then moved to the trees, and with bands did some seated rows, lat pulls, curls and general Tabata stuff. The killer one was the 4 minutes (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) of push-ups!!! Some more weights stuff, some core, some plank and obliques and that was another hour of fun flown by!
Popped into Walmart on the way home, and came out with assorted groceries that I needed as well as a pair of 10 pound weights...Monday I am stepping up! Managed to spend over $100 and an hour in Walmart, as well as a quick visit into Payless (super cute sandals came home to live with me!) and the hair supply place for some gel.

Finally home and changed, and threw together some dinner. In a pan went some evoo, a frozen piece of tilapia (fish) and some Kraft Fig & Balsamic dressing. Cover with foil and bake at high heat till the fish was done, removing the cover with about 10 minutes left, so the fish and sauce got all bubbly and gooey.
In another pot, I boiled mini gnocchi till done, and then tossed them with evoo (get 2 tsp of heart healthy oils in, and Walmart had a wicked deal on litre bottles of it!), 3 chopped up artichoke hearts, some roasted red pepper and leftover diced tomatoes from yesterday's lunch. Add the last of the fig dressing, heat through and top with some shredded cheese, and we have a filling, healthy and yummy dinner!
Down to meeting in the morning, then I'm meeting K. for our LSD at Eau Claire at 10. It'll be more pressure on me to remember everything I need for my run, as well as to pack some breakfast that's going to sustain me for 23km. I think I'll go with oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, some cottage cheese and chia. And I have OJ ready to mix with water for my fluid replacement.
It's supposed to be +15C tomorrow, so I may even run in my new top...spring is here in Calgary, at least!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yet another name to cross off my "run with" list...

I have got to stop "keeping up" with the runners from the faster pace groups when my pacer is not there. Tonight after watching an interesting documentary about a group of 'couch potatoes' who all trained for 9 months and ran Boston (special group, didn't have to qualify), we went out for our Steady run of the week.
Steady Run
Steady run is a run below targeted race pace.
Run at comfortable speed; if in doubt, go slow.

So for the 5:45 - to finish group (which I am in), the steady pace should be around 8:59/km. Aiming for the 5:30 finish time (which I am doing), the steady pace increases to 8:37/km. The lady I was running with tonight paces the 4:45 group (um...that's an HOUR faster than my time), so she said "she go in the middle of what we're both pacing" to be nice to me...we did 7:31/km...her pace is 7:30. Not sure how "in the middle" that was, but I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!!!! Yet, I stubbornly kept up...looked like hell, but I kept up...Garrath thought he'd have to call 9-1-1, but I.kept.up!!! My heart rate was way too high at 152, I looked like I swam back across the river (it was warmer tonight at +7C, but that is not hot by any stretch) and I am feeling the stress in my legs. Garrath did comment that this woman runs too fast for her pace group, and does her Sunday LSD's way too fast as well...good to know. I will run my 29 next week all by myself...I will not kill myself trying to keep up with this group for 29km.
Stats tonight boil down to: 8.85km (her Garmin said 9-something, mine said 8:85 and she argued with me about it...whatever), 1:06:27, 152 bpm, 7:31/km and 655 calories burned. My butt hurts - of course that could have something to do with the fact that we also ran up 10th Street, the day after doing 10 hill repeats...10th Street is like Centre St, only longer! But I did it (and I beat her to the top) without walking or dropping my pace. I am getting stronger...just not at the 4:45 time frame yet!
After stretching, I came home and changed into warm, dry clothes and am going to flake for a bit on the couch before hitting the sack. I am off tomorrow, but since I haven't seen H-woman for so long, and she's heading to Hamilton to run Around the Bay this weekend (and a good luck shout out to all the bloggers running this weekend, like Laura), I offered to pick her up and take her to the airport in the morning. This way we can have a coffee and visit before her flight. Granted, it'll be at 5 in the morning, but the joyous part is I can just come home and go back to bed! It's just like an afternoon nap, only earlier!!!
With that...later,

Runners and injury

As I get ready to head out to running clinic, our instructor sent us this link to an article in the Globe & Mail. Interesting, and I have to say, I've been (emphasis on been, as I listen more carefully now!) there.
Good read for all of us runners out there.

And with that being said, I'm off to go run.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The hills were alive with the sound of wheezing!

Last night of hills training, and to make sure we all remember it fondly, we did 10 repeats! Yes, that's right...after a warm-up run of 2km, we tackled Centre St in all it's glory, and ran up and down like maniacs for a total of 10 times. Thought I was actually close to losing a lung on lap 9, but I pushed through, made an ugly face and reached deep for #10. Highest my heart rate got was 172, which is darn close to max, but not over, so I was happy. Totals for the night: 9.55km, 1:22.35, average pace 8:39, average heart rate 149, calories burned 709.
Day recap: pretty boring, actually. Since I wasn't moving very quickly this morning, and I knew lunch was being provided (group function), I decided to buy breakfast and had the egg burrito from downstairs, with salsa. The good news is the guys down at the deli know me, and my "obsessiveness with food" so they always do their best to make sure it's as healthy as possible, right down to the wrap (whole wheat).
Lunch was catered, as we (the group) were going on a tour of another area of our company. It was very interesting, as we spent time in the central hub that literally runs everything our company offers. Without a lot of details, we have over 10,000 employees and 2 million customers spread across Canada, and it's quite a daunting task to think of having to be on top of everything all at once. I'm happy with my little cubicle and spreadsheets!! We had wraps brought in, so I had a 1/2 a vegetable one (mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and shredded cheese, on whole wheat) and tried the roast beef, but it was too peppery and I tossed it (bad food poisoning incident from years ago, that they covered up with extra pepper...I've been leery of excess pepper ever since!). I may have indulged in the softest peanut butter cookie I have ever had...we'll never know, as all evidence disappeared!!! LOL!
Came home, and had more leftovers (veggies and rice) with 4 baked chicken strips, a sliced tomato and some Epicure Teriyaki Ginger sauce for dipping. After our run, we went to our usual pub, where not 1 but 2 pints of Guinness appeared and disappeared before me...I did successfully pass up the wings, pork bites, potato boats, fries and artichoke dip, as I was enjoying the Irish Meal Replacement drink!!
Once home from the pub though, I decided I actually was hungry, so I whipped up a quick Epicure dip (handy having it all in the house, at all times!) - Roasted Red Pepper with added feta. Dipped whole grain tortilla into it, and now I may last through the night.
One last shot of the kids, as they cuddle together for snoozes...granted, just a few minutes ago I was separating the two as they tried to rip each other's hearts out, but at this moment, they loved each other!
Night all,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feeling yesterday's squats

It hurts to sit on the toilet!!! I swear we did over 200 squats, lunges and leg lifts last night at boot camp. Not that I'm complaining, but I do live alone, and it would be horrible to fall and not be able to get up!
Back to the office today, after having yesterday off, and you'd think I was gone a month, not one day! The emails, meetings and voice messages were insane...seriously people...7.5 hours...that's as long as I was "missing"...nice to be appreciated, I suppose.
Plowed through the work, and booked Friday off (last set of Dr's appointments for Mom for awhile, I hope), so this will be an extra short week. Which is nice, because next week is a 4-day week (Good Friday) as is the following week (we also get Easter Monday off). I could get used to this!
Attempted another 'proper' tempo run at lunch today...I can't seem to slow down enough, but I did manage to slow it better then last week. My average pace this time was 7:44, although I was aiming for 7:55. Yes, I know it seems insignificant, but I do understand the logic behind it, as the worry is I am training too hard, too fast and will injure myself...especially with the pre-existing condition in my shin. So, I try to slow down.
Breakfast was a free scone from Starbuck's (I HEART them, and I really needed some espresso today), and lunch was leftovers from last night. Enjoyed a very juicy and sweet Ambrosia apple as a snack.
Came home, exhausted for whatever reason, and made a very fast supper of turkey & bean chili (Safeway Healthy Choice brand), topped with a sliced tomato and a diced up avocado, tossed with lime, evoo & Epicure Guacamole dip mix.

Was still hungry (and STILL dreaming about Cadbury Mini Eggs...Easter, hurry up and leave already!) so I had a half bowl of Kashi Cinnamon squares and some UVAM. I still want to munch, which I am taking as being tired (I am NOT hungry!), so I'm going to tidy up from dinner and go to bed.
Yes, I am!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Great News

After a quick breakfast of a whole wheat thin-bun with raspberry jam and cheddar cheese, I wandered over to Shopper's to get a few things...soap, contact solution, mascara, was very, very, very hard to not walk out with Cadbury mini-eggs, but I did it! I then walked into Starbucks and picked up a pound of espresso (hate not having any in the house), my usual "personal vente 5-shot, non-fat, extra-hot latte" and one of the egg & ham on chabiatta that I really like. That was lunch.
Drove the car (prayed for green many reds, as well as everyone in the city today turning left into traffic!) to my mechanics, and while she stalled out about 6 times, the drive was relatively uneventful. That left a long time to visit with M&D, as Mom's appointment wasn't until 2:15 and I got there just before noon. Mom impatiently asking when we were leaving (like every 5 minutes), and Dad telling me everything they needed for groceries (hasn't actually been in the kitchen in about 6 months, so how he knows is any one's guess!) and Mom telling me how Dad is driving her crazy, and all I'm thinking is "I took a day off work for this?!"...sigh...
We finally got to the hospital and after waiting for a few minutes (to Mom, it felt like hours), we met with the dietitian again, who took Mom back to weigh-in. Ready for this?? She gained a pound!!!! We were all so happy!!! Ironic, isn't it?? I'm thrilled to lose a pound and I'm more thrilled when my Mom finds one. Finally the head physician came in, and we started to go through all the test results (CT scan, blood work, x-rays, breathing tests, bone density, etc) from the past few months.
1) Mom has very mild (and the Dr. stressed very) emphysema. Quit smoking!
2) Mom has Osteoporosis - she is upping her calcium and vitamin D, but we have to go see the family doc to get her on some Osteo. meds.
3) Mom has high cholesterol, so must also start some meds for that - again, off to see the family doc.
4) Mom DOES NOT have Dementia or Alzheimer's!!!! OMG!!!! What she does have is called Mild Cognitive Impairment. Now, this can turn into said Dementia or Alzheimer's, as having this increases the odds, but for right now, the Dr. said Mom is good. She is to keep up with gaining weight, not smoking (can be a factor) and keeping her brain busy. When we notice that Mom's day to day activities get difficult (like she forgets how to use a phone, or something like that), then we'll get her back in for an update. I think we're all relieved, as Mom was worried about "going loopy".
So, what does this mean going forward? I will continue to keep an eye on things at the parental home, and watch for any changes. I think the stress of dealing with Dad has been a big factor on Mom's mood, so I'll also see what I can do to try and ease that a bit. Take Mom out for lunch or coffee or something a little more often. Dad can be extremely demanding on her time.
Got home from the hospital and got good news from my mechanic...nothing wrong with Baby Girl that a good cleaning couldn't fix. Just needed to blow out some filters, as Russ won't "replace anything that doesn't need to be"...that's why he no longer works for the dealerships...he's actually honest! AND he wouldn't take any money!! I really HEART my mechanic!
Came home, grabbed a thin-bun with PB and a banana, and went to boot camp where we did many, many, many squats! I was feeling every single km I ran yesterday, despite only climbing the hill once (and one speed burst) before I returned to our mats and did some static warm-ups while the rest of the group went for a big run. The squats still really hurt! But we did do a lot of upper body as well, so I hope it all balances out.
Dinner was simple but good. I marinated a piece of tilapia with Orange Chipotle sauce, and then topped it with panko crumbs, and baked it till done. I cooked off some brown rice (with wild rice for extra fibre) and then threw a whole bunch of vegetables into a pot with some sesame dressing. Red & green pepper, celery, carrots, shitake mushrooms, zucchini, bean sprouts and bok choy. On the plate when 1 c rice (I measured), 1 1/2 c veggies and 2/3 of the fish. I am FULL! And I have more than enough for lunch tomorrow.

Right now I am doing my best to not get dressed again and head over to the drugstore for said Cadbury Mini Eggs...why I am fixated on those is beyond me...maybe it's because there's an ad every other minute, I suppose, but still!
So I will sip some water and think happy thoughts, like receiving my 50 pound medal at Weight Watchers next weekend and this too shall pass.
Fingers crossed!

Ah, sleep...

I held out till 10:30 last night (and that was HARD!) before hitting the sack, and since I could leave my alarm off, decided I would sleep till I wasn't tired any more. Despite a brief interlude at 4:25am (George was hungry), I slept quite soundly till just before 9 am. And what really woke me up was my hip saying it has had quite enough of laying still! Once I got up and started moving around, the pain eased off, but if it stays like this, I'll wander into the chiro's and get it put back where it belongs!!
Enjoying a cup of coffee before I jump in the shower, then I think I'll wander over to Starbucks (two blocks from the house) and get a REAL coffee to kick-start my day. Then I have to get me and my car down to Mom's (about 10km from here) so that my mechanic can tell me what the problem is. Pray for green lights the whole way, as this dying and restarting business is boring. I asked him about my analysis (timing belt or fuel pump) and he said those sounded like possibilities, or it could be as simple as a dirty filter...I do park outside, in an alleyway - even though we're up on a pad, it's very dusty and dirty back there. I like the idea of dirty filter - sounds way cheaper than my options!! Fingers crossed!!
Had a wee snackapolooza last night, but then again, I did run 32km, so I guess it was justified. I did have 4 baked chicken fingers with an orange chipolte dipping sauce, and then a whole-wheat thin bun with raspberry jam and shredded cheddar cheese (don't knock it till you try it - jam and cheese belong together!). That was all to keep me from getting dressed and going to Shopper's Drug Mart and buying a congo bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs...I think I held off the urge long enough, and now I'm okay. It's a good thing stuff like that isn't normally in my house!
All right...'nuff sitting around. It's shower time.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am beat

32km (just under 20 miles) is far...I know this is preparing us for 42.2km but it was still FAR!
Got up and had a pre-run breakfast of oatmeal. Into the pot went 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c 1% milk, 1/2 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk (hereby to be known as UVAM), a handful of craisons, a glop of honey, a tbsp of almond butter, a tbsp of chia and 1 tbsp of flax oil. I know it's experimenting, but it's better to do that on a day like today, and not on race day! Had good staying power, but I still had a banana on my way to Eau Claire. I was walking down today, as my Baby Girl is feeling so well these days. Took me roughly 20 minutes to walk the 1.68km. And I was excited, because at 7 am it was already +7C (45F), so I was being a full out rebel and not wearing a jacket...or a shell...not even a vest!!! Nope, it was long-sleeved tech shirt with a tee over top, and capris. pics. Into the camel-back (which I am getting used to running with, and like because it holds more of everything) went another test for me - half & half OJ with water and a 1/2 tsp of sea salt. I thought it might make me thirsty (the sweet of the OJ) but I found it quite refreshing and I didn't feel sluggish the whole run. Lastly I wore my new runners...I know, never wear new runners for a long run, but you've got to break them in sometime, so today was the day. Nary a blister to be found, I am happy to report. I did have a rub spot, but it's on an existing callous, so that could have happened in the other shoes anyway!
The sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze blowing as we headed out of Eau Claire, east along the Bow river to Fort Calgary...we now switch south, now following the Elbow river south and west until we hit Sandy beach and our first real SOB of a hill. Garrath joked that today's route would be nice and flat after last week's hills fest...yeah, what ever! I am proud to report that I made it all the way to the top of this hill without stopping and I was THRILLED! I think that's the first time I've run that whole hill all the way to the top (it's steep and long and windy...everything runners love in a hill). At the top was a water-station! Helps that the regional events coordinator works out of our Running Room - she had both energy drink and plain water, tissues, and sets up right near a porta-potty for those that need it. Thinks of everything, that one! Refueled and headed south again, running down and over the spillway of Glenmore Dam, and by the reservoir...cross over Glenmore Trail (and way more hills) and up behind the Rockyview Hospital (wish I had my camera today, as the view from there is breathtaking), down into the neighbourhood of Eagle Ridge, back out below Heritage Park and along the pathway circling the reservoir to Glenmore Landing Running Room, where K. took another potty break. I did some stretching as my hamstrings were really tight and ate a goo while waiting, before we were off again, this time heading back the way we came. By km 28, we were both struggling, so I just decided that we had to break it down and do one at a time...only 4 to go, only 3 to go, only 2 to go...I can run's all mind speak by this time. We finally hit the blessed 32 and walked roughly a half km back to Eau Claire.
Totals: 32km
137 bpm (79% max heart rate)
pace of 9:07/km
1817 calories burned
Did some serious stretching, and I popped into the RR to pick up a massage stick to really work out the kinks. I find I just don't use the foam roller properly, and therefore don't use it at all, so I hope this will help with the current hip and shin issues I'm feeling right now.
Had a quick refuel of chocolate milk (oh, so freaking good after a run!) and a veggie wrap with some cheddar cheese. Very nice...then I walked home, watching the crowds (there was a big protest or something going on downtown today, and I wanted no part of it!) but got home quickly and quietly. Did some landlord duties (installed a door chain - I am so handy!) and have been flaked on the couch ever since, trying desperately to stay awake!
Late lunch/early dinner was KD. Sorry, that's all I wanted, and it was fast and delicious, and I did burn off 1817 calories today, not counting the two walking sets either...I'll try to find some protein a little later to nibble on - maybe some cheese or something.
Anyway, I'm off to get horizontal again, and watch the Amazing Race and hopefully stay awake through it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lazy day

Mmmmm...a true cat nap. It was +13C in Calgary today, and my kids were enjoying the breeze blowing in the bedroom window. I had my nap in the partial sunbeam streaming into the living room.

I did make it to the vet's to get the insulin and another case of food. I swear these two eat better than I do! But I have to admit that George looks and feels a thousand times better since we switched up and started tackling his diabetes. Even his sister (the "delicate" one on the left!) has lost weight...I swear!!
Came home, had a brief nap on the couch and then went for another small walk to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I was going to Walmart today, but with Baby Girl acting up, I'll leave her be until Monday and a visit to the mechanic. I'm even planning on walking to running tomorrow...that just seems odd, but I'll probably enjoy the walk home afterwards. Then again, who knows...2km to Eau Claire, run 32km for our LSD and then walk 2km home. I may regret this decision tomorrow!!!
Threw some quick dinner together...I had some beef broth in the fridge (failed attempt at trying to get the furbabies to eat), so in my frying pan, I started frying off (in evoo) some diced celery, brown rice, Epicure Green Peppers, Guacamole mix, Toasted Onion and Garlic. I added a half a can of black beans and a can of diced tomatoes along with the broth and let it all stew until the rice was cooked. Topped it with some diced up avocado, tossed with lime juice and more Guacamole mix, and some shredded cheese. Yum, yum, yum...but now I'm full. It was so good it tasted like more, and I ended up eating the whole thing!

Getting everything organized for the morning, since I'll have to be up a little earlier than usual (adding in walking time). I'm going to try the pre-run breakfast that the nutritionist recommended, which looks very similar to what I eat anyway, although I will go against what she said and have a coffee before I head out! I know...that just means more water, but I am a rebel! And as for the water for the run, I'm also going to try her suggestion of mixing half and half water and OJ, with a touch of sea salt - she said to get trace minerals, but said that sea salt would work in a pinch. I'll report how it all worked out tomorrow.
Since it's almost 10 pm, I'm starting to shut everything down and go to bed.

Down one more

Oh, so freaking close to 50!! Next week, peeps...I'm doing it next week.
I was going to reward myself with a new pair of jeans once I hit the big 5-0, but as my car started acting up right outside Starbucks (at least I got all the way to Fish Creek and all the way back!), I think I'll be picking up a new timing belt or fuel pump! Oh boy!!! Of course, Baby Girl is 20 years old this year, so I shouldn't's just so freaking inconvenient! Good news is my mechanic lives across the street from my Mom & Dad's, and I'll be there on Monday. So I just have to get it there - she's going to stall out a lot, but she does start back up again. It'll just be a slow drive down - pray for green lights the whole way.
Off to pick up insulin for Mr. George, and possibly a flat of cat food (good thing the vet is only about 5 blocks away), and then I think I'm home for the afternoon, juggling finances to figure out where I'm going to get the money to pay for said timing belt/fuel pump. Being a grown up is such fun!

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's official

Payment has been received
Carol Whyte is Registered for
Scotiabank Calgary Marathon in the Marathon
Guess there's no turning back now! And I haven't been training so hard since January to not run. Had to tweak the running schedule a little in order to make the training line up, but Garrath was a great help with that. Of course, not sure how happy I am with running a 32 and a couple of 29's all by myself (everyone else will be done Vancouver at the beginning of May) but it'll just get me prepared for race day.
Today started out like a typical Friday, with me stopping in at Starbuck's for my 5-shot latte. My coworker was running late, and didn't get in until 9:30 am, so she brought got it, a 5-shot latte! Mmmmmmm...10 shots of espresso, all before noon...and nary a twitch in the hands. Kids, don't try this at home!!
Lunch was from the deli downstairs, and was panko crusted salmon with a side of zucchini and red peppers. There was rice too, but superstitious me doesn't eat rice the day before weigh-in. Heard a rumour, didn't like it, haven't eaten rice the day before ever since. If we can't have our quirks, what can we have?? Anyway, I ate and read the paper online and puttered around my desk and decided I was still hungry. Went back downstairs and somehow came back with more salmon and vegetables...filled the hole quite nicely this time around.
Spent the afternoon not really getting anything done, but not wasting time either. Just a weird day. Came home, did my usual fast change and headed off to boot camp.
We tried to warm up with a light jog down the bike path, but the city is darn serious about this one path being closed...we got the hint from the chain-link fence across the whole thing. So that meant Edworthy hill...just when my legs were recovering from Wednesday's hill training! And Trainer Josh, Lord love him, decided we should also do spurts up the for 20 seconds, return to the bottom, run for 22 seconds, return to the bottom and finally run for 25 seconds. Doesn't seem like a long time, but this hill seriously has a 60% grade to it, and is dirt and rutted and lumpy and HARD! I was very thankful when our "warm-up" was done. But then, that meant now we were starting the main class.
We lined up, and after a 20 second plank, jumped up, ran to the middle and did a burpee, ran to the end and did lunges with curls and flies. Return to the middle, another burpee, return to the mats and 20 second plank. Repeat 5 times, adding a burpee each time. I thought my hip flexors were actually going to disengage from my body!! After a brief water break, we switched it up to rooftops (full sit-up with weight in hand, reaching for the sky), push-ups and swinging squats. This time he had us go until the first person reached 5 repeats (yay, Ian!!!)...I did manage to make it to #4, which I was proud of. Then we just did some usual upper body and core work before stretching. We may have woken up to a light dusting of snow this morning, and it may have hovered around 0C, but we were all sweating like it was the dead of summer out there. I HEART boot camp!!!
Home to breakfast for, easy and tasty. For those with egg aversions, avert your eyes...I like to dunk my toast (or bagel, as it turned out to be tonight). The ham slices were no-fat, but a tad on the salty side. Added more veggies to the day with a lovely ripe tomato. Love it simple, with just a dusting of sea salt. Yum! Just had some dry Kashi Cinnamon squares straight out of the box, as I was still hungry and I can't remember if I have any almond milk to eat on them. They were an awesome snack, even if they were dry.

Weigh-in tomorrow morning, and if I hit the number I'm hoping to hit, then I'm going to go out and get a new pair (smaller!) of blue jeans to celebrate. I decided that my current pair are far too baggy these days.
That's all I've got...
Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A steady steady

I became our pacer tonight, as K. was working and the other pacer was out of town. So B. and I hooked up, and since I had my Garmin (she didn't even have a watch!) I was designated the pacer. Now, I run at a 5:45 to finish pace, and B. is with the 4:45 group...this was going to make for an interesting steady run. Once we understood the difference between a Tempo and a Steady run, that is (steady should be a recovery run, and should feel like you could run all night, as per Garrath). We set off, on our usual 10km route, which is was nice and sunny the whole time , so there were no worries about us running in the woods alone. I tried to keep B. and myself at a steady pace, but B. is a fast little runner (her PB for a half is about a half an hour faster than mine!) and I found myself pushing it pretty hard to stay in pace with her. My heart rate says it all, as I was 157 by the end, or in the 90% zone. A tad high for a "recovery" run, but finished it at a 7:23/km pace (or 2 minutes faster than last week). Did manage to burn through 800 calories!
Our speaker tonight was a nutritionist, who really had a hate on for caffeine...I was going to ask what she thought of chocolate milk as a recovery drink, but I felt so bad for enjoying my multiple cups of coffee which I erroneously don't immediately replace with litres of water! Oh, and she'd hate the fact that I only get 6 hours of sleep a night, instead of the 8 "you absolutely must get". Wow...guess that's why I loves the caffeine so much! In fact, for my 8 hours, I should have been in bed, and asleep, 42 minutes ago. Oops... She did give us some recipes for protein bars that I am interested in trying. I'll let you all know the results.
Typical day, food wise. Oatmeal for breakfast, leftover polenta for lunch, plus a bowl of soup from downstairs, and dinner was salmon salad on a bagel. Oh, and coffee...lots and lots of coffee!
I did go shopping at lunch, as I really needed new's amazing how fast the kilometers add up. I picked up my new faves, Asics Gel-Cumulus. And they're red, which means I'll run faster!! I also came home with new socks, and a new top may have somehow made it's way into my bag...odd...oh, and gels and recovery stuff for Sunday's run.

George HEARTS shoe boxes...I barely had time to get the shoes out before he was in!

Okay, I must get ready to go to bed, and at least aim for 7 hours of's almost the weekend (yay!) and I for one am ready for it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One pint, two pint...

I am officially sleepy...9.18km (which included 9 hill repeats) and two pints of Guinness makes for one sleepy Carol.
Hills were good, but both Garrath and K. thought I was going to be sick...I tried to convince them that it was just the reflection of my lime green shirt on my face (I did feel okay, really!) but they weren't buying it. Really, I felt fine...okay, my lungs wouldn't open up, given the dust and wind tonight but even they cooperated after another hit of Ventolin and I was on my way.
Chest up, head up, neck & back straight, pump the arms forward and back - not side to side, shorten and quicken the stride, aim for tempo, hold in the gut...DAMN, there's a lot to remember while simply running up and down a hill!!!
9 hills
147 bpm (85%)
8:50 average pace
I'll take it.
Breakfast was oatmeal, lunch was a chicken & avocado sandwich and a bowl of tomato vegetable soup, and dinner was some polenta, this time with cottage cheese (protein), the tomato sauce with portabello mushrooms and green peppers and some more shredded cheese. Bake in hot oven till ooey, gooey mess. Fast and good! Just had another piece, as I successfully avoided all the chicken wings and french fries being offered my way at the pub.
Which was crazy busy...guess most of Calgary is Irish tonight, but we managed to find a corner (this pub loves us, as our group of runners goes every Wednesday night and orders beers and food...they make room for us) and I enjoyed two pints of the wonderful elixir that is Guinness. Now I am home, and the eyes are at half-mast.
Night all...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tempo education

"Can you maintain that pace for 42.2 kms?" Garrath's leading question to me... Let me fill in the blanks. I went out for tempo run at lunch today, intent on slowing down. For my pace (5:45 to finish) I should be maintaining a tempo pace at 8:09/km. A couple of weeks ago (couldn't run it last week) I was at 6:55!! Discuss with Garrath, who suggests I "slow down". How exactly, we haven't figured out yet, so my goal today was to really watch Mr. Garmin.
First km: warm up...I was running slow...really, I was. 7:51...this does not bode well!
km 2: 7:35 - 143 bpm (60-75%)
km 3: 7:38 - 148 bpm (76-89%)
km 4: 7:37 - 147 bpm (60-75%)
km 5: 7:27 - 151 bpm (76-80%)
km 6 (cool down): 8:06 - 141 bpm (60-75%)
Overall average was 7:43 and 143 bpm. So, can I maintain this pace for 42.2 km? What I really need to do is figure out my proper maximum heart rate, so I can get a better idea of the zones I'm training in, and how to endure on race day. I've chosen Calgary (May 30th), so I have 11 weeks to get it sorted out. I just need to watch the heart rate (try and keep it around 75% the whole way) and the pace around 7:55...easier typed then done!

Breakfast was another scrambled egg burrito and lunch was a bowl of vegetable soup and sundried tomato sandwich with cheese - I majorly slept in this morning, waking up at 6:26am...I usually leave the house by 6:35, so I was a tad rushed! Quietly worked the rest of the afternoon, and then came home, swinging by the grocery store to finally get some milk. While I was there, I also picked up a round of polenta, as a coworker was wondering what it was and how you cook it (she had picked up the latest Biggest Loser book, and it had a recipe using it). That put me in the mood, as I love polenta. I took a can of crushed tomatoes and added some toasted onion and Epicure Pesto mix and left that to stew. In another pan, I fried off some slices of polenta in a bit of evoo, turning the slices when they got golden. Took them out, and then tossed in some artichoke hearts and roasted red pepper slices, and cooked them till nice and warm. Polenta, some sauce and the fried veggies, and a smattering of cheese. Yummo! And I am such a nice person, I left a piece for my coworker to try, so she doesn't waste her money on something she may not even like. All together now...aaawwww...
I'm heading to bed...the hour didn't bother me on Sunday or yesterday, but today I was in a fog for most of it! Sleeping through an hour and a half of your alarm wasn't a great way to start!
Don't forget to wear GREEN tomorrow...the day where we're all Irish! I will most definitely be hoisting a pint (or two) after run club tomorrow. Hills x 9, which I kind of enjoy, in a sick and twisted way, which will make the Guinness taste that much better!
May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thought I was done with hills

But the group of us sat and waited for Trainer Josh to show up, we finally decided he must be stuck in traffic, and we'd go run up Edworthy hill for our cardio till he got there. Passed Josh's sub on the way to the hill (he was waiting at the wrong spot in the park), as it turns out Trainer Josh was sick (caught something from his kid, and I for one hope he keeps it to himself!!). We all did the hill anyway and then gathered for a kick-ass boot camp. A little too much running for my like today (I did do 29km yesterday, for crying out loud) but we also mixed it up with some serious ab work and some not so serious leg work (write out the alphabet with your foot, using your hip to move...ow...twice...double-ow!). Came home, had something quick to eat and went and did some caretaker duties of replacing screens in one of the suites. Easiest job I've had to do in a long time! Came back, ended up chatting with the maintenance guy for almost an hour, had a little more to eat and now I'm thinking bed would be a good idea.
Food today was all right, but I need to buckle down and pack breakfast & lunch tomorrow. It's going to get interesting at work, as our floor's kitchens and washrooms are about to be renovated. Our kitchen (there are two on the floor) will close on Friday afternoon and be closed until mid-May. That means roughly 200 people using two coffee pots, 1 fridge and 1 dishwasher for 2 months...oh, and once our kitchen is complete, the other one closes, so really we're sharing kitchens for probably closer to 4 months! Then the washrooms...they will close April 1st for goodness only knows how long. What it means is we will have to use the washrooms on another floor for probably two months...and again, of the 200 people, a good 130 of that are women! It's going to be a long spring...good thing I only run once a week during lunch nowadays, as it's going to get crazy.
Going to work on my Tempo run tomorrow, and do my best to stick around the 8:09 pace, and maintain that for 4 km. But I really like the looks of my pace when it starts with a 6! all in due time, grasshopper...all in due time.
Have a great day (enjoy the weather, wherever you are...+18 in Calgary tomorrow!).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blood & Guts

After 'springing ahead' overnight, I really needed a cup of coffee this morning before my run. Tried the instant Starbucks...not bad. It'll do in a pinch, but I do prefer the mellow smoothness of brewed espresso. After having a bagel with nutella and banana, I finished off the rest of the banana in some oatmeal (milk, oats, nutella, coconut, banana). I ran out of steam during last week's 29, so I wanted to make sure I had some go-juice in me before I headed out. Also topped everything off with a glass of milk. I heart milk!

Met up at the Running Room and figured out who forgot to set their clocks overnight, by all the people rushing in at the last minute! My pacer K. had spilled the beans earlier this week, but Garrath tried really hard to make the route a surprise for us! We were headed west, my friends, down through Bowness and up into Bowfort Park. Through 'Blood & Guts', back down the river and home. 29 on the nose! It started off cool (-8C) and breezy, and at first I was regretting my choice of capris and a long-sleeved technical shirt, but by the end, it was +4 or so, and I was happy I wasn't as over-heated as last week.
The pictures really don't do it justice, but here goes.
Sweet spot for a home, huh?

That's the Bow river in the distance, looking east.

Should have taken a close up of the mountains, as they were GORGEOUS this morning.

The only real snow left in Calgary, at Canada Olympic Park, but probably for the last week or so.

Got back to Eau Claire feeling a hundred times better this week over last, and enjoyed a good stretch and a bowl of the best beef barley vegetable soup I have.ever.had, anywhere. Wow, that hit the spot. Also inhaled a bottle of water with eMend recovery powder in it. Got home and was still hungry, so I ate the rest of the dinner I made last night, over some more orzo pasta. Had a wee little nap on the couch, despite one of the neighbours turning their outside patio into a sound stage. They were so freaking loud, I could hear the "music" as clear as if they were inside my apartment...and I had my windows closed. Keep in mind, they were down the block and around the corner!!! Wouldn't have been so bad, if they could at least carry a tune, or complete a song!!!! Guessing our finest were inundated with calls, as the music stopped very suddenly and didn't start up again. Yay!
After walking to the local store for milk, I came home with chicken strips, sweet potato fries, some nacho cheese chips, Cadbury Mini-eggs, shampoo, hair stuff, chicken & beef broth and Oprah's magazine. Funny thing is, they were out of milk! I bought the magazine because if I spent just $3 more, I would get a $10 Timmy's card. Which is odd, because (as un-Canadian as this sounds), I hate Tim Hortons.! Oh well, it'll make a good, quick gift for someone, I'm sure.
The chicken and fries became dinner, but the gravy was vetoed out quickly and replaced with Epicure Sweet & Spicy mustard. I may have also sampled some of the nacho chips (I am refueling!) as well as the Cadbury eggs. My favourite part is the crunchy shell.

I am going to start mellowing down, so that I can watch the Amazing Race and go straight to bed afterwards. I am tired of being tired, and I can't always make up the sleep on Saturday afternoons.
Have a great week, everyone. Happy St. Paddy's day on sure to hoist a pint (or two!).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Slow day

Up bright and early, but not nearly as early as Saturdays used to be. In fact, I set the alarm for the same time that the Dalhousie WW meetings would be OVER! Got up, tried to get George to eat anything (man, he's one picky cat!) so that I could give him his insulin, and decided that I needed to go to the vet to get some different food for him to try.
Picked up H-woman, and made it down to the Fish Creek WW meeting with plenty of time to spare. It is a busy meeting though, so I think we'll err on the side of caution and arrive early. I must remember to toss some Larabars or the like in my purse though, as it's a loooooonnnngggg time till breakfast...I mean really, who eats BEFORE weigh-in?! I was down another 1.6 this week, and am within spitting distance of the big 5-0!! Next week, maybe?!
Met up with E. and C. at Starbucks, although yesterday we thought it would be awesome to bask in the sunlight of the rooftop patio...after all, it was +9C and sunny was snowing on the way to Fish Creek this morning (just a skiff) and -1C. No rooftop patio for us! Didn't really warm up, but at least it stopped snowing. Breakfast was a 5-shot non-fat latte and the ham & egg sandwich. That held me over till I got home later, when I popped some of my beef samosas in the toaster oven, and served them up with aqua and Liberte Greek yogurt! Yay!!! Found it here at Coop, in case anyone is wondering. It cut the spiciness of the samosas just right. I was still a little noshy, so I sliced up some strawberries, sprinkled on some vanilla sugar and some more the yogurt. That did the trick. I then walked over to the vets to get some more food for Mr. Picky-pants, which turned out to be a nice walk. Not overly warm, but still nice. My one foot was bothering me this morning (I did twist it up a bit on the hill from hell last night) so the walk helped to loosen it up a bit. Feels much better now.

Went to have a lay down on the couch when I got home, but there were two furbabies taking up the whole thing, so I decided to go to bed. Rolled over 2 hours later, quite refreshed. I HEART Saturday afternoon naps!
Tried the new food on Mr. Picky-pants (his new name!) and got the same "are you freaking kidding me about this crap, Mom?!?" face...he did finally eat some of his crunchies (he's not supposed to have those, unfortunately, but he also needs to eat!) and then nibbled away at some of the new stuff. His sister acted like she's never seen food before in her life, so at least she's good with the new stuff!! I'll keep mixing it up, and hopefully get him back to his wet food routine.
Now it was time for my supper. I took a frozen tilapia fillet out of the freezer and put it in a roasting pan. On top, I dumped a mixture of Epicure Toasted Onion, Roasted Garlic, roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, capers, grape tomatoes, some evoo, oregano and fresh basil. Covered and baked for about 20 minutes, before removing the foil and letting it all get happy, happy, happy together. Boiled up some orzo pasta, put the fish (which just fell apart) and some of the veggies and sauce and topped that all with some crumbled feta. It was FABO! And nice carbs for tomorrow's 29km.
While picking up some groceries today, I picked up the new Dempster's Bodywise Bagels. Regular size, although the centre hole is a little on the big side (stuff will fall through, if you make a sandwich with them) but they are only 2 POINTS!!!!! FOR THE WHOLE BAGEL!!! A 2 point bagel...are you kidding me?!?! I had half with some lite cream cheese as a snack earlier, and I may have the other with some PB and banana before I go to bed tonight. And I think it may be a perfect compliment to my morning brekkie before the run tomorrow.
Got everything out and ready for tomorrow, and as a special treat to my clinic peeps, I'm even washing my running right now! LOL!!! Thought I'd head out smelling like a daisy, because I most certainly don't smell like one afterwards!!!
Okay...time to clean up the dinner dishes, and start organizing breakfast stuff for the morning...we all know I am not that together first thing in the day.
Have a great one, where ever you are. Shout out to Caitlin...good luck on your Olympic Tri tomorrow. You'll do AWESOME!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

And what a happy day it's +9 on March 12th, most of the snow is gone, and I've been wearing my birks to work all week! I have happy, happy toes.

Only worked till 11, although I decided that next time, I'm taking the whole day off. How stupid to be at work at 7, and use a half day vacation...I shake my head sometimes.
Breakfast was my usual Friday 5-shot latte from Starbucks and my treat of the Lemon Cranberry scone. Worth every delicious point!!!
Came home in the glorious sunshine, although the wind still had a bite too it. Walking in the shade was cool, but warmed right up in the sunbeams. Had a quick lunch of chicken sandwich (low fat deli meat) on toasted thin bun with melted dill Havarti. YUMMO!!!
Went down and grabbed mom, and off to the hospital we went...I think my car just knows where to do these days! This time is was for a pulmonary function test - they are concerned about my mother's breathing. Try explaining this test to someone with Alzheimer's...over and over and over again! I finally gave up and told her it would be a surprise! Mom kept asking when this would be over, so hopefully next week (just over a week, actually) we can finally get some answers and a game plan and start dealing with the Alzheimer's. I know I'm not a medical doctor, but I'm also not so stupid that I can't figure it out from the subtle signs, like repeating everything a hundred times! After a quick trip to the local mall to stock up on Purdy's (remember...she's encouraged to GAIN weight!) and the bank, I dropped her off and headed for home. I was starving by the time I got home, so I quickly made a wrap of nutella and fresh strawberries. No pics, sorry. Still hungry, so I made and ate another! I was also dead tired, and almost fell asleep on the couch. Finally crawled off the couch and changed and went to boot camp, with absolutely zero energy!!
Since there were only 3 of us tonight, and Trainer Josh was feeling bagged, we all (there was no vote!) decided to check out THE hill and see if it was ready to work out on, after the week of warm and sun. None of us ran it (maybe Ian, but he's a machine!) and we were all panting pretty good by the time we made it to the top. After running across the ridge to see if the stairs were ready (they were not), we ran back, and halfway down stopped to do squats and back up the hill at the same time. I am already feeling it in my legs!

Dropped off an Epicure order for someone, and headed for home but got stuck in traffic. There is a reason why I walk to work!!! FINALLY got home, and whipped up a very, very fast supper of gnocchi with asparagus in a lemon sauce. While the gnocchi was boiling, I diced up some asparagus stalks and tossed them in at the last minute. Meanwhile, I whisked an egg, some evoo and lemon juice together. Drained the pasta and 'gus, and tossed in the lemon sauce, turning off the heat but stirring till the sauce thickened (takes about a minute). Tossed with some crumbled dill Havarti and S&P, and dinner is born. It was darn tasty. Had a lovely ripe tomato as well, just to make sure I upped the veggie factor. That and I love them plain like this. Just a touch of salt needed to make them perfect.

After a brief nap on the couch, I woke up still hungry (what is with today?!), so I just had a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon squares with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. That appears to have filled the void. I'm also going to have some more water, just to make sure I'm not just thirsty.
Weigh in and coffee with the girls tomorrow, and prepping for the 29km LSD on Sunday. I may (or may not) do a quick 6km tempo tomorrow, since I missed Tuesday, but I'll judge by how the legs feel when I get up.
Don't forget to spring ahead this weekend (which I HATE!).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

When physio is fun

Our guest speaker at clinic tonight was a lady physiotherapist that I have known personally for roughly 15 years, yet who I've never used professionally! A friend of a friend, I've been to her house for dinner, chatted over coffee and gone to the theatre with, but I've never stepped foot in her clinic. How funny is that?
Tonight she discussed runner's injuries and how she pinpoints the problem. Since I have my wonky foot, I got up to be an example for everyone to see...what did I learn? That my hips are good, but my shins are tight; that my Achilles tendon pulls to the side; that it's good that I have orthotics and that my knees turn in when I try to stretch out my calves. What it boiled down to is that I am going to concentrate more on stretching after the runs...and I know where to find M. when I need her!
We ended clinic with a 10km run, and since my group has been seriously depleted (one quit the clinic and another is injured) and my pace bunny was working, I ran with the 4:45 lady. All I know is that I have achieved a negative split, the first time ever, and I ran 10km (the last 2 on my own, as the other lady only wanted to do 8 tonight...didn't know that was an option!) in just over 1:16, which is the fastest time in FOREVER!
Dinner was a sort of poutine. I sliced and roasted a potato, till it was golden brown. Then I topped it with some 1% cottage cheese (closest thing to curds I had) and Epicure gravy. To up the protein factor, I did have two low-fat wieners with mustard. I had a lot of veggies at lunch, so I didn't feel so bad to slacking at dinner time.
Having some water right now, and then it's time to start winding down for bed. I was so tired last night that I slept like the dead, but that alarm went off way too early! I need to be in bed even earlier tonight, and try to get caught up.
It's almost the weekend, and I'm only working 4 hours tomorrow, so I can take my mother to yet another doctor's appointment. But it's supposed to be a nice day, so I'll be sure to enjoy the day, regardless of where I am.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eyes on the prize

That was the mantra that Garrath had me repeating tonight...hills training, and apparently I drop my head. That is bad...I'm guessing! Considering I can trip over a blade of grass, I call it self-preservation, but I am in this clinic to learn, so up the head came. Actually, once I got the hang of it, I think I did run better. Hills x 8 tonight, for a total run of just over 8km. We do a good 2km warm up run, and then hit Centre Street...up, tempo, turn around, down, tempo, rest. Repeat!
After our run, it was beer time. I am really liking the social aspect of this clinic group. You can tell many of been running together for years, but so far everyone has been really nice (the snobby "McRunners" tend to stick to themselves - even on the pathways, which is just fine with me!) and encouraging. I will most definitely rejoin the next clinic. Since I wolfed down a ham & cheese sandwich (sorry, no pics) for supper, I only had the Guinness at the pub. That and I only had $10 on me! Dang, Guinness is expensive... Lunch was healthier, with leftover noodles & tofu. Although I was hungry and craving a cookie, I came back upstairs with a veggie sandwich! It filled the void.
After dropping off an Epicure order, I am now home and trying my best to keep my eyes open. I give heading for bed. Got another long day tomorrow, ending with a nice 8km steady! Oh, and we've all heard the rumour that our 29km LSD on Sunday will include Blood & Guts...oh joy, oh bliss!! I'll try to remember my camera and get some shots of the "hills" we'll be bounding through!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


That is the sound I currently make...every time I stand up...sit get the picture. I've narrowed it down to the bent over rows/dead lifts that we did on Friday, so no more for moi. I will just stick to the bent over rows! I know the dead lift is great for the hamstrings, but I always thought those were below the hips, not ABOVE! I did ask Trainer Josh if I was doing anything incorrectly, and he assured me that I wasn't, so I guess my back just doesn't like 'em. 'Nuff said. Will continue some quiet stretching and taking Advil. Hope it loosens up by the time we do 8...yes, EIGHT hills tomorrow evening. Oy...
I was beyond bagged yesterday, so had nothing to say. Did take pictures of dinner though, which was home-made (close enough - small Mom & Pop place) Beef Samosas, with cilantro sour cream (I didn't have plain yogurt) and Korma veggies (peppers, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and cilantro) with a chick-pea curry, also from the shop. All served up on brown rice. It was so good, I had the same for lunch today.

Spent yesterday afternoon in a group session, introducing a new, rather revolutionary way of thinking in business. Still wrapping my head around it, but I am excited. And the cool thing?? They are introducing a work blog, so that we can share ideas and kudos, etc, around with everyone. Blog at work and blog at home...who am I, and what have I done with myself?!
Got to work at 6am this morning (yuck!) so that I could work through lunch (and miss tempo run day) and leave work at 1:30. All to take my mother to the dietitian to discuss how to gain weight. Rather ironic, isn't it?! Imagine sitting there, telling someone else how to put weight on..."um, so you've seen me over the last 30+ years??? Yeah, just do THAT!"
After dropping mom off and trimming some sharp kitty claws (my parents have two gi-normous cats and neither can see the claws to clip them), I picked up some building supplies needed at Rona, and then went and washed my poor little car. My word, but she was filthy! Who knew I actually had a BLUE car?!
Came home, and decided to clean up some more veggies, doing a stir-fry with marinated tofu (stir-fry sauce, red wine vinegar, ginger and chili paste) and fat Shanghai noodles. At the last minute, I decided I also wanted some dumplings. Yum-o!
The dish in the smaller cup is some kind of pork mix made by my coworkers MIL (who is Asian). It was good...spicy...but I really couldn't figure out what was in it, and I'm a "need to know" kind of person. Still didn't stop me from eating it!!

Getting ready to head for bed, but had to share something. This is me, after I've crossed the finish line at Vancouver, last May 4th. What a difference a year makes...I'm down 22 pounds, and just what the hell is THAT hanging off the front of me?! Is that my BELLY?!?! Oh, no sir!!!

And now...I like now! Let's keep this version, shall we??

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