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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday morning

It's going to be a long, ssssssllllllooooowwwww run this morning, that's for sure! I went to visit friends I haven't seen all summer (they of the "parental" not!) and finally got to see the house the M.&T. built - okay, renovated - oh, so many years ago. These guys are famous for planning big blow-out parties the exact same day as I have a work function, or I'm out of town or I'm off on a scheduled (read paid for) run. Decided last night that it's now or never.

I don't know how or when this happened, but dang it, all my friends (and me...) are a bunch of forty year olds!!!!! Mid to late forties fact, one friend just celebrated her 50th!!! Yikes!!!! forty year olds were our parents...not us...yet there we were, discussing the glory days of our youth, and taking care of our now elderly parents, and knee/ankle/wrist/back strains and pains...kind of humorous, I suppose, if you were to stand back and observe from the sidelines.

What really strikes me as funny is one couple in particular, C.&T. - I used to live with C. until T. came along, proposed and gave me the boot (but I'm not bitter!)...anyway, they now have 3 children under the age of 9 and are apparently STARVED FOR HUMAN CONTACT! And C. is always notoriously late...pretty sure her mom went 10 months before she decided to make an appearance. Anyway, the invite was to show up anytime after 7, most of us got there about 9ish (I didn't get the address from T. until after 8) and C&T showed up at midnight! They were at another party earlier (hey...their social calendar is busier than mine!) but wanted to hang out with grown ups some more. Needless to say, I'm trying to leave, as I know I'm getting up bright and early to head out for a 10k run in the morning, and she's practically got her arms wrapped around my leg, refusing to let me go!!! I managed to give her the slip and bolt for the door at 1:15!!!! It's going to be a slow one today...

But I'm up and eating breakfast of a latte and oatmeal (oats, milk, almond butter, nutella and a mashed banana) and am dressed and semi-ready to go.

Just waiting on H-woman, as she's the wheels this week. Going to try a new spot (South Glenmore Park), as we're both getting kind of bored with our usual loop. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring, but I'm hoping for a small nap!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A full day

Which started bright and early, as H-woman picked me up at the crack of stupid...okay, 7:15, but it's a Saturday, for crying out loud! We went to Weight Watchers, where it's a good thing Faye rocks...there's no one else that I'd be up at 6:30 am and driving over 11km to see. The plan is still know the plan...journal, making premium fuel choices, move more, sweat every day, take care of myself otherwise...anyway, down another 2.4 pounds this week, so another milestone acheived...41.6 pounds down total!

After a great meeting, we went into Kensington to meet up with E. for coffee. We need to rethink the time, as H and I got there at by 8:30 and no one else is showing up till 9. We were done our coffee and breakfasts before E. even got there. But had a nice visit anyway, before H. dropped me off to go meet up with S. I had another appointment to attend...taking my baby boy George to the vet.

I do not have children of the human variety, and that's by my choice. I do, however, have two adorable fur-babies, and one has been acting not himself lately, so it was time to take him in and get him checked over. I did my very best not to let my imagination run away with itself (there were a few tearful nights as I anticipated the worst) but after meeting Dr. Sean we are both feeling much better (who ROCKS, by the way! - He's so kind and calm and explained everything, and even gave George kisses and scratches while he was examining him - you can tell this is a man who truly loves animals and what he does for a living...that's very important to know that he's not just in it for the money)...long story short (we are waiting on the blood and urine analysis on Monday) but it appears that I am now the proud parent of a diabetic cat. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, because it can be dealt with. Other diseases scare me far worse, trust me. So, after Monday we'll find out what the official diagnosis is, and go from there. As Dr. Sean put it, cats get more like type-2 diabetes, which is more controlled with diet and exercise than insulin. So while we may have to start out with daily shots, if we get his food intake and insulin levels under control, we can stop the shots. But that bridge is still a ways away, so we'll cross it later. We're back home and together and that's all that matters to me.

After that, I went over to B's place to feed her fur-babies (she's back tomorrow night) and gave them some extra love and brushing today...except I forgot my antihistamine, and remembered that I really am allergic to cats! I broke out in hives along my chin, and totally clogged up in the sinuses and chest. Silly me! Dropped in on my pharmacist (who's in the area) to drop off a prescription and ran into the younger dude (the son of the store owner) who's also a runner. Talked running for a while, then stopped by a Running Room to pick up a foam roller (in anticipation of tomorrow's 10k run and the hip/leg pain that follows) and then to Safeway for some groceries (out of spinach for Monsters...the horror!). Came home, did 3 loads of laundry (I live on the top floor of a 3-floor walk-up and the laundry room is in the basement, so it's a workout!), had a brief nap on the couch and then made dinner.

Tuna burgers...H-woman talked about them last night, so I whipped up a small batch. They were very tasty - a can of drained tuna, some finely diced celery & onion, horseradish Dijon mustard, some fresh dill, S&P, panko bread crumbs and egg. Fry till golden. Ate them with a sliced red pepper and tomato, a tarter sauce of mayo, relish, more horseradish mustard and parsley, and some whole wheat yolk less egg noodles tossed with yogurt Caesar salad dressing and parm.
Now just trying to get motivated to jump in the shower and head out to a friend's place for a few drinks. Granted, I still don't know the address of said location (maybe they're trying to avoid me...I wasn't included in the original email invite either!) so I may be getting all dolled up for nothin'. Times like this is when I really hate being a single person...I hate walking into parties or bars alone...but I am a grown up, so let's get on with it already!
Details tomorrow...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Squats good...

Can barely sit down, after yesterday's focus on legs, but I do love how my butt feels these days!
Only woke up once with leg pain last night, so that seems to be getting better too. Got up and started the day with a Green Monster. Stopped in at the 'bucks for my usual 5 shot, non-fat, extra-hot latte. Needed the kick-start this morning. Mid morning fuel up was a Coconut Pie Larabar (my FAVOURITE!!!) before running over to Bridgeland to care for the kitties. My legs were lead today though, so I walked back. I know I have Boot Camp tonight, so I'll save my energy for that.
Lunch was left over beef stir fry on rice and two kiwis. Plugged away at work, and got so involved in a mini-project that I didn't notice the time, until I realized I had to leave to get to Boot Camp! Rushed home (carrying all my 'work' workout gear, two go cups (one for coffee, the other for monster), lunch bag, jacket (+10 when I leave for work, +27 when I come home!) and other assorted goodies stuffed in my pack. Extra workout, as far as I'm concerned. Wolfed down some Liberte non-fat Vanilla yogurt and some Kashi Cinnamon squares before heading out again.
Boot Camp rocked again tonight. I managed to do the Douglas Fir trail run in under 8 1/2 minutes (with my bad ankle) which I was happy with, but I still hate it when I am sucking wind by the time I get to the top. A stranger would never know that I run EVERY DAY by the way I stand there, trying to breathe. But I pulled it together and managed to do a couple of fast flights of the final set of steps before we headed back to our mats. Did incline push-ups matched off against squats (10 push-ups, run across field, 20 squats, return and 9 push-ups, continue countdown) while the boys did chin-ups. Then we swapped off...because of my shoulder issues, I do the chin-ups from my back, while everyone else did the regular kind. There are chin-up bars under the Crescent Height stairs, so I think I'm going to add some practice reps to my Tuesday and Thursday stairs (haven't been there for two weeks now, and I MISS THEM) to build up my upper body strength. That and I hate failing at things... Did some bicep curls, triceps work, more leg work, and finished with core and abs. Then Trainer Josh had a new of those scales that measures your body fat, muscle/bone percentage, visceral fat, BMI, etc. I am very happy that I have managed to get my BMI under 29 (yay me!) and my visceral fat (the bad kind that wraps around your organs and such) 7 (less than 10 is good)...of course, who knows how accurate these things are, but I did like the weight it showed as well!
Came home, and decided I wanted a really simple supper...and I'm too exhausted to really cook! So I had my Lemon Carbenara pasta...while the pasta cooks, I soaked some sun-dried tomatoes and diced up some roasted red pepper (packed in water). Whisk together 1 egg and the zest and juice from 1 lemon. Once the pasta is done, drain but leave a little of the pasta water in the pot. Return pasta to pot, put on low heat and add the egg mix. This is important...start stirring and do not stop until the sauce thickens. Careful or you end up scrambling the eggs, but done right and you end up with a fluffy, thick lemony sauce. Add the tomatoes and peppers, some freshly torn basil and top with grated Parmesan. Yum, yum, yum...

Still hungry, so I had another bowl of Kashi squares with almond milk. Now I have a very satisfied tummy... Going to ice my ankle or knee or thigh (which ever body part wants it the most!) and watch some TV. Then early to bed, as I've got to get up bright and early for weigh in.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

On the road to recovery

After D - the chiro-dude, tried to literally rip my leg off yesterday, I didn't think it could hurt any worse. I was, of course, wrong! Now my hip flexor was flared up...sigh...up at 3 am, but I only needed one more Advil and an ice pack, and then I managed to get back to sleep.

Started the day as per usual with a Green Monster and then enjoyed a mid-morning fuel up of the last of my Liberte Coconut yogurt and some All Bran buds.

The run at lunch was a little's amazing how badly the hip flexor is used to do silly lift your leg in a forward motion! But I pushed on, and finally the whole leg started to loosen up. Fed the cats, cleaned up the puke, cleaned the litter (hey...I don't treat mine this good! Kidding!!) and ran back to work, completing 5.3K in about 42 minutes. The run back being a bit quicker than the run there. I wore a cap today, since it was so bright and sunny, but all that did was make me sweat so much, I looked like I dipped my head in the river. People were looking at me odd, and I know they were all thinking "we don't have showers here...where did she wash her hair??"...not washed my friends...that'd be all natural ME!!! hehehe...
Returned to a lunch of raw veggies, the last of my light Laughing Cow cheese and some Rivita rye crisps. Worked on a spread sheet that had me seeing double after a while, and then perked up with my afternoon snack of the rest of the fruit salad and a 1/2 c of 1% cottage cheese.

Got to Boot Camp with time to spare, but the leg and hip were both acting up. Uh-oh, thought I...after all, Trainer Josh had warned we would be working on legs today...he does not lie!

Ran two loops of the stairs/hills (I'll take my camera, to try and capture the scope of our "warm up") and then did one lap of the stairs. The hip was not fact, I'm amazed I can move at all right now, given the number of lunges, squats, more lunges, sprints, jogs, more squats, hold squats and even more lunges that we did. Then we got down to the mats and did donkey kicks, peed on the fence (side lifts, but I like what T-J calls them better), leg extensions, thigh lifts, and inside thigh lifts. Then after some thrusters for 20 second intervals, we concentrated on some upper body - to even things out! Finished on the mats with some core work, and there goes another hour. It really does fly by rather quickly. I stayed behind to make sure I did some good, solid stretching of the hips and thighs before heading for home.

Finally made the stir-fry with the beef I've been marinating since Tuesday! Sliced it thin, added celery, green onions, carrots, red & orange peppers and red & yellow tomatoes. Finished it with some Epicure Teriyaki Ginger sauce and ate it with brown & wild rice. Even managed to leave some for lunch tomorrow!

Did decide later that I was still hungry, so I had a quick snack of Kashi Cinnamon Squares and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

Since I find myself watching TV with my eyes more closed than open, I'm heading for bed.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I may not win but dang it, I'll never quit...

That mantra goes through my head as I'm running or walking these days. Gets me through Boot Camp as well! David at the chiropractors went at my hip (I never knew I could bend that way!) and thigh (O.M.G. - I confess to whatever it is you think I did!!!) and foot (not nearly as bad, but oowwwiiiieee anyway!) with a vengeance today as my IT band is still very inflamed. It was feeling a tad better last night, but then I woke up at 3:30 (I think I was rolling over) with searing, blinding pain! Hope to avoid that hell tonight - just finished icing it and will medicate shortly. And I'll have the ice pack ready for an early morning application, if need be.
Breakfast today was a Green Monster, with a mid-morning snack of milk and some All Bran Buds. After a half run/walk (I left my Garmin at home, and that ruins a run for me am I supposed to know how far, how fast, how much my heart is beating, etc??), so I ran to the kitties place to feed them, and then walked back to the office afterwards. Lunch was leftover pasta salad from last night and an apple. Sunshine, or something like that, but what is NOT a Pink Lady, and I'm really bummed about that!! Hopefully they show up soon at the market...not sure how much longer I hold out. Afternoon snack was more fruit salad, this time with some Kashi Cinnamon squares. Yum...those are good! Went to the chiropractor and then limped my way home...okay, it wasn't quite that pathetic, but I felt a lot of the walk home! Brief, accidental nap on the couch during the news, and then I did the "what do I want for supper"...which is odd, because I already had some steak marinating in the fridge. But after wandering in, looking in the fridge and wandering back out again, several times, I settled on a light meal of pasta in a delightful fromage sauce...KD! Kraft Mac & Cheese for you Americans...we Canucks have always called it KD. And yes, I have a special pot and spoon that I cook and eat KD with. I stirred in relish (trust me, I got my veggies in today...not worried about the lack at dinner) and it was exactly what I wanted. Satisfied, I resumed icing my leg and deciding what time to go to bed. Which will be soon...I have a bit of a headache, but I think that's more to do with the "cold front" that blew into Calgary today (just cloudy and muggy, but not cold).

Even though I've updated my weight (which you may notice is different than WW, because this number is from my scale at home and on Tuesdays...WW is Saturday and is never the same as my home # anyway), I have unofficially dropped out of the 15-week challenge. I haven't quit (because I don't), as I'll continue to weigh and challenge myself each week, but I just won't waste my time sending it off to wherever it ends up. No feedback for over 7 weeks now...doesn't make it fun anymore. And if it's not fun, why do it?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still in pain

But it's getting better...although my thigh did hurt to touch today. To the point that my skirt rubbing on it made me cringe sometimes! Dr. Chow is a bad man!!! But after my run at lunch, it felt a tad better...seriously, the leg feels better when I run. I think it's got something to do with the blood flow or endorphins or a combo of the two, but either way I'll take it. Didn't even feel too bad at Boot Camp...where I announced my milestone to rave reviews! And immediately started to sweat!! Run to warm up (leg didn't really like the hills, but I pushed out two and a half laps) and then running through ladders, over hurdles, throwing in full sit-ups, thrusters, burpees, squeegees...the list goes on and on! But as I said yesterday...I will never complain about Boot Camp again!!! And stretching...I stayed behind to do some good quad and thigh stretches to get everything back where it belonged!
Returned to a normal day, food wise as well. Started with a Green Monster. Enjoyed a mid-morning snack of Rivita Rye Crackers and almond butter. Run (5.3km over 43 minutes) and return to a lunch of carrots, mini cucumbers, more rye crackers and Laughing Cow cheese. Afternoon snack was some of the fruit salad I made that had grapefruit, nectarine, peach, kiwi, cantaloupe, blueberries and bananas. Topped that off with coconut yogurt and All Bran buds. That fueled me through Boot Camp quite nicely.
Came home and made a simple, warm pasta salad. Tossed yellow and red tomatoes, red pepper, capers, basil (tried a new type at the Farmer's market that is almost minty...very unique) with evoo, white wine vinegar and S&P. Cook whole wheat bowtie pasta, adding chickpeas, corn and asparagus at the last minute to warm through. Drain well, toss with the previously mentioned items and some course grated Parmesan, and Bob's your Uncle! It was in the Best Health magazine that a friend sent me a subscription for, although I did add my own touches. And I have more than enough for lunch tomorrow, with some more fruit salad.
Yay...I like it when I'm prepared. Less stress for the morning. Oh, and I've got some steaks marinating in a mix of soy, lime juice, chilies, garlic and canola oil for a quite stir-fry tomorrow night.
Off to put some ice on the leg, and some Advil in the system, which combined should mean a better night's sleep tonight (although last night's wasn't nearly as bad as Sunday).

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hip Pain...

Had a terrible night's sleep (or lack thereof, as it were) because of the intense pain radiating up from my feet, ankles, knees and hips!! I sleep on my side, and just could not get comfortable. Many, many milligrams of Advil didn't even the most dulling the pain, but never getting rid of it. It's a good thing I was heading off to the chiropractors today for another ART session and a sit with a laser (intriguing...).
Because of the lack of sleep, and the fact that I was heading in a half hour early, I didn't even make lunch or a Green Monster. Bought a breakfast sandwich (egg on toasted English muffin, a slice of real cheese, not the plastic stuff, ham, lettuce and tomato...quite delish) before my run and had a glass of milk at home. Yes, I was still heading out for a run...I have to go feed the cats, after all, so I'm committed either way. And quite frankly, everything feels better when I run, as opposed to just sitting.
Ran (5.3km, 48 minutes, 8.32/km, 352 calories burned, 135 bpm or 78% cardio) and fed the cats. Got back to work, and bought lunch of curried chicken on rice with steamed carrots. Lunch was very good, but I did limit myself to a half order. The sauce was pretty creamy.
Went to the chiropractor and had the laser treatment first. I'm not quite sure what this is supposed to do, as you sit with this thing under your foot (or what ever needs to be treated) and then after 10 minutes, it gets switched to another laser, and then 10 minutes later, a third kind. All I know is I felt nothing in the foot, but was about to black out from the pain in my knee!!! Finally got into a treatment room, and put the heatpad on the knee (aaaaaahhhhh...) and waited for the doctor. The guy who did the ART the first time was hurt but it was a good hurt. Today was PAIN!!!!! OMG!!!!! Granted, today was the actual doctor, but holy mother make it stop! He attacked (after limbering up first!) my knee and hip, deciding that while new runners are a good thing, they can also take some getting used to. Should have gone for a shorter run first...I learned that my AT band was practically fused with my quads, it was so inflamed, so he really did a number on my leg. It does feel better...then he went after my foot. I really did almost cry this time! But again, that's the whole point...break up the scar tissue so the muscle can heal. I have another treatment on Wednesday, and will look into getting a foam roller before then.
Met up with H-woman for dinner at our favourite Vietnamese place...thoroughly enjoyed the salad rolls and chicken satay pho. Belly full, we headed home (H-woman has wheels now, so she drove) were I did have a brief nap on the couch during the news. Then we headed out again to the local grocery store to pick up a couple of did my bag get so full?!? But I am going to make a great fruit salad for lunch tomorrow, and enjoy that with some Liberte coconut yogurt and some cheese and crackers. Sounds just fabo!
Off to medicate again (Advil is a wonderful thing!) and put some ice on my knee and ankle. Then it's bed time!!!
Glad to hear our down East bloggers survived Bill.

Weekend Review

After last night's disappointing shopping experience, I thought I'd be wearing my fancy maxi-dress barefoot (which is in the very 'hippy' style of the dress!) to the Lion King tonight...lo and behold, hiding in the back of the closet were these!! Perfect! Even received nice comments on my home pedi... Picked up H-woman, and after a nice dinner at Wildwood Pub (I had the grilled chicken salad with beets and feta, although it almost came without the chicken! New waitress...) we headed off to see the Lion King. BEST.SHOW.EVER!!!! The call of the animals to Pride Rock is worth the price of the tickets alone...both of us were choked up and in tears by the end of the first song. While all the costumes/dancers/set were amazing, the elephant is breathtaking! Thoroughly enjoyed it, and would love to see it again before it leaves, but since that's Sunday coming up, and it's completely sold out now, it'll have to wait for another time. If you have the opportunity to see it, do. Just go!

I am never.ever complaining about Boot Camp again!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!! For the first in in just about freaking FOREVER I weigh less than 200 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One.ninety.eight.point.six!!!!!!! Just that fact that my weight now starts with a 1 is FREAKING INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! I was convinced that I would weigh over 200 pounds for the!!! And I just didn't want to any more! Whatever that hissy-fit I had at the doctor's in June did, it worked. I tried to thank Trainer Josh on Thursday (because of the blue jeans fitting), but he wouldn't take any credit for my transformation. Of course, I do understand that it is ME making my fuel choices (hah...thought I was going to say food, didn'cha?!?) and ME making myself get outside and run, and ME making myself show up for Boot Camp, but I still thanked him for being that extra pair of hands, giving me that little shove when I need it. After celebrating with my leader Faye (who gives the best hugs!), I found out they are changing the meetings AGAIN!! Okay, so this isn't THAT bad, but come on already...because the girls from meeting A can't get balanced and closed before the girls from meeting B show up, meeting A (Faye's) will now start at a Saturday...sigh...this means picking H-woman up (or vice versa, if she gets wheels) at 7 bells, in order to get to the meeting and weigh-in on time. But I am aiming for another celebration next week, hitting the 40 lbs gone mark.

I did celebrate my victory over the scale by SHOPPING! Oh and my credit cards had a grand time!! I bought these new flip-flops, which are by Sole and are orthopedic. I saw them at the market at the Vancouver Marathon, but they didn't have my size then. Finally decided to try a pair, and they really do offer good arch support. Very important right now, given my current foot issues.

I also came across a pair of shoes, which matched the sweater I bought. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in the clothing department, but I think that's because all the Fall stuff is out, and I'm still thinking summer! But I found this sweater at Le Chateau (spending more than I wanted, but I am worth it!) which I paired with a basic black skirt for dinner out later.

Decided to be kind to my feet, and got some new runners. I had way too many kilometers on my other pairs - yes, I have one pair at home, and one pair at work...right now the home ones are for boot camp and Sunday long runs, and the work pair for lunch time runs...which will be replaced next pay - went into the Running Room intent on buying my usual Asics and came out with Saucaneys. The girl said I'd like them as much as the Asics, and that they had awesome, even better support for a pronator such as myself. More to follow on Sunday's recap.
I think I was alone too long on Saturday, as I came home from the mall(s) quite poor! But a quick respite of Corn Chili Fritatta and avocado tomato salsa and I was ready to head out again.
Had to stop by a friends and feed her cats. I've been cat sitting all week, and normally run over at lunch (it's a 5.5k loop by the time I go there and back) for a quick feed, clean the litter and a scratch behind the ears. Today I brushed them both, played on the floor with them, gave them kisses and cuddles (good thing for antihistamines!) and some treats. They are brother and sister, and are so dang cute! They're about half the size of my beasts - it's like picking up the empty milk carton! Almost lost one!!! Toffee (on the left) just stares...freaks me out a bit, actually! But she got very cuddly and chatty on Saturday. Smoky, her big brother, is a little more brave and vocal. Both lovely to take care of...their mom will be home at the end of the month, so only one more week of daily 5.5k runs!
Came home, had a brief nap, tackled the grass out front (almost had to buy a goat!) and then went out to meet up with H-woman & S. and the couple that lent us their Canmore condo earlier this year. They are the sweetest couple in the world, and are so funny. They have awesome stories to tell...they are both real estate agents, and have a number of cats (instead of kids) and have traveled the world and are just sweet and adorable! Laughed our butts off all night, and enjoyed a fabo fondue dinner at the Laurier Lounge again. This place is habit forming!
Met up with H-woman at 9:30 and went for our long, slow for the week. Supposed to be 8 miles or 12.8km, but we decided on a new route that included the Douglas Fir trail, so we were happy with the 11.29 we ended up with. Stats: 1:45:49, pace of 9:22/km, 770 calories burned and average heartrate of 146 or 84% (excellent cardio burning range). The feet and new runners held out pretty good, but the hips were quite sore by the time I was done. Did some serious stretching (so unlike me!), inhaled some chocolate milk, and then headed off to the Farmer's market to stock up for the week. So happy the Greek Ladies had falafel this week, as I thoroughly enjoyed a wrap and Greek salad. Home, putzed around and ended up with a later dinner of a cucumber, yellow tomato and 3 grilled buffalo wieners with sweet & spicy mustard. Just wasn't that hungry.
Sorry for the long read...hope you got through it!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Everything hurts...

Okay, let me see if I've got this right. I am one of 3 who actually shows up for Boot Camp tonight, and yet Trainer Josh feels the need to punish US!!! Maybe we are supposed to be some sort of example but I think that will just scare the others away, not convince them to show up! Just a thought... I honestly don't know if I'll be able to get out of bed tomorrow...seriously! Combined with last night's "go-go-go" circuit, it's a miracle I can walk at all right now. My right foot is throbbing, which is my fault, as I still ran 5.5k at lunch (to feed the kitties) and then on to Boot Camp. It started, innocently enough, with our usual warm-up of two loops of 3-Post Hill: down some long and windy "stairs/platforms", around the flat to the base of the hill and back up to the top - repeat. Then we did some new version of circuit hell...Spot 1: 30 full sit-ups followed by hold plank for as long as you can (aim for 1 minute). Then you head to the middle Spot and do 5 burpees. Spot 2: 30 triceps dips followed by 30 incline presses...return to middle spot and 5 burpees. Spot 3: 30 static lunges each leg (holding 20 pounds of weight) followed by 30 squats (still holding the dang weights). Return to middle and 5 burpees. Final spot: run down 3-Post Hill to the fork in the path, turn around and run back up. Repeat 2 more times! Return to middle and 5 burpees!! And if that weren't enough fun, hey look...we have time to do it all over again!!!!! Everything so hurts right now. Even my finger tips...

I'm off to Lion King tomorrow night with H-woman, and thought I'd wear my smokin' hot maxi-dress (for all the single men that are likely to be there...hahahahahahahaha - I kill me). Had to try it one, just to be sure, and it still fits, and looks gooooood. Last time I wore it was last summer, and 20 pounds ago, so! However, I can't seem to find any shoes to go with it, so off to the mall I went. You know when you have a certain style in mind and that's exactly what you want? Well, you're never going to find it...anywhere...ever...because shoes are all for skanks and hookers now (speaking of...actually saw one in the mall...had the 6" spikes, the extra, extra, extra short jean shorts and the shredded word, but she looked a tad out of place)!!! By the way, I am freaking 5'10" tall!!! What on earth am I to do with a pair of 6" spikes?!?!?! I would hit my head on the door-frames...that is, of course, if I were lucky enough to just be able to walk like a lady without doing a major face-plant! So after going to every store in the mall (yes, there were a few) that sold shoes, and being told to 'here, try on a's just like an 11', only SHORTER, I hobbled out of the mall, and went to H-woman's to whine on her shoulder and eat her awesomely delicious food! Curry turkey burger on pita...wicked good. She IS a good cooker! Back to the shoes...I am about to dig in my closet and find out what on earth I did with all my black sandals, but worse case, it's a hippy dress so I can just wear the 'birks and be done with it.

Really wanted some new shoes though...sigh...although I will be getting a new pair (or pairs - I like to have a pair at work and at home) of runners this weekend though, so those may have to do. I am feeling that my current pair(s) have run their last kilometre, so it's time.

That's it for me...good thing I have extra-strength Advil...think I may need it tonight!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday deep thoughts...

Boot Camp rocks...have I said that?! Granted, my foot/ankle (and hence knees and hips) was acting up terribly today...guess it didn't like the 5.46k walk at lunch (decided to walk today, as the ankle was aching a bit, but won't do that tomorrow - seems to feel better after a run) and it was letting me know all afternoon. And amazingly, it just takes a quick mention to Trainer Josh, and I know he's watching to make sure I don't do anything to make it worse. Doesn't mean I get off easy, mind you! We started with a quick 8-minute run to warm up, and then the good times started! Running through the ladders and over the hurdles, do circuit twice. Repeat, many times. Many, many, many times! Add burpees (egad, will they ever get easy?!) WITH weights and a push-up, and then through the ladder/hurdles. Step-ups onto the bench, and return. Repeat for 5 minutes! Same thing with thrusters, ladders/hurdles and narrow grip push-ups from the benches. Stop for water...then we played add-ons. Triceps dips, lateral raises, squeegees...repeat and add on bicep curls. Repeat from the beginning and add on wide-grip push-ups. Repeat from the beginning and add step up squats. Repeat from the beginning! Ouch...but I felt FREAKING AWESOME afterwards...sweaty, limping and in pain, but awesome. Man, I love endorphins!!!
Quick trip to Planet Organic and $60 poorer, I dropped off H-woman and headed for home. Dinner tonight was late...Boot Camp wasn't over till 6, by the time we ran around, it was 7:30 by the time I got home and ready to start dinner. So, I had a choice...simple, fast, out of a box and probably not good fuel, or I could suck it up and make something simple, fast, fresh and great fuel...I went for door #2! While I threw a couple of chorizo sausages on my Griddler (right out of the helps that it cooks from the top too), I sliced up some red onion, red, green and orange peppers and halved some cherry tomatoes. Into the frying pan with some evoo, sea salt, and thinly sliced garlic went all the veggies. Once they started to cook down, I added some capers, the juice and zest of a lemon and a large handle of young Swiss Chard, courtesy of H-woman's garden! Put the lid on it and let the chard steam down, pulling the sausages off the griddler to rest. Crumbled the rest of my goat cheese on the veggies and chowed down. Mighty freaking good, if I do say so myself.

Dessert was a nice, or should I say an 'ice' treat? While at the Planet, I picked up my new favourite sorbet. I have tried the mango (mango, apple/grape juice) and loved it, but tonight I picked up the grapefruit...or as I will forever refer to it from now on, the Pamplemousse...sounds so very elegant! The ingredients are simple: juice/pulp of pink grapefruit, organic grape or apple juice, water and carob. For 55 calories and 1 gram of fibre, you can eat a fifth of the container for 1 point. Or the whole dang tub for 5 points!!!!!!!! Yum, yum, yum!
Quick preparation for tomorrow's lunch. Decided since I still had some of the whole wheat pitas left over from the Greek Ladies on the weekend, I would make some hummus. Chickpeas, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, evoo, sea salt and tahini. I prefer mine a little on the chunkier side, so I'm always happy to make my own. Besides, took all of 5 minutes! I'm going to eat it with goat feta, kalamata olives and a toss of peppers and tomatoes and Greek spices. Can't wait for lunch tomorrow!!!

But tired now, so it's Advil and bedtime for me...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Food = Fuel

I had this thought running through my head while I ran at lunch (I don't run with tunes anymore, ever since Vancouver, so it allows for freedom and randomness of thought)...why have I let food have such power and control?? It is merely fuel...a means to the end, to nourish and provide energy for all my body does. And that doesn't just mean for running or boot camp, but for keeping the blood pumping, lungs breathing, nerves feeling, thinking cognitive thoughts...that kind of stuff.

So...starting = fuel.period!
It does not equal love...never has and never will.
It will not make me financially will not help with the rent or bills.
It will not hug me, hold me, dry my tears.
It is will propel my body forward when I need it to, but that is all.
Whether you are a carnivore, vegan or happily in between, food is merely fuel.
Italian, Asian, British, African...regardless of your heritage and food choices, food = fuel.
There...power begone!

If only it were that simple...BUT that being said, I am the only one that can make these decisions for myself, and here's what I've decided. I will no longer give food labels such as 'good' or 'bad'. Fuel is not bad for me, it just won't get me there as fast as it should. Think about it...if Ferrari decides to put sludge in their race cars, how many races do you think they will win?? Premium fuel equals premium results!

So, to fuel my body today for a 5k run at lunch, boot camp and general moving & living, I started with a Green Monster:
- 1 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
- 3 c spinach
- 1 frozen banana
- 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
- 1 tbsp sprouted, ground Chia seeds
- 1 tbsp natural almond butter

Mid-morning snack (when the tank registered as empty) was two Rustic Flatbreads, Laughing Cow light cheese and homemade raspberry jam. That made for a good run at lunch (I am cat-sitting, but the run there and back is just over 5K, which is awesome) in the sunshine.

Lunch was 1/2 c 1% cottage cheese, a good cup of baby carrots, fresh from the dirt!, two more Rustic Flatbreads and my first peach of the season (juicy and DELISH!). Afternoon snack (again, tank heading to 'E') was a 1/2 c plain yogurt with Epicure Summer Berry and 1/3 c All Bran buds stirred in.

Off to boot camp: even though it rained on the walk home, it cleared up in time for boot camp...although it was still disgustingly humid out there. Again, I live in Calgary for a reason, and that is the DRY AIR!!! I want it back!!!

Home and prepared dinner. I made fresh pesto on the weekend, and decided that it would be fabulous on a piece of chicken. I rubbed the pesto all over a chicken breast and let it sit and meld. While that soaked up the flavours, I sliced up an eggplant and brushed it with some evoo. Both went on my Griddler. Food may be fuel, but that doesn't mean it has to taste like gasoline!!! Pesto makes a wicked good crust on grilled chicken...the Parmesan and pine nuts get all toasty golden and are FREAKING AWESOME! I saved a piece for tomorrow's planned lunch of salad with chicken and tomatoes. The eggplant was sprinkled with goat cheese and Fig Balsamic dressing. Rounded out the meal with some whole wheat rotini, with just a bit more of the pesto. The tank is happily full...

That's it for me tonight,

Friday, August 14, 2009

This is really why I love Boot Camp!

After a somewhat cold (it's only 9 degrees right now, and I think it got all the way up to 11 at one point!) and dreary day, I hauled myself rather grudgingly to Boot Camp. I didn't even run at lunch, as I was just not feeling it, but I did make myself go out and do a 4.6k walk, and tried my best to concentrate on walking and not on the partridge family making it's way down the path (they make me laugh so hard watching them all run in a straight line like that!), or find the hawks that were screeching in the trees, or what ever other distraction came along. Lunch was a quick bowl of soup that I 'whipped' up last night...canned diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, black-eyed peas, onion, garlic, Epicure chicken bouillon powder, water, oregano and Epicure Chipotle Chili powder. It was good, and fast and simple and that's what I needed after last night's Pho.
But back to Boot Camp...I got to the park in time to see that only 4 of us were working out today...normally I think there's closer to 12 or so? Quite a few bailers in the cold weather, I must say...
Trainer Josh decided we all had to warm up (he was wearing shorts) so we went for a run...too wet and slippery for Douglas Fir or even the killer hill, so we stuck to the running path and ended up doing about a mile run.
Then the good times really kicked in!!! I could handle the tricep routine (although I appear to have aggravated a rotator cuff again), and even the step ups (once I got my foot/ankle to behave) but his latest game??? He is evil... We took our weights to the top of a "little" hill and once up there, we did bicep curls. Then drop the weights, run down the hill and do squats. When done those, run back up the hill and many times as you could in 5 minutes!! And just when we thought we were all close to death, we get a sip of water and start all over, but with shoulder presses and lunges...still feeling it in my butt!
Finally returned to our mats and did some killer ab work, including a new move that sort of mimics a quad press that would you do on a machine...totally felt it work the abs and core. Will have to try it again.
Once class was finished, I came home, cleaned up and changed to meet a friend for dinner. The jeans I wore all day at work were falling off me (and I got many comments about how loose they were), so they are now in the "donate" pile. I pulled another pair down from the closet, only to realize that they were a pair of Red Tabs...jeans I haven't worn or even been able to pull on over the thighs for years...why I hung on to them, I don't know, other than Levi Red Tabs have always been a fave of mine. I thought, what the heck, let's see how they feel.
What the heck indeed!!!!!!! Not only on, but lookin' good!!! Made my friend take a picture of my butt too, because I'm pretty proud of it right now.

I decided before heading out tonight that I was making healthy choices regardless of where we ended up, and I did. I did have a pint of Guinness (if you're going to drink beer, drink the good stuff!) and went for the Chicken Fajita wrap with salad. Yes, salad...watched my friend eat all of his fries, but I did not have one! The wrap was very good...full of stir fried (not deep or battered or breaded or anything icky) chicken, peppers and onions all tossed together with a nice hot sauce and wrapped up tight. I ended up eating the salad sans dressing, because the veggies were fresh and tasty all on their own, and I used maybe a third of the sour cream provided (there was a scant quarter cup in a dipping dish). Satisfied, not overly full, and I also drank a couple of pints of water (instead of beer). Oh, and the walk there and back helped too. to ice the shoulder and take some more pain killers. This getting old crap is for the birds!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Countdown to the weekend

Survived another week (nearly) and another Boot Camp. Although Trainer Josh was extra cruel this evening! Must have something to do with the weather...can't say he didn't warn us though. "We're going to work extra hard tonight, and by 'we' I mean you guys!"...when he says it with a smile on his face, how can we hate him. Of course, ask me when I'm doing what feels like the 100th squat of the day, before we ran down the big-a&*$d hill and up & down the stairs (had hoped he had forgotten those where there!!) and then back UP the big-a&*$d hill!!!! My thighs will thank him tomorrow...of course, we still have to see what he has in mind for tomorrow's class. At least the rain held off for camp...just light drizzle and spitting. I don't mind working out in fact, it felt rather nice.
Finally had some noodles this week, since I missed out last week. H-woman, B. and myself went after I got the keys and instructions to look at B's cats for the next couple of weeks. She just lives over the river from work, so I can run over at lunch (will be a good 5k run) and pop down on the weekends. She has these two adorable Burmese cats...will snap some photos later! But after checking things out, the three of us went to our usual Vietnamese haunt. Here's what I rave about every week! Granted, I inhaled the shrimp salad rolls before I remembered I had the camera, so you'll have to wait for another dinner to see how good those look!! This is the Chicken Pho with extra veggies, and after I've added the fresh Thai basil, bean sprouts and some hoisen sauce. Yum, yum, yum, YUM!!!!! I practically lick the bowl clean! Granted, now I'm full, but not uncomfortably full, which is good.
Now I need to figure out what to take for lunch tomorrow, and get ready for the last day of the work week. I have been on a roll this week, churning out reports and charts and graphs like no one's business, so I anticipate ending the week on quite a work high! Which will be kicked out of me at Boot Camp, of course. Twelve pounds and six inches...that's what keeps me going back for more!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boot Camp Update

Very excited for today, as we were going to do our Fit Test at Boot Camp. I am anxious to see the actual numbers, as I definitely feel the difference in my body! Got an awesome compliment about my efforts from a very hot man that I lust over (he's happily married, so is completely OFF LIMITS! But he is soooo lovely to look at...) that I know from running, and that totally made my day! It's amazing how something like that can have you walking on air the rest of the day...

Started the day with a glass of moo and a Green Monster. Started feeling peckish around 10 (this starting work at 7 is hard on the old routine!), so munched on some Laughing Cow cheese, Rustic rye crackers and fig jam. Just went for a walk at lunch today (4k) as I didn't want to do anything to mess up Fit Test - didn't want to go into it with sore legs or the like. Strayed from the usual pathways (which were crazy busy) and wandered through one of the older neighbourhoods by the river. Came back to work, rather reluctantly and ate lunch - leftover tuna casserole and a nectarine. Rounded out the afternoon (and prepared for Boot Camp) with the last of the orange/mango yogurt and some All Bran.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...BOOT CAMP FREAKING ROCKS!!!! I lost almost 10 pounds during this last 6 week session, and despite some gains in some areas, a total of 2 more inches gone! That's over 12 pounds and 6 inches gone in the last 12 weeks.

Our run test was a little off, as Trainer Josh changed the route (we switched parks earlier in the session) and this run included an SOB of a hill! But I did it and did not stop running - 850m in 5:20. Managed 1 more push-up in the minute (54 total, but 20 from the toes), and one more crunch (72 in 60 seconds), held plank for 1:13 (hard after 54 push-ups!)...but the best???? Held squat (and pretty nice form too, if I do say so myself) for 3:07!!!!! I could barely do it for one minute at the beginning of this. Just imagine what I can do after another 6 weeks?!

H-woman and I did a training run after Boot Camp (yes, AFTER), as we were scheduled for a 50 minute run. We did our usual loop, knowing that we were starting from the top of a hill and therefore, at some point, would have to climb back up! We ended up running for just over 28 minutes, putting another 3.3km under our feet. Combined with my walk to and from work (1.84km each way), the walk at lunch and the Fit Test run, I did almost 12km today!! wonder my feet hurt (which we are dealing with on Monday, and will keep you all in informed.).

After having to show a suite to a potential client, I came upstairs to make dinner finally...I was FAMISHED - had a piece of cheese to tide me over while I cooked. Before I left for Boot Camp, I pulled what I hoped was chicken in souvlaki marinade out of the freezer (I was right) to start thawing. When I got home and settled down, I threw it in my toaster oven to roast, and chopped up a tomato, mini cucumber and some green pepper for a salad. Added some feta, Epicure Souvlaki seasoning blend (holy YUM), evoo and red wine vinegar and let it sit to meld. When the chicken was almost done, I threw on a pot of orzo pasta, and served it all with a side of plain yogurt with some spice sprinkled on it...dinner so was good, I don't have anything left over for lunch tomorrow. There goes lunch for what to do?

Okay...I'm taking my 'disappearing' self to the kitchen to forage for lunch and then off to bed with dreams of new outfits and successful runs dancing in my head...


Monday, August 10, 2009

Start of the week...

Phoned the doctor (turns out to be a chiropractor) that my trainer recommends, as foot/ankle/shin/knee/hip hurt today!!! I go for the assessment next Monday afternoon...just have to last the week. Good thing for Advil! I did decide to go out for a run (truly hate missing cardio daily now), and try to work through the kinks, and it actually helped a little. Once I got going, of course. The beginning of the run was not pretty! Once I got into the flow, I actually made some good time...about 7.52/km for a 4.65km run. Stopped in at the park and did 50 squats (regular, sumo and sumo pulses), 20 static lunges (10 each side), 30 push-ups (15 each wide grip and narrow grip), 30 crunches, 20 bicycles, 10 full sit ups and held plank for a minute.
Breakfast was a cup of milk followed by a Green Monster. Lunch was the last of the rice & peas, this time with some chorizo sausage and carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes. Afternoon snack of a nectarine followed by a wedge of Laughing Cow (how have I never had this before??) and Rustic crackers.
Decided I wanted a tuna casserole, but didn't want to load it down with fat. So I grabbed some fresh mushrooms, which I sauteed in evoo and a tsp of butter until they were nice and brown, then added celery, onions, S&P and thyme Once everything was all happy, I added 1 c of skim evaporated milk and let that cook down till it was thick and creamy (hence 'cream' of mushroom soup). Add two cans of smoked tuna packed in water (only 2 pts a can), fresh garden peas and whole wheat, yolkless egg noodles, top with some cheese and panko crumbs, and dinner was done. Quite nice, and I have some for lunch tomorrow.

I am beat though, so it's time to hit the sack.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Garmin Wars

Went for a run with H-woman this morning but are now contending with dueling Garmins. Hers, the 305, says we ran a 6.6/km. Mine, the 405 says we ran a 9:10/km! The math (the accountant in me checks these things!) agrees more with mine, since we ran 9.18km in 84 minutes. Either way, we got out there and finished it. Slowed down near the end, as we were more content with picking and eating Saskatoons along the path, then making good time!
After a quick change, went to the Farmer's Market. I was hoping that since it was Marda Gras in the local neighbourhood, that most people would be turned off by the traffic snarls or enjoying the festivities. I was wrong! The market was busy, but I do so enjoy going there every week. After our usual wander to check things out, we both decided we were starving! Settled on a Falafel from the Greek Gals. OMG! Best.I've.ever.had!! Never before have I enjoyed a falafel which has just come out of the fryer! Usually it's been sitting around, is crushed up and nuked in a microwave to heat up and served. This was crisp and light and absolutely freaking delicious!!
Appetite sated, we went back in and came out with our haul shortly thereafter. I only needed carrots, some fruit, basil and Buffalo wieners this week, as I still have quite a bit of stuff from last week. H-woman was a tad more loaded down than I, but both of us happy.
Back to H-woman's, where we enjoyed a lovely mojito on her gorgeous deck...light breeze, sunny but not glaring, quiet neighbourhood. She is never allowed to leave that place!!! I did have to break away, as it was getting late and I had things to do at home...although I would have preferred to hang and drink mojitos all night long. Came home, did some dishes and changed the litter, and then made dinner. As I still have leftover rice & peas, I decided on some Jerk Shrimp. Marinated prawns in a mixture of Epicure Selections Jamaican Jerk seasoning and some evoo for a few minutes, then fried them up till done. Deglaced the pan with lime juice, which I then pored over the shrimp and salad greens they were on. Had some purple pepper on the side, but I'm not so impressed with the flavour...or lack thereof. Couldn't decide what it tasted like, but I guess it leans more towards the green, as it was not nearly as sweet as a red or orange one. Probably won't purchase another, but I had to at least try it. Dinner was fab...and if you think the plate looks very full, I am using my smaller plates (8" vs. the 11") to eat off, and therefore eat less. Didn't say how high it could be piled though! Kidding!!

Off to ice and medicate the ankle (a tad tender from the run) and then sort and deliver my last Epicure order.

Have a great night, everyone.

Early Sunday morning

Okay, so it's not that early any more! But I am still waking up, so I guess it counts. Eating some breakfast of oatmeal (1 c almond breeze, 1/2 oats, glob of almond butter, craisons and a smaller glob - hate to get all technical on you! - of Nutella) yum...chocolate oatmeal for breakfast!

Getting ready to head out for a run with H-woman soon. We're supposed to run 7 miles (or 11.26km) but since we did that last week - got confused - we're going to do 6 miles or 9.5km today instead. Either way, it sounds far! But Melissa's 22k is just over a month away now, so I guess we had better kick it into gear!

Yesterday was a pretty normal day...granted I was up at the crack of stupid to pick up H-woman so we could go to the new WW meeting, 11km away from my house, at 7:45am. It wasn't our usual leader Faye (she's in Hawaii at her son's wedding, so we'll allow the miss this week) but a woman who was from one of Faye's groups who lost...169 pounds!!!! She lost a person!!!!!!! In just over 2 years to boot. She looks amazing for someone that lost so much...none of that Shar-Pei look to her, which is usually the norm for someone who's lost a ton of weight. As for the "North American Premier" location??? They've been open 1 week, and have already had to have sound technicians come in to deal with the echo...gee...20' ceilings, and no doors, and you wonder why there's an echo?!?!?! But it's for Faye, and it's working right now (down another 3.4 yesterday) so I will persevere! And I am only 1 pound away from yet another drop in daily points, but more importantly to finally being under 200 pounds again!!! It's been at least 6 years since I've seen a number that starts with a 1 and I'd like to revisit that era! Hell, I don't just want to visit it, I want to set up camp and live there FOREVER!

Grabbed a coffee, dropped H. off and came home to an accidental nap on the couch! up, did some puttering around, grabbed some groceries for dinner, and then decided if I was going to get in some exercise I should get my butt in gear. So I changed and headed out the door before I could change my mind...walked over to the river (the walk down is full of driveways, which slope and which are a bugger to run knees and hips don't like that at all...and Calgary drivers aim for people running on the street...hasn't been proven, of course, but I think it's true!) and then ran up Rideau Hill to 3-post, back down to the Elbow river pathway, through Stanley Park and around back to the start. A total of 4.2km (and another 2 for the walk there and back) at 34:55 or 8:19/km. Managed to maintain a good cardio rate of 85% and burned off 294 calories.

Came home and made Ginger Mojito pork...marinade a piece of tenderloin in a mixture of rum, lime juice, evoo, lime zest, honey and some grated ginger. Grill till done. Thought that sounded rather Jamaican, so I made a side of Rice & Peas (which are actually beans) and the rest of the pattypan squash in evoo, butter and mint. It was quite delish! My friend Cathy and her parents taught me how to make Rice & Peas years ago, so it was a nice memory and treat. Although now, the healthy me makes it with less bacon and brown rice! And I had black-eyed peas, which was a nice option.

Guess I had better run and get changed. Details of the run later.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Annoying foot pain

My arch/ankle is bothering me again today. It was swollen before lunch, but didn't really hurt. Now, after a 4k walk at lunch and Boot Camp at 5 (including a steep, rocky, muddy, tree-rooty, riddled with steps and raises trail run that's about 2k in total), it's throbbing off and on, but the swelling is gone. I'm about to throw some Advil at it (God Bless the person who found/invented ibuprofen!) and an ice bag, but I just put an ankle sleeve on the foot, and it already feels a tad better. It'll feel massively better once I hobble my way into a physio clinic, but that will have to wait till I am more financially fluid. I do have unlimited coverage at work, but most places are pay up front and claim from the insurance company next week is payday...soon, my wonky foot...soon...

I was bagged after yesterday's early start and late finish, so I did not make or pack lunch. Instead, breakfast was a non-fat latte and the low-fat turkey bacon, egg substitute sandwich from Starbuck's. They're all right...nothing really to rave about. And for 8 points, I could make better decisions. But it was what it was...lunch turned into a BLT&C on whole wheat, no butter or mayo, with a bit of mustard, and some tomato dill soup. Again, nothing stellar but it did it's job, especially after my 4k walk about. Snack was plain yogurt with Epicure Tropical Fruit dip blended in, and a third of a cup of All Bran Buds. Then it was Boot Camp time! I do heart Trainer Josh, but I really think he's trying to kill some of us!!! After the trail run, we did intervals of 45 seconds...thrusters to sprint/jog, burpees to sprint/jog, squeegees to sprint/jog, rest, bicep curls to sprint/jog, plank hold to sprint/jog, squats to sprint/jog. Rest...then core work, more core work, and then a tad more of core work. I was dripping and gasping for air (humidity is disgustingly high in Calgary right now...I may have to move to Arizona to get my air back!) but as always, grateful that I can even complete a class. Many can't, and I do appreciate every day the power to propel myself forward by my own accord.

After a quick trip to FedEx (by the airport, 25+km away) to pick up an Epicure order, I came home and made a fast supper. Baby patty pan squash (the ones that look like someone sat on 'em) and baby carrots tossed in evoo/butter and basil/mint and lemon juice, a piece of tilapia with just lemon zest and S&P, and some couscous in Epicure Vegetable Bullion and some lemon juice. I would have taken a picture, but I once again left my camera on and the battery was drained...sorry...couldn't wait for it to recharge before I had to eat!
Now me, my ankle and my Advil are going to retire to the couch, and try to get to bed at a reasonable time, since there's now a very early Saturday morning weigh-in looming. Picking up H-woman at 7 bells, and heading northwest.

Will report on the "premier" Weight Watchers location tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Looooonnnnng day...

I thought I would tackle this week's 15-Week challenge of the early morning workout today. What ever was I thinking?!?!
You see...I am not a morning person, and I am okay with that! But I got up at 5 am, got to work (walked in the dark...through downtown the the dark and drizzle...should still be the dark!) just after 6, changed and went out to run my usual 4.65k loop. It was very, very quiet...except for all the people on their bikes whizzing into work, it was me and two other guys on the path for a run. And I discovered that I am not a morning working out person! Firstly, I am not fully awake - I think mornings should be banned, the world over! It's cruel and unusual punishment to force someone out of a nice, warm bed, and make them face the world before noon! Of course, now that I say that, I haven't slept in past 9 in years, and I do start work at 7am's a good thing I love Boot Camp and Trainer Josh, otherwise I'd be back to sleeping till 7:30 and starting work at 8:30. But I digress...back to the actual run. I don't eat first thing in the day - ever...I have trouble some mornings just brushing my teeth! But I forced down a piece of celery with almond butter and craisons, and sipped some Green Monster on the walk in, so I would have something in the tank to burn.
It didn't legs felt like lead wrapped around pipe-cleaners! Needless to say, the run was not fast, nor was it pretty...but I finished it. Hard to read on the Garmin, but I managed an 8:30/km pace and burned 278 calories.

Got back in the office (freaked out my coworkers when they realized I beat them all to work today...did you know they don't even turn on the lights at 6:15 in the morning?!?!), changed and finished my Green Monster. And inhaled a chocolate milk!
Lunch was a spinach salad with chicken, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and maple pecans (cooked pecans in maple syrup until the water boiled off, and then laid out on a piece of foil to cool...YUM!), topped with evoo and balsamic vinegar (yes...I keep bottles in my desk).'s Thursday...and the deli downstairs does a wicked Mulligatawny! Which I never let myself enjoy, because I weighed in on Thursdays and I have this weird superstition of eating rice the day before or day of weigh in! But now that we'll be weighing in on Saturdays, I indulged. Kind of wished I hadn't, as I was FULL all afternoon. It was still fabulous, but I was full!
And immediately thought "what an idiot" as it's Boot Camp fit test tonight, and I've just ruined my measurements by bloating out my stomach! Good thing most of the class couldn't/didn't show, so we're doing fit test on Tuesday. I can say that I've lost 7.9 pounds in the last 6 week session!
It was a regular Boot Camp session then, with our beloved Trainer Josh back (we told him how much we missed his joking, singing, funny voices and stories while he was gone!) in charge...some running, followed by upper body work and sprints, lower body work and sprints, core work and sprints! Josh is awesome about keeping our cardio up for well over half the class, without it being strictly running. Feeling it in the shoulders again...can't wait for tomorrow night's class! Have I mentioned that I'm hooked, and that I've already signed up for another 6 week, 3x a week session?!
All the talk about zucchini boats by Angie got me thinking of that for dinner, since I had a zuch of appropriate size waiting in my veggie crisper...the thing is, I've never made one before. So I went Italian...mixed sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, pine nuts, artichoke hearts, basil, fresh grated Parmesan and herbed goat cheese. And to add texture, I sprinkled some panko bread crumbs on top before baking...dang...I am a GOOD COOKER!!! It was quite tasty, although I did put a little too much goat cheese in it, and found it a tad rich. Didn't stop me from eating it all, mind you!!
Well that's it for me...recap
Monday weekly challenge: done
Wednesday workout challenge: done
Weigh-in: down 1.4
Don't know why, and don't care...what ever it is that I am doing this time around seems to be working!! And I am determined to keep it up!
Okay...time to put together lunch for tomorrow, and head to bed. I am seriously tired!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I heart my trainer

Especially having to 'try out' his partner at today's Boot Camp, when he took a well deserved break this weekend. I understand that everyone has different styles, but all I have to say is I am thrilled that my Boot Camp experience started with Trainer Josh, and not this lady. Otherwise, I wouldn't have done as well, or even renewed past the first 6 weeks, quite frankly. She reminded me of all the jock-chicks I went to high school with...didn't like them then, most certainly don't like them now!! And don't sass at me in front of everyone else because I can't keep up with you and your 5 pound weights, honey...check the number on the end of mine. Oh, that's right...that's an 8! Needless to say, I will extra appreciate Trainer Josh on Thursday.

Whipped by Safeway on the way home (10% Tuesday...what was I thinking?!) and grabbed a few things, before heading home to make supper. Grilled fish tacos, refried beans, avocado and quinoa with tomatoes and Epicure Fajita seasonings. Quite nice...found the recipe surfing the Epicurious website...great place to look for recipes. All you have to do is type in one ingredient, and a list of recipes will come up, from all kinds of foody magazines, like Bon Appitet.

With my shoulders already seizing and aching, I had one more set of blinds to install (wah...) but these ones went in rather easily. Hopefully they stay there! Managed to get the hallways clean lat night and despite the rain (yet another awesome light show last night!!), they still look good today. I hate it when I clean for hours, and then someone tromps in all muddy and don't really care, because they rent and someone else cleans up...oh, that's right...ME! This would 'splain lots as to why I stuck with the furbabies and not the human variety, by the way!!

Going to tidy up from dinner and head to bed. I am beat. But at least I can sleep this week...+32 on Saturday to +10 today! Lord, I love this city!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Schneider duties complete

As I've mentioned before, I am Schneider for my little apartment building (only 13 suites)...that is I am the caretaker/landlady. For a substantial reduction in my rent, I collect the rent, do the bank deposit, take applications for new tenants, walk-through for move ins & outs, general cleaning inside and outside (that includes yard work) and small maintenance. I don't have to do painting, plumbing (THANK GOD!) nor do they make me play with electricity!!! They (the management company, a lovely husband and wife team who are both sweet as pie) seem to know and acknowledge my limitations as easily as I do!
Anyway, I've been putting off cleaning the hallways during the heat wave, but finally decided I had to get it done today. And I just had a tenant move in who needed new blinds installed. If there is one part of my duties that I openly's installing blinds. I measure, I mark, I measure again, I drill and it's all WRONG!! Argh!!!!!! And it doesn't help that I live in a very old, 67 years to be precise, building that is all wood and plaster and I'm sure a little spit and duct-tape!! It's very frustrating to say the least...took me 2 hours to install the blinds, replace the screening in a frame, and screen in another window for this guy. I still had to vacuum the hallways and stairs. I live in a 3 story walk-up, that has double staircases...why I will never know...just means 2 x the steps to vacuum and then wash. So started that after a brief water break and now it's 8:30 and I haven't had dinner yet! Not wanting to get into cooking a meal at this time of the night, I decided to have a Green Monster. That tide me over till morning, and I'll make the fish tacos I was planning on tomorrow night.
And with all the rain we're now getting, I'm happy I got the grass cut least I don't have to worry about watering the flowers this week. Boot Camp may be a tad on the damp side, but I enjoy running and such in the rain. Keeps everyone else away!
Happy Monday, everybody.

Relaxing Monday off...

It's Heritage Day here in Alberta (well, most of Canada celebrates something today, although there are a few hold-out provinces, like Quebec and Newfoundland...which is odd, because they seem to have a lot of provincial holidays between them both!) so I managed another glorious sleep-in (other than getting up at 5:45 to feed the furbabies...don't mess with their routine!) till 9 am. Legs are feeling yesterday's long run, which is good. I miss that feeling...tells me that I've worked hard.
Dinner last night was good and simple. I roasted some of the baby potatoes in my toaster oven (which ROCKS!! I rarely use my regular oven, since I am just cooking for moi), after tossing them in a mixture of evoo and butter (a tsp of each)...once they were golden brown, I tossed them in another tsp of melted butter and some Epicure Lemon Dilly dip mix. Yum, yum, yum! With that I cheated a tad, and bought a roasted turkey breast at Safeway...which will become lunch meat, as it was rather dry. Sad... And, as this week's Weight Watcher's challenge was to try something new (for you) from the vegetable/fruit family, I had a kohlrabi salad. I used my mandoline to slice red onion and the kohlrabi bulb super thin, and then tossed that with a mixture of evoo, lemon juice, S&P and capers. Served over some fresh spring greens, it was an interesting salad. The kohlrabi, to me, tasted a bit like turnip (which I do not like) but it wasn't unpleasant. Still reserving final judgement on it.
So what to do on a day off from work? I'm putting on my "Schneider" hat and putting up some blinds in one of the suites (just about my favourite job to do...can you sense the sarcasm??) and then vacuum the common hallways and wash the floors at the entrances. At least it's much cooler out today (and that means inside the building too), so it won't kill me. There was a wicked storm that blew in about 1 am...the lightning actually woke me up, long before the big rumblings and booms of the thunder did. Quite the light show. And then pounding, pounding on the top floor of a flat roofed building has it's drawbacks, but it finally lulled me back to sleep. It has since stopped, but it's dull and gray out there still. Which is fine...I was growing weary of the intense heat.
Have a great day off...if you get one, that is...

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