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Thursday, November 28, 2013

What the frack is with my back?

Two steps forward, fall right back down.  That seems to be my training of late, and it's getting downright annoying.

After some sporadic returns to Crossfit, namely because Ms. Wrist or Shoulder didn't want to play, I was back Monday for a night of cleans and thrusters.  Or so I thought...the wrist really didn't like the movement it takes to get the bar from the clean (shoulder rack) to overhead, so I switched it up to front squats.  Clean the bar from the ground to the shoulders, and then with it firmly racked across your chest, squat down.  I even picked a "light" weight of 45 lbs.  Seemed simple enough, until after 5 or 6, my lower back started to hurt.  I immediately dropped the bar, pulled myself from the WOD and grabbed the lacrosse ball and roller to work the kinks out.  WTF?!

Got up Tuesday morning and immediately knew something was wrong...very, very, very wrong.  Crap.  Luckily I already had an appointment with Dr. Dave, and the day off, as we finally got word that Mom was being moved (story on that later in post).  I medicated (Advil, super extra strength) and moving gingerly, got Mom settled into her new home, and then off to see Dave.

Sprained Lumbar is the official diagnosis.  All I know is nothing, and I mean NOTHING is moving very well across my lower back and around the sides to the hips and hip-flexers.  Not sure if there's going to be enough Advil for this!!  I've seen Dr. Dave twice this week already, and will be back on his table on Monday.  Hoping by then that things have started to loosen up.  I am to start some minor glut exercises on the weekend (bridges, brisk walking), and will see my family doctor tomorrow to discuss blood results and this refusal of my body to behave!

I am wondering if my attempt to "girl it up" on Friday for the company Christmas party had anything to do with this.  Not that my heels were insane (2"?) but I did immediately remember how much I hate "girly" shoes.  My feet were killing me all night.

But the party was fun.  We had a new venue this year, as the company tries to ensure everyone (and a guest) can attend over the two nights.  Yes, our company party, in Calgary, is held over two nights, as there are approximately 2,500+ at each night.  Yowza!  Excellent venue, with loads of comfy sitting ares to chat, good food (buffet), a hot-dog "stand" area for a late night snack, live band from Chicago...they go all out.  And this is just Calgary...there are parties going on across the country, right up until December 21st.  Would be fun to go to a few of them, just to see how different they are.

Didn't really house shop on the weekend, as I am still obsessed with "my" home.

However, my unbiased friend H-woman came along for a peek, and had some observations to make that has had me sit back and be a little more realistic about it.  So back on MLS and sent a list to my realtor to try and see this weekend.

So we moved Mom out of the hospital into Bow View Manor.  It has a great reputation in Alberta for long term care, and is right by the river (I don't think they flooded in June) in Montgomery.  Nice building, recently renovated and they are currently expanding.  Which is a good thing, because Mom is stuffed into a room with another lady, that is smaller than the standard bedroom in a house.  And they're to have two TVs, two dressers, two beds, etc.  Really AHS?!?!  This is a little appalling.  Add to that, in the less than 48 hours that she's been there, she's already fallen and cut herself and has herself quarantined because she ate too much chocolate, and know what happens when you eat too much chocolate.  Not sure, in hindsight, if this actually is better than the hospital.  But we'll see how she settles in, and gets used to a new routine.  At least everyone there has been very nice, and I did get a phone call today about the fall, flu shot, etc.

That's it for me so far this week.  Can't believe it's almost the end of November, and Christmas is just around the corner.  Guess I need to start making some lists and checking them twice.  Or I can just sit here with my bag of ice on my back...yeah, that's what I'll do for now!

Yay for fitness...yes, really!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Once again, I ask the question...where the hell did the last month and a half go?!?!  Every time I think to sit down and catch up on the blog, the day gets away from me.

So here goes:

Sold Mom's house, and spent most of October sorting, packing, tossing and storing 45 years worth of stuff.  Held it together right up until I got the call that the keys had officially changed hands.  Then I lost it.  Lots of memories made at that address.

Went to Chicago for the marathon.  Mixed emotions about this trip, as while I started, I did not finish.  By mile 11 I realized that I did not have another 15 miles in me, and walked over to the medic and handed him my bib.  Swallowed my pride (and several tears) and got back to Grant Park to cheer for my friends that did indeed finish...some with wicked impressive times, such as Brian (2:35), Brett (2:48), Garrath (3:24) and Heather (4:24).  Came to the realization (and acceptance) that my distance running days are long behind me. may with reluctant acceptance.  It's a good thing I love CrossFit even more than I love running.  However, Chicago is AWESOMESAUCE!!!!  Rode a Segway for the first time (OMG, I want one soooooo bad!), stepped out into nothing at Willis Tower, enjoyed a fabulous, albeit wet, canal tour, ate our way through Old Chicago on a food tour, found the Bean and the face wall.  Loved this place...I'll return for sure.

Did return to CrossFit, but it's been sporadic at best as I wait for Mr. Ankle (yes, my body parts are referred to as separate entities...) to decide to play again.  Actually managed some skipping the other night, and my squats are doing really well...nice and deep.  Mr. Ankle seems to be okay with all this action, and I've even run small distances.  However, Miss Elbow (bursitis) has been swollen for over a month, my left shoulder is achy ("just" tendons) and now Ms. Right Wrist is swelling and seizing up as we speak.  Frack.  Did have my physical at the end of the month, and just had the blood work done on the weekend, to try and find a point of time without swelling (for the Rheumatoid test).  I meet with the Doc to discuss the results next Wednesday.  Meanwhile Dr. Dave (osteopath) is thrilled that I'm putting his children through college...heck, at this rate, Ivy League!!

Did run Winterstart in Banff, through all the ice, snow and bear.  Yes, bear.  A last minute change to the route (said bear was enjoying his lunch right in the middle of our race route, and it was felt that he may not appreciate a bunch of spandex-clad and glow-lit-up humans trodding past him) resulted in the race being shorter (4.15 miles vs. 5) but way hillier!!  I mean HILLY!  If I had my choice, I would have stuck with the bear...only have to run faster than 1 other person!!!  Still had a lovely time in Banff, as I always do.  One day, that will be my home.  This I say out loud.  It truly is my favourite place on the planet.

As a result of the home sale, and a very kind Mama, I am now debt free for the first time in my adult life.  And home shopping.  So much for debt free, but this kind of debt I welcome.  Armed with a pre-approval and a very kind Realtor, we set off to see some century homes on the weekend.  Some were in all right shape, but thanks to the renters, would need far too much in the way of upgrades.  And some we didn't even get past the "HELL NO" and right back out again!!!  One place did sit well with much so that I can't stop thinking about it.  Made an offer, which was immediately rejected (sniff) but I am being patient and relying on my Realtor to break the ice and open some dialogue.  I expected a counter offer, not an outright NO.  That hurt a little.  So, I am employing the power of the Secret.  I have photos, screen shots, etc of "MY" house EVERYWHERE.  Work, phone, iPad, home...  I repeat often that I am so happy that I was able to buy my dream house in Ramsay...stuff like that.  It is a perfect house for me and the furbabies...let's make this happen!

While it doesn't officially start till the middle of December, I am changing jobs here at Shaw.  After 13.5 years of doing the same thing, I am quite bored and ready for change/challenge.  So I'll be moving out of finance (by the way, the only thing I know...banking and accounting) for the Technical Operations team.  Title is Coordinator, but other than some basic analysis, I have no idea what I'll be doing all day, and I'm quite all right with that.  Can't wait to learn new things and view this company from a different perspective. Scary but good. job, new house and new attitude for 2014.  The proper way to end a year.

Yay for fitness,