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Monday, August 30, 2010


That's how many hours Dad lasted at home this time. At least it stretched into days. The doctor scared the crap out of me though, as she suggested "we come right down, as we can try to find him a room but it doesn't look like he'll make it to that point!". O.M.G.!!!!!

Ran out of work at 10:30, got my car, grabbed Mom (who didn't remember why we were suddenly going to the hospital) and met up with younger brother in the emergency department. They had moved Dad to the CT room, as they wanted to do a scan to make sure he didn't hit his head (he was found on the ground...again). All clear for concussion, and by the time he came out of the CT, he was coming out of whatever funk he was in. He could pretty much answer all the questions asked, but did mess up on the month. Of course, it was all of +5C again this morning, so we can forgive him for thinking it was December!!

He had pneumonia and the MRSA infection is back again. So, once again checking into Chez Rockyview for them to clean out all the germs and get him up an healthy again. However, and he was warned about this from me, we will not be playing the "let's keep Dad at home to make him happy" game. I don't care how good he feels, I don't care how much it costs, how difficult it is, etc. He will be going into a nursing home this time. End of story.

I got home in the afternoon, and after assuring everyone at work that all was well, I puttered around before heading off to a killer boot camp. Trainer Josh obviously missed us over his 5-day long weekend, as he had some extra special treats for us today. It started with the Douglas Fir loop to warm quads were screaming, between Friday's hill work and yesterday's 32km. So imagine how happy I was when we started doing squats (70+), lunge walking (over and over and over again), swing squats, step ups and leg drivers. Throw in sprints in between, and I thought I was going to do a face plant as my legs lost all feeling!! We also did shoulder presses, curls, extensions, kick-backs, rows, push-ups, dips and lat raises. I am feeling the burn everywhere right now!! End the class with some good old ab work, and I came home a good and tired little girl.

Totally cheated with dinner, as Mom insisted I take some of the Meals on Wheels lunches home with me - can't seem to convince her that she's supposed to eat BOTH lunch and dinner every day, but I'm fighting a losing battle! Good news is Meals on Wheels will drop the delivery to every other day, which should help her from thinking there's too much food in the fridge.

Last I spoke with the hospital, Dad was still waiting in emerg for a bed/room. They will have to put him in his own room because of the MRSA, so it could be quite a wait. I think Mondays are a busy day, as we passed a hallway filled with stretchers and old people waiting. Maybe they were young when they got there...

That's it for me today....


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soggy Sunday run

It is August 29th...I checked the calendar twice. So why is it only +5C (or about 40F) and raining?? I actually had to hunt around for a long-sleeved running shirt. I do worry about over-dressing when it's like this, because I tend to overheat very quickly. So, capris, long-sleeved technical shirt and wind-breaker shell. That was it for today's 32km (20 miles) run.

Breakfast was something a bit new, as I bought steel-cut oats ages ago, but it hasn't felt like an "oatmeal" kind of morning since. Today was just that kind of day. I added almond slices and craisons with a splash of milk before chowing down. Takes a little longer to cook, but I do like the meaty substance to it. Mixed up my running fluid/fuel of water, sea salt and orange juice, filled the camel back and I was off.

Our route today was pretty from Eau Claire Market Running Room to Glenmore Landing Running Room. Turn around and come back. Simple... When we got there, both C. & J. were MIA, as they decided they were running together (they are doing Chicago together) and going a different way, as one doesn't like the one hill you have to climb. It's not that bad, seriously. I think the route they chose had worse hills, and is right along the freeway. Gasp, choke, cough, sputter...mmmmm...diesel fumes. Yummy! Our route takes us into the East Village, following first the Bow River. Then we hit Fort Calgary, hang a right and start following the Elbow River (Calgary originated as a Northwest Mounted Police Outpost (the RCMP today), and they built the fort where the two rivers joined). Follow the Elbow River pathway around behind our Stampede Grounds, through the Mission area, down through Rideau, in behind Stanley Park, through Stanley Park, through the Riverside community, to Sandy Beach and up Sandy Bitch...oops, Beach hill (this is the hill in question earlier). Cross the ridge, down over the Causeway (Glenmore Dam), over Glenmore Trail to the path behind Rockyview Hospital, and along the ridge overlooking Glenmore Lake (Calgary's water supply), through the community of Eagle Ridge, past Heritage Park and back onto the pathway to Glenmore Landing. It is a very pretty run, through loads of parks and past big, fancy-schmancy houses and yards.

Once here, both K. and C. (usually runs with the 4:40 group but decided to run with us today) had to make a pit stop, so I grabbed some water while I waited. Not the wisest move, as I really cooled down quickly, and once back outside thought "brrr...we have to run another 16km home!", but warmed up quick enough. Despite the almost constant drizzle, it really wasn't that bad outside. Actually perfect for a long run. At least there wasn't any heatstroke to contend with, and none of us ran out of water!

Got back to Eau Claire in 4 hours and 20 minutes, maintaining a decent pace (with walk breaks) of 8:08/km. A hair slower than last week, but we did stop to wait for C. a couple of times towards the end, as her knee was bugging her. And this was officially her longest distance run to date.

After stretching, I changed my shirt and met up with another friend S. for coffee. I was starving so had a little bowl of homemade Mac & Cheese and a vegetable (green pepper and eggplant...that was it) panani, along with a much needed latte. We had our visit, then I went over to B's to feed the kitties. Their mommy will be home Tuesday, so my life may actually slow down a little, with way less running around. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...who am I kidding?!?!

Got home around 4, chatted with H-woman for a while (who had an awesome race about it on her blog) before deciding on dinner. While I roasted some cauliflower in the oven, I whipped over to Safeway for some essentials....milk, salmon, canned milk (I'm going to try the new Epicure Seafood Chowder tomorrow night), curry sauce (settled on a Masala), lentils (on sale, with bonus airmiles...yay!) and a loaf of bread. I am really trying to pack lunches all week...we'll see how that goes. I had some samosas getting ready for lunch yesterday when I was called away on a parental emergency (they were out of cat food...nothing medical!), so I reheated those, threw the cauliflower, some tomatoes, the lentils and the curry sauce together and had myself a downright decent dinner. With more than enough leftover for lunch tomorrow.

Busy week coming up between tenants moving in and out and it being year end at work. We celebrate with a wine & cheese on "New Year's", which is always nice. Throw in boot camp, running clinics, two more days of cat sitting and parental concerns, and I'm going to deserve next week's 3-day weekend!!

On that note,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Running stats

Near as I can figure, I have run from the west coast (Vancouver), through the provinces of BC and Alberta, and have now entered Saskatchewan. To date, I have run or walked 1405 km or 878 miles since January 1st.

No wonder my feet are tired!


Saturday morning wake-up

Sat up way too late last night, after being sucked into the boob-tube, watching movies I've seen about a hundred times! Oh, but maybe this time they'll magically change how it ends!! I am such a tool sometimes.

George, lord love him, started his "I'm starving and I'm going to die if you don't get up and feed me right this very instance" rant at 5:05am (I crawled into bed at 2:30am). Got up and fed them both, only to discover George no longer likes his food. Either variety that I currently have. Good thing I was way too tired to care, because I left him staring at his dish and went back to bed. I know...I'm a horrible mommy! He let me sleep all the way to 8:30am, before the attempts to get me back in the kitchen started up again. I'll give it to him...he is very persistent. First starts the lawnmower level of purring...right in my ear! Then it's the wet nose to the ear/eye/ every time! Then, when I just roll over, he picks out the nearest bit of flesh he can see (never does this through my jammies), which he then rakes his claws over! Not enough to break skin, but enough that I get the message. If I'm being particularly stubborn and trying to stay asleep, he then switches tactics and gets on the dresser right beside my bed and starts to pull/push everything off it!!! Okay, I'm up!!!!! Still rejecting both cans of food, so he ended up eating a bowl of kibble. It's important that he eat, because I can't give him his insulin if he doesn't. I know he won't starve, but it's frustrating when he's like this.

Boot Camp last night and Thursday were run by a lady named Maureen, as Trainer Josh decided to take a much needed vacation. Granted it's only for 5 a few days, so we'll see him on Monday. As far as subs go though, I rather liked this one (it's been mainly miss in the past, as Josh is just so awesome). Her style was very different, but something must have worked as I am feeling it in my shoulders, back and legs today. Thursday we did tabata circuits, incorporating the entire body, and last night was all legs/cardio/abs. We started with a short run to warm up, which I don't get, because then we just ran up the BA hill anyway! However, she found a "trail" about half way up, which we veered off onto, and ran it back down to the road. Since a goat would find it challenging to run on, most of us took it pretty slowly, as to not trip and fall (many rocks and roots and sticks, including the one dead tree to duck under, lest you wanted to lose an eye!). We ran this route 3-4 times (I did 3, as I pointed out I have 32km to run on Sunday, and want to save the legs a little!). We then went back to our mats where we did 100 abs each. This is where I don't like her, because it was "do whatever you want", instead of saying 25 crunches, 25 bicycle, etc. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it... Back to the hill, now with very sore abs, and 2 more loops, before returning to the mats for another 100 abs!! Then we did some more work to cool down. These were burbees from hell!!! Stand with hands in air, then go into squat. From there, drop hands to mat and walk to to full plank. Hold plank for a couple of seconds before dropping into full push-up, before walking hands back up to squat and stand to hands in air. We did 20 of these, and then while we waiting for everyone to finish, we did two sets of push-ups. Finished with more plank (my shoulders, more specifically my rotator cuffs HATE planks!) and then some stretching. The 4+ hour run tomorrow is going to be a breeze compared to this torture!!

Had to pop in on the parents, as my younger brother called with 'concerns'. True enough, it looked like a bomb went off in the house (Dad is notorious for spreading his stuff everywhere, and then complains that Mom hides it and he can't find it!!!), he had an "accident" which he initially blamed on their cats, and his pills were everywhere, except where they were supposed to be (like in his mouth!!). Oy!!! Asked why Home Care didn't help with this, and couldn't get a straight answer, so I will call them on Monday to get the scoop. Organized his pills into his weekly pill thing (him - "you didn't do this last week, you only left me one day of pills", me - "we sat together and filled out the whole week!", him - "oh, I don't remember that". Me...quietly sobbing to self!!), and marked the bottles with the times to take. As well, I sorted through his "kit" and subtly removed the 2 year old prescriptions, which I sneak out of the house and to the pharmacists to destroy when the timing is right. Right now they're hidden from both parents! Oh, and we had to rush out to the store to buy a bunch of gauze and stuff - gee, Dad, when did you fall and hurt yourself, again? "Last week"...Odd, you weren't wearing bandages on Tuesday when I was here. " You were here Tuesday???" Oy... Got them sorted out and ate one of the lunches in their fridge (Meals on Wheels delivers lunch and dinner to each every day, but I can't convince Mom that they should actually be EATING lunch and dinner every day!!! The fridge is full, so once again, I sort through it and try to help her organize. Raising parents is HARD!!! I would have never been able to get away with this kind of crap!

Fed B.'s cats, and got home around 9. Flaked on the couch all night, and now here I sit. One cup of coffee in, and time for another. Need to walk to Safeway to get some food for me, and then I really should cut the grass if it's not too wet. I have a BBQ to pop into later today, but will make sure I am home bright and early, as those 32 will not run themselves! It's supposed to be cool tomorrow (can feel the fall crisp in the air right now), so I should have as good a run as I did last week. Whee!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not quite there yet

Despite working for a very large telecommunications company, I proudly admit that there is a strong reason why I work in accounting and not in IT!! That would be because I just want to turn my computer on and make it do what it did before.

It is not...

We are not on speaking terms right now!

I will be discussing with my IT guy tomorrow and find out what I've done wrong (or overlooked).

Weigh-in today had me finding what I lost last week...had an okay week, but I suppose it can be better, so we'll shift focus for next. With Dad home, there's suddenly way less running around, but then again I'm still stressing whether we made the right decisions or not. After talking with my younger brother tonight, I'm thinking not! But I'll go see the "situation" for myself and make my judgement then.

Just realized that it's after 10pm and technically I haven't had supper yet. Oops. I went to a late boot camp (6pm) and after that, off to feed B.'s furbabies. By the time I got home, it was after 8, and then I had to show an apartment at 9. Talk to younger bro for a half an hour, and suddenly the night is gone and "dinner" is a distant thought. I'll see what I can nosh on that isn't too heavy (maybe a bowl of cereal) to tide me over till morning.

With that, I'm off to bed. I am enjoying the 2nd to last glass of my glorious wine, so that is making me all mellow and chillaxed!


Glory Be!!

I will have my new hard-drive set up at home TONIGHT and will be back in the land of computers!!

Looking soooooo forward to it!


Monday, August 23, 2010

84 hours and counting

Dad is still home, and they both seem to be doing well, adjusting to their new routines. No panicked phone calls, no calls from Home Care, etc. This may just work out!

Yesterday's 29km (18 miles) run went much better than last week's, despite the constant blanket of smoke covering Calgary. It wasn't nearly as bad as it was on Friday, so after making sure I took all of my asthma meds, and an antihistamine (to be on the safe side), I met up with the group and took off. Smaller group today, as we were missing a few, but I know C. was having troubles with the smoke all week, so I think she wisely decided not to push it.

We pretty much broke our pace group into two smaller groups, with myself and K. in front and J. & M. running a bit slower. With our walk breaks, K. and I managed to maintain (first time ever) our goal LSD pace of 8:01/km! Woot-woot!! We ran west out to Bowness, ran past pretty houses on the river (a good 75% of them for sale right now...come on, Lottery Gods!), crossed the river, up Blood n' Guts hill (I do not lie...that is what it is called), through the park along the ridge (where you could really see how bad the smoke was) and back down to the river and east to Eau Claire. Finished the 29km (no detours this week) with about a half km to walk in, walking past the vendors set up for the Flow on the Bow event. One boot camp group asked if we wanted to try kick-boxing since we "looked so fit", but once we explained we had just finished running 29k, he thought maybe he should treat us to a massage instead! Sorry...despite the cooler temperatures, there's a kiddie pool with ice water in it calling my name!

After a quick refuel of chocolate milk and fruit salad, I went off to feed my friend's cats, gave them cuddles, stopping into Starbucks for a coffee and ham/egg sandwich (lunch!) before heading down to check up on M&D. Yes, I am that honest with them both!! Found them both fed and up and about, so left to head for home. I was tired and ready to flake on my couch for the night. Long runs make for short days, as most of the morning/afternoon is spent running. Marathon training really is a huge time commitment.

While dinner last night was pasta with sauce, I thought I'd show you what I was inspired to make on Friday. I found my all time favourite bottle of wine, CedarCreek Meritage, which I was very excited about. Sadly, it does cost quite a bit (seriously?? It's a BC wine, not being shipped in from Australia or the likes...) but I will be sure to enjoy every single drop, most likely enjoying a glass every night till it's gone.
While poking around their website to find out where I could buy it here (and then stumbled upon it where I least expected to) was tempted by the feature recipe for a scallop salad. It was absolutely delish, and something I will try again. The real key is to make the maple crusted pecans with a touch of chili powder and sea, sweet and salty all in one bite. O.M.GEE!!!!
Do wish I had a better camera now though...hard to make out the serious goodness that this meal was. Maybe that will be my next marathon gift to myself...mmmm...
Hope everyone had a great weekend and great plans for the week ahead.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hazy daze of summer

Thanks to the jet-stream and the province of British Columbia being on fire, I can barely see two blocks down the road for all the smoke. That has raised many alarms in Calgary, with warnings going out to anyone with breathing disorders to do their best to stay inside until it can blow away. Just smelled like camping while walking to work, but I am going to be a good little asthmatic and skip boot camp tonight (although it sounds like Trainer Josh may cancel all classes, as a precaution). Good thing I didn't load up on totally bad food at lunch today - just had to go get the mango/cucumber salad AGAIN today - I think I'm addicted...I don't feel all guilty for not burning it off. Although an evening on my couch vegging may be just what the doctor ordered for all my stress over the last few months!

Picked Dad up last night to bring him home. Despite the hospital phoning me at 10:15am to discharge him, they still didn't have everything together/organized for when I picked him up at 5. Took an hour and one very frazzled nurse to figure out what was going on! After settling him at home (with strict orders to not move while we were gone) I then took Mom to the pharmacist to pick up what was certain to be a truckload of meds. Sure enough, the hospital "forgot" to fax the orders in, so we had to sit and wait another 45 minutes for the two ladies to put everything together. I finally left M&D at 8pm, so no evening run for me. Which is all right. Popped into Walmart to pick up a few things for me, and when I came out 20 minutes later, everything was soaked from the surprise rainstorm. I mean EVERYTHING! But nary a drop falling while I drove home. Weirdness.

So tonight's plan will be to veg, I think. I'll be over at M&D's several times over the weekend, to make sure everything is good with those two. Hoping Dad manages to stay home for longer than 27 hours this time, and also hoping Mom gets used to having someone else there again. She's been on her own for over 4 months now, and for someone with memory problems, routine is everything. Dad will definitely throw a wrench in her routine! When I called earlier, the Home Care nurse was there, so I'll have to call back and see how that went. Or wait for the call from Home Care asking who these two crazy people are?!?! Yeah, they may be crazy, but they're my kind of crazy!!

On a personal note, I got notice that Dell has shipped my new CPU, so it shouldn't be long before I have a home computer again! Yay! It's only been a week, but it's been a hard week!!!

Happy weekend everyone...hope you all enjoy it.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday thoughts

- managed to remove 1.8 pounds this week. Maintaining control despite constant chaos appears to be the key.
- great hills training last night. I know, it's sick and twisted, but I love the feeling of power when I'm smoking up a hill...average pace for the 7 hill repeats? 6:30/km!
- heatstroke on Sunday, had to wear long-sleeves on Tuesday, +29C yesterday, smoke-filled city today!! And people wonder why I have breathing problems!
- picking up Dad from hospital this afternoon. Despite all thoughts against, he is determined to go home. So, that is what we are doing. Home Care comes in for their assessment tomorrow, and hopefully (fingers, toes and eyes crossed) this works out for the better this time!
- had lousy Chinese at lunch - tempted by fresh mango chicken which was disgusting. Threw out the chicken, kept the mango!! The S&P squid wasn't bad, as was the Palace Style chicken. Should have stuck to my first thoughts of mango cucumber salad.
- brought running gear to do 8k steady, but now am off to go pick up Dad. I'm certain I'll have loads to talk about tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fly by post

Still waiting on the new CPU to come live at my house, so after catching up on everyone's posts, I thought I'd drop in a quick recap.

Sunday was our road trip run (check the link here and if you have time, watch the fly-by After catching the train (I think we freaked a few people out, as it's 8am on a Sunday and suddenly there's about 60 people, all dressed in running gear, waiting to catch the train), we got off about 30 minutes later in the south end of town. Used to be where my family drove on Sundays, because it was a lovely country it's practically inner city!! Anyway, off the train, cross over the major thoroughfare and over to the entrance of Fish Creek Provincial Park. After a quick (okay, 60+ people did not make it that quick) pit-stop at the washrooms, we were all off in our various pace groups.

It looked like it was going to be a warm day, and there was not a single cloud in the sky. I had slathered up with sunscreen (interestingly enough, I only use SPF30, as when I was in Australia, I was told by many experts there that anything higher is just a marketing ploy...and I didn't burn when I was there!) but stupidly forgot one last spray of the spot on my back that I knew I didn't reach. More about that later... The run through the park is LONG, and I got a tad confused at one point (okay, the 5 other opinions weren't helping!) and we ended up taking a right when we should have gone straight. We added about 3km onto our loop, before connecting back with the main path (oh, would you look at that! We're right back where we should have gone straight!!) and north out of the park. No wildlife to contend with, unless you consider hot, shirtless dudes. And dogs...lots and lots of dogs being walked. We stopped at about the 10km mark, looking for water, as it was a lot hotter than the 23C (74F) predicted, and we were all running low on aqua. Found another washroom, where we filled up, after confirming there weren't any signs saying NOT to drink the water. Continued our journey north, with some slight trail running due to a huge construction project going on (you actually see the area on the fly-by), and one rather large hill to climb, as the "running" path by the river was totally overgrown and impassable. I had already led the group through one trail (and heard about it)...I was not prepared to Sherpa them through another!!

Sadly, the heat got to me, despite the water, OJ, hat, sunscreen and light clothing (albeit black), and by the 23km mark, I knew I was done. I'm prone to heat, having suffered many times in the past, so I am the first to notice the signs. Sending the group on, I went straight for the river (thank goodness for glacier-fed rivers in Canada!) and soaked my shirt, hat, head and neck. I then found a patch of shade to further cool down in, and waited for the last of my pack (my "to finish runner) to make her way to this point. I walked while she ran, but both of us were out of water, and while the river is tempting...rule 1 - do not drink from the river!! Luckily we came by the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary which had a fountain inside! After sucking back a good quart, I refilled my camel back (which does hold 6 cups on it's own), and we took off to finish this bad-boy of a run. Because of the slight detour in the park, we finished the 29km run with another 3.5km to get back to Eau Claire. Oh well, it was a good time to walk, pretty neighbourhood and gave us both a chance to cool down some more and walk off the lactic acid.

All in all, I burned off just shy of 2500 calories, and before my crash, maintained a decent LSD pace of 8:13/km. I was reminded though of the one spot I missed with sunscreen, as I am seriously BURNED on my back. One would think by my advanced age that I would know better, but sometimes we just make silly mistakes. No blisters (fingers crossed) yet, and while I did generate my own heat source Sunday night, it has cooled down and doesn't hurt that bad. Although sweating and doing core work yesterday at boot camp was an extra special treat!!!!

After we reached Eau Claire, C. and I grabbed a protein Jugo juice and hit the kiddy pool to cool down! "Mommy...why are those ladies sitting in the pool in their clothes?!" Man, it felt GOOD!

After that, it was a typical Sunday...home, shower, pick up Mom, visit Dad (family meeting tomorrow to discuss options), drop Mom off, feed friend's cats, home, couch, bed!!!! Yesterday was pretty much the same, except for adding work in there.

Wow...for a short post, I sure had a lot to say, but then again, I usually do!!!

Hope this finds everyone having a great week. And congrats to Angie and her hubby on the arrival of peanut Cameron. He's a cutie-patootie, and for me to say that is huge, as you all know I really only prefer the short, furry, four-legged variety!!!


Friday, August 13, 2010

What the?!?!?!

Get home from work yesterday, and after dropping everything off in the bedroom, I follow my usual routine of turning on the computer. Must see what has happened in the world since I last shut it off, oh-so-few hours ago!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!

Okay, breathe....reset power bar. Other things have still dead to the world. Unplug everything, reset power's official. Please remove any headgear and bow your head for a moment of silence and quiet reflection over the death of my computer! Why, I cry...why so young???

Came to work (luckily, I work in the telecommunications industry, so am surrounded with computer savvy types) and after asking around, realized my diagnosis was accurate and she has indeed passed. After discussing options (but oddly, no tears of frustration...I am taking this very calmly), I put in my order for a new Dell CPU, which hopefully will be here well before the estimated August 30th date. Until then, blogs from me will be few and far between.

Just to share before I log off...Marcello's makes the most amazing cucumber and mango salad EVER!! It has coconut in the dressing, and I could honestly eat it every day. I'm on day 3 now! Sunday's long run has us going on a field trip, as we're taking the train to the far south and running back. Check out the route here. It should be fun!

That's it for me...time to return to work.

Later (much, much, much later)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Wednesday

Good day at work. Got stuff accomplished and piles reduced.

Good lunch (buffet at Marcello's - loads of veggies, some hot stuff, good balance).

Good run - rather than the usual up & down Centre St, we just went for a longer, steady run that included 10th St hill, the former goat trails along Crescent Heights, Curling Club hill and Sammy's hill...granted, we were to do 7. but the run came in at 8.75km, and had some rather sizable and steep hills it in. Mission accomplished.

Good beer! I do love me Guinness. Black gold, that is. Yum, yum. Topped it off with the Frank's Redhot mussels - very generous with the Redhot tonight, which I liked! A lot!!!!

Good night...already dark here in Calgary.
Doesn't take long for the days to get shorter. Boo... But that also means I'll fall asleep quicker.

On that note...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hmmm...425 posts, and I'm so bagged, it's going to be a short one (I think!).

Work was a typical day, and as usual I totally flaked out on making breakfast/lunch, so had an egg burrito for breakfast, and was tempted by the Verona pizza that moved a location oh, so dangerously close to work!! I could ignore the other location, because it was sooooo far away (okay, something like 8 blocks, but that's far enough to make me forget about them). Now they are in the building right beside mine, and they know how to put cheese on a pizza, if you know what I'm saying. I did counter attack it with a tossed green salad, and one slice (I got two) was a very loaded spinach and feta. Holy YUMMO!!!

Got home, changed, ate dinner (tilapia and pasta) and went to run club. Tonight we discussed warm weather running, as our LSD this week will be 29km. We're going on a road trip! We'll catch the train bright and early and head to the far south end of town and run back. Doesn't that sound like fun?!?! I'm going to try and Google Map it for you all, so you can see just how far 29km through the city is. Basically we'll follow the river all the way into downtown, which is what I love about Calgary. We have a wicked urban pathway system that follows the rivers, through many parks and goes everywhere. Seems to me I heard at one point, it was one of the longest in North America, by the time you add it all together. Cool.

Went to Mom's to pick up my car (she's purring like a kitten again...amazing what fresh oil and clean filters will do), and had a little fun trying to figure out where Mom put my keys. She denied even seeing them, but I did find them in her purse. Mild Cognitive Impairment, my butt...this is getting scary, but again, I can only deal with one parent at a time, so I'll have to wait till we get Dad stable before I truck Mom back to the doctor's for a re-assessment.

Got home, spoke to younger bro, checked emails and voice mails and it's all I can do to keep my eyes open. With that, I'm going to bed.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

That was the name of the song I was thinking about yesterday!

After getting to bed before 10:30 (HUGE deal for me), I slept the night through, waking up just before my alarm went off. One would think I'm under stress or something! Got to work, after a stop in at Starbucks (really needed my 5 shots this morning), plugged away and also sent off the application for the one suite this morning (approved, of course) before rushing home at lunch to show the second suite to my step-niece and SIL. Took my niece's application (between me and her parents, she'll toe the line!) and rushed back to work, stopping in at the Vietnamese place Toa to pick up lunch to go. I swear I had just finished punching in my PIN when the dude brought my order out from the kitchen. If I was in the place for 5 minutes, I'm guessing high. Amazing. Got the shrimp salad rolls again (quite awesome) as well as the Satay Chicken and spring roll bun (vermicelli salad). A-MAZING! And quite satisfying.

Got home after an uneventful afternoon, changed and took off for boot camp, pulling up into the neighbourhood just as the rain started (Calgary, for what seems to be the 1,857th time this summer has a thunderstorm warning/watch). Pulled up to see if our shelter was being used (it was) so pulled back into the main parking lot, thinking I would wait out the rain. Could see I. sitting in his car, thinking the same thing, and lastly Trainer Josh pulled in, I'm sure thinking the same thing. Then the skies really opened up!! It was as if someone was throwing water balloons on my car, the rain drops were so freaking big. And loud!!! Thought, okay, this will blow over...that's when the hail started (uh-oh!) and then the lightening and thunder. One struck very, very, very, very close to where we were, as the skies lit up and then the thunder clap SHOOK MY CAR!!!!! At that point, I., Josh and myself all started our cars, waved good-bye to each other and took off for the safety of home!

Got to Mom's about an hour early, which threw her right off, to find out that Meals On Wheels delivered her & Dad's lunch/dinners, as ordered. However, Mom hadn't even unwrapped any of it.'re supposed the EAT the lunch when you get it. Sigh... Made her cook her dinner portion, while I ate one of the lunches (soup and a sandwich), and put the other dinner in the freezer for the weekend. I will cancel Dad's servings till he's out of the hospital, as it's just too much food for Mom, freezer or not. Off we went to visit Dad, who seems to be pretty much the same, but at least he was alert and lucid. Dropped Mom off, and my car for the mechanic (lives across the street), and was ready to walk to the train to come home, but Mom wouldn't let me leave without her vehicle. Didn't want me to get attacked or something. Okay...who am I to turn down a loaner vehicle??

Home, where I did nosh on the other "bragel", toasted with some Monteray Jack melted on it and a thinly sliced apple. Perfect! Oh, and I was tempted by all the signs telling me to try the Tropical Fro-Yo from Spoon Me. Absolute perfection, with some pineapple, mango and kiwi sprinkled on top. And you all thought it would be McD's times 3!! Pa-ha!!

Feel bad for missing my sweat-on this evening, but I did walk to and from work twice today, so that helps a little. I'll think about doing some squats before bed, or maybe I'll just dream about squats! I will go to boot camp on Thursday, to make up for missing tonight. That I do promise.

All right bloggies...I'm off to rest. Hope your Monday was a great and refreshing start to the new week ahead. Or, at the very least, that you all survived it!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day of LSD's

Okay, not THAT kind of LSD, obviously, but man, could I use some of that now! No, it was Long Slow Distance run day, and I was no different than a lot of the bloggers out there. H-woman went out there and rocked her run, as did Amber and Caitlin. So I thought I should join the trend.

Today's run was 26km...starting to build the numbers as we count down to our various marathons. Mine is in 10 weeks and counting. Others in my group are aiming for Thanksgiving weekend runs, either in the Okanagan, the Royal Victoria or for the lucky few, Chicago. After going to bed a little too late last night (got hooked into Elizabeth - such an awesome movie), I woke up at 7:30 and wolfed down a breakfast of multigrain bagel, PB and Crofter's Superfruit Asian jam. The bagel was the strangest thing though, as it looked like a bagel, but had more of a bread consistency. Maybe it was a bragel, or a basaint...not sure at all! Topped it off with a cup of milk and some coffee and changed to run. The temperature may have only been 13C (mid 50's F) but I didn't want to overheat as I have in the past, so it was little tank and shorts for me.
Love this tank so much, I just ordered another one in black. Forecast was for lower temps (19C or high 60's F) and thunderstorms in the afternoon, but no one said anything about steady drizzle all morning. However, it was most welcome, as it wasn't cold and turned out to be quite refreshing.
The route was a new one (for me, anyway) and I actually had to refer to the map and directions several times throughout the course. But I didn't get us lost! Yay!! We started east, running past Fort Calgary and through Inglewood (one of our oldest neighbourhoods and where I would LOVE to own a place one day), following along the river south, past the bird sanctuary, until we found the bridge to cross the river into Ogden (another old neighbourhood). Up past Beaverdam Flats, and up the hill into Lynnwood, before turning east again and heading back down through the neighbourhood till we connected with a cross-road and turned north. After crossing another bridge, we ended up on the east side of Deerfoot (our freeway) along side the canal (quite nice to run along), heading north until we found the pedestrian bridge over the freeway and back to the west side of the river. Run along the zoo (listening to and smelling the animals made this a treat), heading west until we re-entered our usual running haunt, crossing and finishing 26 at 10th Street NW. That gave us about a km to walk back to Eau Claire, which was a nice cool down, before we really started to stretch. Spent about 10 minutes stretching out some very tight hips, before guzzling a ton of water at the Running Room - my OJ/water/sea salt mix lasted me right to 26, but good thing it wasn't hot out) - and stopping at Jugo Juice for a protein smoothie. I went with the Tropical, because I loves me pineapple and mango! Had a quick foot soak in the kiddie pool (nice and COLD today) before heading for home. And just in time for the foot soak, the clouds parted, it stopped raining and the sun came out. It turned out to be a lovely day.
Good run today, as we kept the pace pretty consistent. Hd to slow down my fast ones a couple of times, and the slowest of our group held her own and kept up till about the 23/24 km marker. Our overall average was 8:13/km, which included our walk breaks (10:1's), and the many, many rolling hills Garrath had us running through. By the way, a pre-run meal of McDonald's...not highly recommended. Not that I didn't feel good, I just didn't feel strong. The best part though is I burned off 2047 calories, so I didn't feel the least bit guilty about the chocolate milk I inhaled later.
Changed, cleaned up and headed down to Mom's, after clearing up my many voice messages regarding my last suite for rent (which is rented - yay!) and touching base with H-woman (awesome woman, by the way) and then off to the hospital. They had Dad in a room finally, but he's in isolation again, as he has MRSA, yet again (haven't we been down this road before??). We didn't have to mask up (as he's not coughing) but we did have to gown and glove. Which Mom was thoroughly confused with...I told her we were playing doctor! Dad seemed a little more off today, but nothing too confusing out of his mouth. Got the list of things to bring (batteries and charger (Dad is obsessed with batteries for his radio), walker, toothbrush, paste, deodorant, travel bag, razor, charger, wallet, etc) as well as arranged for a TV and phone for him. Sounds like he's going to be a resident of Chez Rockyview for at least two weeks. After dropping Mom off, picking up the stuff and dropping it off at the hospital, I came home and ate. All right, so I admit it...I hit McDonald's drive-through again. I'm not proud, but at least I'm owning it.
And now I sit here, trying to keep my eyes open. I think some more water and then it's time for bed. I have to run home at lunch to meet up with the tenant for the last suite (my step-niece, of all people) and then it's just another Monday. Wasn't there a song called that???
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Back to the grind.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

27 hours...

That's how long my Dad was at home. Sigh... Got the call this afternoon that he was on his way to the hospital, after he collapsed. Now what he was doing is a big question, as he apparently didn't like the way the concentrator (the thing that generates his oxygen) was working or not working. My younger brother and his wife happened to pull up right behind the ambulance, and said that Dad had the thing in pieces. What that is all about is a mystery, as the equipment has worked just fine right up to and including yesterday. He did say something about it not working and we needed to contact the company to get it looked at, but then in the next breath spoke of their cat running around with one of the oxygen masks on, chasing the two dogs. My parents don't have, truth or one whacked out, infected brain??

Got Mom and headed over to Rockyview - my, we have come full circle, haven't we?? - and met up with Dad in emerg. The doctor and nurses think he has pneumonia (yet again) and are worried about his feet swelling (yet again) and are admitting him - yet again. Cancelled Nurses Next Door, for Monday at least, and will speak to the Meals people about Dad's portions. Although Mom thinks send them anyway, and she'll just freeze them. So we'll see what comes on Monday. It appears that nothing has changed. Dropped Mom off, made sure she was okay and drove to McDonald's. I did try something new, for once, the Quarter Pounder Deluxe (it's "new")...way too much pepper though...guess it's supposed to be peppered bacon, but it was just bacon with a bunch of pepper dumped on it.

I did manage to rent out one of my suites available today though, which makes me happy. And I have someone coming by tomorrow to look at the other one. Hope this means that by tomorrow night, I will be full at the inn again. Which will be a nice thing, given the inordinately high number of for rent signs in Calgary right now.

Enjoying some Liberte Mediterranee Lemon yogurt. Wasn't sure, as I thought it would be too sour or bitter, but it's quite delicious. Still not my coconut favourite, but it is a very close second. Trying to get some water in now too, as I will be up bright and early for our 26km LSD. Sounds like we're trying a new route, so the goal will not to get lost and not lose my end runners. I do need to run though, as that rids me of my stress.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday.


One to go.

Kijiji RULES!

Just sayin'

Things I hate...

Rude people who make appointments and then don't keep them and don't bother calling, because why on earth would someone else in the world possibly have a life?!

'nuff said.

Hate this part

Of being Resident Manager, that is. Showing the apartments...people are so freaking picky these days. They want the very best of everything at the very lowest of costs. I, too, would love to live in one of the new concrete and glass condos for $750 a month, but sadly, it's not going to happen. Saw an ad at the grocery store for just such a place, and they were asking $1590...for less room than ours. Anyway, here I sit, waiting for my 11:00...yes, I understand it's currently 11:08, but I think maybe they don't drive, so I'll be patient. Just can't really start anything, because I know the second I get into it, the door will buzz.

Not much else planned for the day. Heading down to M&D's to make sure they both survived the night, and to help my brother move the patio furniture out of storage for them. Dad says he wants to sit outside, so we'll accommodate him as much as possible. It's been forever since he breathed fresh air...I think he really missed it! Then I'll try to figure out something to take for dinner for them for tomorrow night. Something Mom can reheat, and not worry about the stove or oven. Think I'll also go for a run this afternoon. I know I shouldn't, with tomorrow being a lovely 26km LSD, but I also didn't make it out Tuesday or Thursday, and am feeling sluggish as a result. I think a nice 10km would feel awesome. Again...who am I, and what have I done with the lazy woman of my past?!?!

Breakfast was supposed to be dippy eggs and toast, but I left the eggs just a smidgen too long, so they were spready eggs and toast. I like dippy way better!

Okay, it's 11:13 now, and now I'm getting impatient...I'll see what I can putter around and do while I wait. Have I mentioned how much I hate this part?!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Home on a Friday night

Actually at home...right after boot camp...eating dinner BEFORE 9 o'clock. I really don't know what to do with myself!

Mom & I went by the home last night to pack Dad up, and found him having another one of his 'episodes'. The nurses had called me several times during the day, stating he refused breakfast, he's not being social, he's refused lunch, etc. I'm beginning to think these episodes are linked to stresses for him, as the last one was the day after the meeting with the transition people to discuss moving him. Anyway, he was a sleeping beauty while Mom & I packed up everything he wouldn't need for today and took it all home. One more phone call from the nurse, to let me know that Dad woke up and ate a little, but was still sleepy. Told them to call me if anything else happened, but nothing. No news is good news, right?

This morning, after I got a little lay-in (7:30 alarms are so much more civilized than 5:30 ones!), I drove to Walmart and picked up a baby monitor, so that Mom could listen to Dad sleeping, or listen for trouble. That was her biggest concern, and I hope this gives them some piece of mind. Talk about a funny conversation though, as I was raised without such technology and Mom had no idea what I was talking about! Set those up, vacuumed the family room (where Dad will be living) and headed off to collect him. We were held up a bit, as the nurses wanted to change his dressings (from when he fell earlier this week) and then packed up what was left (concentrator, meds, old meds, gauze and such) and then as one of the techs took the bulk to the door, I walked down the hall with Dad. This reminded me why I will take care of myself and run. My Dad was a big construction worker...imposing, he was a very frail, very OLD man. Breaks my heart. But as one of the nurses put it, an old man sporting the biggest grin ever!! He was thrilled to be going home.

As we were leaving the centre, the medical supply store called to say they were delivering the bed, so the timing was perfect. Got Dad home and into the house (another wee bit of an adventure, as there were stairs (where he fell in January!) and other obstacles to get him in the house. Finally got him in and set up, and organized. Made up the bed, made sure they were both okay (Dad was enjoying a bowl of cereal) before I finally took off for work. It was close to noon before I made it in. Once again, I am ever so thankful I work where I do and for whom I do, as no one questioned why I wasn't at work in the morning. I was starving, as I had a glass of milk before I left the house at 8:45, so I had the lunch special. It was tortellini, but unfortunately in an Alfredo sauce instead of a healthy tomato sauce. I did have the green salad as a side, and a serving of fruit too, so hopefully counter-attacked the creamy goodness!

Since I drove to work, I threw all my gear in the car, thinking I would just change at boot camp. By about 4 though, I was more than ready to just go home and veg, but I forced myself to drive to Edworthy Park. I am glad I did...I needed the massive sweat-a-thon we had today! Run out and up Douglas Fir, where one of the other members decided to release their inner Josh and had us running some drills. Then back to the mats and more circuit training. While I hate doing it at the time, Josh really makes sure all body parts are working, including the heart. Bicycles followed by overhead leg drops, sprint, jumping jacks followed by mountain climbers, sprint, squat presses followed by overhead extensions, sprint, squats followed by lunges, sprint and repeat all the way back to the mats. Then we added push ups, burbees, curls and sumo squats. Did that for a while, stopped for water and then upped the reps for the next round. Did that for a while before ending on the mats with plank, twists and sit-ups. I can feel it everywhere right now.

Came home...wait...I came home after boot camp instead of driving across the city. Whatever was I to do with myself??? I ate dinner, before 9pm, which was a good salad of mixed veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers, zucchinis and mushrooms) tossed with Romano beans, queen green olives and garlicky Epicure Classic Vinaigrette. It's been sitting in the fridge overnight, and with a smattering of parm cheese sprinkled on top, it was filling and quite satisfying. Oh, and tasty too! Next time I may had cooked shrimp instead of the beans...yum.

Flaked on the couch, watching the tail end of K-Pax and 16 Candles. Have seen the latter about a zillion times (after all, that was from MY era) but I always feel compelled to watch it, just like Dirty Dancing.

Okay, I am heading to bed. I've got to clean the building tomorrow and show an apartment...hopefully I'll rent both out as it's two roommates that no longer want to be roommates...I don't ask. I just rent! It would be sweet to have this over and done with before the weekend is done. That and a 26km on Sunday is about all I've got planned, besides checking up on the parents at some point. I did call them and they sound okay...settling back into routine with each other. I'll keep my phone handy, just in case.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I love run clinic

Because I can push myself and be rewarded with "good job" by EVERYONE, regardless of their training level. And they mean it!

Because we all laugh and talk while we're training.

Because I can ask Garrath a question, and not feel like an idiot. Tonight's for example: "Am I pushing us too fast in hills training, as we are surpassing tempo pace, let alone tempo effort?". And the answer?? He ran with us, to see what we were doing, and said, "we're long as we're still talking and not about to puke, we're doing awesome". Oh, "and your form is perfect" that point I actually ran on air!

Because we head out for bevvies and food afterwards. Sometimes it's 5 of us, or like tonight, a good 30 that took up almost the whole patio area. Scared a few tables away, and confused the poor waitress to no end, but it was a gorgeous night and we were all in the mood to socialize. There was much laughter (which I so needed) and much smiling (which I so needed) and much talk back and forth. Favourite runs, to favourite rock concerts, to favourite hiking/bear in the woods stories. Did I mention much laughing?! My face hurts, to be honest. Okay...there "may" have been a couple of pints consumed. Just sayin'.

Because I am getting stronger, faster and better, each and every week. And I like that. Bring on Toronto!! And C. and I decided tonight that we're running Goofy in 2012. That will be a hoot!

Okay, it's late and I am just getting in. Granted tonight is a little later than normal, but I think I needed to cut loose a little. Bringing Dad home on Friday...bed ordered and should be delivered Friday...private home care booked and scheduled for Monday...Meals on Wheels starts on Monday...Medigas dropped off extra tanks today...called facility and told them I was discharging Dad. And their response?? Okay. That was it...I expected at the very least a why, but nothing. I think we've made a good decision here, but then again it'll all hinge on how Mom and Dad deal with being together again after 4 months apart. Time will tell.


Oh, and set your PVR/DVR's to catch Caitlin and the launch of Operation Beautiful, The Book on the Today show. Sounds like she'll be on at 8:35 (New York time, I'm guessing)...that is so cool!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Heritage Day

That's what we are 'celebrating' in Alberta this long weekend. All I know is I slept in (no alarm), puttered around my house all day, watered the plants (before the monsoons hit!) and had another killer boot camp workout.

Was waiting for someone to bring by their deposit for the empty suite today...hope he didn't think I meant 2am, but guess we'll find out when I don't answer the buzzer! If he doesn't call, or show, then I guess it means he doesn't want the suite. But, oh so happy I wasted an afternoon waiting for him! Why haven't the lottery gods come through for me yet?! I am growing weary of all of this and want a place that is all my own, sharing nothin' with no-one!! Dare to dream...

After risking life and limb to water my plants...I swear I heard the 'skeeters scream "fresh blood!"...I came back inside and had a light snack of crackers, lite cream cheese and Crofter's Superfruit Asian. Wasn't much, but I did have a bowl of cheerios earlier, as well as some fish & chips picked up at the store. Changed and headed off to boot camp, thinking the skies didn't look all that friendly tonight.

Trainer Josh kicked our butts, yet again. Seems like every session, I'm saying we got our butts kicked harder and harder. Not quite sure how he's doing that, but he did joke that he's pulling out everything he's got these days! He did bounce it back to us though, saying if we didn't push ourselves so hard, it wouldn't be so hard. Crap...hate it when people do that! We were just wrapping up the hour with good old negatives when the rain sort of started. Couple of drops, then a couple more, and by the time I was on my way to Mom's, it was starting to come down not bad. Hit the one major road and it was a total rain-out...I honestly couldn't see past the hood of my car!! Worried about hydroplaning (the road was a river), I was debating pulling over till it passed, when lo and behold, I drove under a bridge and on the other side it was dry! Calgary is like can sit on one side of the road and watch it rain on the other side. The skies did open up later though, when Mom & I were visiting Dad. Lots of lightening and thunder, and apparently rain. When I dropped Mom off, the flood plains at the bottom of her street were under at least 4 feet of water. Normally they are soccer fields, but all you could see was the top foot or so of the goal posts. Kind of freaky. Good thing Mom & Dad live at the top of the hill, and not the bottom.

Dad had a tumble at the facility today (they called to give me the head's up), which makes me immediately wonder if coming home really is such a brilliant idea. Asked him what happened, and he said he ran out of oxygen on the way back from lunch (the dining room is down the hall aways from Dad's room), and while he made it back to his room, he turned too quickly in the washroom to close the door and fell. Cut his arm and bruised himself up pretty good. A little more concerned about the oxygen though, as his sats were at 55 - it's supposed to be between 88 and 92. I do at least know that he won't have that problem at home. He will be hooked up to a regular generator, not just a tank that have a tendency to run out at the most inopportune times. Meeting with the Nurses Next Door people at Mom's tomorrow after work, so we'll have a better idea of what they offer and how they can help Mom and Dad.

Home to a dinner of cereal and peaches. I've been trying to get all my dishes cleaned up - I use a lot of dishes and HATE hand washing them, but my old-girl dishwasher is on her last legs. Trying to find a new/used one, but nothing on Kijiji right now. Pricing out some new ones, but don't really have $600 to drop right now. If I can stay on top of the dishes, then I can hold out till after Toronto. IF I can stay ahead...have I mentioned that I also only have one sink, so washing a butt-load of dishes is very tedious, between filling and draining the sink so that I can still rinse the dishes. Made it about 3/4's of the way through tonight, but that's why it became cereal for supper. Way too late to cook something! Besides, I just cleaned those pots and didn't want to make them dirty again!!!

Must go to again tomorrow. Short week, but it'll be a full one.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday snackin'

When Dad was in the Hospice room, with his own private mini-fridge, I bought him a Liberte Mediterrancee Coconut Crack yogurt to try. He really enjoyed it, but was only about half way through the tub when he got moved to the dungeon he is in now, with no fridge. Mom didn't really like it (what?!) so the balance of the tub came home with me. Where it has sat in my fridge, calling me softly since Thursday...I finally cracked!!! I did mix a little into my yogurt/oatmeal mixture yesterday, but tonight I'm eating it straight and LOVING IT! Nom, nom, nom...

Have spent the long weekend thus far running around - showing suites, dealing with tenants who want to move, but wait, now don't, oops sorry. That's fine, because either way, I have a one bedroom to get rid of, regardless of which one it is. Nice girl came and looked at it yesterday, but didn't want it, while another gentleman came looked tonight. He'll be back tomorrow with the deposit. That was easy. Then I popped into a medical supply place to price out what we need for Dad at home, including a bed rental. Dad thinks he can just sleep on the couch, but I'm vetoing that idea right now. Had a nice visit this afternoon (the key is to go at "nap time"...the place is very quiet...) before dropping Mom off. I did take her out for fish & chips last night, for the fastest dinner ever. We were sat down, ordered, served, full and paid within 20 minutes! I long for the day when I have Mom's wee little appetite. One piece of fish, 8 french fries and a mouthful of slaw and she was stuffed for the evening (we shared a 3-piece). I came home and had a bagel with Laughing Cow cheese and Superfruit Asia for "dessert". Sigh...

Today's long run was 23km, for many in the clinic the longest they have ever run. The first rain storm hit about 2am (the joys of living on the top floor of a flat roofed building), and I thought we were in for a crappy run. But by morning it had slowed to a drizzle that eventually fizzled out, and was a lovely, cool morning for a run. The humidity snuck up again, but I just keep telling myself that it is just getting me ready for Toronto in October. We ran a really good route today too, heading west to Edworthy Park, with the path through the Douglas Fir, up into Wildwood and down Edworthy road, through the park, across the river and then east all the way to the Zoo turn-off, around the Zoo to St. George's bridge, through Inglewood, past Fort Calgary and through the East Village back to Eau Claire. When the city finally gets all the East Village pathway/roadway work done, that's going to be a very nice run indeed. Right now it's a massive construction zone!! We ended up running the 23km in just over 3 hours (burned 1688 calories in the process), averaging a nice 8:18/km overall, including walk breaks. Our ultimate goal is 8:00/km, but then again that may be just my goal, as I appear to be the only one really running for a 5-hr finish at the moment. We'll see what happens.

After a quick lunch of an egg wrap and chocolate milk (recovery fluid), and a foot soak in the pool (very cold today and no kids to speak of!), I headed over to North Glenmore Park to see if I could find my friend M. who was competing in the Ironman 70.3 today (1.2 mile swim, 58 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run). I was hoping to get there before he crossed the finish line, but as usual he beat me! His swim (newbies) started at 7am, and he thinks he finished at about the 6:15 mark (results weren't posted yet), which would have him cross the line just after 1. I don't think I got there till 1:30. But I did finally find him, and as usual, he was as energetic as he would be if he had just crawled out of bed (he was up at 3am, and off to the start line at 4:15!!). He really is the energizer bunny on crack!!! After a quick hello and congrats, cheering for some of the later runners to cross and spying a couple of peeps from running club, I headed off to Mom's for today visit with Dad.

Came home, and resisted sleeping on the couch, for fear of sleeping through the apartment showing, but now my head is pounding and I think it's time to lay down for the night. No big plans for tomorrow, other than sleep till I wake up (no alarm!), get the deposit for the apartment, boot camp and visit Dad. Then it's back to work as usual. At least it'll be a short week.

Enjoy your Monday,


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