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Saturday, October 31, 2009

I LOVE Lululemon

And why you ask?? Because I am wearing a size 8 pair of pants...8! Size E.I.G.H.T! I haven't worn size 8 since I was 8!!! And I needed this today, as I was up at Weight Watchers this morning (fully expected after a month of no cardio and poor fuel choices all week!). I was at the post office picking up the 5 (very large) boxes that came in from my last Epicure party order (so there was a little cardio!), when I decided to pop into the Lululemon right beside the PO. Helps that the staff were getting into the Halloween spirit, with the one girl in an outfit that would have made Jane Fonda proud, complete with leg warmers and the outside thong one piece! Used to have that outfit in lime green with black was special! Anyway, I've wanted a pair of new yoga pants for ages, but never made it in. Decided today was the day. Now, the clerk said their pants fit large, but still, to see a #8 on the tag was exhilarating!
I walked from there (after bringing the packages home in the car and walking back - I live two blocks away) and then headed down the road to the Tech Shop to find out what I need to do to sell my Winterstart bib (sad for me...happy for H-woman's friend R.) and to volunteer to help out, since I'll still be spending the weekend in Banff. After getting that dirt, I walked (okay, hobbled) over to Safeway to pick up some chicken for a much needed pot of soup. I've got the chicken stewing on the stove with bay leave, celery, onion, carrots, peppercorns, salt, garlic and rosemary. Once the meat is falling off the bones, I'll fish everything out, add some new carrots and celery, spices, meat and some elbow macaroni, and enjoy a healthy and cold-curing bowl of soup. Ahhhhhh...
Now that my newest tenant has picked up her keys, I can shut off my phone and fall asleep on the couch.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I Heart Halloween!

I love, love, love Halloween...and no, not the slutty costumes out there, but good old scary costumes. As you can see, I was the Grimm Reaper (we did a Haunted House, following Grimm Fairy Tales...I was rocking the Baby in the Tree) and I made it my personal goal to make everyone who came through our House today to scream like a little girl! Mission accomplished!!!!
Yes, that's an actual tree in our work hallway! We go all out for Halloween... Our building has 12 floors, 8 of which belong and are used by our company. Every department goes whole hog, and there are some very creative people out there...we had Alice in Wonderland, with all the characters, Zombie weddings, a Vegas casino, a horror campsite, 20's flappers and gangsters, the list goes on). There are prizes for best area (we didn't win this year, but that's okay, because we still had the most fun making people scream!), best original costume, best carved pumpkin, best scary costume, best overall costume and best group costumes. All the VP's dress up and get into it, and even though the building was slowly being decimated by h1n1 (or just the flu) everyone that was left still had fun.
And I only indulged in two Reese cups...I avoided all other treats, but that's because I spent most of the day hiding behind things to jump out and attack people. My foot is really punishing me now though...between the 4 hours decorating last night and standing from 9:30 to 3:30 (with a small lunch break), my ankle is totally swollen and locked up. However, it doesn't explain why my wrist looks like this!!! I didn't hit it, twist it, turn it, stress it, etc. Yet it is swollen and puffy and painful!!! I had better get some answers from some doctors next week, because I am at the end of my rope!

Came home (after going in at 6 am - did I mention I love Halloween??) just after 5, and after showering for a long time, I ate some of my potluck leftovers (homemade Mac & Cheese with wieners, broccoli and diced tomato) and drank a whole bunch of water. Iced the ankle (and wrist) for a while and now I'm seriously debating going to bed at 7:44 pm!
I'll lay out on the couch and see what happens from there.
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And now we wait...

I was at my Doctor's at 8:45 and at the Lab for the blood work (testing for the Rheumatoid factor) at 9:20. Got out of the lab (the waiting room of which could fit in my living room, and I could probably leave the couch and love seat for extra seating!!) at 10:10. Oy... It is a slow and painful process, and that doesn't even consider the actual needle in the arm part! Limped down the hall to the X-ray lab, of which I walked in and out in about 10 minutes all told. The technician there mentioned she thought she saw a heel spur, which would explain a lot, but then again the heel is the only part of my foot that isn't sore or swollen! But we'll wait to hear from the doctors now, and see what we can all come up with. The foot was a bit better today, but now that it's later and I'm tired, it's throbbing. Need to pull out the ice.
By the time I headed for home, I have debated driving to work and parking the car for the day, but then again I am a cheap-skate!!! So I parked at home and walked in, but it only took about 25 minutes today, as opposed to the 45 of yesterday morning! Worked through lunch and till 5:30 though, since I felt a tad guilty rolling in past 11! The wee lie-in was lovely though. It's amazing the difference 2 hours make, although I was still up at 5:30 to feed and deliver insulin to the furbabies.
Came home, ate a very uninspired meal of KD and then headed out to Home Depot (for a lock box for the painters and future repairmen coming to the building) and Walmart for last minute Halloween stuff.
Halloween is a BIG DEAL at work...I remember when I started, there would be maybe 5 of us in the whole building that would dress up. Now it's every floor, every department and practically everybody...there are themes and contests for best area and best scary and best costume. Accounting cleaned up last year with best area (our most excellent Haunted House) and best group costume (a bunch of us zombies doing the Thriller dance!), so the pressure is on this year. Can't say what we're doin', but I plan on personally scaring the be-jeebers out of everyone!!! Mwua-ah-ah-ah...
Okay...I'm off to find some ice packs, and gather more stuff for decorating at work, and then to bed. The alarm is set for the normal time again tomorrow, so it's going to come early...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Whoops, fooled even myself...

Just when I thought things were getting looser, it took me 45 minutes to walk 14 blocks this morning!!! I promptly phoned my GP when his office opened, as I have taken just about enough of this BS! I go tomorrow morning...and when I whined at the chiro's later, Dr. Jay filled out the form to get x-rays done, as he's just as baffled. Should be getting better, not worse! We'll see what they all have to say tomorrow.
Dinner with H-woman, after a quick cup of tea at Starbucks. I'm not usually a tea drinker, but H. got me trying the Awake Tea with 2 shots of peppermint and some milk. Yum, yum, yum!!! Then we walked down the street to our favourite noodle place and enjoyed some well deserved noodles (Dr. Jay did make me cry today...they really have to ease you in when they start manipulating your foot! Think I came about 6" off the bed when he started!)...trouble is we both walked (of course), so it was a looooooonnnnnnngggggg, ssssssssllllllllllloooooooooowwwwwww walk for H. I felt bad for her, because she's a very fast walker, and it was chilly, and I was going as fast as I could, but least I'm home now, and I'm sure she is too by this point (doesn't live that far away from me).
Going to ice my foot, take some Advil and try to stay awake till 9. My appointment is at 9, so I get a little lie in from my usual 5:30 am start, and now that I'm getting x-rays and most likely blood work done as well, I think getting to work about noon sounds about right. I deserve it...I work hard!
I'll let you know if there are any major revelations tomorrow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting there

Things seem to be loosing up a bit...still walking with a bit of a limp, especially early in the day, but hopefully this means I'm on the road to recovery. But then again, other body parts appear to want to get in the shoulders are both sore in the morning (haven't been lifting weights or anything) and my wrists, right knee, toes of the left foot. This makes me wonder if this isn't something a little more serious, like rheumatoid arthritis...sigh. Just what I need...yet another chronic condition! I was doing fine with the asthma, thank you very much! I'll book an appointment with my doctor this week, and get the test done. I'd rather know and can then hopefully get on some sort of plan that doesn't cost me $118 a week! Getting older sucks! Did manage to lose a little this week, despite my boredom eating on the rise, but we'll get that back under control, even if it kills me!

Had a nice brunch and visit at B.'s. Granted, I'm not sure how healthy any of it was, as she dished out and didn't offer any details, but there was salad (spinach, romaine, craisons, feta, pecans, in a vinaigrette), some kind of baked ham & egg dish and a chocolate bundt cake for dessert. After some coffee and getting caught up, I was headed home before the "call". It's been a while since I've had the call from my Dad, but the jyst was he's dying and my mother will be lost and will immediately die without him, today. Oy... Change of plans. Head down to my parent's, where I find Dad is fine (he has COPD - Emphysema) and Mom is bewildered as to why I suddenly popped in. Sigh... Dad thinks he's having big troubles, but when I ask what the doctor said, I get blank, deer-in-the-headlights stares and when I ask Mom what kind of game-plan we have in place for "if" Dad is hospitalized, she gets all defensive and mad. Dad says she cries, she says she doesn't and I sit there wondering my neither of my brothers are here dealing with this!!! Two hours later, nothing resolved and no plans. Have I mentioned oy???? I honestly don't know what to do, because I get two completely different renditions of the same story at the same time! Not sure how this will be dealt with, but we'll try to come up with something this week.

I have some left over Thai soup (seems to have been a theme this week in blog-land) for supper, and then it's back to work mode. Wishing the weekend was longer...


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dang it, I hate it when people are right...

Evil therapist Dave said the Graston would work, and I had some serious doubts! I mean really, something that scrapes skin off of bone (okay, Dave did admit the shin was the worst spot to have this done on), leaves a mark similar to a serious burn and makes me almost black out when fabric touches the area can't possibly work, other than to get someone to confess to the most horrid of sins!! Okay, I admit it...I was the third gunman on the grassy knoll...I was only 7 months old at the time, but I'm sure I was somehow make the bad pain stop!! As I whined and showed off my battle scars at work today, sucking in all the sympathy I could get, lo and behold if at one point this afternoon I actually stopped walking somewhere because I realized I was walking WITHOUT A LIMP!!!! First time in almost a month...are you freaking kidding me?!?!?! Even the pain, which has been constant and quite annoying, was just an occasional twinge. The ankle has movement and mobility...W.T.F??? Really??? I have to admit that the most painful experience in my life actually worked?!?! Oy...

I tried to take some pictures of my leg, but they really don't do it justice...
The swelling finally went down around noon today, and the redness was fading this afternoon...still hurts to touch, but I managed to stretch the ankle out as instructed and I even did some heel circles. There may be hope for me yet...I just don't want to tell Evil Dave that he was right!
Ended up going to noodles with H-woman (enjoying her first night of her 3 week vacation! Totally jealous!!), and they really hit the spot. Would have loved a bowl last night, but the walk there (they are close to my chiro) and then home would have killed me, I'm sure. But they would have been a wonderful last meal!
Not much else going on...came home, tidied up from the Epicure lunch (sales are going well, which is good - I have a hotel in Banff to pay for!), had a brief nap on the couch, caught up on some blogs and cuddled with my furbabies. My little girl Coco likes to steal the couch the second I get up to do's a fun game we play!

Heading to bed now, as sleep is also important for overall healing. Or so I am told.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What fresh new hell is this?!?! looks innocent enough on the website, but I am here to tell you is THE.SINGLE.MOST.PAINFUL.THING I have EVER experienced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E.V.E.R!!!! Oh, sure...some of you out there will throw that whole "childbirth" at me, but you get drugs when you do that!!!!! There were no drugs involved today! I didn't even get an old piece of leather to bite down on! And sadly, the foot/ankle was feeling a tad it seriously hurts where my pant leg is brushing against my shin...oh, and I may be 'slightly bruised' think?!?! Okay, so I have a bit more flexibility now and the ankle isn't locked up or quite as painful, but I think that's because the tendon involved has somehow crawled into my bones to hide from the evil Dave and his Graston thingy!
After a quick consult with Trainer Josh yesterday, I think I am out of Boot Camp until January. Booooo... I will see how the next couple of weeks of therapy go though, and devise some plan to get back into things. I'm going to come up with a routine for home that will engage the upper body and core, and some squats, but need to come up with something for cardio that doesn't involve the feet! Any ideas besides swimming or deep water anything - remember, I am the Pisces Fish that is terrified of water.
Had leftover Aloo Ghobi for supper tonight, with a warm whole wheat pita bread for dipping. I made my curry with onions, cauliflower, little baby red potatoes, sweet potato, zucchini, chick peas and Vindaloos sauce. Then, just because I like it a little saucier, I added some coconut milk to make more of a gravy. Last night and lunch today were both served on brown rice, but dinner was just with the pita.
I am 'hosting' an Epicure tasting at lunch tomorrow, so I do have to whip off to the store to make sure I've got everything I need. Then home to whip up the dips, load up the supplies and the car. Silly to drive in tomorrow (I live all of 1.85km from work) but I can write off the parking when I host a party, so that's okay. I am under strict instructions to ice my shin (no kidding) tonight at 9, so want to have everything done and loaded by that time.
Just decided that I need a goal, so I just signed up for the Resolution Run on New Year's Eve. It's a 5K and it's early enough that if you want to make plans, you can and still go out. I think it's a fitting way to sign off on a year and introduce a new one, and God knows my legs/hips/feet should be fine by then! I still haven't decided on Winterstart (8km on Nov 8th) but I did book the hotel room...either way, I'm spending the weekend in Banff, whether as a runner or race support.
Must make grocery list and get moving, before everything seizes up again.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Update

Can't believe it's over all ready. Wasn't too busy...spent Friday night on the couch, enjoying a dinner of poached eggs on Ezekiel English muffins. Decided to actually go to bed after losing an hour of TV.
Got up bright and early and went to meeting with H. Only for Faye...the week of Thanksgiving dinner, leftovers, no exercise added up, but nothing that can't be undone. Only a 1.8 gain...that's nothing in the overall picture. Still can't head back to Boot Camp or even running, as the foot/ankle is still in rough shape. Of course, walking to H's and then to the Round-Up Centre for the Food & Wine Festival wasn't one of my better ideas!
Although the Festival was fun...$25 to get in, and another $40 for coupons, and then eat and drink away. My goal was to try wines I've never had, or normally wouldn't try (say like, Canadian ones which usually find that vein behind my one eye and make it swell!!!) as well as restaurants and food I've never had before. The wine was good...came up with a new favourite red from the Okanagan Valley and another from California that was good. The food was just okay this year...everyone seemed really obsessed on beef on a bun combo...although I did have some fresh lobster, crab cakes (and found a place in Cochrane that we'll probably go check out one night), lobster bisque, Kobe beef (on the best little burger I've ever had, with homemade ketchup and pickles!), jambalaya (could have been spicier), mustard chicken (YUM!), finally ending the evening with a cheese platter (cambazola, Oka, a Swiss, a Cheddar and some with truffles) and coconut/mango gelato.
Despite wearing my orthotics in my boots, my legs were killing me from the knees down by the time we left...sadly the Round-Up Centre is just a very large warehouse and is all cement...add the 2k walk there and 2k walk home...adds up to ooooowwwwwww!!!!! Got home (it was pretty slow going), elevated, medicated and iced! The left one is still pretty tender today, so I iced it again this morning, and have done my best to stay off of it (read, spend lazy day on couch/in bed!). Did manage a quick outing to the Farmer's Market to stock up on some fruit and veggies (a couple of more weeks to wait for Pink Ladies...but soon...they're coming soon...) and Safeway for some cilantro for the curry I'm going to make. It was going to be dinner, but I had a 90-minute nap instead! Oops... I did make a new favourite tomato soup though...mix 1 can cream of tomato soup with 1 can milk and 1 can diced tomatoes along with a good tablespoon of Epicure Lemon Dilly dip mix. The dill in the tomato is sublime, and I love a chunky soup. Add some crackers and Edam cheese and dinner was done.
Caught up on the Amazing Race, changed the litter, ran some dishes through the dishwasher and suddenly it's time to hit the sack.
Here's hoping another week off everything will finally get my feet fixed...I'm tired of pain and walking like I'm a hundred years old. And I really, really, really, really, really miss Boot Camp!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Still out of commission

Week 2 of no Boot Camp or fact, my chiro dude would be happy if I didn't do anything that "lifts the toes towards the knees" about walking?!?! Not only am I baffled by my feet, so are the team at the chiro. Nice man Dave actually made me cry last night...he lost his "nice guy" crown quite quickly, but he was shocked by how the tendons in my left foot/ankle had "turned to stone"...he can't figure out why, as there's no logical injury (haven't run since Melissa's Sept 25th or done Boot Camp since the 2nd of October. And this latest flare-up happened on Tuesday of this week. That's the frustrating part, is that I'm now being good and not doing anything and it's still hobbling me.

And let me tell you how painful the walk in was yesterday and today in the snow! Today especially, as we ended up with quite a dump, and it was heavy and wet and hard to get traction in as a pedestrian, let alone a driver. I left my house at 6:25 and got to work at 7:07 - I walk 14 blocks. I just want this to end. The walk home was a tad better (sidewalks clear) and I came home and shoveled, but that affected the upper body more than the feet.

Got picked up by a recovering H-woman (sick with sinus but healing) and her mom for a well deserved dinner of noodles at our favorite Pho place. Hit the spot's not that cold, but just the vision of all the snow and the aches and pain in my feet made it a definite soup night.
Came home, and after much avoidance by myself, finally did the ice bath for my feet (right one is now sore because of all the limping on the left one - argh!).
I'm supposed to leave the foot to soak for 10 minutes. P-hah!!! I'm lucky I lasted one!!! I alternated, tried them both at once, and really, really, really did my best to keep the feet submerged but pain won out - and not the pain of flared tendons but the pain of flesh freezing. I now have a ice bag wrapped around each, and will take an Aleve soon and hit the sack.

We'll see what tomorrow brings at the chiro. I just want to get back into my routine - frustrating that I was doing so well, and finally seeing results and BAM. Reality bitch slaps me upside the head! What did I ever do to her?!?


Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I am thankful for

As I sit here, fully engulfed in a food coma from a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, I thought I would list what I am thankful for before I go collapse onto my bed.

- I am thankful that I have a bed and roof over my head. Many do not and I do not know what I would do if I ever found myself in that situation.
- I am thankful for good friends and family. My parents are both still alive, and even though we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I know I can still pop in to visit. And I am thankful for friends that invite me to try something new (Turducken w H-woman) and to meet other new friends...there was much laughter being enjoyed by everyone.
- I am thankful for the pain in my feet, because at least I can feel them! While it hurts to walk or run, at least I can. Period.
- I am thankful for the full belly that I have right now, along with a fridge full of food. Again, many people don't have these luxuries, and I will do my best not to think of it as a given, but as a gift.
- I am thankful for my health - may not be the best, but it's not debilitating either. In fact, it's pretty darn good.
- I am thankful for my furbabies...and the cuddles and purrs that they give when I lay on the couch. Even if I have to give George insulin twice a day, at least he's still here with me, and doing very well, thank you for asking.
- I am thankful I have a job to go to in the morning. I may complain about having to get up early, and would prefer to stay in bed, but again, it circles back to having a roof and food. And I like my job...
- I am thankful to be Canadian. It may be -7 and snowing, but I love the change of the seasons, I love the first cold bite of winter and I love that very few people try to blow us up!!
- I am thankful that I rented out the last empty suite this weekend...not really a big thing, but I hate this part of being the caretaker.
- I am thankful to be alive. 'Nuf said.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, regardless of where it was and whom it was with.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dang, it's cold!

Man...I forgot what winter feels like! There was a slight "breeze" blowing the snow and cold around, so the walk home from Kensington and the chiropractor was bitterly cold! Good thing I have my Melissa's over sized hoodie and wool socks...I'll be warm shortly. Still wish I had a fireplace...maybe I'll look into one of those fake heater ones this year. Of course, once I buy it, this will be the only cold snap we have, and I won't use it at all! It is supposed to be -10 tonight...two weeks ago, +30. Love this country!

Ankle is still giving me grief, especially first thing in the day. Maybe the furbabies are hobbling me at night when I sleep...evil ploy to keep me at home all day to cuddle them!?!? Got gentle Dave again today, which was awesome, because the foot was quite tender after limping around work all day. Going to ice it tonight, and treat it special all weekend. Found out Trainer Josh won't be running Boot Camp Friday or Monday, so I don't feel so guilty. I just have to figure out when to start making up the classes I've missed this week.

Got my Halloween costume today at lunch and it's going to ROCK!!!! Halloween is a BIG deal at work...every floor and department get totally into it, and there's a building wide contest for best group costume, best group decoration and individual costumes. Last year, after year's of supremacy by the IT departments, accounting won after we put up a Haunted House and scared the bejeebers out of everyone! So this year we decided that we were going to be "that cool house at the end of the block" that does a wicked Haunted House every year. I'm going to be the Grim Reaper, and my goal is to make everyone scream! See, last year, when I was a zombie, I didn't get my special contacts in time, so I have to make use of them this year - they are prescription after all!! Mwahaha...

That's all I've got...guessing the dude that was coming at 5 to view the suite is a no-show. I hate that...he has my number and all it takes is a phone call. Rude, rude, rude. Off to find something warm to go in my tummy.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm done...

Boot Camp and running for the week, that is. Woke up yesterday morning and found it almost impossible to get out of bed. My left foot was swollen and the ankle totally locked. And why we ask? Who running or anything on the weekend. Boot Camp was on Friday, and all I could think was that I turned it on a root or rock, but then it should have hurt Friday night and Saturday. But not till Monday??? Hobbled into work - took 20 minutes longer than my usual walk does - and called the chiropractor, who got me in shortly. Dr. Jay made me cry!!! They've bent me in directions my body isn't meant to go before, but this HURT!!! He sent me on my way with strict orders to ice and keep moving (the ankle...up and down, back and forth). I bought a bag of frozen peas on the way back to work and sat with that on my ankle till they melted. Iced at home, kept the foot up, and skipped Boot Camp.

This morning I decided that I would take the week off of Boot Camp and it's FREAKING KILLING ME!!! Okay, so it took another 40 minutes to walk in this morning, and the ankle hurt all day, but come on! I had a regular chiro appointment today, and Dave - kind, gentle soul Dave looked after me. No tears today, and he managed to work out the lock. I walked almost like a normal person on the way home. He gave me some exercises to do, and I go back on Thursday. Right now it doesn't feel bad, but man, it's exhausting to limp all day! I am beat!!

Dinner was a bit of a hodge-podge as a result - some grilled buffalo wieners, some multi-grain bread and some dips. Just didn't want to stand in the kitchen. I did pick up some pork loin to make a stew that sounds awesome, which I'll throw in the slow cooker tomorrow. It was supposed to be lamb shoulder, but at $22, I decided on $6 for the pork!

As I'm typing this out, I've got the Biggest Loser on in the, when we scratch our heads and wonder why we have such a skewed perception on weight loss, let's discuss these people who are devastated and demoralized because they "only" lost 4 or 5 pounds in a week. One guy looks suicidal, for crying out loud!!! I understand they train 24/7 and are told what to eat and when, but come on people...1 to 2 pounds a week is HEALTHY. Why does no one else believe that?? And I have absolutely no respect for the Biggest Bi-otch Jillian...she stands there all smug and attitude, knowing she's hawking pills that will just perpetrate the weight problem in America, not fix it. Hack.

Okay...I'm off to grab my ice bag, do some heel rotations (which are dang hard) and hit the sack. the way - even though the 15-week challenge basically dissolved into oblivion, I still tracked my weekly weight, and since today would have been week 15, I am proud to say I lost a total of 21.6 pounds since starting! Yay me.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodnight weekend...

One minute it's Friday after work, and the next, it's time to prepare to return first thing Monday. Where does the weekend go?

Yesterday was spent explaining rent payments to a new tenant (and pulling my hair out in the process...this one is seriously going to test my very patient self.), napping and making a pretty decent pot of chili. Couldn't find any bison, so I mixed a bit of x-lean ground beef with some diced up sirloin. Once it stewed in the crock pot all afternoon, the sirloin just melted! Had some for dinner last night, and again tonight, and packaged up the rest for future dinners. Going to make a yummy sounding lamb dish later this week with the same intent.

Today was spent with a morning trip to the Farmer's market with H-woman - still no Pink Ladies, but I did pick up some Ambrosia apples instead - as well as some much needed fresh veggies. Dropped H off so she could go to work, and then came home and tackled the big pile of laundry in my room. Got 5 loads done, and stripped and remade the bed - which George is busy rolling all over even as I type, since I so rudely removed all his cat hair! It's a good thing he's cute!

Didn't get much snow in Calgary, although the dull cool weather was a perfect excuse for a couple of accidental naps on the couch! Going to tidy up from dinner, watch the Amazing Race and go to bed.

Such a life, huh???


Saturday, October 3, 2009

7 am on a Saturday

A cool and rainy one at that, and I'm up and ready to head to weight watchers. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is. After all, I just left a comfy bed with two purring furbabies for this. And I'm pretty sure I'm up this week, but that's perfectly fine. I haven't journaled, tried to make sure I was fueling with premium, but there was the night of fondue (on hot rocks, which sounds healthy till you add the 4 tbsps of BUTTER!!!), some indulging with chips, and I ate out a lot this week. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I do much better when I'm in control.

I'm going to buy some bison today and make a pot of chili in the slow cooker (it's that kind of day) and then freeze some for future lunches/dinners.

I'll let you all know how meeting goes.