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Friday, January 8, 2010

Glory be...the warmth has arrived!

It was still a tad brisk walking in to work this morning, but today's -10C (+14F) was a heatwave compared to yesterday's -25C (-13F), and by noon it was +8C (46.4F!)...that's Calgary...30+ degree differences in less than 24 hours. Gotta love it! Sadly, it can (and has) go the other way too...
Today was an off day from training, and I'm trying to be very good about sticking to that, even though we won't be running Windemere this year. Happy for H-woman, but sad for us. Guess I could still go, but it's just no fun to go somewhere and run by yourself (I don't know anyone in Spokane to hook up with), especially someplace that requires a day or two travelling. I was getting used to running with H-woman and others, after being the solo runner for years. Will look at the marathon schedule and see what we can come up with. Even though Vancouver is trying to win me back by offering a $10 discount on this year, since they were my first. Too bad they're right at the beginning of the month, which sucks for me taking time off of work. I'll work on that for next year. Although I was also looking at the Bluenose site...maybe that'll be a goal for next year. I've always wanted to see the east coast, and we can hook up with the Halibloggers. They look like a ton of fun! It is something to mull about.
Anyway, back to today being an off day...I wanted to get some shots of the river. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the river this time of year. Mother Nature is one seriously scary, yet beautiful artist! The pictures don't demonstrate how fast the open water was still moving. It was white-water in some spots!
This is the south side of the river...normally there's a pathway that leads up and on, all the way to the far west side of the city. It is now under probably 3 feet of ice and water...yet the big signs and formidable pile of ice didn't deter these stupid - oops, sorry - "dedicated" runners. I mean really, people...would you go into the woods, grab a stick and poke the first bear you found?!? Mother Nature is a be-otch and will kick you in the a**!!! And laugh while she is doing it...all it would take is one wrong move. Normally this side doesn't flood over, so it's actually cut off a large loop for a lot of people.
This is the north side, which floods the same way, at the same time, every.single.year! At least no one is trying to push the boundaries on this side...guessing since there's only about a couple of feet head space now, it would slow down your time having to crawl on your hands & knees!!!
I did a little walk about (probably about 2km), just sucking in the sunshine and warm air. I was hoping for a good Chinook arch to show everyone, but today's warm spell came with clear skies. I'll be sure to carry my camera with me all weekend, in case of a good photo op.
Finished many reports at work, and then headed for home. Immediately jumped in the car and went to Walmart to pick up a few things that I refuse to buy at any other drug store (why pay more!) and then to the post office to pick up my latest Epicure order. Speaking of...I got talked into going to Conference, so I managed to book the time off. Now I just have to have some parties, to earn the bucks to pay for it! It better be worth it, is all I have to say!
Got home from my travels just before six, and whipped up a simple dinner ('twas the night before weigh-in, and all through the house, not a morsel was stirring, not even a mousse) of whole wheat bow-ties, roasted artichoke hearts (packed in water, drizzled with evoo and baked in a 400F oven till browned) and sun-dried tomatoes (dry, not the oil-packed variety). Crumbled on an ounce of goat cheese, a splash of lemon juice and a few more drops of evoo. It was quite grand! Snacked on some celery and Epicure dip, made with low fat mayo and sour cream. Now I'm making sure to get in my water for the day, and it'll be time for bed soon. I will have to be at meeting early tomorrow, to avoid the January rush.
Coco Chanel says it's time for bed, Mom. Put that damn camera down, already!


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