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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random randomness...

Calgary was blanketed in a sheet of ice last night...started off as snowballs (my favourite...makes me smile when you get pelted with the little balls of fluff), then snow and then somehow the temperature drop was just perfect enough that by rush hour (THANK GOD I walk to work!!!!), the streets were skating rinks! Roads were being closed all over the city and the outlying highways. I was going to swing by the post office to pick up the latest Epicure package, but decided that I would be safest on my couch with my furbabies!
Dinner was artichokes and tomatoes on pasta. The other night, when I made fish tacos, I only needed a half a can of diced tomatoes. But when I was opening the can of refried beans, I realized too late that it was another can of diced tomatoes! So what to do?? I drained the tomatoes, sauteed some onion, added the tomatoes and a jar of artichoke hearts (in water), some kalamata olives, oregano and rosemary. Tossed it with some whole wheat noodles and feta cheese. Nom, nom, nom!!!!
Woke up bright and early this morning for weight watchers. Even though I was going alone (H-woman had to work) and the other ladies bailed on our usual Saturday coffee, I got up and went out and spent 10 minutes chipping out my car. This did not bode well for the 11km drive! So, sticking to main drags (which were fine), I made it all the way to meeting, only to be greeted by a short hill that was still draped in I gingerly made my way down, hugging the curb the whole time, I almost witnessed a horrific crash, as car A suddenly realized that he was not going in the direction he intended, causing car B to try to avoid him and bus C avoid the whole mess!!! Oy!!!!
Was up a pound this week, but I decided that is not going to ruin my day or week. I had a good week...I managed to get back out and walk at lunch, boot camp kicked my patootee, and enjoyed an awesome Christmas party to boot. I know I will eliminate this pound in no time, so there's no need to fixate on it. After all, tis the season for excess. I will allow and forgive myself right now for any indiscretions that may come my way.
Bought a new pair of runners yesterday that I am anxious to try out. It's supposed to be a nice day tomorrow, so I think a short run will in order. I've been running with Boot Camp, but that's only for 5-10 minute stretches. I'd actually like to see if I can handle 3 or 4 km. And sweet deal with the shoes...the Running Room had a 15% coupon that is good till tomorrow, so there was $22 off the shoes. And then, because I am a member, and the RR did a member adjustment with our points (you get 'points' every time you purchase something, and then they usually send a gift certificate once every 6 months or so) I ended up with $70 worth of certificates. So, long story short, $150 runners for $60!! My kind of deal!
Tomorrow is Grey Cup, but I am sad, as my team did not win last week. I'll still watch the game, but not with the same level of enthusiasm, and therefore not in a bar (no risk of beer or chicken wings!) or even with munchies'll probably just be on in the background. I am looking forward to half time and Blue Rodeo. Mmmmm...Jim Cuddy is HOT!!!!
Hopefully meeting my great-niece for the first time tomorrow morning too, providing the drive in from Nanton isn't too bad. This will be nice for my parents though, as they will get to meet their great-grandchild. They just can't travel, and I wasn't sure how this meeting would ever happen (not like I'm getting a child-seat into my sports car!). I'm in the mood for some cookies though, so am planning on baking and taking some chocolate chip oatmeal. My mom used to bake the best, but sadly the Alzheimer's appears to have taken away her love of baking. Good thing she passed that on to her daughter!
That's it for me...dinner in (chicken pie) and couch beckons.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tight Quads

And, quite frankly, everything else for that matter! Trainer Josh kicked our butts last night...guess he figured since only 3 of us showed up, he was going to make us make up for the 2 missing ladies. Why we have to be punished is beyond me, but it's okay. I will continue to look hot and they will not!!
We started with a 10-minute's been 2 months since I've been able to run for at least 10 minutes! I was so happy, I'm sure I was grinning like an idiot the whole time. We then moved to the park benches where we did a 4-minute drill. For 20 seconds, we did step-ups as hard as we could, keeping count. Then we rested for 10 seconds and then we repeated - 7.more.times!!!! Thought I was going to lose my lunch...after that, we moved back to the mats for squat thruster drills, lunge walking while doing bicep curls, sumo squats with lat raises, and more lunge walking. More squats, more arm work, shoulder work and then down to the mats for core! It ROCKED!!!
Came home, and was just about to prepare something for dinner when H-woman called. I was heading over to unpack her Epicure order anyway, but she invited me for dinner beforehand. H-woman really is a good cooker!!! Salmon on the BBQ with Korean BBQ sauce, stir-fried veggies (red, orange and yellow peppers, cabbage, carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms) and thick Shanghai noodles with a stir-fry sauce, and for treat afterwards, a mini sponge cake with custard and fruit. I had a very happy tummy, and an awesome helper to unpack her $1,400 party!
But I was out too late, and am very tired today. Managed a good, brisk walk at lunch (ankle was sore today, but I blame that on the lunges - doesn't like the twisting) which loosened things up, but I am seizing again even as we speak. Really feeling it in my shoulders, back, quads...oh hell, who am I kidding. My entire body is stiff right now! But it's a good pain, and I like it!!!
Since I wasn't very organized, I bought brekkie and lunch today, but the deli lady felt so bad that I got "the dregs" of the chicken salad special, I ended up with probably 5 pounds of greens, peppers, tomatoes and shredded cheese! Granted, not a lot of protein, but I still made it till I got home. Snacked on some dip and whole wheat tortilla, and then made a fish taco for supper. Stir-fried peppers, baked Basa fish (with Epicure Taco seasoning and lime juice), goat cheese and pineapple salsa (again, Epicure). Served with a side of refried beans (gotta love the low fat and high fibre!), I am very satisfied now. It was so good I ate it before I remembered to take a picture!! I'll try to take a picture tomorrow, as I managed to save enough for lunch tomorrow.
Off to deliver the latest Epicure order (it's a quick drive) and then I am heading to bed.
Hoping the end of this day finds everyone happy with who they are and what they did!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The head doesn't hurt that bad, although I slept a little later than I had planned. The caffeine and Advil are starting to kick in, so I should be mobile soon enough. You see, yesterday was quite the day.
It started at noon, with a team-building event...we went bowling.
There were about 20 teams, and we did a lane of 5-pin and a lane of 10-pin and then a wacky round of half of each. I now understand why bowling and beer are so synonymous with each definitely need beer to bowl!!! After an afternoon of bowling (my ankle and arthritic wrist did not enjoy it at all!), brewskies and the greasiest, deep-fried food ever (seriously, the only vegetables were the tomato sauce on the very cheese-laden pizzas and the zucchini under the deep-fried batter - blech), I rushed home to get ready for our company Christmas Party.
I think I clean up's just too bad it was so dark in the can't see my funky "almost black" brown hair and short, sassy style. Oh, and the dress?? Totally rocked it!!! I got so many compliments, and owe it all to Boot Camp. If you haven't taken the plunge and tried a class yet...DO IT!!!! It'll totally reshape your body. I'm still 18 pounds from goal, but don't think I look 18 pounds over-weight.
Left the party just after midnight, after deciding to leave my baby-girl car in the nice, protected parking garage for a sleep-over! Okay, the accumulation of 2 beers, wine with the meal (a couple of glasses) and 5 or 6 vodka sodas also helped with the decision! Man, I should feel waaaaayyyyy worse than I do! Holy mother, I can slam 'em back, huh??? Actually, I find with vodka soda I don't feel bad the next day...lack of sugar is the key! And I don't get "this is the first time I've had alcohol kid" drunk...I get a pleasant little buzz, and can (and do) maintain adult conversations with the other party guests. After all, the booze may be free and flowing (we get 3 drink tickets, yet somehow I end up with extras, as people leave and throw me their leftovers...hmmmm...there could be a hidden message in there somewhere, but I'm not awake enough to figure it out! LOL!), but at the end of the day, I'm still at a company function, and I'd like to be able to show up for work on Monday, knowing I still have a job!! There have been many others that crossed the line, and that were gone the following day/week! Makes me shake my head...what were they thinking?!?! Oh, and while on that subject, do people not own mirrors?!?! There were some outfits, or lack thereof, at the party last night that made me go "huh?!". We're not totally stuffy but the invites do say semi-formal. So the guy in his karate outfit (yes, it was black silk and had a gigantic red dragon embroidered on the back) was basically wearing his jammies! How he got out of the house is beyond would have been "you're planning on wearing that where?! We are not going to the doe-joe (don't know if I spelled that right) so turn around and put on a suit!" Or the girls in their nice long gowns and freaking FLIP-FLOPS!!!!! Not cute sandals, but FLIP FLOPS...the kind you wear to the beach!!!! Yes, my feet hurt - I have bone splinters floating around in my ankle, which was further aggravated by an afternoon of bowling and I still managed to walk in, dance in and stand in a classy pair of strappy sandals...suck it up girls! That is the key, I suppose...the average age of the flip-flop wearers appeared to be around 18. I forget how young some of our team really is.
I'm going to finish my coffee, have a bowl of cereal with some fruit and almond milk, and then strap on the runners to go get my car. Have to swing by the post office to collect the party order for the Epicure party we had at H-woman's, and then I think an afternoon nap will be in order! I'm also feeling like ordering a swack of sushi for supper tonight (haven't had it in forever) but the day is still young (ish) and I may change my mind...the latent alcohol fumes could decide it's a "chips and dip" kind of day!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The weekend is almost here

And it's been a long week at that! After all, I worked two days last week, and now I have to work 5??? In a row???? Ugh...
Tomorrow is a short day though, as we're off for an afternoon of team-building...bowling. The last time I bowled was the last time we did this as a team-building event, roughly 4 or 5 years ago. It'll be fun...we're bowling 3 lanes. One 5 pin (which I can do), one 10 pin (which I can't!) and a half of each in wacky style (eyes closed, wrong arm, etc.)...the downside to all of this?? "Lunch" is being provided...on the menu - pizza, chicken wings, spring rolls, deep-fried cheese, etc. I'm guessing the only vegetable to make an appearance will be the tomato sauce on the pizzas and the zucchini hidden in the deep-fried batter!!! And since I have to go and help set up, I won't have an opportunity to run before. But wait, it gets better...immediately after bowling is over, I get to rush home, change into my pretty party clothes and go to our Christmas party! At least the food there will be awesome (big hotel downtown that does a fabulous spread every year) and there will be dancing after dinner. I am going stag...I've always taken either someone that used to work for us, or a girlfriend or my gay friend, and I just decided to strike out on my own this year. I do like men...they just don't appear to like me back! Wait till they see me in my party finery though!
Trainer Josh kicked our butts again today...ankle is actually a little sore from the running, and it really hates lunges. But we did a lot of upper body today, which is good, because my butt is still killing me from Tuesday, but could be bad if I can't lift my glass of wine to my lips tomorrow night!!!
Breakfast was a glass of milk...I know, Cardinal Rule #1 - always eat breakfast. But I went to weigh-in today, since I will have no desire to get up at the crack of stupid to go to a meeting on Saturday, and I just can't make myself eat before I get on the scale. I've been doing this for a very long time, and old habits are hard to break. Snack (at the meeting) was a piece of cheese, and lunch was from Opa. I heart Opa...good, fast Greek food. I had the chicken souvlaki, with rice, potato, whole wheat pita (they offer that now), Greek salad and a side of tzatziki. It was yummy. Tried to have a red delicious apple for afternoon snack (from our healthy snack basket) but it was the foulest thing I have ever bitten into. Disgusting! One bite and threw it away...
Dinner was KD and relish. I wanted something fast after Boot Camp, and quite frankly, I like it!
I have my outfit all ready for bowling tomorrow - we're the Split Personalities, so I've got a man's bowling shirt, hat and chest hair, to go along with my skirt, lacy leggings and cute socks. The other lady on my team is going as half goth, half pop-princess, one guy bought a wig and he's trying to be half lady/half guy, and I'm not sure what the last member is doing, but it should be good. He has quite the sense of humour. I've already put the camera in my purse, so I should have some good photos for you all Saturday.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday update

Got the phone call at 10 am this morning - "come get me"...the hospital, in their infinite wisdom, decided that a 77 year old pneumonia patient with emphysema was fine enough to go home! Oy... It was a good thing that I had my breakfast already (1 c Kashi squares, 1 c unsweetened almond milk, 1 c strawberries), as here's how the morning went:
- leave the office and walk home
- jump in the car and drive the 12+ km to Mom & Dad's
- switch to their vehicle (it's a Jeep, so much easier to get my dad in and out of, rather than my two-door sports car!)
- circle the parking garage looking for a place to park...even with the freaking handicapped sticker, we still couldn't find anything close.
- wait forever for the elevator, only to have my mother say (as the doors open) "we should have just taken the stairs"...oy...
- get to Dad's room, help him get dressed, get his last minute meds, prescriptions and assorted other goodies and start to haul him, my mother, a wheel chair, two oxygen tanks, overnight bag and jacket to the car.
- leave him and my mother at the front doors and run to the car with an armload of crap.
- circle the hospital, looking for a spot to pull over at the door to load up the parents.
- load up said parents.
- drive to their home (with 'eagle-eyes' Dad watching my driving skills like a hawk...your welcome, by the way!)
- drop Mom off in the front so she can go in the house and unlock the back door (easier for Dad to get to). Stop the car and redirect to HER OWN HOUSE!!! OMG!!!!
- drive around back, and get Dad unloaded - "I'm fine and make it myself" - never, ever pay attention to those words from an elderly parent...I turned around to take the jeep to the garage, and THUD!!! There's my father, in a heap in the flower bed! At least he fell left and not right, otherwise it would have been a 3 foot drop to hard cement!
- he wants to sit and recover from the fall, so I take the jeep to the garage and bring everything out to the house, and then go get Dad. For a very skinny man, he's kind of heavy! Got him into the house and settled, and after I was assured that nothing was broken, or there weren't any more war wounds, I jump back in my car and drive 12+ km home.
- walk back to work in a freaking wind storm!
Picking my dad up took 3.5 Oh, and where were my brothers or their respective spouses????? Relaxing somewhere, I'm sure!
By the time I got back to work, I was so hungry I couldn't even wait the 2.5 minutes to heat up a bowl of soup, so I caved and bought the chicken quesidilla. It was good, and the people at the deli know me enough to give me less rice and more salad. Still full later in the afternoon, but I also had a treat of Liberte Coconut yogurt and some fresh pineapple. OMG that's good stuff!
Left work at normal time, as I had another Boot Camp session - still outside, as I am completely off limits! But the wind had died down, and I thought it was a nice day to work outside. And work we did!!! Trainer Josh really put us through some moves today. There was this old Asian man and his very young grandson (I assume, of course) who decided that he was going to do everything us crazy people were doing. It was so freaking cute...I wish I had a camera with me. He was adorable, especially when he tried to do donkey kicks and push-ups!
Came home and whipped together some bison (extra lean, from the farmer's market) meatballs, which I baked at a high temp, and tomato sauce (1 can diced tomatoes along with Epicure dried green peppers, toasted onion, roasted garlic, chili garlic sea salt and 4-pepper blend. Add some dried basil and oregano, some tomato paste, capers, balsamic vinegar and evoo. Let it all stew while the meatballs cook, toss in some cooked pasta, the meatballs and top with some fresh grated Parmesan. Yum!
Okay...I'm heading to bed early. I'm beat from all the walking today (to and from work 4 times, for crying out loud), and now Boot Camp. That and it's pitch black outside at 8 pm!
Have a great night,

Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick update

- Dad is doing better, but not sure when he's getting sprung. Phones to tell me that my mother is having a fit and crying and I should call her...I call her, and she says "what??"...sigh. I'm too old for this!
- packed breakfast and lunch to work, but for whatever reason I was still h.u.n.g.r.y! So I went downstairs to our deli, where they had some lonely looking slices of Greek pizza left. I asked for one and got two (nice deli man!)...loads of veggies, and the crust was on the thin side, so I didn't feel too guilty inhaling them.
- breakfast, by the way, was a bowl of Kashi squares and unsweetened almond milk - forgot my banana. Lunch was leftover salmon and rice, and some green salad. Snack was an apple and a small yogurt with 1/3 c All Bran.
- walked to my chiropractor (about a km from work) and then back past home to my vets, to pick up more insulin for George. Figure I walked about 5km total after work, and I also walked another 3.5km at lunch. Man, that felt good! However, I did over do it after work, and now my ankle is reminding me that I must ease into things!
- dinner was my cheater salmon chowda. One can cream of potato soup, 1 small can salmon, milk, Epicure Bacon Potato topper. Mix all together and heat through. Yummy!
- observing a very odd anniversary this weekend...the end of a long term friendship that had become extremely toxic to me. It's been 1 year already. Wow...time flies when you have no regrets!
- had to move a bunch of old furniture that some kind soul dumped behind my building earlier this evening. Calling for Small Haul to come and take it away (for a price, of course, which is so not fair to my building, but what do you do?) but I have to pile it in a central place for them to collect. There was an entertainment unit, futon and frame, bed frame, box spring and mattress - both queen size. And then there were the four 31kg (68 pounds!) buckets of Spackle or whatever that I had to haul from the doorway to the back. A distance of about 20 to 30 feet. Yes, I hauled 273 pounds of crap down the sidewalk!!! Good thing my daddy didn't raise no girly-girl!!! But if I ever catch the person who left all this stuff...pow - to the moon, the moon!!
- That's it for me. Pleasant dreams everyone.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Daddy update

So my Dad has pneumonia. Not sure how or where he got it from, since he never, ever leaves the house, but at least he's at the hospital getting the care he needs. He does look better than last time around, so hopefully he'll kick this fast and be home. His day nurse came in to tell us what was up, and she looks like she's not taking any guff from the old man...good for her!!! Mom is funny though...she wonders when he'll come home and then bitches about it when he's there. Guess 52+ years of living with the same dude becomes habit forming!
Went to the Farmer's Market (took my camera, and then completely forgot to take photos...typical!), and after a lovely lunch of cabbage roll, perogies, bratwurst, sauerkraut and steamed veg (I got a potato, cauliflower and carrots), we went shopping. I came home with Pink Lady apples (about freaking time!), zucchini, ground Bison, fresh basil, tomatoes, Chipotle Orange sauce, Butter Chicken sauce, whole wheat pita, feta and kalamata olives. Did enjoy a snack of pink lady apple with some Imperial cheese spread on. Ate it before I could take a photo!
Dinner tonight was a piece of salmon marinated in said orange sauce, with brown rice 'pilaf' (cooked brown rice in Epicure Vegetable Bouillon, which made it look like a pilaf when it was done) and salad greens with sun-dried tomato & black olive vinaigrette.
Still have rice and salmon left over for lunch tomorrow. The orange marinade was was slightly sweet, slightly spicy, with just the right amount of orange bitterness to offset. Quite delish.
All's 8pm, and I'm thinking chill time. Although I'm not sure where I'll be lounging!


Sunday morning already...

Hmmm...last weekend felt much longer. Oh, that's right...I took Monday and Tuesday off, and with Wednesday a Stat day, I enjoyed a loverly 5-day weekend. If only that kind of work schedule could support my current income! That would be sweet!!
Returned to Boot Camp on Thursday, only to find out that due to legal issues, I am not allowed inside the building where we work out (I'm not staff!), so we had to move it outside to the local park. Which I'm fine with, as I prefer working out outside, but the other ladies weren't quite prepared for that. It'll be interesting to see what happens on Tuesday. Felt it in my arms and shoulders again, but the best part was the running. to quote Forrest Gump..."Ah was r.u.n.n.e.n!!"...first time since the first week in October. I was thrilled!!! Kept it nice and slow, and both Trainer Josh and I kept very close eyes on my ankle. Walked like a normal person on Friday, so it's all good!
After coffee with the girls yesterday, H-woman and I headed up to Canmore to get a pedicure. We went back to the place we went to after Melissa's, because they were so nice and did such an awesome job. How awesome? Well, the pedi done on the 25th of September was finally cleaned off and redone YESTERDAY!!! No chipping, no fading (and I had a really dark colour on), just some regrowth. It was back we went. We arrived a little late (oops...need to plan that better next time - hit every light coming out of Calgary, and I just don't drive like a maniac anymore on the highways), but the ladies were very professional and got the job done. We'll be going back I'm sure in January. Or, if the Lottery Gods could just come through for me (I pray to them every day!), I could finally buy a place and live in Canmore full time...that would sweet!
Headed briefly into Banff (bought a Park Pass last weekend, so we're good for a year) to go to the Rocky Mountain Soap Company's open house. They were introducing their Christmas mix of Mandarin Orange and Candy Cane. Didn't care much for Candy Cane, but the orange is amazing...slightly spicy and very orangy. Came home with a bar of shaving soap (peppermint and clay), the Mandarin Orange Sugar Scrub, a Mandarin Orange chap stick, and then our free gift of another chap stick and the Mandarin Orange soap. It's all natural stuff, and although my sinuses can go crazy in places like that (Bath and Body Works is hard...), it's not so overwhelming in there.
Shared a plate of nachos in the Rose & Crown...Banff must be the Nacho Capital of, they were good! Proper ratio of cheese to chips to peppers and other vegs. Yum, yum. yum. Back into Calgary - even though it was 6:30 in the evening, with the mountains and nightfall, it may as well been midnight!! Pitch black on the highway - and considering, sadly, because of unfortunate incidents in the past, you have to watch for PEDESTRIANS (yes, I said pedestrians, not wildlife) on the highway, it makes for a slightly unnerving night drive. Made it home safely.
Dropped H. off, and then had to go get my mom, and take her to see my dad at the hospital. They called 911 yesterday for him (he has COPD, and has been struggling of late) which I am happy about. It's probably been a good solid 6 months since he's even left the house, and means he hasn't been seeing a doctor. Stubborn old coot!!! And then people wonder where I get it from...anyway, he's where he needs to be and they're keeping him for a few days. Which is good...they can get his meds sorted out, and try to come up with a plan that doesn't include him sitting in his lazy boy, waiting for death. Heading there later today. I have to drive mom, as her Alzheimer's makes it difficult for her to drive to new areas - she gets lost and she's the passenger. Remember how I said I had no desire to have children??? Well, I have their 70's. You will also notice that neither of my brothers are getting these phone calls, and are on driver duty, etc. I'm just sayin...
Called my older brother, and found out he's got his own issues to deal with. He was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis (man, my family is falling apart!) years ago, when the disease attacked his lungs. He's now scheduled for an MRI next week, as the doctors now think it's moved to his heart. Crap... This is not good news, as I don't know if he's a good candidate for heart/lung transplant. Double crap... We'll wait to see what the doctors say, but as is in my brother's fashion, I'll have to follow up with him, as he shares nothing! I've started out a Sunday in fine form. Going to head to the Farmer's Market later, to stock up on fresh fruit and veggies for the week. Planning out my meals, and committing to journalling this week. I was up slightly (1.4) yesterday at meeting, but that's just evening out the big loss the week before, thanks to the flu. However, I know I can improve in the journalling department, so that's my plan for this week. Going to weigh in early, on Thursday, as it's my Christmas party on Friday, and I will have no desire to leap out of bed at 6 am to go to a 7 am weigh-in on Saturday!!
Finishing my latte and a bowl of Kashi Wheat squares, banana and Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze (love it on cereal!). Going to get dressed and ready, as H. and I are aiming to head out about 11.
Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Starting to feel it...

Muscles that is. Feeling it in my hamstrings, shoulders and back. Yay Boot Camp and Trainer Josh!
Thought I'd share some photos of H-woman's Epicure party - she's well on her way to a huge shopping spree, courtesy of her friends who attended. Somehow though I ended up with the leftovers (I ALWAYS leave them with the hostess, usually to take to work the next day and therefore make more sales, but alas, H. is on vacation right now) which I have incorporated into my lunches/dinners. Last night, for example, was some soft tortillas with the nacho cheese dip...lunch was leftover spinach dip and the loaf it was in. Today, I mixed the rest of the crab dip (there wasn't a lot left of that!) with some chopped artichoke hearts, spread it on toast and sprinkled it with a bit of parm. Yum! Going to fill on veggies tonight though, as I'm making a healthy Pad Thai.

1) the spread - Crab dip, wine & pepper jellies, nacho cheese dip, spinach dip.
2) Extraordinary Cheese Dip in our non-stick frying pan - to freaking die for!!!!

3) Orange Cranberry Biscotti, dipped in our Belgium White Chocolate
4) Our Belgium Milk Chocolate...oh, and some healthy, fresh fruit to dip in it!
Went for some retail therapy today...I have been told for weeks that my work clothes are "too big" and falling off (which is not a bad thing!), so off I went to my favourite store, Reitmans. Not sure who picked this fall's colours though...80's Teal??? Seriously??? Oh well, I still managed to come home with 3 new pair of pants (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their comfort fit pants!) all in Tall (again, LOVE THAT!), a nice red tank top, black sweater and grey cardigan (in medium, thank you very much!). Then, wandering through the mall (after an extremely disappointing visit to Payless - really, women with big feet like shoes too...I don't care if your store is "small"), I passed Le Chateau, where the little strapless number in the window caught my eye...and my MasterCard! My Christmas party is next Friday night (OMG, that's just over a week away), and while I had fully intended to wear something from years past, I just like how this felt and looked. Oh yeah...Boot Camp has paid off big time! The burgundy pumps that I have will look hot with this! Really going to concentrate on the arms and back this week - try to tone things up a bit more.

That's it for me...going to spend some time thinking about those men and women who have died so that we have the right to blog freely and without fear of prosecution. I'm sure I'll be crying later, especially when I hear Taps. Always tears a hole in my heart...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Return to Boot Camp

I DID IT!!!! I resumed a Boot Camp class tonight and IT.FELT.GREAT!!! Okay, so I felt like puking and can't believe how much strength and endurance I've lost in the last 5 weeks, but I so heart the sweating and grunting. It's moved indoors, which I'm not a fan of (remember, I sweat hard, so outside in the fall and winter rocks!) but Trainer Josh had all sorts of new toys and ideas to get the cardio up, even indoors. He's also so awesome, as he's very concerned about my body and it can/can not do. We determined I was okay on the stairs (up and down - great cardio) but could not do the step-ups (onto a chair) so did squats instead. And skipping rope was out of the question (ankle says WTF??), so I concentrated on lunges instead. We worked with resistance bands for upper body (OMG!!!), so I'm pretty sure I won't even be able to comb my hair tomorrow! Can't wait for Thursday!!
Came home and nibbled on some salsa, low-fat sour cream and some of the leftover nacho cheese dip, with whole wheat tortillas. Then I had a bowl of dilly tomato soup (mix one can cream of tomato soup, milk, Epicure Lemon Dilly dip blend and a can of diced tomatoes).
One more day off (took a 5-day weekend) and then back to the grind. Going to start going for walks (just walks) at lunch as well, although I do need new runners, as I'm currently over-compensating between my runners (built for pronators) and orthotics. Hence the very screwed up knees and ankles over the weekend.
I'm hitting the couch,'s been a long day of running around, and now I just want to chill.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Winterstart Weekend

I have a lot of trouble watching people run...I so want to be a part of it! Winterstart was Saturday night in Banff. Yes, in the mountains, at night (7pm) in Canada in the winter! It was snowing, actually, and looked very pretty. Don't think it was that cold (-2??), but H-woman and I stood at the sidelines and watched the race start...without us.
My foot, while starting to feel better, was not up for an 8km run, and H-woman's flu refused to let go, so she was not able to run. Her man S. was also sick - he stayed up in the room sleeping at race start. And the lady I sold my bib to also didn't make it - the flu is definitely making it's presence felt in Western Canada!! Oh year.
Still enjoyed a nice weekend in Banff. Dinner Friday night, after we checked in to our hotel (Caribou Lodge - very nice) was at The Keg in the hotel. For staying two nights, we got $25 to use in the restaurant - it was a good dinner. Nothing outstanding but the Keg is consistent, and it's been a long time since I've had a really good, rare steak for supper (I just can't cook it properly myself). Walked into downtown for a tea at Starbuck's (guessing we were about a km out from the 'core' of Banff) and then back to the hotel.
Woke up Saturday morning at 7:15 (darn H-woman, she's making me one of those morning people!) only to find out that both H. and S. were sick and were staying in bed. I finally got bored (and hungry!) and got dressed and walked into town. Had a coffee and a scone at Starbucks, and then decided to be a good friend and pick up some supplies at Safeway for the sickies...OJ, tea, chicken soup, crackers, cough drops, etc. Met up with the two about halfway back, and handed over the care package. They went back to their room and I to mine, yet again...but soon I was BORED again! So, strapped on the runners again and wandered around Banff before settling on lunch at the Rose & Crown. It was a little melancholy for first love and I used to love "the Crown" and always ate/partied there whenever we stayed in Banff. He passed away suddenly earlier this year, and because I heard of his passing through the grapevine, I never got the chance to say my goodbye. Worse part is his family thinks I 'ignored' them on purpose and now none of them are speaking to me anymore...lost the whole family at once, really. Anyway, I sat in the pub (yes, by myself...very brave), hoisted a pint to memories and enjoyed a Bison burger (with how did those get on my plate?). Walked back to the hotel, swinging by a liquor store for more beer (if I'm going to be sitting in my hotel room alone, I may as well enjoy a brew) and then meeting up with H. & S. at Chilis. They made it a couple of blocks from the hotel, and while S. was putting on a brave front (of course I'll be running...) H. and I knew that none of us would be running that night. I wonder of the 1,000 how many didn't run because of the flu going around?
After cheering on the start of the race (so jealous), H. and I went back into the Keg and shared a plate of the best nachos I have ever had. Then we parted ways. Expensive way to spend the weekend...laying on a bed watching TV at $125 a night! But oh well...still enjoyed my mini vacation.
Got up Sunday bright and early and in agonizing pain! My foot, my right knee, IT band, my left wrist, both shoulders! Crap!!!!!! The beds were these amazing pillow top, fluffy things, but I guess my body likes my good old hard mattress! I could barely roll over, and walking to the bathroom was quite the feat! I was getting better...WTF?!?! Could it be that my runners and my orthotics are battling each other for supremacy? Yes, I walked a lot on Saturday, but I certainly didn't put on that many clicks. After some coffee, and painkillers, I decided that I needed to hobble into town, if for nothing else than for more painkillers, and to try and loosen up a bit. It was a very slow walk in (the snow the night before had the sidewalks very icy and slick) and after another coffee and scone, I slowly made my way back to the hotel. H. & S. were both up, had breakfast and were checked out, so I made my way upstairs and finished packing and checked out as well. We had a quick wander around town (after driving down), before heading in Canmore for some lunch. We were too hungry to wait for the Indian restaurant to open up, so decided some fire-roasted pizza was in order. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company makes the most wicked good pizzas, and they are all healthy - they are not dripping in fat and grease, and they have lovely combinations like roasted veggies or sweet chili chicken and peppers.
Finally got home (I'm always sad leaving the mountains) and had a brief nap on the couch, before eating the rest of my pizza from lunch and some soup. Was in bed at 9:30, and slept pretty good - some "ow" moments when I tried to roll over, but they are getting better.
Doing laundry today (somehow made it down and up the 3 flights of stairs!) and getting ready for an Epicure party at H.'s house...should be fun!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Quick post much still to do before I leave for Banff for the weekend. So a quite recap of the week is in order:

Flu - yes, had it and now it has passed. Still have a nagging cough, but that too shall go away. Power of positive thinking and cough syrup!

Positive of the flu: besides the great core/ab workout from said cough, I was down 4.6 at weigh in today! Hello, '80's! A new decade and therefore new daily points allowance of 23. Bring it on!! Fifty is right around the corner.

Despite most of the building being off sick, work has gone very smoothly this week.

Foot/ankle all better - well, at least it feels all better. Final analysis?? Yes, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, but it appears to be in remission right now (all other factors were normal, but RA levels at 79), so we'll deal with it when it flares up next. Foot x-ray revealed odd thickening of one bone, and some spurs/floaters and scar tissue. Not sure from what, since I have never had a cast or broken foot...ever. Odd... But that is what I am...odd! Good news is what ever aggravated the ankle seems to have moved on (could have been a bit of bone in the joint) and I got the all clear from both doctors to return (slowly) to that means...

BOOT CAMP ON TUESDAY!!!!!! O.M.G. how I have looked forward to this!!! Can't wait!!!

Heading to Banff with H-woman and her man S., so that they can run the Winterstart 8km. I sold my bib to a friend of H's, so I'll stand on the sidelines and cheer, and help out where-ever I can on the course. It's still a great excuse to go away for the weekend.

Speaking of...have to finish up some last minute tidying and feed the kids. Have a great weekend everyone - see you all Sunday afternoon.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taking a (insert cold med name here) day...

Yes, I, she of the "unless it's lopped off, spurting or blue" mentality, has called in sick. Of course, that was after I worked an 3 extra hours yesterday to make sure that everything that needed to be done was done. Sigh... But my head and back are still sore, so I thought a day of rest was in order. It's still just the flu or a nasty cold, by the way. No new symptoms to report.
It was interesting reading some blogs out there about H1N1 and the impact on them and their families. Got my back up a bit, I admit, and after posting a comment (which I hope was neutral), I sat later on the couch thinking about the full impact of this pandemic. We found out at a work meeting yesterday morning that a fellow employee died last week as a result. Very sad and very sobering. Yes, I know people die from other flu's every day, but this is new and therefore a little more scary, and it also seems to be very, very fast. Also heard that there are no ICU beds in my city right now, as they all have people with H1N1 in them. Where do the major car accident (heard a highway was closed this morning because of one...) or shooting or heart attack patients get to go then?? Or my father, with COPD, for that matter?? And then what about blood supply?? Who's donating blood, and what happens when that runs out? While all this was reeling around in my head, the US news station I had on (which by the way, had NOTHING about H1N1 in the whole time I watched it) mentioned that the REGULAR.FLU.SEASON.HAD.BEGUN. D-oh!!! In our panic, we all forgot about good old Influenza B and it's buddies. My question to those people who queued up for hours at a time (and who told all the polls that "they absolutely would not get a shot they knew nothing about") is did they even bother to get the seasonal flu shot?? I'm going to guess not, since when I went to the clinic for that I walked in, got the shot and walked out. No panic, no line-up...well, there were still screaming children, but those are just hard to avoid!
So do I believe we all have to turn into fist knocking, mask wearing, gun-toting, cabin-in-the-woods living hermits? Absolutely not! I like it outside...I like people...I like social interaction, and I don't mean on a computer! But I do think we're buying into the movie plot lines a little too much - we are not going to turn into a bunch of flesh-eating zombies, or all become blind or what have you. The government is not secretly injecting us with GPS devices to track our movements...they're doing their best to stave off a major incident. This, like all other things, will pass. I just hope that all my friends and family are doing all they can to protect themselves, and take care of themselves.
Positive side note of the flu?? Down 6 pounds since Saturday morning! Oh, if only that would last!!!!
Stay safe,

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cold, Flu or H1N1

Came home from work on Friday not feeling well, but chalked it up to running around all day scaring people, not getting enough to eat, etc. By Saturday morning, it was official...I am sick. So what is it? I managed to get the seasonal flu shot two weeks ago, but because I can't just take a day off work to stand in line with a bunch of screaming, bored kids for 8+ hours every day, have not yet got the H1N1 shot (even though I am considered in the high risk category - chronic asthmatic). Guess I'm building my own anti-bodies now!

So, which is it?
- Sneezed like there's no tomorrow all day yesterday, although it was now stopped - cold, not H1N1
-Low grade fever - not a cold, but flu - don't think it got high enough to be H1N1, but it's hard to tell with me, as my temperature is usually a good degree below normal.
-Aches and pains - not bad, so most likely a cold.
-Cough - alternates between hacking and dry, so a bit of both I suppose.
-Stuffy nose - cold
-Chills - have had these, so more likely the flu, but then I also get really hot and sweaty - could just be menopause!
-Tiredness - I'm 46...who isn't tired?!
-Onset time - yes, it hit fast, but I've always caught colds like that...fine in the morning, like death by noon.
-Headache - yes, I've had one, but right now it feels more sinus than head, so we'll chalk this one up to a cold.
-Sore throat - yes, cold not flu.
-And finally, chest discomfort - I'm asthmatic, so I have been very carefully monitoring my breathing and have adjusted my regular meds accordingly - so far the chest doesn't hurt, but the back does from all the sneezing and coughing - yay, more cardio!!!!
So, what have I got?? I'm going with a rather nasty cold or the seasonal flu, not H1N1. If I get worse, than I'll head to the clinic set up here in Calgary just for H1N1 diagnosis, but then again what can they do??? Tell me to go home, drink plenty of liquids, get lost of rest and avoid people. Oh, wait...already doing that! And, to be perfectly honest, I am getting rather sick and tired (no pun intended) of all the H1N1 coverage - there are other things happening in the world right now. Bombings, natural disasters, missing miners, crooked politics, etc. Let's hear a bit about that, shall we?
I did make a wicked good pot of chicken soup last night - that will help me feel much better.

Well, back to my couch and coffee.