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Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday musings

It was a good day at work today. Received several compliments from higher ups (VP's and the like) for work that I have done for them, which is an awesome boost to the ego! I appreciate the fact that someone seems to have actually taken the time to look at all the stuff I've been compiling for months and then took the time to comment on it. That's why I love working where I do.

Came home and decided to grill some pork t-loin so that I could enjoy some Epicure Sweet & Spicy mustard. It's new and it's FABULOUS! Along side I grilled a half a green and half a red pepper, and finished off the rest of the Lemon Dilly dip with that. Sliced a fresh tomato over the chilled sun-dried tomato polenta quiche and a mini-cucumber, all sprinkled with Lemon Lavender Sea Salt...can you tell I sell the stuff???? I don't have a balcony, so don't have a real BBQ, but I bought myself the Griddler for Christmas and find I am starting to use it a lot. It gets nice and hot, and actually leaves char marks on the food, which is the whole point of BBQ'ing, don't you think? Haven't set off any smoke alarms (yet), so I'll keep using it.

This is going to be a weird work week...start diving into month end tomorrow, Wednesday off, and then full on month end Thursday and Friday and then it's the weekend again. And I have the next round of Boot Camp starting tomorrow. I just returned from Walmart with 8 pound weights in hand...time to pump things up!!!

Went for a run at lunch, but I was pooped - a) because I went to bed late last night and b) I forgot the protein powder in my GM this morning. So it mainly turned into a walk, although I did still manage to do over 3k in 27 minutes and keep my heart rate at 77% before turning into the park to do some extra toning:
20 squats, 10 static lunges each leg, 10 wide grip push-ups, 10 narrow grip push-ups, hold static leg raise at 45 degrees to count of 10, then 10 raises, 30 crunches, 20 bicycle kicks, v-sit to the count of 10 and full plank to the count of 30. Oh, and Amy, I sweat like a dog (do they even sweat that much?!) when I work out, so when I return from a "little jog" at lunch, people are looking at me weird because I am soaked to the skin, covered with grass and sticky leaf popper things (I heart spring), my face is red and I'm grinning like a crazy person!!! And yet, no one will join me...curious that! Anyway, I love how I feel after lunch, and I ended up with crazy raging endorphins today, practically bouncing in my chair all afternoon and giggling at the slightest thing. Crazy rush...

Time to decide what to make for lunch tomorrow (I am trying GM's for breakfast all week, to see if they have the staying power and energy I need for the noon work out - providing, of course, that I remember the protein powder going forward) and then it's bed time. Aiming for lights out at 10:15, but since the sun is still up, I don't wanna go to bed...sigh...


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday night...

And it's nearing that time that I should be heading to bed. Of course, that means logging onto the computer and doing everything I can to avoid sleep!!! Wonder if I was this much trouble when I was a kid?!

Weekend flew by pretty quick...did nothing too exciting, actually. Was an absolute slug on Saturday. Okay, so I did manage to walk to Safeway to pick up a couple of things, but I've decided that how I start my day dictates how it's going to end. And if I start my day lazy, well...voila! Even dinner last night was totally uninspired, as I was hot and lazy, so it was a dinner of dips and dippers. But I did make sure that some of the dippers were celery and carrots, and that the mini pitas were whole wheat, so I don't feel entirely bad.

Today went a little better...latte, kashi & almond milk, the rest of the pitas and some dip, and then dinner was watermelon & feta salad (if you've never tried it...OMG! Super easy...thinly slice red onions, and marinade in lime juice (this will take out the sting) while you dice up watermelon chunks. Toss with crumbled feta, fresh mint chopped up, the onions and the lime juice. The salty, sweet and sour combo is to die for!), salmon burgers from Planet Organic (a little on the dry side, I thought) served with Epicure Lemon Dilly dip and Sun-dried Tomato Polenta Quiche (thanks to Caitlin for the idea!). The quiche will be lunch tomorrow, along with some of the salad.

Then I finally unpacked, sorted, bagged up and delivered to work the Epicure party order from last week. It was a $1000 party, and had over 120 items in the order, so it took about 4 hours to do! Really got the workout in when I was carrying the boxes down to my car (have I mentioned that I live on the top floor of a 3 story walk-up?!) and then into my office. Thank goodness all the security people know me ('it's that strange lady with the boxes again') and they open all the doors for me, so I don't have to struggle with my pass card and such. But it's still a long way from the elevators to my desk, and the boxes are heavy!! Worked up a bit of a sweat.

I'm going to launch Operation Beautiful at work tomorrow, and see what kind of response it gets. I'll keep you all posted.

Okay, it's 10:33 now...I have to go floss and go to bed. Have a great night/day/week where ever you are and are BEAUTIFUL just by being you! Don't let ever anyone tell you different!


Friday, June 26, 2009

The end of the week...

It was a very odd day, as I finished all the charts/graphs/analysis and reports that everyone has been asking me for, for the first time in FOR EVER. Now what?!?! Can't just sit around (the Board of Directors was in the building today, so we must all look like little worker bees!!), so after much musing, I decided to work on my "bible". You see, my boss is convinced that I'm going to meet some untimely tangle with a bus or the likes, and no one will know what to do! So I've been tasked with detailing (and she means right down to what colour font I use) my job. Sounds easy enough, except I'm on page 20 already, and have basically made it to what I do by the 2nd day of the month!!! wonder I'm tired all the time! Will continue to work on it next week, but after Wednesday's brief holiday, it's month end and the good times start all over again!

Had a non-fat latte from Starbuck's this morning - and since I ask them to actually put espresso in (5 shots vs. the usual 2 for a vente!), I know I'm only getting a cup of milk, as that's all that can fit in the cup! Then a scrambled egg burrito in a whole wheat tortilla with salsa for breakfast. Wandered at lunch...didn't feel up to a run, and didn't want to do Subway two days in a row, so did my usual "what do I feel like?" whine...after wandering first to Eau Claire and then to 5th & 5th (Subway, Chinese, A&W, more Chinese, Pita Stop, more Chinese...) I ended up with...a roast chicken on whole wheat with loads of veggies. I had a great week this week, and didn't want to blow the start of it by eating deep-fried, fatty stuff. Left the office at 3:30 (I still don't heart getting up at 5:30, but I totally HEART leaving work at 3:30!!), wandered home, and watched the news/tv. Is it me, or am I already tired of Michael Jackson?? Enough already...the man died, let him go in peace.

Made a rather tasty dinner, after a snack of medium Edam (Sylvan Star Cheese) and a coconut cream pie Lara bar (OMG!!!!), grilling on my Hamilton Beach Griddler 2 chicken sausages, roasted red peppers (jarred, in water, from Walmart - the best out of a jar that I have ever had) and sun-dried tomato polenta (from Planet Organic) and plain grilled spinach (well, heated it on the grill, sprinkled with sea salt). Served with Epicure Selections Sweet & Spicy Mustard (again, OMG!!), it was a fully satisfying meal.
Some water and the ongoing debate about whether I want chocolate or not (not...and I'm going to bed soon so that I don't change my mind!!). After all, I just finished signing up for another 6 weeks of Boot Camp (I heart trainer Josh!) and made it 3 times a week this go round. Add on my usual summer cardio (run 5k M&W, stairs T, hills TH, run/hike/walk on either (or both) Saturday and Sunday) and Melissa's 22K in September will be a breeze. I love that I am totally excited about working out again...this hasn't happened in a while, and I'm going to ride the endorphin wave as long as I can!!
Okay...picking up H. first thing in the morning to check out the Silver Springs meeting (for the next month, sadly, before they too close) and then dropping her off for a hike with friends, while I return to work on my yard and hopefully rent out an apartment (or two!).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boot Camp Fit Test now I really, really, really heart Boot Camp!!! I lost a total off 4" and 3.4 pounds in the 6 weeks of Boot Camp. Need to focus on the food intake next go round (yes, Boot Camp II starts on Tuesday! Yay!!) as well as continuing to get stronger. I am going out on the weekend to get heavier weights...must take it up a notch! What else I really liked was increasing the number of push ups by 294% (53 in one minute and a whopping 750% increase of "man" push ups over knee push ups!!), 127% increase in crunches (71 in 1 minute), almost doubled both plank hold (1:19 vs :38) and squat (1:58 vs. 1:00) and shaving almost 30 seconds off our run. Yay me!!

Before...May 19th

After...June 25th

On to other news...found out tonight at WW that our Saturday weigh-in plans are being quashed, as the Boys in Edmonton (Franchise owners) have decided to close both Edgemont and Silver Springs (where we were going to go) and combine them all in the new Dalhousie location. Which will still have Saturday meetings but run by a heinous woman who we just don't get along with. And what's the point of supporting her if she's not willing to return it to us. So it's back to evening weigh-ins, but to figure out which, as I've now got an 11k drive in rush hour (there's a freaking reason why I LIVE AND WORK downtown!!!) to make it to a weekly meeting. my burning question to WW Alberta will be "do you believe that all downtown dwellers should be fat, or should they go to Jenny Craig (only a block from my house) or LA Weight Loss (just down the street), both of whom would be more than happy to take our money!". After all, according to the 2008 City Census, there's almost 70,000 living in the downtown core alone...that's a lot meeting fees being overlooked! But we'll figure something out, I'm sure. I don't want to give up Faye as my leader, and admit that I am being totally selfish on that point.

Started my day with a Green Monster which was rather tasty as usual, and a 1 point fruit bar from Planet Organic. I think the monster held me over till lunch, but since I didn't run today (didn't want to mess up the fit test), I don't know if it would have given me the energy I need for that. Will have check that out next week, as I left my go cup at work.
Lunch was a nice walk around (probably did about 3k) and then a roast chicken on ww sub from Subway. Cheese - yes, toasted - no, lettuce, tomato, cukes, pickles, banana peppers...lots and lots of banana peppers and mustard. Yum! No chips (baked or otherwise) or cookie...just the sub. The dude behind me ordered roast chicken and mayo on white veggies, no cheese, nothing else. Almost gagged thinking how nasty that would taste, and worse, what that was doing to his arteries...speaking of, condolences to Michael Jackson's family and friends. Maybe now that poor man will finally be at peace.
Anyway, a quick snack of Activia yogurt at 3, and then Boot Camp, weigh in and noodles!!! Three shrimp salad rolls, the best dipping sauce ever (it's not just Hoisen) and Chicken Satay Pho (dang, forgot to take a picture...will have to do that next week) with extra vegetables. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!!!!!
And now it's almost 10:30 and I should go to bed.
Later gaters!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mid week...

And it's been a good one, so far. Still enjoying the lingering thoughts of our hike on Saturday, and that has made work fly by. Went for a walk Monday (and did some toning stuff), showed up for Bootcamp on Monday (alone...see H. Woman's Ramblings for details...) although we didn't let that stop us. H. and I did a bit of cardio and some of the weight routines, but we don't push ourselves nearly as hard as trainer Josh does. Which makes me sad that tomorrow night is technically our last night. I'm excited for the fit test (really anxious to see what I have whittled away the last 6 weeks) but I am sad that this may be it for a week or so. You see, it's impossible to get the others in our group (besides H. and Josh and I) to commit to starting right away next week. But we need 8 to fill the class...hope it works out, or I will have to stalk Josh to his Edworthy classes and hide out in the back of the group!

Met up with an old friend tonight for dinner, and I am sad to say it's been too long since we last saw each other. But we had a lovely dinner and shared some good laughs and got all caught up. Nice walk home, past the accident waiting for police support (love living downtown) and home to find the Epicure order I sent in last week waiting to be unpacked (4 very large boxes...this will be a job for tomorrow night).

Signed up for the 15-Week Challenge - bring it, I say!! This is my year, and I plan on running Melissa's 40 pounds lighter than I did last year!

Off to bed...must figure out what to take for lunch tomorrow, and I may try a Green Monster for breakfast, to see what kind of staying power it has for me. My pod mate gags when I bring peppers or tomatoes to eat - must be the sight of non deep-fried, fresh healthy food that sets her I think a salad of bright, colourful peppers and tomatoes is in order! I am evil, I know...but they're soooooooo tasty!!!

Will post pics of the post-Bootcamp, as well as my highly anticipated awesome results!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Barrier Lake Hike

What an awesome day we had for our (H. & myself) hike yesterday. Last year was the first time I officially went hiking, and I enjoyed it so much I ran out and bought proper boots and socks, cool trekking type pants and tops...and went out once after that! So this year I vow to be out in the mountains at least twice a month till the snow flies...and heck, maybe even once or twice after that too!
Anyway, we left Calgary after grabbing a coffee (need my 5 shots still!) and some subs at Subway (roasted chicken on ww, with loads o' veggies) and headed west. It's a quick drive to K-country (Kananaskis) and Barrier Lake. This is where I hiked for the first time last year, and it's a good, challenging hike. 600 meters up, for example, and over 6km to the top (from the parking lot).
1 -Trail map (we did the loop)
2 -Barrier Lake
3 -More Barrier Lake
Unfortunately my camera didn't pick up the jewel sparkles on the lake was beyond beautiful in the sunlight.

There are a lot of switchbacks as you make your climb, and it was a toasty day (for the mountains) probably in the high teens/low twenties. Even with sunscreen and hats, I managed to get a little pink where I missed...but it's started to fade already. It's incredible in the mountains...although K-country is still sort of the foothills. The real mountains are a bit further west...we'll do some hikes in Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise later this year.
4 - Pretty daisies
5 - not sure what this is
6 - view to the south

Tons of mountain flowers out, from Indian Paintbrush, crocuses, wild strawberries everywhere and it's a good thing they're still in bloom, because I have no desire to tangle with a bear at this time of year...they're just waking up and they're hungry and CRABBY!! I fully understand that I am visiting their home, so have no need to get one hurt/killed because of my carelessness. We checked with the wardens for critter activity (got to watch for bears and cougars) before heading out.
Anyway, we continued the hike up, stopping every now and then to enjoy the view, breathe in the amazingly fresh air, refuel with fruit chews and water (lots and lots and lots of water!!) and just take a breather and a look around.

7 - This is the Lookout from the base
8 - Just another mountain view...sigh...
Last year, we only made to the first 'lookout', and this is where we stopped and had another break, and look around but we decided that we were going all the way this year, baby!! Yup...we were climbing up to the lookout, although we did hear there is another one (a fire tower, actually) but that'll be for another hike. But now I know why they call it the Prairie View.

9 - First rest stop/lookout, as viewed from the top (on zoom)
10 - Looking east towards Calgary
11 - Down towards the lake

12 - Cheeky Whisky Jack
13 - Miss H. at the top.
14 - Me at the top.
After a nice rest, some picture taking, eating our lunch (it's roughly 2 hours after we left the parking lot - way down below), we decided to head down, but took a different route. The climb up to the lookout was a little rough (steep, rocky, narrow paths, etc) so we asked some of the other hikers around what the route to the east was like, and they all recommended it. And I'm glad they was a little hairy getting down off the lookout, as it was a lot of loose shale and skiff, but we made it safe and sound and then hit the Jewel Pass trail. It was through the dense forest, so it was lovely and cool (after the heat of climbing) and a gorgeous trail that led down to the base and the fire road. There was a babbling creek, and more scenery and we even managed to catch up to another hiking group that we met up at the top.
Followed the fire road (trail) and saw a white-tailed deer (after H. says 'oh, deer' which I interpret as 'oh, dear' and wonder what's going on!) but she made it to the woods before I could grab my camera. Oh well...on we hiked. And hiked...and hiked...the lake didn't seem this far away before! And who moved our car?!?! I swear it wasn't this far away. Took another 2.5 hours to reach the start, but we figured out that we did just over 13k for the day. Add the 600 meter ascent and we had a pretty good work out!!!
Can't wait to go out again! I think our next hike may be the Lake Louise Tea House which is supposed to be an awesome day trip.
My tummy is grumbling, so I'm off to feed it. Otherwise, I'm liable to turn into one of those grumpy bears I spoke of earlier! Have a great (what's left) weekend!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I hate change

As H. alluded to in her last post, the WW meeting location that we attend is closing and moving. AGAIN...this is the 3rd time WW has changed things up on me!!! Perhaps they don't really like me coming and paying every week for the last 546 weeks!!!!!!!! Okay...I understand that's a long time, but I'm a slow learner...stubborn is probably a better word...I'm a stubborn learner! Anyhoo, I must be throwing off their stats, so quick, move on her again...maybe she won't be able to find us this time! But ah-ha!!! I am on to their evil ways, and am already plotting where and when I will attend next!

Let me 'splain...I started at the Thursday night Capital Hill meetings, and Faye was my very first leader (and she freaking ROCKS!). Then my job and location changed, and I started popping into meetings downtown at lunch in Penny Lane. Bounced around days and leaders until I found another one I liked (unfortunately, can't recall her name), who pissed someone somewhere off, and they shuttled her off to another meeting unceremoniously and I was left to wander again. The Penny Lane location started Saturday am meetings, and that is where I met H., C., E., B., J. and whole host of other wonderful ladies. Then WW closed Penny Lane! Granted, the building was being torn down, but they certainly didn't advertise the new location in the Mall, and we lost several members and leaders (Jen, who quit to pursue a career in law enforcement, who also rocked!). THEN, the powers that be at WW decided that Saturday morning meetings downtown weren't attended enough (here's a thought....ADVERTISE!!!!) and closed them before closing the Mall location, and moving it to a rather sketchy street/area in the downtown core. There is a 7 am meeting run by Faye, but I don't wander those streets at that time of the day, so no meeting for me. So here we wander AGAIN...found a Saturday meeting at Capital Hill, but HATED the leader...hate, hate, hate, hated!!!!! Am I being clear enough? See, I liken WW to therapy, and unless you have a good connection with the leader, there is nothing beneficial to be gained from the meeting, which you then tend not to attend, and then it all goes to crap! So, ultimately we head back (just H. & B.) to Thursday nights and Faye, and met up with some of the other ladies for coffee on Saturdays. Sigh... In order to follow Faye, we will now be trying her Saturday morning meeting in Silver Springs (roughly 11 km away, versus the current 4!) and see how that goes. I hate change...

I do, however, love Green Monsters and Boot Camp! Granted I am sore everywhere today, but nothing a hike in the mountains won't cure. Which means I should get my butt in gear!! Will publish pics later!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Green Monsters

I have become a Green Monster fanatic! I love them...who knew?! Had one this morning before my 4k run with H. and I'm still not hungry (I drank it at 8:30 this morning, went for a run and it's three hours later). Figured out the points, for how I make it, and it's only 7 points. Am running out of spinach and almond milk, so I'll have to go stock up, so that I can have them before Bootcamp during the week.

Had a good start to the up and went for a 4+k run with H. and topped it off with some squats, lunges, push-ups and triceps dips. It was a tad humid out there, as I looked like I swam back across the river by the time we finished. Went and had a non-fat iced latte at Starbucks, with my usual 5 shots, and had a sighting of a former friend. Not sure how I feel about that...always expect it to happen, and still there's that quick sick feeling you get. You'd think we were ex's, but no just long term friends that came to a sudden end about 7 months ago. Can't speak for her, but I've never felt more able to be my own person since. Life is interesting, isn't it?

I was just thinking about the other friends that have entered and exited my life, and I am happy for all encounters. After all, it's the little influences from everyone that make me what I am, and I hope I've been an influence (positive, of course) on them as well.

Meeting another group of ladies (the Epicure gang) for lunch a little later today, so that should be fun. Trying somewhere I've never been, but one of the ladies raved about it, saying it was all home-made goodness. Looking forward to it. Then home to finish up some laundry, cut the grass and prepare for tomorrow's Epicure tasting at work. I've been selling Epicure for over 4 years now, and while I don't push it as hard as I could, it keeps me in spices and other goodies!

That's it for me...the sun is shining again, so I'm going to go outside and enjoy it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I felt sexy today...

And that hasn't happened in a LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time!!

Wore a black skirt and shiny red shirt that I have had for a while, but the first thing I noticed was the lack of rubbing under the skirt! You see, I'm pretty sure I was born with "Conjoined-Twin" upper thighs...when I run all I hear is the clapping, or should that be thwapping, encouraging me ever onward!! However today I noticed a slight parting of thighs, and nary a chafe mark in sight. Perhaps I've had a team of surgeons swoop in one night to perform a miracle separation...or perhaps BOOT CAMP IS WORKING!!!!

Back to feeling sexy though...once at work I changed into my red pumps (I walk, so wear birkenstocks - happy feet mean happy me) and after walking to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, I thought...dang...I look good!!! I feel good!!! And most importantly, I LOOK GOOD! Calves were looking defined, legs were strong, belly didn't roll over anything or push anything out of it's way - it was all working. And I am proud of that. Made me work even harder at bootcamp this afternoon.

Didn't run at lunch today, as I was late getting in (blood samples for previously mentioned physical) so I really wanted to amp it up after work. Now, I know it's only (sigh) 20 or 22 out there, but man, it was smoking hot in the park. And I forgot my hat, but I did have water and was ready for whatever J. had to throw at us. Cardio...was last returning from the run around the block (just over 1k), but not nearly as far behind as I have been in the past...push ups, curls, lifts, step-ups, more curls, more lifts, jumping jacks (was so not wearing an appropriate top for jumping jacks - the men were very polite and averted their eyes!), flies, lat raises, leg lifts, plank (oh, so many planks!), and the list goes on. I think I sweat out the full litre of water I drank, but I love that feeling - a healthy, dripping sweat; not the way you feel when you are sick, but that "my body has just been a machine" kind of sweat. As much as I despise Matthew McConaghy (sp??), I believe what he says is true: "you should break a sweat every day".

Home, changed, picked up by H. (in her rental car), swung by and picked up B. and off to Weight Watchers, where I had a much better week than last, down 4.6! Must keep the momentum up and not sabotage myself like I usually do. Decided to meet up with H. after work tomorrow for a run (and possibly some toning), stairs and walk on Saturday, run and toning on Sunday. That should keep me away from the junk.

And if I'm going to crawl out of the sack first thing, I must actually try to get into it soon!

Night everyone! Sweet dreams. Mine will be about my hot butt!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm turning into a crazy person

Well, some of my friends may debate the "turning" part, but today after my 5k run at lunch (which involved some more walking than I like, but the legs were rather tight after yesterday's boot camp kickin'!) I decided I "needed to do more". So, I found a quiet spot on the island (Prince's Island, very close to my office) and did 5 pushups, 5 tricep pushups (all from the toes), held full plank (no knees for this chickie!) for 30 seconds, flipped to my back and held static legs at 45 degrees to the count of 20, did 35 crunches, 20 bicycle kicks and a v-sit to the count of 20. Then I got up and did 10 sumo squats and 10 lunges on each leg. THEN I went back to work and had lunch. I think what scared me most, is I'm already thinking about how I'll incorporate this EVERY day. And I asked our trainer J. if he had weekend classes I could drop in on, because (can't believe I said this out loud) the break between Thursday and Tuesday's class is too long...sigh... I used to be cut though...82 pounds and what seems like a hundred years ago, I was cut. My boyfriend was jealous of the definition I had in my arms and legs. And I had abs... So maybe all this bootcamping has returned that love of the burn. It hurts while you're doing it, but it really is a good hurt. If it's a bad hurt (followed by a ping or popping sound) stop what you are doing and seek medical attention!!! But the good hurt is a good thing...turns out I missed it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Underwear Affair

The run/walk was last night (finally...a race run by my kind of people!) and Mother Nature even cooperated long enough for those of us in various forms of undress to get out and run or walk without getting rained or hailed on. This year the race start was moved indoors - guessing the organizers got thousands of hate letters last year, after we had to stand in the rain and muck for hours, and then run down a very treacherous, slippery hill. Anyway, we started warm and dry and on time (what a concept), although H. and I decided (during the 2nd hail storm of the day) that we would switch to the 5k walk, just in case. Either way, it was hoot seeing what everyone came up with for outfits this year. The Tidy-Whities were back, with some colourful competition from another team of brave lads wearing only their briefs. There were the Colon Cowboys, Spare Parts, the Incredibles, angels and ninjas.

Now...I tend towards the "Go Big or Go Home" motto at I'd like to introduce you all to Dominatrix "Lady Chemo", ready to whip cancer!

Vinyl doesn't breathe well, but I did manage to avoid any serious chafing (thank goodness for Body Glide!)...I did not wear the boots on the walk, changing into my runners, but I still received many compliments on the outfit. I want to thank everyone who donated to the cause, whether to me directly or to anyone else. Haven't heard any final numbers yet, but I managed to raise almost $1300. Of course, that was after promising everyone who donated to me that they would get a picture of Lady Chemo all for themselves!
Am a little stiff today, but I think that's more from walking in the boots (we parked further away than thought) more than anything, but it's nothing Advil won't fix. And wouldn't you know it?? The sun is shining right now!
Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It really is green...

And it tastes great! I'm sticking to the standard recipe from and I'm enjoying it. I don't freeze my bananas, but it's still nicely chilled from the almond milk. We'll see how well it holds out, since I have a 10k to run tonight in less than 5 hours. I will have some noodles (found whole wheat egg (yolk free) noodles) with some veggies and protein before the run for energy, but this will be lunch.

Watching the hail right now...for those not from Calgary, we like to condense all of our weather systems into one day, so that it's quick and simple and easy to get over with! At least we downtowners didn't wake up to snow, but there were many cars on the roads showing it snowed elsewhere in the city. It did stop raining earlier, with the sun even trying to peek through the clouds, but it just finished hailing again a minute ago. Craziness...and I'm running 10k in my Dominatrix outfit later. It is the Underwear Affair, raising cancer for those unmentionable cancers below the waist, so they encourage everyone to run in their underwear. Why just wear underwear when you can take it a step further though, when you can dress in vinyl and carry a whip, I say!! Pics to follow...

Going to finish my Green Monster and then head out to make sure I've got everything I need for tonight. Later...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Marathon pics's early and I (middle) am feeling confident...that's H. on the left and fellow blogger A. on the right (they both ran the Half). Perfect start to a great day...

Here I come...wait...don't close the finish line...I'm running as fast as I can!!!

Oh, Holy Mudder!!! I ran HOW FAR?!?!?!

Will I do another...maybe...


Annual Physical

Had my annual physical today, and the timing was perfect, as I appear to have injured my rotator cuff at bootcamp on Tuesday. Woke up at 3 am yesterday morning in tears, as the pain was so intense. Many, many, many Advils later and it started to subside, and today it was a dull ache, not the railroad spike in the joint of Wednesday! My doctor gave me some exercises to do, as he said the best thing for it is to keep it moving. And the trainer echoed that (yes, I still went to bootcamp today - I paid money for this, man, and I am getting every dime's worth out of it!!) and let me do the routine without weights and with some modifications. Hope to be back in form next week, but we'll continue to watch the shoulder. Today's workout was still hard, and I returned from it all sweaty. Tried one of the infamous Green Monsters everyone is blogging about and I have to's actually good. I did the almond soy milk, almond butter, banana, protein powder, salba combo with the spinach. It is very green, but it doesn't taste like spinach. Not that there's anything wrong with spinach, but I don't like to drink it!!! So I'll do this again, as it was an awesome pre/post bootcamp drink. I don't think I'd do it for breakfast, because I like to chew my food, but it was great for energy for the work out and for staving off the dinner hungries until we got through WW's.

Back to the physical...not sure if I speak for all women, but gosh darn it, don't I just live for this day each year!?! First, jump on the scale. And, okay WTF - where did THAT freaking number come from?!?! Crap!!! Then it's the joyous part, which we will gloss over the details, and then blood pressure (perfect, I might add), breathing, blah, blah, blah. My doctor is a man, and has been my doctor since I was 4. Yes, 42+ years of seeing the same man for all the ails me. It's kind of funny because we "chat" like old pals while he's doing the exam, and all I can think about is get this over with already, we can talk about my parents when I have clothes on again!!! No idea what I'm going to do when he finally retires (figure he's got to be in his 70's by now, although dang, he looked old today - must not be feeling well, because he's always been a very physically fit and active man) and no one takes over his practice (seems to be the thing in Calgary these days)...and since I'm not of the child-bearing age anymore (thank goodness and the makers of birth control!) or come with a family already, most other doctors don't anything to do with me. Imagine having a patient that only comes for her physical, or when something is really, seriously wrong. Shocking... I do have a specialist that I see for my asthma and that's it. I grew up with the family motto that unless something is lopped off, spurting or blue, then there's no reason to bother anyone about it! And we're all fine...granted some of us limp, and then there's that tick my brother has, but other than that, it's all good!! LOL!!!

I did have a minor meltdown during the physical, mainly because of the number on the scale. I run, for crying out loud...I walk to work every day (3k round trip), I walk to the store, laundry is an exercise, since I heft it up and down 3 flights of stairs, I joined a bootcamp (and trust me, I sweat), I go to weight watchers and still there's that number, just mocking me!!! There was a brochure on the waiting table that said to "ask about Julie's story" so I did...and after a long talk about my habits (sigh...cookies...) and such, and some hemming and hawing on my part, I now have a prescription for something that will (hopefully) get me going in the right direction. I have to go back in two months for a check-up, but I am just so frustrated, I'm willing to try anything and that includes seeing my doctor more than once a year!

That's all I have for tonight...starting to seize up a bit, and the shoulder's starting to ache again, so it's Advil and heat pad time!

Have a great night...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Where did the weekend go? One minute, I was leaving work on Friday and suddenly the alarm is going off, telling me it's time to return. Sad is I...sigh...but, I have a job and that makes me happy. I must support the furry children, after all!

Didn't realize that I haven't blogged since last Tuesday, but I'll just fall back on the excuse that I couldn't reach my keyboard after all the upper body work we did that day!! Thursday's focus was...well, on everything. We ran, did many stairs (run, doubles, sideways and with squats), ran some more and then hit the mats for some arm work. Push-ups, shoulder presses, and loads of triceps work. I pushed as far as I could, but even trainer said "you're done"... who was I to argue?!

Dropped H. off at the airport on Saturday, and then went to the farmer's market (cheese place closed again...I do not like this!!), Costco (which didn't have ANYTHING I wanted, so I walked out empty handed), Walmart and then Stupid-store. Finally got home later that afternoon, and chilled. Sunday was spent on the couch (couldn't even get motivated to go cheer on the marathoners out there running) but finally got my butt in gear and did the lawn in the afternoon. I have a manual mower, so it is a bit of a workout. Man, I love the sound it makes when I cut the grass! Did some tidying up, and then made an awesome Spring Ragout of fiddleheads, asparagus, carrots, green onions, oyster mushrooms, thyme, parsley, mint and chicken stock. Topped it off with a lovely piece of grilled salmon and brown & wild rice with mint and goat feta. Can you tell it was a good day at the market?!?! Had the leftovers for lunch today. Had to fight others off, as they wanted to steal my lunch!

Tonight's supper was a mix...had a half of whole wheat pita with some hummus, while I decided what I really wanted. That ended up being one whole wheat tortilla spread with refried beans and cheese, and toasted, served with light sour cream, salsa, a sliced tomato and avocado slices. I am now full and satisfied. And trying to get inspired enough to go out and clean the hallways of my building - my "Schneider" duties call...