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Monday, December 10, 2012

WOD the hell??

Woke up yesterday, quite surprised that I could move at all, after Saturday's competition.  I looked at the temp outside (-17C with a -26C windchill) and thought I was warm and sleepy, so stayed in bed.

But my mile a day beckoned, so after a quick breakfast and some puttering on the computer, I thought now or never.  And luckily, the Sunday WOD emailed to be by the ever thoughtful Coach E (that was sarcasm, btw) involved some running, so I took off for Talisman, to work out inside.

For time:
  - 25 sit-ups
  - run 800m (1/2 mile)
  - 25 squats (oh, holy heaven!)
  - run 800m
  - 25 squats (are you serious?!?)
  - run 800m
  - 25 squats (crying out loud now)
  - 25 sit-ups

Took me just over 24 minutes to complete this, and I was pleased that I got in my mile and a WOD, and my legs cooperated somewhat.

Today's WOD though was another story...Saturday's workout was slowly settling in to every muscle on my body, and combined with yesterday's squat-a-thon, my quads were not happy!  I don't think my chiro was happy, as he dug at my knee, quad, calf, hamstring and every other tendon and muscle on my left leg for about 15 minutes solid today.  It's going to be such a pretty colour of purple tomorrow...  But after that, I rushed home, changed and dutifully made my way to Crossfit!  I am such a sucker!!

It was a good thing I got there with enough time to run first...seriously don't know if I would have been able to afterwards.  But I squeaked out 1 lone mile (that's all I need!) and went inside just as class was starting.  After a warm-up of lunges, inchworms, bear crawls, crab walks, burpees and ring rows (yes, that was the WARM UP!), we then spent 5 minutes on our hands and heads.  Okay, so everyone else in the class did handstands, and hs push-ups and walked on their hands, blah, blah, blah...I attempted to put my knees on my elbows without blacking out from cutting off my air supply!  I am the only person I know that did not do cartwheels as a child, let alone handstands, flips, etc.  Heck, I could barely do a somersault!  But I'll keep at it...may very well post a pic here one day of me all upside down and all!!!  But back to the WOD...

For time, 3 rounds:
   - 25 push-ups
   - 30 sit-ups
   - 40 squats (oh, all that is holy!!!)
   - 50 double-unders...if you can't do those, then 150 single skips.

Yes, you're reading that correctly...tonight, in 19:21, I managed to do 75 push-ups, 90 sit-ups, 120 squats and jumped rope 450 times!!!  I "may" have completely undone all the hard work Tyler did at chiro today...sad face.

Home to a quick dinner of soup and a sandwich (needed to deal with plumbers (no heat) and burned out lights) but dinner is prepped to plug in tomorrow morning.  Beef stew with carrots and celery, and to which I'll add baby potatoes and peas last minute before I eat.  Smelled good as I was searing the beef.  Can't wait after it burbles all day long.  Yum.

Today I am grateful for my stubborn streak.  It keeps me going long after many would have sulked away.


Sunday, December 9, 2012

PR Competition and meeting Fran

Today was a competition at Crossfit.  We each paid an entry fee, and had our butts handed to us in return!!  No, actually today is to be used as a benchmark, to see how we can improve, whether in time or effort or both.  The day was broken up into two WODs, and there were about 20 or so of us competing.  What's great is I didn't once feel like I didn't belong there.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE cheered for everyone, whether it was someone doing RX (recommended weights) or modified (like me), and it was encouraging, inspiring and motivating.

WOD 1 was an Intro WOD...basically the core of Crossfit.  Four of us competed in each round, and we were either in RX (so cool to watch the "pros") or modified groups, and each of us had a judge, to ensure we were meeting Crossfit standards (aka, chest touching ground in the push-ups, full squats, etc).  No cheating today, let me tell you.  I was at 10 am with friends J., K., and C.  To start we had to row 500m (LOVE rowing!), then jump off the machine and immediately launch into 40 squats.  After the 40 squats, we dropped down for 30 sit-ups (again, crunches are for crackers...this is a full sit-up from shoulders on the ground to hands to the feet) and then flipped over for 20 push-ups.  Did I mention that chests must touch the ground in order for it to count?!  After that, we took to the bars and did 10 pull-ups.

My modifications involved push-ups from the knees (goal is toes, obviously) and jumping from the box for the pull-ups.  Again, a goal is to get to using the band by February.  Heck, I rather be kipping it (no assistance) but I know to take these things slowly to get them right.  I'll be happy with the band.  All in all my time was 6:48, which I am stoked about.

Cheered on some of the RXers, before deciding I had to get my mile in before I got too wiped out by Crossfit, so I layered up (-15C BEFORE the windchill) and took off down the road of Currie Barracks.  I did my mile (1.11) although my legs tired quickly today, for whatever reason, and came back in to the Box, to cheer on the final athletes.  After clearing up, we all prepared for WOD #2 (yes, TWO today), named Fran.

Now, I don't get why the WOD is referred to as Fran, but according to Coach, it's like how gym-rats refer to "how much do you press?" for cross-fitters.  As in, how long is your Fran?  How much did you Fran?  So, who is this be-otch, and what did she plan for us???  21-15-9...thrusters (oh boy, more squats, WITH weight), followed by pull-ups (again!!).

I decided on 35 lbs, as I wanted to finish this and again, it's important to start somewhere and have goals...I'll RX this by February (75 lbs).  With the lower weight and modified jumping pull-ups, I managed to finish this WOD in 6:17.   I feel so bad-a$$, with chalk all over my hands!

Not going to lie or sugar-coat it...EVERYTHING hurts and is slowly locking up.  Even my fingers, for crying out loud!  Tomorrow's run should be interesting.  Haven't yet decided how far I'll go...I think I'll wait to see the temp in the morning (and if I am even able to get out of bed and stand upright!).  Off to take a whack of vitamin I and crawl into bed.  Today I am very most grateful for ibuprofen!!!

Smiling (and kissing the guns goodnight)...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Going Overhead

It seemed fitting, so I thought I'd blatantly steal the title of today's WOD.

It is, um was, day 2 at work.  In accountant-speak, that means deadlines, pressure and for me, usually a very late night.  I packed all my gear and took it to work with me, with the intention of hitting up Crossfit (there's a  competition of sorts on Saturday, so no regular classes) and returning to the office.  All was going well until someone did something that seems to have messed everything up.  Just happy it wasn't me, and I didn't have to go back to the office, as I would be unable to do anything anyway.  As it was, I still didn't leave till 6 (gotta love 11 hour days) and barely made it to class in time.  Okay, so I missed most of the warm-up, but was there for the WOD.

5 reps...2 minute rest between reps (this is new!!)
 - 3 shoulder press:
   yeah, my arms totally look like this!
 - 2 push press:
  - 1 jerk press:  no photos, but basically a push press with a little "hop" or jerk to get underneath the weight and really push it up.

Sounds simple enough, except that weight gets really heavy by the 5th round...and it doesn't help that Coach is standing there, saying things like "you can handle more weight"...uh-oh!  Started the 1st round with 45 pounds.  After the 2nd round, we upped to 50 lbs...then, for rounds 4 and 5, 55 pounds!  Boo-yah!  I concentrated on form and can really feel it in my shoulders and chest already.  Yikes.  But wait, there's more...didn't think we'd get off that easy, did you??  No, no...after the 5th round, we were to do ME UB pull-ups.  That is maximum effort, unbroken pull-ups.  I am not good at the pull-ups...let's face it...I'm trying to haul up 213 lbs of me on my two little arms!!!  But I did manage (off the box, of course...will try a band next week, but after class...need to practice away from the public glare) to do 14 unbroken.  Just need to work on getting my darn chin OVER the bar, not just gazing up at it!  One day...

After class, I still had to get my mile a day done as well (StridesRunStreak), so I took off for a run through Currie Barracks.  It was a little slicker than yesterday, as there was a nice melt today, and then cooled off enough to freeze over. Took it easy, and ended up with a 1.26 mile loop in 17 minutes.  Home to leftover turkey & vegetable chili, and a catch-up of Criminal Minds.  I like to counter-attack the nightmares of the scary stories with the delicious dual hunkiness of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore.  I am grateful for them both...and with that, good night and very sweet dreams!

Most definitely smiling...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3

Walked 1.92 miles from the office to the bank and back at lunch, in just over 40 minutes.  Extra butt workout, as hardly any of the businesses had cleaned the walks, after the weekend snow.  Boo.

Got to Crossfit early, so ran through the Barracks (crossfit is located at the former Canadian Armed Forces barracks, before they were closed down in Calgary over 10 years ago...) for 1.12 miles, just to make sure I got my mile in.  Not sure if walking counted, so I thought I'd cover my butt.

Then it was inside to crossfit.
   - warm-up: jump rope 50 times, skip feet jump rope, double under jump rope, split lunges jump rope, jogging jump rope.  Basically, I jumped rope...cannot do all the fancy footwork stuff (yet).  Inchworms, stretching lunges, high-kicks, ring rows (hanging back from the rings, feet on ground, now row...ow), push-ups and squats...10.10.15 for 3 rounds.  Now warm, we moved on to the WOD.

   - for time:  4 rounds of 15 each move.  KB (kettlebell) swings (I used 18lbs), goblin squats (hold kb to your squat),

KTEs (knees to elbows...hang from bar and swing knees up to your elbows...easy-peasy!)...  My KTEs were modified in the fact that I stood on a box before swinging away.

Feeling everything seizing up as I sit here.  Ow.  I think my time as 10:38.  Good benchmark, and one day I'll jump up to the bars and swing day.

Today I am grateful for my new chiropractor dude.  He is very good at the Graston, although I did bruise after last Wednesday's session.  However, the knee is feeling pretty good, and it took punishment at crossfit and running on snow and ice with hardly a whimper.  We may finally be seeing the light at the end of this tunnel...please don't let it be a train!!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Running Streak

Wow...where did November go?  In fact, where did 2012 go?!  I know everyone says it's a sign of ageing  but man, days and weeks just fly by.

Started December in fine style - with a killer WOD at Crossfit.  I hate burpees...have I ever mentioned that??

Anyway, we started the day with 50 seal-jacks (like a jumping jack, but clap like a seal instead of waving your arms), inchworms (with push-up, of course) across the Box and back, high kicks across and butt kicks back, then 10.10.10 push-ups, sit-ups and squats, times 3.  Now that we were all warm, it was time for the actual WOD!!  It was the last day of bring a friend (like I would do this to a friend!) and was another team WOD.  I like team WODs, as you can work off each others strengths and support those weaknesses.  Of course, I haven't really found any of my crossfit pal's "weaknesses"...hmmmm...
Teams of 4, for time, complete:
25 burpees EACH
20 OH (holding a weight over your head - 25 lbs) walking lunges (2 team-members)
20 MB sit-ups (pair up, and throw a medicine ball - 10 lbs - back and forth as you sit up)
20 OH walking lunges (the other 2 team-members)
50 squats EACH
20 OH walking lunges
20 MB slams (pair up, and "bounce" a medicine ball back and forth)
20 OH walking lunges
25 burpees EACH

Burpees, how I loathe thee...but I did all 50 of them.  They may not have been pretty towards the end, but damn it, I did them.  Seriously, what friend would still be talking to me after this??  I was barely talking to me by the end!  LOL!

After stopping for much needed (wanted) caffeine, I came home, ate and then tried to decide what to do next.  You see, it snowed overnight and all morning, so the walks once again needed to be done.  And I had signed up for a challenge in December, to run at least a mile every day, through Strides.  I finally decided to do my run, and then the walks, so I set off.  Did the Elbow Drive, Stanley Park loop, and ended up running 3.71 miles when all was said and done.  Tested out the new Garmin 910 (LOVE the vibrate feature) and thought, man I am running slow...till I realized it was set to miles and not metric! It was chilly (-10C) but once I got going, it was a great day for a run.  And Mr. Knee isn't even acting too upset about the run.  Or the squats...or the lunges, or the burpees.

Came home, grabbed the shovel and got the walks done - more like scraped them, than shovelled, but either way, they are done!  Then, before I ran out of steam, I walked to the drug store to pick up a couple of things, and then the pet shop for food for Mr. Picky-pants.  Eats better than I do!!  Now I'm trying to get my butt in gear to head to a friend's for some Christmas cheer.

Planning on running in the morning out of Eau Claire, but then I have to figure out the miles during the week.
Will let you know what I come up with.

Today I am grateful that Movember is over...nothing against the cause, but it's nice to see my friend's lips and faces again!