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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Afternoon run

Didn't do too bad, all things considering. It didn't exactly warm up out there, with the temp hanging around -14C. Of course, what's a winter run in Calgary without a was there, all -23C of it! I bundled up (after almost talking myself out of it!) and got going. Walked from my place to the river pathway (about a km away) and then started the running portion. I was going to do our usual Stanley Park/Elbow Drive loop, and wanted to see how far I could run it, rather than run/walk. I made it to the entrance of the pathway system, all the while pondering why I appear to be the only person in Calgary who feels the need or desire to shovel their sidewalk. All those million dollar homes, and not a single shovel among them...sad, really.
Anyway, at the entrance to the pathway, I walked so that I could use my inhaler. While I tend to breathe better in the cold (no one knows why) I was tightening up, since it's been so long since I've really done serious cardio. Once the lungs were clear again, I headed off, and made it all the way around the loop to the bridge at Elbow Drive (probably 1.5km??). Walked across it (apparently the City of Calgary doesn't own a shovel either, as the bridge deck has not been cleared!), and then ran all the way back to the start point, again, another 1.5km away. It felt okay, although my legs were a little stiff and sore from the New Year's run. Pushed through and finished 4.06km in 37:56, burning 250 calories.
Walked the km back home, getting colder by the minute (I am all sweaty by this point, of course), and immediately changed into dry, warm clothes the second I got in the house. Once I have feeling in my fingers again, and stop shaking, I'll start some dinner. Must have a warm drink first though...maybe adding some Baileys to the mix...that'll warm me up real good! LOL!
Hoping all the Halibloggers down east are hunkered down and staying warm.

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