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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

T - 3 days and counting

Ready or not, here I come, (to quote H.) Fun-couver! All packed (twice...had to purge - how long do I think I'm going for?!), kitchen is clean, garbage hauled, litter about to be changed (Auntie Leah and Uncle Taylor from down the hall are kitty-sitting) and then it's time for bed. Picking H. up at 7, so we can go to weigh in on our way to the airport. Man, we are dedicated!

Okay, it's almost bed time for me (I just don't know how to go to bed before midnight, I swear!). We'll try to keep you all posted on our results.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here it comes more day of work, and then Vancouver. I'm getting nervous, but that's more about the unknown...I don't know the route, I don't know what to expect from the crowds, roads, marshalls, etc. I don't really like the unknown. Been watching the weather network (oh, rain...I hate rain...), and deciding what stays and what goes. I hate over-packing. I did that for a month-long trip that started in Toronto, went to Australia and ended in Hawaii before the return home to snowy, cold Calgary. I used maybe a third of what I took, but got to haul it all everywhere! Never, ever again... I went to California for 4 days years later with just a carry-on, and had to argue with the security dude that I did indeed have more than enough stuff for 4 days. I won! Needless to say, I'm making and checking the list twice. Didn't run today (didn't get to sleep until around 2 last night...) but I feel okay in that department. Found my official time for the 12k on Saturday (which is odd, since it wasn't a timed event...) and I was just 1 minute over my initial goal. Still 3rd last (they listed the two 20 year olds after me...hehehe), but what the heck. Someone has to be last, otherwise they don't know it's over.

Finished the really big, complicated (compare month over month the installation activity and rates versus gross ads for all our systems and products as well as a larger, overall picture, encompassing 74 pages of data and 237 different graphs!!). Took me the last two weeks of working at it every day to get it done to this point, and the manager now has one day left to get me to change anything before I'm gone for the week. But I think it's all good...things make sense, I caught my own flub and I am excited to see what the other managers and VP's think of it. After all, it's morphed itself since I started it (officially) in November (as a 3 page, 9 graph report)'s been quite a task, but I enjoy the challenge. Even my coworker doesn't seem so stressed that she's going to be on her own for month end, but as I've pointed out...a) it's actually HER job to do month end - it's my job to analyse afterwards, and b) she's been doing the job for over a year now...she should know how to do it.

Think that's about it today...hope you all have a good week, and here's to hoping that our snow is done for the year. I've really had enough!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend recap

And what a lovely weekend it was. Spent it in Canmore, just east of Banff, in the Rockies. This lovely couple I know own a condo up there, in the Three Sisters area, and they lent us the place for the weekend. Little do they know that H. and I have no intention of giving it back! Muu-wa-a-a (not sure how to spell an evil laugh!). OMG, the place was amazing...tastefully yet comfortably decorated, stocked with pretty much everything you'd need (save for fresh food and booze) and only a 6k walk into town.

Headed up Friday and had a great pasta dinner (one of my 'go to' faves for pre-races: toss sliced onions, garlic, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts (and whatever else floats your boat) with some lemon zest, juice, wine, capers, basil, rosemary, oregano and thyme, tuna (I use a smoked, packed in water variety), and then toss that with cooked whole wheat pasta. Top with some feta cheese and parm, and it's go time!!! Enjoyed a lovely bottle of wine and then hit the sack. So that's what a pillow top mattress feels

Got up Saturday, and enjoyed the morning as this race was organized by my people...start time was 11 am! So very civilized... Still completely disorganized and chaotic, but soon we were all off. The run was either a 6 or 12K, but not officially timed. I decided I would be happy with 90 minutes. The trouble with the 12k is it was just a repeat of the 6k out once, return and run out again. I wondered what the route would be like, and H. said (she was a volunteer, because the race was full by the time she went to sign up) she was told it was undulating hills. Undulating my ass!!!!! It was one long hill up, one longer hill down - which was great, until you realized you had to turn around and run up that longer hill again! Return to the start and do it all over again. I was crabby, my feet hurt and I finished dead last with a lovely pair of young ladies from Central Alberta, but still managed a time of 1:33. I'll take it!!! I am a little worried about Vancouver next week, as it's almost 4 times that distance, but at least it's not just a repeat of the 22 k route!

The rest of the party was too wild and crowded, so H. and I headed back to the safety of the condo, where I had a long hot shower and waited for her boy to arrive. We all went into Canmore (drove), had dinner and drinks, met up with some more friends of H. who just happened to be in town for the run, a great visit and shared some good belly laughs. Then back to the condo and the most comfortable couches ever, watched a little TV and drank some more and then off to bed.

Got up this morning, and was the only one not hung over...which was odd. But after some breakfast, we bundled up and decided to walk into town. There are awesome pathways everywhere, so we just followed the one in...6k from door to main street Canmore. Passed amazing houses (okay, mansions) and condos, some elk and tons of people. Wandered some more (my feet were starting to ache, but I sucked it up), had some so-so lunch, and then walked back to the condo, just narrowly beating the snowstorm that blew in! The boy left for Calgary (totally beating the storm) while H. and I finished packing up, tidying up the condo and stopping for gas. We were not so lucky!!! White-out conditions on the highway from just east of Canmore right through to Calgary. Luckily it's only an hour drive, but's the end of April...I am officially tired of snow!!! There is an inch or more of solid ice on the front of my car, but we made it back.

Now I am exhausted and going to lay down and chillax.

Here's to no more snow!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Mother Nature is reminding Calgarians that we have not been so kind (the last city to recycle, land of oil, etc) by SNOWING on us...yet again. Okay, we get're mad. Get over it!!!

I have a 12k on Saturday in Canmore, where even as we speak they are experiencing a heavy snowfall warning...10-20 cm expected over the next 24 hours. Now where did I put my snowshoes? Actually, I don't expect it to be bad by Saruday (fingers crossed), and heck, I survived the drive home from Edmonton during the last blizzard. A little spring snow ain't stoppin' us!

Crazy week at work is causing me to be very sleepy and not very weight-watchery (if it isn't a word, I so dub it one now). That being said, I don't think I've completely fallen off the wagon, and I did manage to make and take brekkie and lunch in to work today. I'm now waiting on some moussaka to heat in the oven (snow = comfort food) and then I think an early evening for me. Watch some top model, tidy up a bit (I will have someone in to take care of the babies while I am gone, so the house shouldn't be a complete disaster) and hit the sack nice and early. Getting more sleep was my goal for this week actually, and so far I've failed miserably. It'd be nice to say I accomplished it one night out of the 7.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yoga Virgin no more

Never did make it out for a run. Picked up H. and we went to the market. Both of us were very excited because the Buffalo hot dogs were finally in (we've been waiting for weeks and weeks and weeks), and I came home with 3 types of natural honey (cinnamon, cranberry and lemon). Some more tomatoes, edam cheese and assorted other goodies rounded out the take for the day.

H. was talking about going to a yoga class later to meet up with a friend (who teaches), so I thought I'd give it a whirl - we did walk over from here which was a nice 3.25km walk.

I've never been one for the spiritual side of yoga, and as an adult with ADD (not confirmed, but man, hang with me for 5 minutes...attention span of a gnat!) I always thought it would be too slow. It took a lot for me to concentrate and control my breathing. Compared to the others, I was practically hyperventilating, but none of the moves were too complicated for this old, very unbendy body! I did enjoy it though, which kind of surprised me. Although the heat was turned up for the next class, which for a naturally hot person who sweats brushing her teeth, made me uncomfortable towards the end of the class. That and it had been a long time since my latte and oatmeal, so I was getting a little shaky as well. But I think I'll try it again. Something different to mix things up.

Came home, had something to eat to get the blood sugars level, and then walked to the Community Health food store (another 3k walk) to see if they had this infamous Ezekial bread everyone keeps going on about. Came home $70 poorer, but did find the bread, some agave syrup, bulgar, home-made pyrogies and other assorted goodies.

Going to eat some dinner, make breakfast and lunch, watch Amazing Race and go to bed.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as much as I did.


This does not bode well...I am supposed to run 23k and as of right now, have absolutely NO desire to even put on my runners. Sigh... I got a good night's sleep, I've eaten a healthy energizing breakfast and here I sit. Just called H. to see if she made it out, and we're heading to the Farmer's market in about 45! Vancouver is in 14 days!!! But it's my first...I want to finish, upright, relatively injury free (nothing broken or the likes) and smiling. It's my first, so who cares what the time is. I'll be getting a feeling for the course and for the distance and that's that. So what if Oprah ran her first in 4:29...she had Bob waking her up and hauling her sorry butt out the door every morning at 6! I don't have a Bob!!! And I let the silliest reasons keep me here...I don't have a matching outfit to run in from home...or everything I do like to wear is at work with my gear there. Next weekend is Canmore, a 12 k, and then if the weather is nice, H. and I will go for a hike on Sunday. That'll help get us both prepared for Van. I think...

Down 3 pounds this week though...told you all that the cold was really good for your core! And while the number on the scale is no where near where I would like it, I'm getting many compliments again about my weight loss. A lady I haven't seen for several months actually grabbed my waist to find out where it went...needless to say, she found out quickly just how ticklish I am!!

So...Farmer's market, home and then I'll see if I have some oomph to run at least a 5k. I can do that...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My day today

Got up early, as usual, but it wasn't to go for coffee as usual. was the spring/summer launch for Epicure Selections. I had to go see what goodies we were offering for the lazy days of summer. For those who don't know, Epicure Selections is a Canadian company the produces and sells, via home-based businesses (like Tupperware, Avon, etc), a vast array of spice blends, dip mixes, vinegars, rubs and grilling sauces and high-end kitchenware. I have been selling them for 4 years now, deciding I should do something to support my spice habit! Anyway...good stuff coming up (hey...if you want to book a party, you know who to call!) - and some shocking stats as well. 1 tbsp of Montreal steak spice has over 3,000 mg of sodium!! Wow Kazunga! Our TexMex rub as only 6% of that amount (you'd need 17 tbsp's to get the same amount)...our products are very low sodium/sugar. We also came out with a new program this spring "28 Days to a Healthier You"...includes tips and ideas, over 120 recipes for everything from breakfasts, snacks, sides, desserts, dinners, etc, a pedometer, journal/planner and grocery list and a perfect portion plate. I'm going to follow the plan when I get back from Vancouver (let the carbo-loading begin!) and see what results I can get in the 4 weeks. It's very similar to the logic behind Weight Watchers, which I like...everything from all the food groups, eat less/move more, portion control, etc.

Nice day out today, considering they were saying it was to be 'colder' than yesterday...after the launch, as I was wandering a little shopping area I've never been to before (Lakeview), I found the cutest summer dress at 50% off. Fit beautifully and I did vow this summer to be more of a girly-girl. Then maybe I'll find me a manly-man! LOL!! I do love impulse shopping. Then met up with H., wandered MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) and then had a fabbo lunch at the Holy Grill. Chicken, roasted peppers, onion, artichokes in a panani with sweet potato chips - most excellent!

Dropped H. off and then headed south to check up on the parents (which I love...Dad complains about Mom, she complains about Dad, I'm in the middle wondering how and when I signed up for this nonsense!)...they are both alive and doing well, although I do need to get someone over there to clean. I won't...Dad made sure at a very young age that I openly despised cleaning, as he harped, nagged and hovered over everything I did. And now that he never (and I mean NEVER!!) leaves his lazy-boy, let alone the house, the hovering will be increased ten fold. That's why professionals were invented! No personal ties or feelings to be hurt.

Home now...feeling a tad sleepy, so a brief nap may be in order. Have to get up and run 23k tomorrow, and then maybe a trip to the farmer's market. And then back to the grind on Monday...but I'm not knocking it because I at least have a grind to go to!

Have a great weekend.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday

Good thing it's a holiday, as I really have no motivation to do anything today. I'm still feeling the effects of the cold, although I did sleep a little better last night (double shots of Benelyn for Dy's a good thing!). Sipping coffee and trying to figure out what I should do today.

Spring in Calgary means the return (although some don't leave) of Canadian Geese. Yes, they're loud and annoying and poop like nothing else seen in nature, but I am always awed by their beauty and commitment to each other. I am the freak that welcomes the honk-honk return, and look forward to seeing the giant V's in the sky, and the babies...oh man, how much do I love baby geese?! Just want to pick one up and kiss it all over, but then Mama Goose would rip my heart out through my left eye, and I totally respect that! Grizzly bear mamas have nothing on geese mamas! Anyway, as I left my house to get some groceries yesterday, there's this goose just hanging out at my side grass (it's nice and fresh and green)...didn't seem the least bit bothered by my presence, and just kept on waddling along. We can hear them on the roof all spring, as they decide on a nice place to set up home. I do hope they realize that I don't really live on the river, and it's not necessarily the best location for raising children. Anyway, when I returned from groceries, Goosey was still hanging about, this time deciding to hang on top of what I only imagine he/she thought was a giant golden egg! Again, I walked right up to him/her, to try and shoo it away, but it stood it's ground. This "egg" was theirs. I feel bad for the guy who owns the car and has to clean it now! But I did have a good laugh, watching this goofy goose guard it's new territory.

Okay...on with my day. Would do laundry, but someone left all of theirs in the machines, again. So...taxes. Yay...

Happy Monday.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday update

We have heat and hot water...the plumber showed up some time today (thanks for the call!) and fixed the boiler. Yay...

However, I still feel rather awful (throbbing headache), so I'm going to wander off to find some fresh air and something to go with the little ham I'm going to cook later.
Just to remind me that it's spring, here's some tulips growing in my front garden.

Happy Easter

Went to bed too late (1ish), coughed all night long until I got up and found some very old cough syrup (expired in 2007), which still managed to help. Then the cats decided I should get up at 5, 5:30, 6, 6:15, 6:45, 7, get the picture. Apparently they were awfully dehydrated (my boy also likes to get his water from the tub...but they're not spoiled!), and my girl, despite have 19 lbs reserve was close to starvation. So I finally got up just after 8, fed them, gave George some water and crawled back in for another hour or so of sleep. Coughing resumed immediately, so I gave up and got up. I really needed the sleep though, as I am scheduled to run 32k today. But wait...something else is amiss. Why are my eyes so gucky and why can I see??? Uh-oh...forgot to take the contacts OUT last night. So, now I have a sore chest/back from coughing, I'm tired from lack of sleep, my eyes are irritated because of massive hours of wearing contacts, I have a headache and there's no hot water or heat in my building!!!

Oy...can I start over, please?

The phone calls start coming in from the other tenants (I am Schneider for my building, if anyone gets the 70's reference), so I make the emergency call to the management company and then the plumber. Gee...a plumber on Easter Sunday...that's not gonna cost a lot, huh?!? Still haven't heard from the plumber yet, but I already decided no run for me today. I have lost all desire and umph.

If the plumber calls or gets here soon, then I'll go for a walk with H. before she has to go to work this afternoon. I bought myself a little ham to cook for dinner, and I think I'll make some biscuits and baked beans to go with. Or I'll just crawl back into bed and wait for the day to start over!

Oh, and on top of all of visit from the Bunny to my house and I've looked everywhere! Chocolate would definitely make this all better...

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday am

Here I sit, waiting for the maintenance dude my building uses to show up, so I can show him the suites that need repairs. However, 10-10:30 is now 10:54!!! I did sleep in a little, and got up, showered, had a coffee, went outside and picked up the trash off my front lawn and hauled some garbage, waiting. I am not good at waiting...

Dad called this morning with another of his cryptic messages. I swear the massive combination of meds and lack of oxygen (let this be a lesson...don't smoke!) has seriously messed with his mind, as he swears that my mother destroyed all of their financial records and now they can't do their taxes. But she feels bad about it (she is showing signs of Alzheimer's, which runs in her family), so I should go and take her for lunch and shopping. How that will help their taxes, I don't know. But I've seen the piles and piles and piles of papers in their office, so I'm pretty sure not everything was destroyed, but I think I'll show up with an organizer and just act like it was buy one, get one free, and hey, for fun, let's clean up the office. Of course, I'm looking at the piles and piles and piles of paper in MY office and thinking the same thing!! Guess I come by it naturally.

It's a lovely day so far here today, so want to take advantage of it. Head off to the farmer's market after maintenance dude leaves (if he ever arrives, that is) and then maybe head out for a nice run or walk. Still blowing and hacking, but the cold appears to be getting weaker, which is good. The cold meds are giving me the shakes, which I do not enjoy, and which make typing a tad difficult!'s now after 11. Time to phone maintenance dude and get an ETA.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Seem to be kicking this cold thing to the curb. Got a relatively good night's sleep (wasn't up every hour on the hour draining sinuses!!), and even managed to sleep in till 9! Man...I remember the days when I used to sleep till 11 or noon...where did those go?? I don't have kids...I don't have any excuse. Sigh...I miss sleeping.

Sipping coffee (1 c espresso w/1 c milk - just the way I like it!), watching some news, getting my banking and finances caught up, and trying to decide if I feel well enough to try a short run. At least it looks like it's going to be a nice day. May have to at least go for a walk, as to not waste the day.

Nothing much else to report...besides the horrific shock of finding our favorite noodle house closed for the weekend last night!! Don't these people know that this is our Thursday night ritual?? Weight Watchers, then noodles - no deviation from the plan! We did find a good alternative though, down by Chinook Centre. Their pho is a little on the spicier side, and the broth isn't nearly as tasty, but still very good. They will do nicely in May when our place is closed for vacation.

Just spent some time chatting with an old friend who lives in Holland (we grew up together, before her family moved back overseas). Same daily struggles, different country. We almost echoed each other talking about weight, exercise, family strive and life in general. Kind of funny.

On that note, Happy Good Friday, get out there and enjoy the day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I try to get enough sleep...I eat healthy, trying to avoid processed foods and eat my daily allotment of fibre and vegetables and fruit. I run and walk and take vitamins. Yet here I sit, sicker than a dog!!! Obviously didn't run today. Instead came home early and laid down for a 3 hour nap. I need to kick this out soon, as Vancouver approachs faster daily. Can't miss out on vital training now. Time to kick it into high gear...OJ, vitamin C and Zinc and plenty of rest. Hope to be back on track by the weekend.

Of course, with the number of times that I've blown my nose since this morning, I should be down a good 10 pounds by weigh in tomorrow night! LOL!!

Can't wait for chicken pho tomorrow's just spicy enough that it should shake things up in my sinuses and is just so delicious that is has to be good for me! And we have to have it as many times as we can over the next two weeks as the restaurant is closing for a month starting on the 27th!! Granted, I'm happy they're heading home to Vietnam (hopefully to get more recipes!) but does that mean I have to go without weekly pho for a month?!?! I will go into withdrawel!!!

I can barely keep my eyes open, kids, so I am off to bed. Must floss first (have not missed a day since January 12th - quite a feat for me) and then lights out. It'll be an early day tomorrow, as it's my company's annual easter egg hunt (great prizes for the winners) and instead of mini Crave cupcakes this year, they're serving gourmet hot chocolate, muffins and cookies for breakfast. I want to go in early to help out and I'm also a floor champion, meaning I'm the contact for winners/questions, help with the hunt, etc. And then we get a 4-day weekend! Yahoo... My company doesn't observe Family Day (not every province takes the day in February yet, and our company is very big on what is fair for everyone, not just one) so they give us Easter Monday instead. I don't care...I can always use a vacation day or two in February and get a nice break at Easter time.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday musings

I said I would and I did. I set the alarm, got out of bed at 7:30 and was on the paths running just after 9. Had a rather large distance to cover today (29km) but also had a contact fitting at Costco at 3, so I decided to run 2 hours and 2 hours back and see how I did.
Dinner last night was fabbo chicken curry with mounds of fresh veggies on rice. That appeared to carbo load me just fine for today, and after breakfast of a few spoonfuls of yogurt, a glass of 1% chocolate milk, oatmeal (1/2 oats, 1 c milk, 1/8 c craisons and a tbsp of sliced almonds), I was ready to run.
Started out nice and strong, sticking to the 10:1 schedule and making good time. There was one of many races going on around town today on the Bow River pathway, along with every person who lives in or around Calgary (can you tell we woke up to a nice day today??), but I persevered and pushed forward. Started at my usual spot in Eau Claire, ran east to Langevin (Edmonton Trail), crossed the river, west to 10th street, crossed the river, west to Crowchild, crossed the river (all those crossings do add up) and then all the way past Shouldice bridge and into Bowness. Did some looping on the sidestreets to hit the 2 hour mark (and 14.3km?) before turning back.
And that's when it happens...doesn't seem to matter if I run out 5k or 50k...when I turn back, I lose steam. So, I walked...but made sure that my heart-rate stayed around the 80% of max mark (which my overall average worked out to 83%...very good) and that my pace did not go much above 9 min/km (9.19 - not too bad). So...I think I need to find a loop, and stop this running out and back garbage. I believe that most of distance running is mental...after all, the mechanics of it is simple...left, right, repeat. But boy oh boy, once those negative voices get in your head, you're done. Vancouver is in 28 sleeps...need to start finding those inspirational thoughts that will get me through it. I want to enjoy this experience, not regret it from the start.

Month over month review:
weight loss in March: 1.2 lbs. People have been commenting on my weight loss, but it really is the reshaping they're seeing, not the number on the scale. I have to remember to say thank you though, which is still difficult not to follow with a "but...".
The inches didn't drop so much this month, as I appear to have rebounded on a few, but then I most certainly didn't stick to the running routine as well in March as I did in February.
Bust: 42, down .25
Waist: 39.75, up .5
Hips: 44.5, up .5
Thigh: 27.5, up .5
Calf: 16.25, up .5
Arm: 12.25, down .75
Running: 94.46 km
Walking: 16.05 km
12 / 31 days

Wow...did I ever mess up training in March. Back at it full force in April - decided that I have to be selfish at work and take my lunch breaks for running, instead of working through them all time. The job will still be there, and won't get done any faster, so why was I so ready to give up on myself?? In fact, so far 5 days into April, and I've already passed 1/3 of last months km's.

That's it for me today. I'm off to find more painkillers (I love to run...have I mentioned that?!) and reheat last night's curry for supper tonight. Make breakfast & lunch for tomorrow and then early to bed!

Have a great night.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nice Saturday

I'm a little's been 24 hours and no new ever will we make it through this "nice" spell?!?

Got up bright and early (ugh) this morning and met up with C. & E. (part of the Saturday morning coffee crew - H. stayed in bed and caught up with some much needed z's) and we went for our usual walk. But I suggested earlier that we shake things up, and we took a new route through Sunnyside, and down it's pathway, which unfortunately is not totally cleaned...funniest sight ever watching C. literally sliding backwards, till I could grab her hand and pull her to safety! Guess you had to be there... But the end goal of the new route was the Crescent Heights staircase. 167 steps bottom to top, and they are nice, big steps (I have big feet and long legs and appreciate that someone tall actually built something that the rest of us can use with ease!)...we did one lap up and down - didn't want to kill them both their first time...we'll work up to more laps in the future. Great butt workout. I was also out of breath by the time I got to the top, and it made me sad that I used to be able to do 10 laps (not per flight, but bottom to top and back down), with push-ups, cross-overs, double-ups, etc, at lunch...yes, in an hour. And that includes there and back to the office, which is roughly another km. Sigh...decided that after Vancouver training is done, I will make that my Tuesday/Thursday routine again, and work my way back to 10, maybe even 12 this year.

Did hook up with H. after coffee and we went to the Farmer's market...for someone who didn't 'need' anything, I sure came home with a very full, very heavy sack! Carrots, the most wonderful smelling tomatoes (they actually smell like a tomato should!), whole wheat pita, olives, the most amazing curry sauce I have ever tasted (locally made, with no crap in it), spinach, sweet potato, cauliflower (can you guess what I'm having for supper tonight??) and some more basil. Then I had a brief, albeit accidental nap on the couch before walking down to the Tech Shop and purchasing some new runners. Figure I have a month to get them broken in. Good news...they were $60 off the regular price, so I spent that $60 on a new pair of capris. I am a sucker for running clothes...doesn't help me run any faster, but dang it, I look gooooooood!

Carbing up tonight with my curry, to get ready for the 29k I will do tomorrow.

Vancouver...29 sleeps and counting...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday night musings

So...when did I become a cheap drunk?!?! Two pints people...that's all I had was two pints, and I can barely keep my eyes open! I started reading some of the other postings, and for fear of nodding off, decided that I'll get all caught up tomorrow!!

Good thing that the only fast food joint (McD's) is right beside the Crack-Macs downtown. That and that alone kept me from going in and ordering a very, very, very large order of fries. Mmmmmm...Guinness and fries...they were made for each other. So instead, because I knew walking home (yes, I still walked, and since it is April and Spring, I've decided to shake my fist defiantly at Miss "Crabby Be-otch" Mother Nature and wear a light coat and sandels to work today...sadly, she shoke back and I was cold walking home...sigh...) that me and cooking wasn't going to work this evening, I did stop into Safeway and picked up some Chinese. I wanted something greasy, so settled on ginger beef (not bad), satay pork (amazingly lean and quite delish) and some dumplings. Not the best choices (veggies in the satay were scant tonight) but it could have been a Big Mac and I'll take it.

Watching some TV, and then hitting the sack. Want to challenge the Saturday morning walking crew to the Crescent Heights stairs...167 steps bottom to top. Haven't done them myself for a long time, and I actually miss them...awesome butt workout!

My couch and Guinness (now, where did THAT one come from??) are calling me. Till next time.