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Friday, January 1, 2010

First day of the new year

Slept a little, ate a little, walked a little. All in all, a good day.
Started early enough, considering I was in bed by 1am - at least I made it to (and past) midnight! Yippee!!
Breakfast was my usual very strong latte, and a crusty bun (probably not the best idea to buy a whole bag, but dang they are GOOD!) with raspberry jam. Bundled up, strapped on the Garmin and walked over to H-woman's house to feed Miss Nermal. Walked back, making sure I wouldn't be tempted by anything (left all credit, debit and cash at home!), finishing a nice 3.5km round trip. But my word, it was brisk!
After a quick update with the parents (one should never really have to hear how a parent's bowel movement disrupts their breathing, by the way. Just saying...there's no real response for that...), I made lunch. I had some of the salmon leftover from last night, so I pan-fried it with a tsp of oil and some lemon juice, till it was just done. Tossed it with celery, onion, the leftover dilled mayonnaise and some capers. Voila! Salmon salad on a bun - yum, yum, yum!!

After lunch I went outside (again) to tackle the sidewalks (AGAIN!)...I grow weary of all this snow. Drier and warmer than usual, my ass! But another good workout.
Came back inside, frozen through, and after putting on my big Melissa's hoodie, I ended up having an accidental nap on the couch! Felt good though, so no regrets.
Tossed some garlic and onion in a saute pan, and added some cherry tomatoes till they burst. Added some basil, wine and the leftover shrimp, squid and scallops to the pot, while some whole wheat linguine boiled away. Tossed it all together, with some Parmesan on top and yet another bun (think I filled my white bread quota for the day!) for dipping.

Back over to H-woman's (very dark out now, so I drove) to feed Nermal again, who actually got up on the couch beside me and cuddled. Okay, cuddling for her is different, as she's very stand-off-ish, but I definitely got cuddled. She misses her mama!
Finishing the evening off with some fruit salad. I was going to do a chocolate fondue, but decided that all I wanted was the fruit. So I tossed mandarins, pineapple, pink lady apple and strawberries with some coconut and vanilla sugar (add a vanilla bean to a container of sugar and let it'll be amazed on how the aroma and flavour spreads through the crystals), and ate it on top of a toasted slice of angel loaf. Yes, instead of angel food cake, this was an angel food loaf. Looked just like a pound cake, but it's all angel food. Yay!

That's it for me. Early to bed, as weigh-in and meeting starts at 7:30am tomorrow. At least Faye will be back! Makes the early morning drive worth it...well, almost!!! Expecting it to be a freaking zoo as well, so I'll probably have to leave here by 6:45, just to make sure I get there and get a place to sit! Gag...

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