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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Little girl lost...and good-byes

First, let me apologize for taking so long to put this post together.  Every time I sat down to start, I just couldn't seem to get the jumbled thoughts from my brain to magically flow out of my fingers to the keyboard.  But here goes...

This may be my last post for RunnerGirl48, as I really haven't felt like one lately...a runner, that is.  In fact, I have not run, at all, since Winterstart in Banff, back in November.  I've barely even been a Crossfit Chick, as between my back, wrist, shoulder and ever present ankle issues, my body seems determined to keep me grounded.  Add the chaos that is life to that as well...suffice to say 2014 has not started the way I thought it would.

1. Fitness - or lack thereof.  I have managed to make it back a few times to Crossfit, but am still not able to       do push-ups or burpees (dang!), as my wrist cannot handle any weight on it.  It is getting better, as
    Dr. Dave pulled out the laser, and it's responding well, but it has also determined what I can/can't do in a       class, so that has kept me home many times.  I need to come to grips (pun intended) with my "injury" and       move forward.  It has to be better than not moving at all, as the pounds have slowly but surely found their     way back onto my thighs, butt and gut.

2. Running - I have registered for the 5-Peak series this year, comprising of 5 shorter (6-9k) trail races,             taking     place in and around Calgary.  Depending on how the first one feels, that will be my running focus     for 2014.   No marathons, no half marathons.  Maybe a 5 or 10k street race, but I think I'll stick as much     to the trails as I can.  Easier on the joints.

3. House hunt - it continues.  Calgary is in a very strange place right now, with homes literally flying off the         shelves.  Case in point: sat outside a property two Sundays ago, offering $11K OVER list price (it had         just come on the market that Friday) and I still lost a lot.  Or the two properties that I couldn't           even get in to see, because as they were posting the listing on MLS, they were also accepting offers               written.  That broke me on Friday, as I went home (was supposed to see a place), crawled into bed at         5pm and cried myself to sleep.  Granted, that's not the only sad thing in my life.

4. Family - Mom passed a few weeks ago.  Sudden, and shockingly so, as we kept hoping she was settling       into her new home, getting used to the people and routine.  In fact, I was on my way for a visit when I          got the call. At least she is now at peace, no longer in pain or frustrated by the fact that she couldn't              remember anything.  But I miss my Mommy.  I am little girl lost right now.  She would be the first to say        get up and get moving, as life goes on.  I am happy for the new group of guys I work with, as I've put them    through a lot since I started Dec 15th, and they have been a huge support.  And all my friends at Crossfit       and running have my back too.  In fact, I am truly blessed with all the love surrounding me.  Even the kitties    have been extra cuddly lately.  They know.

So, what does this mean for the blog and me?  Don't quite know yet...I was thinking of adding a page about dealing with a parent with dementia, but no need there.  Could talk about the joys of house-hunting (side note:  don't watch House Hunters when you can't find a 750 sq ft home for under $400K in Calgary, and watch couples complain about "how small 2600 sq ft are, and wow, they want $170K for it" will make you burst a vein) but that would just consist of a lot of swear words.  Could blog about Crossfit, and I want to, but I should really make the effort of actually going to a class every now and then!

While I still believe in "yay for fitness" and love reading your blogs, I'm going to sign off for bit.  Once I figure out what I want to talk about, and share with the world, I'll be back.  After all, my 17 faithful readers will miss me...right?

Don't forget to tell the people you love how much you love them, and often, as you never know when you can't say it any more.  Love and hugs to you all.

Yay for fitness,