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Saturday, March 30, 2013


It's rather fitting that on the eve of Easter Sunday, that was my score for 13.4 was a big goose-egg.  But I tried.  And tried.  And tried.  Could not clean 95# to save my life.  Hell, I couldn't clean 75# earlier today.  Tried to get the timing of the hips, arms and dropping beneath the bar all right, but was a no go.  That didn't stop me from cheering on the others who competed today, and to be totally inspired by their dedication and strength.  Not one made me feel bad for fact, no one even used that word.  We all talked about how far I have come, how much I have done and how I'm going to kill it next year.

Went for a long walk with H-woman, after enjoying some salmon and nicose salad that she made.  She is a very good cooker!!  Then dealt with some tenant issues (I am getting far too old for this!), and just now got a text to go for a beer.  So, rather than sitting here, feeling "tired" and "I have to run in the morning", I'm cleaning myself up and I'm going out.  Hmmmm....being 50 is fun!

Yay for fitness!

Friday, March 29, 2013


Workout 13.4

7 minute AMRAP of:
3 Clean and jerk
3 Toes-to-bar
6 Clean and jerk
6 Toes-to-bar
9 Clean and jerk
9 Toes-to-bar
12 Clean and jerk
12 Toes-to-bar
15 Clean and jerk
15 Toes-to-bar
18 Clean and jerk
18 Toes-to-bar...
This is a timed workout. If you complete the round of 18, go on to 21. If you complete 21, go on to 24, etc.

Just when I was proud (and amazed) that 75# was the heaviest I had lifted, they go and add TWENTY POUNDS!!!  Yes, that's right...tomorrow I will attempt to clean (lift the bar from the ground to my shoulders and rest) and jerk (push the bar up above my head, till my whole body is extended and in line) NINTY-FIVE EFFING POUNDS, repeatedly.  And THEN, for kicks (pun intended), I will jump on the rack and attempt to get my toes to touch it at the same time (as per photo attached).  Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah...sorry, but my T2B look more like toes to hip.  I'll be thrilled with one rep in this round.  I was going to try last night, but my left shoulder was having none of it.  So home to ice and rest, and I'll keep stretching, icing and moving, and working my way up to 95# over today and tomorrow.  BUT I did finally get my special lifting shoes this week (yeah, yeah, yeah...drank the koolaid...okay, "chugged" is probably a better description!).  We'll be putting them to the test for sure.

And, by the way, how do you catch a cat?  Put a box out.  Anywhere.  Period.  Giorgio says hi.

I did run this week, twice.  That's an improvement.  Ran about 2.5k on Tuesday, while the group did a 5k time trial (aka race pace).  I ran unbroken, and even got my pace up a bit as I ran back in with Garrath, aka Speed Demon Instructor.  Then Wednesday, I wanted to run hills.  Not a lot, but I wanted to see if I remembered how!  Ran the 3k to said training hill unbroken, and then managed to do 3 hills.  Not bad, since those are the first hills for me this clinic.  I then ran the 3k back to Eau Claire unbroken.  Well, I did stop to watch the seagulls (they know they are no where near the ocean, right?!  One would think the ice flow in the middle of the river would have tipped them off) and a gorgeous Golden Eagle taking in the late day sun.  The eagle was perched on a log in the river, and two seagulls decided it would be fun to buzz him (her?).  I was waiting for the moment that the eagle, patiently tucking his head every time, was going to jump up and BAMMO seagulls.  Nature is harsh but cool.  But then I cooled off pretty quick and wanted to get back.  Don't know how this particular story ended.

I am within .5 pounds of the promised land, people.  Okay, so not THE promised land, but weighing in with a number that starts with a ONE again.  It's been a long year, but I have to say since January and between Paleo and CrossFit, I'm down 20ish pounds.  TWENTY!!  And I'm old(er) and menopausal, so it can be done.  Just like lifting 95#.

Yay for fitness!

Friday, March 22, 2013


Third week of the Open.  Past the halfway point.  I continue to scare and challenge myself, pushing past the "I can't" to the "look at me now!".  I am fearless.  Okay, so may "fearless" isn't correct, but I'm trying.  That's all I can ask of myself, after only 6 months of CrossFit training.

Workout 13.3

12 minute AMRAP of:
150 Wall balls (20# / 14#)
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

Wall Balls...what can I say about wall balls, other than...ack.  And I have never attempted to throw 14#, trying 10# a few times, but basically settling comfortably with 8#.  It's "only" 6 lbs heavier, but my word, those are some heavy 6 pounds!  At least we (women) can aim for the 9' mark, not the 10' like the boys.  NINE FEET!!!!  Movement standards also insist that your hip crease drop BELOW your knees in the squat, and the ball has to connect at 9' or higher on the wall.  I am not known for my squats...just saying.  I had no worries about attempting the dreaded DUs, as I was going to be thrilled with just getting through all 150 WBs before the 12 minutes slipped away.  So muscle-ups were also no where on my radar.  Yet.  Wait till next year, folks!!

I struggled, and it was either a no-rep because my hips weren't low enough (Coach came around several times to remind me to get my butt down) or the ball would land just shy of 9'.  We have the argument going around as to whether WBs are easier for tall people or shorties, but I think it's a draw.  A. cranked out 150 of them (she is strong like ox!) but was exhausted from having to jump each time to launch the ball, while I had trouble folding up 3' of legs to meet the standards.  And because I'm not as strong (yet), I was also jumping to get the ball up there.  So, while I probably did 150 attempts, my final score was 54.  I'll take it!!!

Not running in tomorrow's Half or 8k (had dropped down, and now decided I'd rather not run at all) and I officially dropped to the Half in Vancouver, while they still had spots.  Cost me another $14, but there's no way I can push out a marathon after no training these past couple of months.  I'll focus on a PR in Chicago in October.  Still doing the 50k ultra at the end of May, but since I have 10 hours, and it's basically a trail race, I'll be hiking the whole thing.  No worries there.  Besides, I'm still working on getting my legs stronger with CrossFit, and therefore preventing future injuries.  Is it weird that I am totally looking forward to tonight's workout ladder??  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of hang power snatches/burpees, following by 2 minutes of goblin squats??? Or weirder still that I hope to RX (do the prescribed weight) for all?  Who am I?!?!

Yay for fitness!


Sunday, March 17, 2013


I admit I was frustrated when I left the Box Thursday night.  I'll also admit some tears were shed.  I continued that rant/hissy-fit right through to my appointment with Therapist Dave, who is also a Crossfit Coach along with his wife.  She was immediately brought into the room, and after my rather painful Graston session (oh, how I've missed that...NOT), Coach Swags was determined that I was not leaving until I had successfully pressed 75# above my head.

She started me with lower weights, and after watching me press a few, decided I was going to do best with a split jerk.  Slowly and surely, with patience and gentle guidance, I managed to push out FIVE lifts!  Now to remember everything on Sunday.

I had a super fun weekend.  Crossfit Friday and Saturday morning were both challenging and fun.  In fact, still feeling Saturday's thrusters in the tuckus.  Then the Box went out to a local beer hall Saturday night...yes, Crossfitters drink beer...and had a blast.  So much to see everyone outside the gym.  The guys represented during the beer stein holding contest (Props to Tim, who won with over 7 minutes!), and the night was filled with laughs and good conversations.  Learned tons about the people that I just work out with.  Such an amazing group.  Of course, that did make this morning a little harder to face, but I had a WOD to kill.

I was also supposed to run the St. Patrick's Day 10k this morning.  I picked up my bib on Thursday and dropped to the 5k at the time, due to my knee.  On further talks/reflection, I decided even running/walking 5k before the Open would be foolish, so I gave my bib to a friend.  Probably for the better, since we woke to snow, wind and cold temps.  It would not have been pretty if I fell along the way.

Got to the box, and watched the "pros" slam out their 13.2, with some amazing results.  Struggled with the damn weight again, to which so many people came over to help me with stance, where the weight rested, how to "get out of my head" and so on.  Two of the guys even "tricked" me into pressing 75#, by pretending to lower/increase the weights.  Finally it was my turn to compete.  I just had to do 5...that's all I wanted...just get through the first 5, so I could move on to the deadlifts and box jumps (step-ups).  So...THAT'S WHAT I DID!!!!  In fact, with some struggles, I managed to get through two full rounds, for a score of 60.  Not the 420 that the leading woman slammed out (Holy Eff!!) but I earned every single one of those 60 reps.  So proud of myself, and not backing down.

Ended up down at the Mill, meeting up with the various running groups, for St. Patrick's Day.  Got all swagged out by the staff, and came home with a t-shirt, a fedora, glasses (although I think I may have left my there), key-chain and suspenders.  And truly enjoyed the pint of the black elixir that is Guinness.  I earned it today!

Yay for fitness!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Ben Affleck said it at the Oscars.  "You're going to get knocked down...we all do.  It's how you get back up that counts"...or something along that line.

Tonight I was beaten by a bar of steel and some rubber bumpers.  I wasn't injured, but it hurt.  It didn't insult me, but I was close to tears.  You see, I couldn't press the 75# bar above my head.  Everyone else made it look easy, and that's frustrating for me.  "If they can do it, why can't I??"  Yes, many are half my age, and several more come from a history of fitness.  I sat on my butt for the first 35 or so years, and have some catching up to do.  But I am, admittedly, my own worst critic.  I am harsh on myself, when I would give anyone else a break, a hug and words of encouragement.  It was all I could do to get to my truck before I burst into huge crocodile pity tears.  I was knocked down, deflated and downright poopy about the whole thing!

BUT...I have clawed my way back up.  I am already planning on practising push press and jerk press till I master them both (or I puke...whichever comes first), and yes, at 75#.  And then Sunday...well, me and that bar are going to have ourselves a little rematch.

And I'm making it my bitch!!

Yay for fitness.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Workout 13.2

10 minute AMRAP of:
5 Shoulder to overhead, 115 / 75 lbs
10 Deadlift, 115 / 75 lbs
15 Box jump, 24 / 20 inch
Workout 13.2 score submissions are still open.

Wish me luck.  I can do anything for 10 minutes, right??  Right?!
Yay for fitness!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


No, not a Half, but the 1st week of the Crossfit Open.

The WOD was daunting to say the least...I had no idea how I was going to get through so many burpees, let alone snatching 75#, but I was as ready as I could be.  I was going to wait and compete this morning (Maroon 5 tickets on Thursday) but decided last minute that I didn't know the opening acts, and therefore could miss them.  I competed on Thursday.

Kept telling myself that this was "just another WOD", but getting measured and set up with my own bar/target to hit for the burpees (you MUST touch a target with both hands, 6" above your reach), and setting up my own lifting station ("the athlete MUST load their own weights"), I got nervous all over again.

I tried to drown out everything, and just concentrate on hitting the dirt and jumping back up again, 40 times.  Yes, FORTY times.  Totally ignored (sort of) the fact that everyone else was off snatching while I was still throwing myself down and jumping back up again.  Finally hit 40, and it was off to the bar, set for the first round of 45#.  I'm not a fan of the snatch, as I find the hand grip and wide arms very unnatural and difficult.  And, this was really the first time I have ever RXd (recommended weights) EVER!  I managed to get through my 30 snatches and it was back to burpees.  "Only" 30 this round, but the clock was moving far faster than I, and I finished the 17 minutes with another 10 burpees.  That made my total score 80 (40+30+10).  Two ladies in our group did 150 (AMAZING!), while the International leaders are well over 200 reps.  WOW!

So, I may be last in my group in Western Canada, but dammit, my name is on the board.
27 (27)Carol Whyte80

The rest of the week had me run a couple of times (steady, not too fast, no breaks, felt good), saw Maroon 5 (too back the screeching 20 year-olds behind me ruined the night by making my ears bleed!), tackle some more Crossfit (rope climb...first time ever), dinner out with friends, enjoying a pint or two.

Finished the 8 week weight challenge through the Box down 16.1 pounds, 14 of which were fat.  A few of us are going to continue on, keeping each other honest and on track.

Springing forward took a wee toll on me this morning, since I can't seem to make myself go to sleep early!  My knee did hurt a bit today while running, and I'll admit it's a little tender now.  But I stopped running, walked, and cut it short.  Icing now.

Waiting anxiously for 13.2, but in the meantime Coach has devised his own evil little WOD.  Normally I like a Chipper (you chip away at each thing) but this one is all over the place.  But like everything Crossfit, I will try.

Yay for fitness!!

For time:
 40 Thrusters 95/65
30 Pullups
50 Wall Balls 20/14
20 T2B
60 Air Squats
10 KTE

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What was I thinking???

Seriously...seemed like such a good idea at the time.  All the cool kids are doing it!  Even Bob Harper admits to "drinking the koolaid".

Someone needs to save me from myself.

Pray for me.


Workout 13.1

17 minute AMRAP of:
40 Burpees
30 Snatch, 75 / 45 lbs
30 Burpees
30 Snatch, 135 / 75 lbs
20 Burpees
30 Snatch, 165 / 100 lbs
10 burpees
Max rep Snatch, 210 / 120 lbs 
Workout 13.1 score submissions are still open.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

And I was runnin'

Finally got the go-ahead from my RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) to try running again.  Granted, it was to be short, slow and 5:1's, but I could run!  I am THRILLED!  In my head, I looked like this.
In reality, I was running in this, so not so pretty!
Calgary was slammed by a lovely spring storm, starting at about 7:30 this morning.  By the time it finished, I'd say we have about 20cm of the white stuff.  Luckily it wasn't too bad running, as I only did 6k.  The rest of the gang were doing either 12 or 19, so I got off lucky!  It wasn't so cold, but it was was windy and that made for ice pellets in the eyes.  We runners are a hardy breed though...left, right, repeat.  I am pleased though, as the leg feels good.  No pain, no snaps, no problem!  Sweet!!!

I am totally stiff from yesterday's WOD from hell, however.  Seemed innocent enough, as it was a simple EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 20 minutes, alternating KB thrusters x 3 (1 arm at a time) and box jump burpees x 5 (jump up and over box, burpee, repeat).  That is, till we got going.  Ten minutes in, Coach announces that we are adding 1 rep to every minute.  Groans heard around the world!!  All I know is that this was one of those WODS that had everyone laying on the ground, gasping for air, when time was up.  But wait...there's more!!!  That's right...we had 1 minute to get our stations ready for a 2 minute AMRAP of either pull-ups or TTB (toes to bar).  I set up my big blue band, along with a wee little red one, and managed to crank out 22 pull-ups.  I did attempt some jump-rope and box-jumps (12"), again easing back into things. After coffee with some fitters, I spent the rest of the day (6+ hours) at the office, stuffing tax forms.  I the dream, people.

I had an amazing dinner at NOtaBLE on Friday with a friend, as a continuation of my 50th birthday.  Had a plethora of appetizers, ranging from steak tartar (amazing), lamb meatballs in curry (wow!), grilled squid salad (melted in my mouth) and rabbit tagliatelle (yum).  I've never had rabbit before, so it was a new experience.  If you're going to try something, do it at this restaurant.  Just the best in Calgary.  Seriously.  Ended the evening with molten chocolate pudding and sea salt caramel ice cream.  Good thing I went to Crossfit BEFORE dinner, and Saturday morning!!  So far, this 50 thing is pretty awesome.

I had a great party with my running peeps on the 20th.  Jenny made an amazing chocolate/sea salt caramel (okay, I know what I like!!) which Kayla then took and decorated (she is a professional).  Loved the little barbells!!!

Then H-woman and I drove up to Sunshine Village in Banff National Park for an afternoon of snow-shoeing and then a couple of days of RnR.  H was going to ski, I was planning on relaxing.  We did head into Banff Friday night to celebrate International Margarita Day, followed by dinner at Balkan (amazing Greek).   Sunday brunch with the older brother and family, as Friday was Mom's 77th birthday.

Managed to register for Chicago in October.  Yes, I was one of the thousands that got caught up in the chaos that was, and was somehow registered 12 times at one point, but was only charged for 4!!  Guessing my credit card said HELL NO to more than the 4!  All reversed now, although I did get burned on the exchange (ended up costing me about $45) but I am just happy I got in.  The remaining 15,000 have to go to a lottery, and I suck at those!  Hotel and airfare are booked (wicked good deal) and now the bib is bought.  Looking into booking a food tour and a canal tour, architecture'll be fun.  Okay, so we'll try to overlook that Sunday run through the city part!!!  I will have to try visiting a city WITHOUT running for extended periods of time one day.  Of course, we did spend the morning discussing races we all want to run one day...Paris, Malta, Greece, the Goofy, etc.  Ah, runners.

I also registered for Melissa's in September and one more event...The Crossfit Open Games.   Dear God...what have I done???  The Open starts on Wednesday, so I'll let you know what I've gotten myself into then.

Well, given the storm, and the road conditions earlier today, I should hit the sack so I can leave for work at 6am.  It's also day 2 of month end, which means a long one for me as it is.  Hoping I get done in time to go to Crossfit, but I'll pack my gear anyway, and if I have to, I'll just go back to work.  Again, living the dream.