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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


MAN! I love the mountains!!!! The day dawned bright and lovely...there was a wind, but thankfully it was blowing East...there was a controlled burn on Nester Mountain, and I was worried about running in campfire smoke!! But it appeared to be a picture perfect day.

The three of us (H-woman and D.) are ready to roll. My caffeinated beverage was already long gone by this point. Weather was cool but sunny...most awesome running weather.

Sorry...freakiest glasses E.V.E.R!!!!

Lined up at the 9 min mark (and I ran just over 8 - yay training!). I was ready for this...felt good (other than the hips/knees/feet issues), but I was wearing knee sleeves and a new pair of my good old Asics. I just wanted to beat last year's time, and I've noticed such an improvement in my running, even since the marathon in May, I figured I could do it.

And we're off!!! This is down into the golf course...the joy of running the 22k over the 10k is that the 10k, while half the distance, run up a mountain! We run down and loop the golf course, and then meander our way back to the Cave and Basin. There are a couple of short hills, but no Tunnel Mountain!!

Have I mentioned that this is the prettiest run, ever???

11k down and going strong!

Again, how can you not love the views???

FINISHED!! 3:04:08 - almost 10 minutes off my time in 2008. Next year....sub 3 hours. And I still look like I'm enjoying myself.

Here come H-woman and D!! I feel bad for abandoning them at the 2k mark (we were running together) but when the mood to run strikes, grab on and go for the ride.

A much deserved pedi afterwards, although I wasn't sure I was going to be able to actually lift my leg onto the stool!!! But do these look like feet that have just spent 3 hours pounding along?! They felt like it, but they look good...

Again...why don't I live in the mountains (insert whine here)??? Is this not heaven??? I could live right here forever.

Made it to Boot Camp on Monday (surprisingly) and today, and the legs are finally starting to feel better. I do go for an adjustment tomorrow, and we'll see what they say about the IT bands. Today, the right one actually felt "normal"...then I ran trails in Boot Camp, tripping all over rocks and roots, so both ankles and knees are not happy right now!
Dinner was a quick lentil soup: brown onions, celery and garlic. Add one sweet potato, diced, and cook for a few minutes before adding broth (I went with Epicure Vegetable Bouillon, but you could use chicken as well), and cook till potato is tender. You're supposed to puree it at this point, but I like chunky soups. Add one can lentils, some cumin, Epicure Moroccan spice blend, S&P, lemon juice and spinach leaves. Enjoy. Even managed to leave some for lunch tomorrow. Debating a snack though, although it's all I can do to keep my eyes open. I think a glass of moo will do.
Hope everyone has a great week and reaches what ever goals they set out for themselves,

Monday, September 28, 2009


Weekend in mountains awesome...did not want to come home....ever (except maybe long enough to pick up the furbabies).

22k run good - beat last year's time, which was goal.

Hips and knees punishing me for said faster time...dealing with it.

Very tired...going to bed. Will post pics and details tomorrow.


Friday, September 25, 2009


Because we are heading to Canmore this afternoon, we (H-woman) and I went to Boot Camp at 6 AM...yes...that was 6 AM. It was dark outside...H-woman, who is a morning person (they are eeee-vil) and Trainer Josh (also a morning person) seemed to delight in my pain! And I learned...I don't do exercise in the morning well. Heck, I have enough trouble with just putting one foot in front of the other. Does this look like the face of someone who enjoys mornings?!
I found the climb up the big-assed Edworthy hill extremely challenging, as I tried to wake up the legs, gets the lungs cooperating (needed an extra hit of Ventolin, so they did), and find my footing IN THE DARK!!! Did I mention it's still very, very, very dark at 6 am? That is not morning...that is NIGHT! Although Trainer Josh is very prepared, as he had headlamps for us all. After our work on the hill (add some weights, squats, lunges, shoulder presses, pain) we returned to our mats and then the picnic tables for some more leg work...I think specially for H and myself, as TJ knows we're both running Melissa's tomorrow. Thanks, man! Finished up with some more squats (can never do enough of those), some more upper body work and then on to our damp, dew soaked mats for ab work. Just as the sun was peering over the horizon, class was done.
H dropped me off, where I promptly went back to bed for an hour snooze, and then up to pack for the weekend. Think I've got everything I need. Probably too much, actually.
Going to pick up our race stuff, then home again to change the litter, and tidy up for the nice lady down the hall who's going to come over and feed the babies and give George his shots, and then we're out of here!
No computer so you'll have to wait till Monday for an update and recap.
By the way, this is what 3500 people at a BBQ look like! It was fun, ran into some people I haven't seen for ages (and got sooooooo many compliments...once again, Boot Camp ROCKS), ate a fabulous meal (the Westin ROCKS), listened to a bit of music and then came home.
Have a fabulous weekend where ever you are and what ever you're doing.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kicked another 3 to the curb...

And it's all thanks to Boot Camp. It's the weight training, I swear. I have lost more than 20 pounds since June 11th, yet sat stalled at the same number for over 3 YEARS before I joined up!!!!! I am almost at my lowest WW weight since I joined 11 years ago. I know...some of you are thinking "ELEVEN YEARS?!?!" Give it up, already, lady!!! I'll admit...I love food, I didn't know how to properly exercise and I'm stubborn! Only 16 pounds left to goal weight. I will treat every day like I'm on "The Last 10 Pounds"...I will not give up now.

Getting ready to head out to a company BBQ...with 3,499 of my closest peeps! Yes, that's right. For the Alberta leg of our company's cross country BBQ tour, there are 3,500 people expected tonight. One place, one time. But 54-40 is the band (not country and from my era...I'll actually know the music), the Westin in catering and we get three free drink tickets each. Yahoo! The company is busing and flying people in from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan...apparently at the BC party (the entire province, including the island) had 5,000 people at it. KA-RAZY!!!! Should be fun, and I've just found another pair of jeans in my closet that fit nicely on the new bod. Too bad I don't believe in dating coworkers...oh well, they can look, but they just can't touch.

That's it for now. Off to get ready.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's hot...very, very, very hot. I can barely handle heat in July and August, let alone the FIRST FULL DAY OF FALL! It's almost 33C (90F) out there...oi.
Between my achy legs and the heat, I didn't get a very great night's sleep...add the late night on Monday, and it's official...I'm old and crabby!!!
Dropped in on one of Trainer J's other Boot Camps last night (it was only in the high 20's / 80's!) - I think he thinks we're stalking him! But it was a good little group...only 6 of us. However, it's out in the 'burbs, in a school field, so no shade! Yuck...we did run up some stairs, tucked in between the houses, which was cooler, and then by the time we hit the field, the evening shade started in (the class started at 6pm)...I don't think I could do the 6pm class's too late, and by the time you get home, way too late for a full supper. In fact I ended up having a whole wheat pita spread with light cream cheese, a bit of Miracle Whip and a cucumber. That's all I had the energy for!
Today was my last day of work for a well deserved long weekend. And the timing was great, because I officially finished every report, graph, chart, analysis and one-off requests that came my way this month. I was about to be very bored! Walked (and tested out the new orthotics) 5.5k at lunch, going over to my pharmacy to refill some meds. Add Boot Camp tonight, and my shins are quite achy right now. I'm going to find some ice, which will feel good, and try to settle them down for the evening. I also have an adjustment booked tomorrow, so I should be in fine form for Melissa's on Saturday. Oh well, at the very worst I finish where I did last year. As long as I'm upright and smiling, it's all good.
Breakfast was a Starbuck's raspberry bran scone and my 5-shot latte. Lunch was a burger loaded with tomato, lettuce, pickles and mustard (the deli in our kitchen doesn't have grills or fryers, so everything is baked or broiled...slightly healthier than normal) with a large side salad. No dressing...why would you ruin the way fresh, crunchy veggies taste?! A PB Larabar on my way to BC, and then after sweating (ran the Douglas Fir, and I ran further than I have for a long time, despite cranky legs!) for an hour, came home, walked to Safeway and bought a slice of veggie quiche, 4-bean salad and broccoli slaw from the deli. As long as it was COLD! Not bad, actually, and I only ate half of the salads.
As I was driving to Boot Camp, I was letting my mind wander (I HATE traffic...I have no idea how people do that every day! I'd probably hurt someone...seriously!) - I had a bunch of compliments head my way today (the new hair!) and one girl compared it to a picture I did for marketing on my desk. She commented on how different I look now, and that got me thinking. See, right now I weigh 193 pounds. Not shy about it...but in high school, where I loathed myself, and thought I was this huge hippo thing (and I went to high school long before anorexia and bulimia were even heard about - good lord, almost 30 years ago now) and yet, my top weight in high school was 180. Funny how the shape you are in is the shape you are. bags beckon, as does the couch.
Have a great night,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Early morning quickie...

Not THAT kind of quickie!!!

- The Tragically Hip were great, but way too loud last night. Performing in the Jubilee should have been an acoustic treat, but they had the sound way too loud, and it was all muddy and distorted. Too bad.
- Gordon Downie is a bit hyper...that's all I have to say! He'd be a blast at a wedding, I think.
- went for the orthotics appointment yesterday afternoon, and I'm picking them up at lunch today! I could have taken them home last night, but I was waiting for a transfer to go through. With my benefits coverage, I'll only have to pay $50, and I may be able to run pain free on Saturday! What a concept!!
- going to bed at midnight (long concert, and even longer trying to get out of the freaking parking lot!) and getting up at 5:30am is not fun.
- Fall arrives in Calgary just after 3pm and the temps are supposed to hit +29 today and +30 tomorrow...just as long as it's nice on Saturday.
- looking forward to the weekend, and not just because of Melissa's, but because it'll be a mini-vacation. Going up Friday and returning Monday. I'll be post less because I do appear to be the only person in Canada without a laptop! You'll just have to wait till Monday for a race recap.
- Time to get ready for work...

Have a great day,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday walk

It appears that the sprint work we did on Friday not just buggered my legs, but really buggered my already buggered legs!!! I woke up about 4am almost in tears, thinking it's too early to call and bail on H. for our run today. Last long run before Melissa's, and I can barely walk from my bedroom to the kitchen for more painkillers! But I managed to get settled down, and when I woke up at 7:30, they didn't feel bad. Not great, mind you, and so not ready to run, but not bad.
Had a quick brekkie of oatmeal (oats, milk, craisons, almond butter) and the leftover latte from yesterday. Picked up some knee sleeves at Walmart yesterday, as I thought they couldn't hurt. With all the IT problems I've been having, anything is better than nothing.
Got to H.'s and after hobbling out to the street, we (okay, she - I am rather stubborn/stupid in this sense) decided to walk the 8k, rather than run it and risk further injury. So we walked our usual route through Rideau, past Stanley Park, over through Parkview (??) and to the edge of Sandy Beach. Turn around and return. The rain had stopped for a bit, but started again at about the 5K least it wasn't horrible outside, and although it was a cool +8, we were both saying we were warm under our rain jackets. I do love this time of year though, as the leaves change, and all the different colours are around, and the air is crisp and clear. I Heart Fall.
Did not bad for time either, all things considered. We maintained an average pace of 9:19/km, which is only a minute slower than our long run last week. I hope to have everything in good working order by next Saturday, so that I can aim for decent finishing time.
Which is what, exactly?? Last year we finished near the end of the pack, at 3:13, only beating 4 others to the finish line. So any time faster than that will be perfectly wonderful this year. I'd like to match my PB for a Half, which is 2:40, but we'll see if the body cooperates. Interesting though, as I read a blog earlier today where the writer bitterly complained about her pathetic run and time of 2:23 for a, perspective is different for us all, huh? I'd be thrilled to run that fast and she's acting like it's the end of the world.
Cooling off now, so I think I'll go forage for something warm for lunch, start some curry in the slow cooker for dinner and head out and run some errands.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Before - sparkly bits begone! Oh, and being able to see where I'm going will be a thrill too!

After - pretty sure I lost a good pound of hair! I heart my hairdresser...he fears nothing, and I think secretly likes when I sit down and say "just do it"...

Me and Miss Coco striking a pose.
Off for a nap, and then down to the Home show to check things out.
Have a great day!

Saturday morning randomness

Even though I start work at 7 now and get up bright and early all week, I still don't like having to be up and at 'em as early on a Saturday. But I love Faye, so to go to her meetings, I have to get up before the sun, drive 11+km to get to the location, fight traffic (are you kidding me??) and little old wacky ladies that decide to cross major thoroughfares whenever the moment seizes them, and not with the walk light, only to stand in line because the assistants at WW are the SLOWEST GROUP OF LADIES I HAVE EVER MET, and therefore miss the first 10 minutes of the meeting itself!!!! Good lord, you could hear the wheels turning as the weigher tried to figure out my total loss, with my 3 pounds down this week (oh, yeah...yay me!!)...yes, the math is quite complicated!! I'm not a morning person, I haven't had caffeine in any form yet, and I could still figure it out. But I'll celebrate instead...less than 20 pounds to goal!!! Holy crap!!!
Trainer Josh is to never leave us again...ever. I do hope he has made arrangements for his wife to have her baby on a weekend, so he doesn't have to miss any weekday classes. This is the second substitute I've had, and both sucked. At least this one had a personality...she is very nice, but she had us start with sprint drills (run in a single line, 1.3km out and back, with the last person sprinting to get to the front of the line, all the way along)...all I have to say is thank God none of the regular boys were there this week...they would have killed us all, trying to catch up and pass them! I managed two good sprints, but my lungs/legs gave out and I just did my best to finish the 2.6km loop as fast as I could, although I had a great overall time of 7:03/km. Fastest I've run in a long time. It was interesting though, as there were new people this week (this is the start of a new session) and they weren't at the fitness level that this trainer seemed to was a very hard way to start the class. Anyway, we returned to our mats, and she had everyone already going (where's the water break??) on the next set of suicide drills...and THAT'S ALL WE DID THE REST OF THE CLASS!!! An hour of sprinting and squats, sprinting and push-ups, sprinting and crunches, sprinting and sprinting and sprinting. She did keep focusing on me and my legs though (she was also our trainer on Thursday), but the stubborn (okay, stupid) me refused to let her see my pain! Granted, I can hardly move today, and woke up many times during the night to try and get comfortable, but dang it, I did everything that everyone else did. Even the picnic table climb...this was new...there is this circle of picnic tables (we work out in a public park), so we stepped up onto the bench, onto the table, down to the bench and around and around and around, 5 times. Make a note...if you are having a picnic in a public park, be sure to bring a table cloth...who knows what wacky Boot Camp group has been there first!!
Only 7 days till Melissa's! Yikes!! I see the orthotics guy on Monday, so I'll ask him what a good temporary solution will be, since I won't have orthotics by Saturday, I'm sure. I did pick up a couple of knee sleeves today, and I researched some exercises that are supposed to strengthen your inside, or fourth quad, and therefore help with IT problems. I will also pull out the foam roller and use it daily, and it'll go to Canmore with us. Other than the constant debilitating pain, I think I'm ready! LOL!
Fathers and young children are interesting to watch...I passed one set where the youngest (maybe 2) had picked something off an outside table and was walking along with it (barefoot, I may add, down a city sidewalk...eeeuwww) quite proudly...when I saw it was a shard of glass, I tried my best to get it from him, but no go! So, I did the next best thing and told the father, who said "when he cuts himself, he'll learn"...Dad?! Wait, flashbacks! But come on...take the dirty, goodness only knows where it's been piece of glass from your child's hand, and give him a toy to play with! Then there was the father in Starbucks, so intent on getting his coffee ground to his liking, that he didn't notice his two young lads wandering about the shop, nearly taking out eyes on table corners, and pulling down displays with breakable coffee mugs and the likes! Spanking may be considered "bad" but at least we knew how to behave when out in public!!
Only one more hour to go, before I get my hair cut. I always seem to leave it just that week too long, and it drives me crazy! It's in my eyes, it gets an awesome 80' wave to it, and the sparkly stripe down the middle is downright ugly! But hairdresser is Muslim, and it's the last weekend of Ramadan, so I had to be sure to book an earlier appointment, to avoid the late day wobblies! Really don't like sharp scissors being near my head when someone hasn't eaten for 10 hours! But he claims to be good this time around...still, it's early enough that he should still have nutrients in his body from his early morning meal. All I know (as another sip of latte goes in) is that I couldn't do it...nothing passing the lips from sun-up to sun-down??? Nada...not the faith for me!
I'm going to grab a bite to eat and then walk down to my appointment - hopefully that'll loosen the legs up for the day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where have I been?

It seems like I get home and the last thing I want to do is type on the computer...that or I've had nothing to say!
So week in recap:
Monday - walked from work to home and then home to noodles. The home/noodles/home trip was just over 5k and even though I was wearing proper runners, I buggered both legs! Knees absolutely throbbed - I was miserable...good thing I had a chiro appointment on Wednesday. But noodles were worth every moment of pain, as I haven't had them for a few weeks...really miss the routine of Thursday night noodles.

Tuesday - decided to tackle some stairs at lunch, but only managed one round before meeting up with one of the regulars and catching up our summers. Made up for it at Boot Camp later, trust me. After a quick visit with H and her mom, I swung by Safeway and picked up a roasted chicken, which I've picked at over the last few days - salads, quesidillas, etc.

Wednesday - had a good, slow run at lunch. Took a bit to get the hips and knees working in unison, but persevered. Went to chiro, where just sitting in the waiting room caused my knee to throb. Laid with the heat pad (ooooooooooo....that's good!) before Dr. J came in and started working on my leg. Told him about the troubles I've been having (okay walking, running and standing - it's when I sit and lay down that I have pain), so he went at the problem areas. A good crack of the hip/pelvis (OMG, but that's good!!!) before he grabbed my one foot and PULLED!! I swear every bone and tendon from my knee down disengaged before snapping back into place!! Before I could react, he did the same with the other foot. Can't say I enjoyed that quite so much! My session was free (referral reward) which was nice, although I've been talked into twice a week in October. Granted, I also want to get back to being pain free, but the benefit coverage at work has run out, so this is all out of pocket now. I'll make it work, somehow. Walked home (okay...hobbled home) and had some dinner before dealing with potential tenant from hell...I want to move in, but not this suite, but that suite, but wait, no I want to move to Toronto now, so get my money back...ARGH!!! Getting really weary of being Schneider...good thing the rent (or lack thereof) is worth it.

Today - slept a little better last night, although Tuesday's shoulder work flared up my rotator cuff problem, and we had fit test tonight. Just went for a walk at lunch (didn't want to jinx anything), to try and keep the legs loose. They were a tad sore and achy going into Boot Camp, but I would push through. Felt it in the run (off pace by 20 seconds - OMG!) but the legs were feeling better running up the hill (??) than down. Between the legs and the shoulder, I was off on a few things - push ups: 1 less then last time. Plank: about 15 seconds less. Hold squat: about 10 seconds less. Even my crunches were off - don't know why, but still managed 65 in 60 seconds. What I am really, really, really pleased about though is the additional 7 inches that I lost this round!!! That's 13" in total in the last 18 weeks, and 18.5 pounds. This is why I push through the pain...maybe not the best idea, but results are spurring me on and I don't want to quit and lose momentum.
Broken down from May 19th to Sept 17th:
weight: down 18.5 pounds (and more importantly, under 200 pounds for the first time in years)
arm: -0.5"
bust: -2.1" (and I think it's all off the back and not the front! At least that's what I tell myself!!)
waist: -1.75"
hips: -3.0"
thigh: -3.5"
calf: -2.0"
total: -12.85"
Have I mentioned that Boot Camp rocks?!?!?!
Okay...the weekend is almost here. Going to do some cleaning and hopefully get one or two suites rented out. And I'd like to wander around the Home Show, which Trainer Josh gave us passes for. That's nice, as I wouldn't normally go and pay the entrance fee. I don't own a home or a garden, so why would I pay? But for free? Free is good.
Have a good one where ever you are!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

At odds

It has been an odd day...I haven't really felt like cooking but I'm hungry and craving weird stuff. Like smoked salmon eggs benedict! Didn't have it, as I spent all day doing other stuff and by the time I went to the grocery store, told myself it was too late for brunch. Instead I had light cream cheese and jam on rye milk was sour, so couldn't have a latte...had an instant (and therefore disappointing) coffee. Grabbed a Coke Zero at the grocery store, as my head was reminding me that I was sadly lacking in caffeine for the day.
Managed to get 5 loads of laundry done...which was a feat in of itself as my knees are quite upset after yesterday's 13k run. Felt great yesterday - some aches but nothing too bad. Today however, I am nearly hobbled! So carrying a loaded laundry basket down 3 flights of stairs with knees and ankles that don't want to bend...good times!!! I'll sit with some ice on them, and make sure I ask the chiro what to do before I can get my orthotics.
Yesterday's run was awesome...beautiful day, perfect temperature/breeze, nice route (the Weaselhead) and a good friend (H-woman) to run with. Granted, we were both irritated by some annoying bratty kids and their oblivious parental unit, but we soon got past them without any major happenings. And we ended up running the last two km with a nice lady, who told us of her cancer survival (6 years and counting!) and her running history. Made the last two fly by, and we actually ended the run as fast as we started. Average pace was 8.22/km, which I think is one of our fastest.
Did our usual routine after that, hitting up the Farmer's Market. Didn't really need much, and came out only $10 poorer. Basil, peaches and plums. Yum, yum.
Got home and had the rest of the spinach dip loaf that I took to the Boot Camp BBQ Friday night. After it was all gone, I decided that was dinner (had a falafel and salad at the market) and that was that. Rented out my small bachelor suite (again - very confusing, but I think I'm down to only one suite left to rent) and went to bed. A very exciting Saturday evening, indeed.
Today was laundry and napping. And Advil... I finally did go for a walk to Safeway and the Cookbook Co., which is my Mecca! There's a local lady who makes the most amazing Indian sauces that are sold there, and I wanted to try the Vindaloo (the stall at the market was out)...I tried not to linger (it can be very, very, very expensive there for me!! So many sauces and such, spices, kitchen gadgets, cookbooks...knees were getting weak!) and managed to get out with the sauce and some green lentils. Then over to Safeway to pick up the rest of the standards for the week.
Now if only I could get off my butt, I'd actually make something for dinner! Tried out the newest Epicure dip mix, Nacho Cheese. Easy-peasy: equal parts of sour cream, cream cheese and shredded cheddar, and some of the dip blend. Heat till bubbly. I had it with two whole wheat tortillas (no chips in my house), and that sort of became lunch. Now what to do for dinner. It is after eight, so a little late for curry. I'll go forage for something...
Off to ice and medicate! Hope you all had a great one...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Feeling good...

Not sure what Dr. Jay did but something worked last night! He really attacked my hip and sciatica (actually had tears in my eyes!) but I walked like a relatively normal person today! Even now, there's the occasional twinge but nothing like what it's been...can't wait to sleep the night through tonight!
I did go to the Running Room and picked up a pair of Asics runners...I don't know why I let myself get talked out of what I want, but it happened again a few weeks back, and I've totally suffered for it. Today, I went in and came out with Asics GT2140's, which are the runners I like - they fit right, they don't hurt my feet, and I have better running gait with them...granted, turns out that they were the wrong size, but nothing a quick trip in tomorrow won't fix! I'll make sure I wear them for our long weekend runs (13km this weekend) and use the Saucony's for the shorter, weekday runs.
Boot Camp rocked, yet again!! I've said it before and I'll say it again...I HEART TRAINER JOSH!!! Wish I could clone him and make one for my very own. What I really like (and curse) about him is that he always keeps our cardio going...we start with a run, we always run in between toning and keeps things mixed up and fresh. And he's funny! You try holding plank for 30 seconds while he's singing the plankity-plank song!
Quick trip into Safeway to pick up some things for tomorrow's BBQ after Boot Camp...the M/W/F group decided that since tomorrow is their last night of the current session, they would book the picnic tables (yes, the very ones we work out on!) and get some burgers and such and celebrate a successful summer. I'm going to make the Epicure Spinach dip, and H-woman is going to bring hummus and carrots from her garden. Should be fun, especially considering the weather is supposed to be in the high 20's all weekend. I love Calgary in the fall!
Came home, and ate the rest of the meat sauce on whole wheat egg noodles. And was still hungry, so after waiting a good 20 minutes, I had a whole wheat tortilla dipped in salsa and light sour cream. I meant to take pictures, but then didn't...maybe tomorrow!
Got to go make the dip, clean up my portable BBQ and change the litter. Again, the good times never stop around here!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hump day already...

That's the thing about long weekends...the middle of the week arrives much faster.

Hmmmm...what's happened this week? Ran stairs yesterday at lunch, and I can almost run up the entire Crescent Height set (yes, all 167 steps!)...that'll be my goal - to run all the way without have to walk a flight or take a breather...almost there. Stopped and chatted with a fellow stair-fanatic who I haven't seen all summer - she's a teacher, so have been off since the end of June. Again, she went past me a couple of times before realizing it was me...I am soooooo liking this!!!

Got to Boot Camp, where the other ladies actually asked to do stairs! I think Trainer Josh almost fell over from shock! So after our warm-up run, and some push-ups to jog to squat, and repeat 5 times, we grabbed our water and headed down. Did some doubles and then did a version of suicides, I guess. Run up one flight, return to bottom, up two, return, up three, return until you get to the top (7 flights in total)...I made it all the way to 6, but Trainer Josh in his wisdom decided I was done, and had pushed myself enough...oh, okay! Back to the mats for some good core work, and home. Dinner was a very fast Green Monster, as I had an Epicure unit meeting last night. I started selling Epicure after I fell in love with it, and have been selling it now for over 4 years. The Fall/Winter items are AWESOME - quick teasers: Mulling Spices, White Belgium Chocolate, Christmas Tea, Spinach dip blend, Nacho Cheese dip blend, brie bakers...the list goes on!!! You (Canadians, at least) should book your parties now, to get all you can get for FREE! It really pays to be a hostess, and the parties are fun. There...selling done for the night!
Anyway, the meeting is in the far south from my home (22+km away), and wasn't over till close to 9. Then all the way back home, and make lunch. I'm flat on my butt broke this week, so I have to take breakfast/lunch, although I am normally good...just really lazy this week! So I whipped up a couple of tuna burgers, and made a Lemon Dilly mayo to eat with them, and a side green salad. Green Monster for breakfast, an apple and Coconut Pie Larabar for snack, and I was good to go for the day. I didn't take any pictures, as I was either too hungry or didn't have my camera with me. Maybe I ate my camera...
Went to the chiro this afternoon for yet another Laser treatment (my just doesn't work, or at least not that I can see), and ART session. Dr. Jay really went after my sciatica today which felt FREAKING AWESOME (just ignore tears running down my face!) and hopefully will hold out the week. I also made an appointment with the orthotics guy, so I should be relatively pain-free soon. What a concept!!
Walked home from the chiro (after walking at lunch, in deference to the pain in my legs today) and made a quick dinner of tomato sauce with mild Italian sausage meat and whole wheat bowtie pasta. Already set aside tomorrow's lunch portion as well. It was quite good and hit the spot...funny what you think about and then want for supper.
It's ice time and some cuddling on my couch with my George is doing so much better already, and it's only been a week. Yay insulin!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Post run...

Ow...ankles are throbbing. Man, I hope I get this fixed soon...I am tired of being in pain all the time. But still happy that I got out there and did the 16k run. Bring on Melissa's - just have to make sure I pack lots of Advil!
Had a chicken breast soaking in a brine all afternoon. Epicure came out with brining ideas and bags, although for one small chicken breast I just used a zip-lock. Into the bag with lukewarm water and Epicure Sea Salt, Tuscan Rub, Focaccia Bread Spices, Rustico blend and Garlic Pepper.

It soaked all afternoon, while H-woman and I ran. Then when I got home, I had to show the to-be-vacated suites to a couple of potential renters...just when things settled down. Oh well... Decided that while the chicken was grilling, I would also grill up some zucchini slices and 'Greek' up the rest of H-woman's potato salad. I added a mini-cucumber, some red pepper, kalamata olives and feta cheese. Once the chicken was done and resting, I topped the zucchini with some crumbled Laughing Cow cheese and Kraft Fig Balsamic dressing.
The chicken was incredibly moist and quite tasty. All in all, a rather delish meal...I am a good cooker too!
Off to pack on some ice, roll on some rollers and try to stay awake till 9! Back to work tomorrow...this was the shortest "long" weekend ever.

Garmin says...

1101 calories burned
145 bpm or 83% of max heart rate.

8:08 was the fastest km and 9:44 the slowest.

It was a perfect, sunny afternoon...slight breeze that got blustery at times, but for the most part the temperature was perfect. Not sure if I could push out another 6km today, as that's what we're doing in 3 weeks time, but it still felt okay. Hips are good, knees okay, ankles are tight...will pull out the foot roller and the foam roller and try to get rid of some of the lactic acid build-up.
Supper will be a brine soaked chicken breast on the Griddler, along with some grilled zucchini and the rest of the potato salad that H-woman so kindly gave me. She is a good cooker!
Off to forage for food...may post pictures later, or may just inhale...depends on whether or not I can control myself!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life in the Big City

Woke up this morning on my own time, rather than with an alarm...glorious and decedent. Of course, that was after both furbabies did some tap-dancing on my head at 5:30am, to remind me it was time to get up and feed them! With George on a schedule (must get his insulin every 12 hours, and I give the shot when I feed him) I relented, and got up and fed them both, making sure I was awake enough to handle a needle first! Went back to bed and woke up at 9, with both furbabies all cuddled in and snoring away. So cute!
Jumped in the shower, and grabbed a Larabar and my go mug and headed over to H-woman's to feed Miss Nermal, H-woman enjoys a much deserved weekend away. Not two blocks away, I was reminded that I live in a big city...crime scene tape, roads closed, police and cars everywhere...oh, and the twenty or so evidence markers scattered all over the road and sidewalks. Found out it was yet another shooting (could be worse...I could live in Abbotsford, Canada's latest murder capital), although police are not saying whether it was gang related. BMW parked outside hip nightclub/restaurant...screams gang.
Anyway, walked around that (guessing Roots and Lululemon aren't open for business today, which sucks that this will affect their business!) and over to H-woman's, which is exactly 1.57km from my house. Garmin's rock! Fed and played with Miss Nermal (dang, she's cute!) and then went over to Starbucks for my morning fix. Me and every other living human being in the city of Calgary, or so it seemed!!! And I do love how they have 5 people taking orders and one person actually making the coffee...yeah, efficiency at it's finest. and then you have the people taking each other's coffees, and fights break out and O.M.G. just give me my freaking latte!!!! Good thing mine is in my very own mug, as no one can mistake it as their own. And I didn't see anyone else brave enough to take on 5-shots of espresso in one sitting! Amateurs!
Walked home, past even more yellow tape (they have since extended the closure area), more cops, the media and the gawkers...come on,'s one thing to walk past the scene, it's another to pull up a lawn chair and have a seat!
Have the beginnings of a massive headache, which I had hoped was caffeine deprivation, but the latte isn't shaking it. Ate some breakfast hoping that would help, Kashi squares with Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla, which I love on cereal as it doesn't make the cereal soggy, but sadly, the head still hurts. Time for painkillers, I guess. Speaking of the almond milk, I picked up a 12-pack yesterday at a small organic shop in the far northwest of Calgary for less than $2/litre...huge deal! If it's still on sale next week, I may pick up another.

In fact I did a lot of running around yesterday, putting almost 90km on my car! Post office to pick up the latest Epicure Fall & Winter products, which I am very excited about. Then off to Costco, as I heard they had Larabars for cheap and I'm on my last jar of almond butter Sadly, they were out of Larabars, but I did pick up another 4 jars of almond butter, a huge bag of spinach (for less than a normal bag at the grocery store...) and a huge pack of Laughing Cow cheese. Granted, it's the full fat, not the light, but getting 32 for just over what I normally pay for 8...I'll take the hit on the fat! After Costco, I skirted the city, heading around to the far northwest to find this little organic food store...I'd seen it before, but never really went in. Back in the car with almond milk in hand, I then headed down to Planet Organic, where I picked up the following 'basket' of goodies that I won. Simply dropped my name and number in the draw box, and they called me. Somehow the Kettle chips bad was empty though...not sure how THAT happened!! hehehe... I am excited to try the lentil soup and the Nut-thins. Oh, and the organic 70% dark chocolate!
Also picked up some Larabars, as I was out, and came across a new flavour...for me anyway. Very excited about it too, as it really is my two most favourite tastes together...chocolate and coconut! It wasn't bad - I find that the chocolate isn't as intense, but of course it's without all that pesky sugar and crap we're used to in other bars. Coconut Cream Pie is still my all time go-to bar. Although I am excited to find the Tropical Fruit bar...will have to keep looking.
After Planet, I whipped into the office, because I forgot to email my online journal and exercise trackers home...yes, I live for Excel and have everything I do on spreadsheets...ask anyone. With a three day weekend, I didn't want to risk remembering to jot everything down and 'catch it up' on Monday. It's amazing what one can forget to write down!
It's my dad's 77th birthday today, but in true low-key family style, I'll be heading over with a card and some scratchies and a quick hello. We just don't do the big family thing... And if things go well, I'll park at H-woman's, feed Nermal her dinner and go for a nice short run.
Wow, I rambled today! Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and their holiday Monday.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

21 to go...

That's it...only 21 pounds and I've reached goal weight! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm pretty certain it's not a train!!! No falling off the wagon/tracks/or giving up on myself! I am almost there, and I can taste victory...I've already proven that I'm really, really, really good at maintenance, so that part will be a breeze. It's just hitting goal that's been the challenge. It's definitely Boot Camp and adding weights, I think. I can feel definition in my arms when I move them, and same with my legs...and I'm getting a serious waist. Yooo-whoo!!!

Another successful week at Weight Watchers (could you tell?!)...introduced the group to the PopChips (they were all very excited, especially when they heard the whole bag was 7 points) and discussed our expectations from Weight Watchers. The H-woman and I headed off to meet the rest of our coffee group and discuss the week. I really enjoy our Saturday mornings...I like having the other ladies to sound off on, and we are all diverse enough in backgrounds, education, work, age, etc, that we really get a good mix of conversation and laughter every week. H. and I then took off to the Farmer's Market (didn't need much this week, yet still walked out $20 poorer and with a very heavy bag...but everything is sooooooo good right now!), another weekend ritual that I enjoy. It's crowded and loud (screaming children should be banned) but I do enjoy the 'air' of the place. It'll be interesting to see what it'll be like when it moves, but that's a year away, so no use even thinking about that now.

Home, and trying to decide what to have a quick lunch. Feeling a little growly, although I've had an apple (and low-fat caramel sauce) and some Kashi squares (which are surprisingly good dipped into said caramel sauce!) and my usual 5-shots. I'll head off for a walk or run later, to get the exercise in for the day, and start tackling some of the mess in my house.

That's all I've got for now...maybe something exciting will happen later!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Very tired...

Boot Camp kicked me in the boo-tay tonight! It's been a long week anyway, with year end and dealing with George's diabetes, but as always I look forward to the hour long sweat.
Started the day with my usual Monster, and enjoyed a fabo 5-shot non-fat latte from the 'Bucks. It always amazes that they only put in two shots of espresso in a vente! do you even taste the coffee??? So, 5 shots for me the day going in the right direction. A snack of apple and almond butter mid morning, before I ran over to my pharmacist's to pick up a prescription (I'm trying Seasonale (Seasonique in the States)...hoping to save some money on feminine protection products, and I like the thought of only going through "the time" once every 3 months)...the drugstore is in Bridgeland, so I ended up doing a 5k loop.
Came back to the office and had the other curried turkey burger with salad and tomatoes. Didn't feel like enough, so grabbed a bowl of vegetable soup downstairs...which was really good...nice and thick broth, but all veggies, so next to nothing in points. That filled me up really good, so I didn't eat an afternoon snack before Boot Camp. That may have been a mistake, as I really didn't feel like I had gas in the tank at the beginning of the class.
Granted, it could also be because we went UP the big-assed hill in Edworthy tonight! Then we came halfway down and ran up again. Good times!!! A nice run across the top, where I took a slight detour to avoid a really steep hill (knee no like steep hills!), before we ran the kilometre down the main road, back to the mats. I love running down those kind of hills! Felt great, but the knee was a tad sore by the time we finished. Did our usual torturous work on shoulders, triceps, biceps, core, legs and other assorted body parts before the class was done. The hour really does fly by.
Dropped off by H-woman, and after changing decided on an easy and light supper of pesto pasta with roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. The pesto was home-made by moi, and the tomatoes came from the farmer's market, so they are local, fresh and dry-packed, not in oil.
I am ready for the sack! No big plans for the long weekend, other than chillin, and maybe some house work - depends on the weather, really. If it's nice, I think I'll walk to the zoo and wander about...haven't been for a while, despite being an annual pass holder! And it'll be a good walk, as it should be roughly 5k just to get there.
I'm off to find ice packs and comfy spot on the couch...enjoy your night, everyone.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wow...where has the week gone?
Had a great run on Monday (5k) - one of the fastest I've done in a while (7.26/km average). Off to the chiro for some laser (which I really think is totally useless, but what do I know?) and some ART. Starting to feel better, which is why I feel I must immediately go outside and run some more! Okay, so I didn't run, but I did walk home from the doctors, which is probably close to 3k.
Went in and finished cleaning up a suite before the new tenant could move in...really, people, where has common sense gone?! If you're moving out, leave the place in the same shape that you would like to move in to...the part of my job I hate the most.
Happy New Year!!! That's what we're shouting at work, at least. Yes, another fiscal year has flown by, so now I am surrounded by a bunch of freaking out accountants...good times! My specific function is not quite so stressed by year end, but I did end up missing my Tuesday workout because of it anyway. Which sucked because I was also missing Boot Camp...
Giorgio Armani and I had to go to the vets to learn how to live with his diabetes. Mommy now gets to stick him with a needle twice a day, but he is such a mellow, calm dude...just looks at me with the face like "whacha doin' back there, Mom?? Whatever..." and then returns to his food dish. Seriously, this is freaking me out more so than him. But we've survived several days and I swear he's already majorly improved. Even got a snuggle on the couch from him (hasn't done that in forever) earlier tonight.
Food wise, I've been hit & miss...I found these PopChips at Shopper's Drug Mart. I've read about them on blogs, and thought I'd try them how on earth I ended up with two empty bags is beyond me...they were good, but I'm not a salty person, so I don't need to worry about them calling my name. Now, if they were cookies...bad news! I also tried a bag of the Guiltless Gourmet, and all I have to say is...BLECH!!!! Really didn't like these at all...they were the hard 'break your teeth' texture that I hate, and the chili was too hot for a chip and not enough lime. The bag went in the trash...sorry.

Last night I did make it to Boot Camp, after an ART session, which may not have been the best of plans! I swear Dr. Jay and Trainer Josh are in cahoots with one another!! You break 'em and I'll fix em! We came down the big-arsed Edworthy park hill (after running, squatting and sprinting up the other side), and by the time we returned to the mats, the pain in my ankle and knee were almost unbearable...but I sucked it up (as I do) and came home and put ice on them both. Granted, that was after I had a Green Monster for supper (didn't feel like cooking, and it was freaking hot here yesterday!) and went out to cut the grass. Unless it's lopped off, spurting or blue, remember?? I can hear my father's voice saying "just walk it off, already!"...felt better this morning, and I actually slept the entire night through without waking up in pain.
Decided to run some stairs at lunch today, since I missed them for the last two weeks...and I was actually able to run the stairs, not just walk up them. Granted, I did feel like hurling at the top, but that soon passed! Chatted with some of the guys (and raked in the if only we can get some single guys to notice...), tried some chin-ups from the bars under the stairs...who knows how long those have been there, but it will be a weekly challenge for me to keep trying until I can pump out a decent round of 10 reps.
Picked up H-woman and we both headed off to Boot Camp, where Josh announced that it was a "stairmazing" day!'d think I'd learn by now! But we ran stairs (and I maintained a pretty good pace, I think) and some hills, before heading back to our mats for more hills and burpees, v-sit, oblique crunches, shoulder work, triceps work, overall work...I heart Trainer Josh! Beat the wind-storm home (more damage through out the city) and made Curried Turkey burgers for supper...I have one ready for lunch tomorrow, which I will pair up with a salad. Needs a bit more curry next time, but they really are tasty, and easy. And the place smelled awesome with them on the Griddler. Roasted up some baby potatoes with some lemon juice, evoo & Epicure Souvlaki seasoning (they weren't as burnt as they look here, by the way), and some rather large "cherry" tomatoes.

Mmmm...feeling things starting to seize, so that's my cue to shut things down and head for bed.
One more Boot Camp this week, and then it's the long weekend...hope everyone enjoys their Labour Day celebrations and spends the weekend chillin...I know I will be!