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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Hump Day of the New Year

And not a bad one at that. Survived month end unscathed, and now it's my turn to shine. I get to play with a multitude of spreadsheets, pivot tables and charts, oh my! My co-worker, suffering from laryngitis the last two days (after returning from an 11-day vacation break) called in sick today, so it was also quiet in my corner. Just me and Excel...the way I like it!!
Went for a run at lunch, despite the -19C temperature and windchill. At least the sun was shining brightly. I must remember to take my camera to work and take some shots of the river in it's current state. I LOVE how the river turns into a lunar landscape in the winter, although it has made running the pathways challenging to say the least. Usually it just "eats" one set of path (normally the north side of the river) but this year it went BIG...both sides are under at least 2 feet of ice and water. Yet, despite all of the warning signs, danger tape and barriers, the stupid runners of Calgary just go around said protections and run over the ice. Sorry...not saving you when you fall in, and darn...I don't carry my cell phone when I run. Guess you're going to die. Sad for you. I waited patiently at both sets of lights to cross but decided that next week's runs will be east instead of west. I think the path has survived better in that direction. Anyway, ended up running about 3.5km (lungs really fought it today, which was odd) when it was all said and done. Once back in the office, I cleaned up and ate my lunch of lentil soup (Primo, the best) and a sort of Greek salad (cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers in a Greek feta or olives today). Breakfast was my usual nutella-coconut-banana oatmeal with milk.
Went to chiro after work, and my foot is getting better. This is the fourth run in a week, and the only complaint I had was the twisted ankle I got on the other foot, when I slipped off one section of the uncleaned path today! Good thing the City will send me a bill if I don't clean my walks, as that should pay for the upkeep of theirs...oh, wait...that snow WASN'T removed, hence the near tumble. Grrrrrr... Anyway, Super Dave gave me some exercises to start doing to strengthen my ankle, so that I can return to Boot Camp (MONDAY!!!!) and marathon training (THURSDAY!!!!!!) and avoid future issues (fingers crossed).
Got home, after a rather long and chilly walk (it was a two coat day) and after marinating a piece of chicken in the President's Choice Korean BBQ sauce, I grilled it, and ate it along side an Asian inspired salad (carrots, red & yellow peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and some chow mien noodles), served on a small plate, so it looked like more. Yummy in my tummy.

I was going to read some of my new magazines tonight,

but instead I basically stared off into space (aka "watched" TV) for a while, before I got motivated enough to clean the litter room and purge both my fridge and stand-up freezer. I really must start eating the food I purchase, rather than just store it for a while before tossing it out. I mean really...did I not want that money at all?!?! Just have to haul everything to the dumpster (good thing pick up is in the morning), then get ready for bed.
No run for tomorrow, as I will be attending the memorial for a dear friend's mother, who passed away on New Year's Eve. M. and I met on the first day of kindergarten and remained steadfast friends right through college! I stood up at her first wedding, attended many a bank function together (oh, did I mention that we also worked together for about 18 years as well?!?!), grad party, birth of children (hers, of all know how I feel about those) and death of family members. She lost her father many years ago, and sadly lost her mother to Alzheimer's quite a long time ago too. While it is very sad that she's finally gone, it is a bit of a relief to everyone, as her mother was in a terrible state, not knowing anyone or anything, just trapped in a body she didn't know what to do with (even forgot how to walk...not the future I want for my mother!). So, long story short, I'll be taking the afternoon off to mourn with the family. Hugs all the way around.
Okay...that's it everyone. The day is about to end. Hug someone you love.

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