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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Speed work

Let the games begin!
Fast post, as it's late and I'm tired. So, the focus on the speed work is not just running fast, but maintaining form, and helping train your body to run faster overall. Um...okay.
We had a rough 1 km loop to run, which we were to do 2 laps as warm-up. Then, with a 1 km stretch in mind, we were to "turn on the guns"...aim for 85% heart rate, while the actual speed was just a guideline. My first speed km was at 6:57 - not to shabby! For the 5:30 finish, I think the pace to aim for is 6:51. Because we were instructed to walk at one point, to get the heart rate down, and I was trying to strip off my jacket (it was cool, windy, cloudy and sort of snowing, but I was HOT!), my next klick didn't average out nice, but I am pretty sure at one point I looked at the Garmin and it said 6:25! One guy says his said 5-something and he was trying to catch up to me! Then we did the 2 lap cool down (which I did very well, thank you) before heading inside for a good stretch and our usual Wednesday night beer.
Pretty simple day food wise - nothing spectacular, although I did very well saying no to all the offers of pizza tonight.!!!! Mantra in my head...I will hit 50 on Saturday...I WILL hit 5o on Saturday...I had my one pint, a pint of water and came home.
Fed the cats, contacts are about to come out and I'm already in jammies. I will be in bed, and by the feel of it, asleep before 10:30 tonight...that's pretty good for me.

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