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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally figured Tempo out!

And to quote my marathon instructor..."just in time for speed work". That doesn't sound like fun, does it?
Despite the massive west winds today, I went out, determined to hit 7:55 tempo pace (the pace for a 5:30 finish). Warm up started nice and slow, low heart rate, pace of 8:02. Next km, picked up the pace (or tried...holy head wind!) and hit stride of 7:43, with the heart rate just below 80%, next klick - 7:40 - faster, I know, but still within the range. Turned around at this point, and finally had some wind to my back, hence the 7:35 pace! Controlled everything in klick #5 and slowed myself back down to 7:42. Finally, cooled down with a pace of 8:09! Overall, average pace was 7:50 (not bad, considering I was aiming for 7:55) and heart rate of 140 (80.9%)! Really feeling it in my butt right now though, and my shins were a little sore this afternoon. Went at them with the massage stick, and I'll have one more go before I go to bed. Now is not the time to be injured.
Work was work...winding down to month end, and dealing with a couple of issues, but nothing major. Still, I'm going to thoroughly enjoy my 4 day weekend (I get Easter Monday off, in lieu of Family Day in February) and then only 2 days of work, before the big Epicure Conference.
Came home, and decided since I had a little bit of taboulleh left, I'd stay in Morocco and have some spicy grilled chicken with yogurt sauce.
Marinated a piece of chicken in evoo and Epicure Moroccan Spice Blend for about an hour, before slapping it on my grill. Added some more grape tomatoes to the taboulleh, as well as a touch more lemon juice and feta cheese, just to round it out a little. It was an awesome supper...that chicken was so moist and delicious. Simple, but perfect.

Ended up watching an older movie (1995) on TV "Home for the Holidays"...Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr, Dylan McDermott...directed by Jodi Foster. A little confusing, but Robert Downey was brilliant, as usual. Odd watching a Thanksgiving movie the Wednesday before Easter, but whatever!
It is time for bed...going to pull some lunch ingredients together, so it's easy to grab in the morning. I really should aim to be at work AT 7, rather than my usual 7-ish!!
My Coco says "ain't I precious?!?!"

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