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Friday, March 19, 2010

It's official

Payment has been received
Carol Whyte is Registered for
Scotiabank Calgary Marathon in the Marathon
Guess there's no turning back now! And I haven't been training so hard since January to not run. Had to tweak the running schedule a little in order to make the training line up, but Garrath was a great help with that. Of course, not sure how happy I am with running a 32 and a couple of 29's all by myself (everyone else will be done Vancouver at the beginning of May) but it'll just get me prepared for race day.
Today started out like a typical Friday, with me stopping in at Starbuck's for my 5-shot latte. My coworker was running late, and didn't get in until 9:30 am, so she brought got it, a 5-shot latte! Mmmmmmm...10 shots of espresso, all before noon...and nary a twitch in the hands. Kids, don't try this at home!!
Lunch was from the deli downstairs, and was panko crusted salmon with a side of zucchini and red peppers. There was rice too, but superstitious me doesn't eat rice the day before weigh-in. Heard a rumour, didn't like it, haven't eaten rice the day before ever since. If we can't have our quirks, what can we have?? Anyway, I ate and read the paper online and puttered around my desk and decided I was still hungry. Went back downstairs and somehow came back with more salmon and vegetables...filled the hole quite nicely this time around.
Spent the afternoon not really getting anything done, but not wasting time either. Just a weird day. Came home, did my usual fast change and headed off to boot camp.
We tried to warm up with a light jog down the bike path, but the city is darn serious about this one path being closed...we got the hint from the chain-link fence across the whole thing. So that meant Edworthy hill...just when my legs were recovering from Wednesday's hill training! And Trainer Josh, Lord love him, decided we should also do spurts up the for 20 seconds, return to the bottom, run for 22 seconds, return to the bottom and finally run for 25 seconds. Doesn't seem like a long time, but this hill seriously has a 60% grade to it, and is dirt and rutted and lumpy and HARD! I was very thankful when our "warm-up" was done. But then, that meant now we were starting the main class.
We lined up, and after a 20 second plank, jumped up, ran to the middle and did a burpee, ran to the end and did lunges with curls and flies. Return to the middle, another burpee, return to the mats and 20 second plank. Repeat 5 times, adding a burpee each time. I thought my hip flexors were actually going to disengage from my body!! After a brief water break, we switched it up to rooftops (full sit-up with weight in hand, reaching for the sky), push-ups and swinging squats. This time he had us go until the first person reached 5 repeats (yay, Ian!!!)...I did manage to make it to #4, which I was proud of. Then we just did some usual upper body and core work before stretching. We may have woken up to a light dusting of snow this morning, and it may have hovered around 0C, but we were all sweating like it was the dead of summer out there. I HEART boot camp!!!
Home to breakfast for, easy and tasty. For those with egg aversions, avert your eyes...I like to dunk my toast (or bagel, as it turned out to be tonight). The ham slices were no-fat, but a tad on the salty side. Added more veggies to the day with a lovely ripe tomato. Love it simple, with just a dusting of sea salt. Yum! Just had some dry Kashi Cinnamon squares straight out of the box, as I was still hungry and I can't remember if I have any almond milk to eat on them. They were an awesome snack, even if they were dry.

Weigh-in tomorrow morning, and if I hit the number I'm hoping to hit, then I'm going to go out and get a new pair (smaller!) of blue jeans to celebrate. I decided that my current pair are far too baggy these days.
That's all I've got...
Enjoy the weekend, everyone.

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