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Friday, March 26, 2010

Day off

Waking at 4:30am wasn't the best way to spend a day off, but H-woman and I got to have a nice visit while driving to the airport, and once she checked in, we had a Starbuck's and a gab. I was home and back under the covers by 7! Man, there's a lot of traffic on the roads at 6:30 in the morning...crazy how big this city is getting.
Woke up (again) at 10:30, and after a shower, cup of coffee and breakfast two hard boiled eggs on a toasted thin bun, with a sliced tomato, and then went down to get Mom.
After a quick visit with the family doctor (and after explaining why about 50 times! Seriously, this ISN'T Alzheimer's?!) and picking up some prescriptions, we took off for the pharmacist. Have I mentioned that my mom has lost all patience with waiting?? But when I say to grocery shop while we're waiting, she can't think of anything that she needs. I knew I should have checked those things out before we left the house. Oh well...
The day started out warm (+5C), then it rained and the temperature dropped, and then the rain stopped and the sun came out, starting to warm things up again. I came home from running around with Mom, and made a quick lunch of tomato and cheese on a toasted thin bun...kind of like a pizza. It wasn't quite enough though, since I had Boot Camp coming up, so I supplemented with a bowl of Kashi squares and UVAB.
Boot Camp was HARD!!! Once again, we trudged up the hill from hell, and did a couple of speed drills. Both Trainer Josh and I noticed that when I run up this hill, I can push off my toes of my right foot, but not my left, so Josh told me to head back down and lay off the ankle! I did share that I am running my LSD (23km) tomorrow, so while everyone else did speed drills, I did some squats, push-ups and general upper body weights. I HEART my trainer...he doesn't want me to get hurt any more than my marathon guy does. We then moved to the trees, and with bands did some seated rows, lat pulls, curls and general Tabata stuff. The killer one was the 4 minutes (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) of push-ups!!! Some more weights stuff, some core, some plank and obliques and that was another hour of fun flown by!
Popped into Walmart on the way home, and came out with assorted groceries that I needed as well as a pair of 10 pound weights...Monday I am stepping up! Managed to spend over $100 and an hour in Walmart, as well as a quick visit into Payless (super cute sandals came home to live with me!) and the hair supply place for some gel.

Finally home and changed, and threw together some dinner. In a pan went some evoo, a frozen piece of tilapia (fish) and some Kraft Fig & Balsamic dressing. Cover with foil and bake at high heat till the fish was done, removing the cover with about 10 minutes left, so the fish and sauce got all bubbly and gooey.
In another pot, I boiled mini gnocchi till done, and then tossed them with evoo (get 2 tsp of heart healthy oils in, and Walmart had a wicked deal on litre bottles of it!), 3 chopped up artichoke hearts, some roasted red pepper and leftover diced tomatoes from yesterday's lunch. Add the last of the fig dressing, heat through and top with some shredded cheese, and we have a filling, healthy and yummy dinner!
Down to meeting in the morning, then I'm meeting K. for our LSD at Eau Claire at 10. It'll be more pressure on me to remember everything I need for my run, as well as to pack some breakfast that's going to sustain me for 23km. I think I'll go with oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, some cottage cheese and chia. And I have OJ ready to mix with water for my fluid replacement.
It's supposed to be +15C tomorrow, so I may even run in my new top...spring is here in Calgary, at least!

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