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Monday, March 22, 2010

Great News

After a quick breakfast of a whole wheat thin-bun with raspberry jam and cheddar cheese, I wandered over to Shopper's to get a few things...soap, contact solution, mascara, was very, very, very hard to not walk out with Cadbury mini-eggs, but I did it! I then walked into Starbucks and picked up a pound of espresso (hate not having any in the house), my usual "personal vente 5-shot, non-fat, extra-hot latte" and one of the egg & ham on chabiatta that I really like. That was lunch.
Drove the car (prayed for green many reds, as well as everyone in the city today turning left into traffic!) to my mechanics, and while she stalled out about 6 times, the drive was relatively uneventful. That left a long time to visit with M&D, as Mom's appointment wasn't until 2:15 and I got there just before noon. Mom impatiently asking when we were leaving (like every 5 minutes), and Dad telling me everything they needed for groceries (hasn't actually been in the kitchen in about 6 months, so how he knows is any one's guess!) and Mom telling me how Dad is driving her crazy, and all I'm thinking is "I took a day off work for this?!"...sigh...
We finally got to the hospital and after waiting for a few minutes (to Mom, it felt like hours), we met with the dietitian again, who took Mom back to weigh-in. Ready for this?? She gained a pound!!!! We were all so happy!!! Ironic, isn't it?? I'm thrilled to lose a pound and I'm more thrilled when my Mom finds one. Finally the head physician came in, and we started to go through all the test results (CT scan, blood work, x-rays, breathing tests, bone density, etc) from the past few months.
1) Mom has very mild (and the Dr. stressed very) emphysema. Quit smoking!
2) Mom has Osteoporosis - she is upping her calcium and vitamin D, but we have to go see the family doc to get her on some Osteo. meds.
3) Mom has high cholesterol, so must also start some meds for that - again, off to see the family doc.
4) Mom DOES NOT have Dementia or Alzheimer's!!!! OMG!!!! What she does have is called Mild Cognitive Impairment. Now, this can turn into said Dementia or Alzheimer's, as having this increases the odds, but for right now, the Dr. said Mom is good. She is to keep up with gaining weight, not smoking (can be a factor) and keeping her brain busy. When we notice that Mom's day to day activities get difficult (like she forgets how to use a phone, or something like that), then we'll get her back in for an update. I think we're all relieved, as Mom was worried about "going loopy".
So, what does this mean going forward? I will continue to keep an eye on things at the parental home, and watch for any changes. I think the stress of dealing with Dad has been a big factor on Mom's mood, so I'll also see what I can do to try and ease that a bit. Take Mom out for lunch or coffee or something a little more often. Dad can be extremely demanding on her time.
Got home from the hospital and got good news from my mechanic...nothing wrong with Baby Girl that a good cleaning couldn't fix. Just needed to blow out some filters, as Russ won't "replace anything that doesn't need to be"...that's why he no longer works for the dealerships...he's actually honest! AND he wouldn't take any money!! I really HEART my mechanic!
Came home, grabbed a thin-bun with PB and a banana, and went to boot camp where we did many, many, many squats! I was feeling every single km I ran yesterday, despite only climbing the hill once (and one speed burst) before I returned to our mats and did some static warm-ups while the rest of the group went for a big run. The squats still really hurt! But we did do a lot of upper body as well, so I hope it all balances out.
Dinner was simple but good. I marinated a piece of tilapia with Orange Chipotle sauce, and then topped it with panko crumbs, and baked it till done. I cooked off some brown rice (with wild rice for extra fibre) and then threw a whole bunch of vegetables into a pot with some sesame dressing. Red & green pepper, celery, carrots, shitake mushrooms, zucchini, bean sprouts and bok choy. On the plate when 1 c rice (I measured), 1 1/2 c veggies and 2/3 of the fish. I am FULL! And I have more than enough for lunch tomorrow.

Right now I am doing my best to not get dressed again and head over to the drugstore for said Cadbury Mini Eggs...why I am fixated on those is beyond me...maybe it's because there's an ad every other minute, I suppose, but still!
So I will sip some water and think happy thoughts, like receiving my 50 pound medal at Weight Watchers next weekend and this too shall pass.
Fingers crossed!

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