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Monday, March 15, 2010

Thought I was done with hills

But the group of us sat and waited for Trainer Josh to show up, we finally decided he must be stuck in traffic, and we'd go run up Edworthy hill for our cardio till he got there. Passed Josh's sub on the way to the hill (he was waiting at the wrong spot in the park), as it turns out Trainer Josh was sick (caught something from his kid, and I for one hope he keeps it to himself!!). We all did the hill anyway and then gathered for a kick-ass boot camp. A little too much running for my like today (I did do 29km yesterday, for crying out loud) but we also mixed it up with some serious ab work and some not so serious leg work (write out the alphabet with your foot, using your hip to move...ow...twice...double-ow!). Came home, had something quick to eat and went and did some caretaker duties of replacing screens in one of the suites. Easiest job I've had to do in a long time! Came back, ended up chatting with the maintenance guy for almost an hour, had a little more to eat and now I'm thinking bed would be a good idea.
Food today was all right, but I need to buckle down and pack breakfast & lunch tomorrow. It's going to get interesting at work, as our floor's kitchens and washrooms are about to be renovated. Our kitchen (there are two on the floor) will close on Friday afternoon and be closed until mid-May. That means roughly 200 people using two coffee pots, 1 fridge and 1 dishwasher for 2 months...oh, and once our kitchen is complete, the other one closes, so really we're sharing kitchens for probably closer to 4 months! Then the washrooms...they will close April 1st for goodness only knows how long. What it means is we will have to use the washrooms on another floor for probably two months...and again, of the 200 people, a good 130 of that are women! It's going to be a long spring...good thing I only run once a week during lunch nowadays, as it's going to get crazy.
Going to work on my Tempo run tomorrow, and do my best to stick around the 8:09 pace, and maintain that for 4 km. But I really like the looks of my pace when it starts with a 6! all in due time, grasshopper...all in due time.
Have a great day (enjoy the weather, wherever you are...+18 in Calgary tomorrow!).

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