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Monday, March 29, 2010

10 pounds is heavy!!

What was I thinking?? I'm not ready to hoist around 10 lb weights at boot camp!! Am I?! big group tonight can you tell it's spring? Friday night at 5, there were 5 or 6 of us...tonight, there had to be 15-20! While all the newbies did their fitness tests, the rest of us went up Edworthy Hill and across the ridge, ending up running back down the road (over 2km in total). While I struggled up the hill, and couldn't keep up to everyone on the ridge, I did manage to totally catch up to the last person running down the hill. I was SMOKIN'!
We broke the newbies in with squat presses, burpees, walking lunges with curls, curls to press to controlled drop, suicide drills, dips, leg raises, etc. I felt every moment of the extra 2 lbs on each arm. Ow! We then dropped to the mats to do v-sit shoulder presses, drop leg flies, bench presses and skull crushers to end. Oh, and times that by 3! Just when we thought we couldn't take any more, we did Russian twists (what Josh calls them when you v-sit and move your weight side to side) and oblique crunches. I think it will be a miracle if I can actually get out of bed and dressed tomorrow! Can't wait till Friday!
Since I sat up way too late last night, and I ate all of my delicious dinner, I bought breakfast and lunch today (egg burrito and a Vietnamese chicken salad). Both okay, nothing spectacular. Came home from boot camp and decided to throw together a Taboulleh for supper.
Into a bowl went 1/2 c bulgar and 1 c hot water. Into the microwave for about 5 minutes, till all the water was gone.
Meanwhile, dice up a couple of roma tomatoes, a jar of baby artichoke hearts, some roasted red peppers, some kalamata olives, drain & rinse some chickpeas, and chop up mounds of fresh mint and parsley. Add everything to the bowl, and toss with evoo, S&P and lemon juice till everything is combined. Enjoyed a plate piled high. along with another panani bun with some cheese melted on it. Delicious and meatless. Just can not give up on the dairy, sorry! eyes have been closing and opening for the last 15 minutes, so I am signing off of this post and going to bed. I was up past 11 last night, and that alarm at 5 this morning was harsh. One of my goals is to get more consistent sleep a night, so I'm off to make that a reality.
Happy Monday, people...we survived another one!

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