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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feeling yesterday's squats

It hurts to sit on the toilet!!! I swear we did over 200 squats, lunges and leg lifts last night at boot camp. Not that I'm complaining, but I do live alone, and it would be horrible to fall and not be able to get up!
Back to the office today, after having yesterday off, and you'd think I was gone a month, not one day! The emails, meetings and voice messages were insane...seriously people...7.5 hours...that's as long as I was "missing"...nice to be appreciated, I suppose.
Plowed through the work, and booked Friday off (last set of Dr's appointments for Mom for awhile, I hope), so this will be an extra short week. Which is nice, because next week is a 4-day week (Good Friday) as is the following week (we also get Easter Monday off). I could get used to this!
Attempted another 'proper' tempo run at lunch today...I can't seem to slow down enough, but I did manage to slow it better then last week. My average pace this time was 7:44, although I was aiming for 7:55. Yes, I know it seems insignificant, but I do understand the logic behind it, as the worry is I am training too hard, too fast and will injure myself...especially with the pre-existing condition in my shin. So, I try to slow down.
Breakfast was a free scone from Starbuck's (I HEART them, and I really needed some espresso today), and lunch was leftovers from last night. Enjoyed a very juicy and sweet Ambrosia apple as a snack.
Came home, exhausted for whatever reason, and made a very fast supper of turkey & bean chili (Safeway Healthy Choice brand), topped with a sliced tomato and a diced up avocado, tossed with lime, evoo & Epicure Guacamole dip mix.

Was still hungry (and STILL dreaming about Cadbury Mini Eggs...Easter, hurry up and leave already!) so I had a half bowl of Kashi Cinnamon squares and some UVAM. I still want to munch, which I am taking as being tired (I am NOT hungry!), so I'm going to tidy up from dinner and go to bed.
Yes, I am!

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Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Haha the hurts so much it hurts to sit on the toilet is a feeling I know VERY WELL!

I'm jealous of your short weeks!

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