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Saturday, March 27, 2010

23 klicks in the sunshine

Spring sprung in Calgary today, albeit a rather breezy version of itself!
Got up and got everything organized for the 23km run, including making a hearty, portable breakfast. After all, I've been a WW member 4-Ever, so I do not, under any circumstances, eat before weigh-in! I put together some oats, ground chia, plain Greek yogurt, honey, sunflower seeds, craisins and chopped up pineapple in a go container, and stopped into Starbucks for a 5-shot latte to go.
Thank goodness I had the coffee to console myself, as weigh-in did not go my way. I was up .8, which in itself is nothing, but I was really, really, really wanting to hit 50 today, and because of that, I did not cave into temptation (damn Cadbury Mini Eggs calling my name all freaking week!!). Wednesday night...surrounded by wings, pork bites, potato skins, artichoke dip...I had my beer. Thursday at work...lady who has been away for a month shows up with 6 BOXES of Tim Horton's donuts...I had nothing. The entire week, every time I wanted a Cadbury Mini Egg, I said no. Sometimes out loud, and rather forcefully, but it was still no. So imagine my extreme disappointment when the number went the other way this morning. But it's done. I've moved on. Can't undo what's been done. I can only move forward.
However, there was a saying at meeting today that I really liked and am going to adopt:
Don't think of it as losing weight - rather think of it as removing it. Things are lost carelessly, while removing something takes care and attention, and is done with purpose.
After eating my breakfast, drinking my latte and staying for meeting, I hopped in the car and drove to Eau Claire to meet up with K. I was already wearing my running gear, but I did grab a long-sleeved tech shirt just in case, so I had to change up a bit and put my heart-rate monitor on. Once we were both ready, we headed out. The route took us east to Langevin bridge, over to the north side of the river and then west all the way to Shouldice Park. Turn around and come home. Felt good today, although I think I had a tad too much salt in my OJ/water mix, as I was feeling crampy towards the end. Note to cut back on that a bit for next week.
After some serious stretching, I came home, cleaned up and changed and worked on my lower legs with the massage stick a bit. Once I was loosened up, I walked over to H-woman's to check in on Nermal again, enjoying the sunshine of the late afternoon. Not the freaky people who hang in our neighbourhood, mind you, but a quick avoidance tactic by myself and I was walking peacefully in the sun again.
Home where dinner was a chicken, spinach and tomato pizza (about half) and a low-fat Caesar salad. I am FULL! Think it's all the water too, as I'm on to my 3rd refill of my water bottle. Again, maybe a touch too much salt in the OJ.
I am thoroughly going to enjoy sleeping in tomorrow, but I will roll over long enough to think of everyone running Around the Bay in Hamilton! I may not bother to wake up, but I'll think about them!

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