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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am beat

32km (just under 20 miles) is far...I know this is preparing us for 42.2km but it was still FAR!
Got up and had a pre-run breakfast of oatmeal. Into the pot went 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c 1% milk, 1/2 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk (hereby to be known as UVAM), a handful of craisons, a glop of honey, a tbsp of almond butter, a tbsp of chia and 1 tbsp of flax oil. I know it's experimenting, but it's better to do that on a day like today, and not on race day! Had good staying power, but I still had a banana on my way to Eau Claire. I was walking down today, as my Baby Girl is feeling so well these days. Took me roughly 20 minutes to walk the 1.68km. And I was excited, because at 7 am it was already +7C (45F), so I was being a full out rebel and not wearing a jacket...or a shell...not even a vest!!! Nope, it was long-sleeved tech shirt with a tee over top, and capris. pics. Into the camel-back (which I am getting used to running with, and like because it holds more of everything) went another test for me - half & half OJ with water and a 1/2 tsp of sea salt. I thought it might make me thirsty (the sweet of the OJ) but I found it quite refreshing and I didn't feel sluggish the whole run. Lastly I wore my new runners...I know, never wear new runners for a long run, but you've got to break them in sometime, so today was the day. Nary a blister to be found, I am happy to report. I did have a rub spot, but it's on an existing callous, so that could have happened in the other shoes anyway!
The sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze blowing as we headed out of Eau Claire, east along the Bow river to Fort Calgary...we now switch south, now following the Elbow river south and west until we hit Sandy beach and our first real SOB of a hill. Garrath joked that today's route would be nice and flat after last week's hills fest...yeah, what ever! I am proud to report that I made it all the way to the top of this hill without stopping and I was THRILLED! I think that's the first time I've run that whole hill all the way to the top (it's steep and long and windy...everything runners love in a hill). At the top was a water-station! Helps that the regional events coordinator works out of our Running Room - she had both energy drink and plain water, tissues, and sets up right near a porta-potty for those that need it. Thinks of everything, that one! Refueled and headed south again, running down and over the spillway of Glenmore Dam, and by the reservoir...cross over Glenmore Trail (and way more hills) and up behind the Rockyview Hospital (wish I had my camera today, as the view from there is breathtaking), down into the neighbourhood of Eagle Ridge, back out below Heritage Park and along the pathway circling the reservoir to Glenmore Landing Running Room, where K. took another potty break. I did some stretching as my hamstrings were really tight and ate a goo while waiting, before we were off again, this time heading back the way we came. By km 28, we were both struggling, so I just decided that we had to break it down and do one at a time...only 4 to go, only 3 to go, only 2 to go...I can run's all mind speak by this time. We finally hit the blessed 32 and walked roughly a half km back to Eau Claire.
Totals: 32km
137 bpm (79% max heart rate)
pace of 9:07/km
1817 calories burned
Did some serious stretching, and I popped into the RR to pick up a massage stick to really work out the kinks. I find I just don't use the foam roller properly, and therefore don't use it at all, so I hope this will help with the current hip and shin issues I'm feeling right now.
Had a quick refuel of chocolate milk (oh, so freaking good after a run!) and a veggie wrap with some cheddar cheese. Very nice...then I walked home, watching the crowds (there was a big protest or something going on downtown today, and I wanted no part of it!) but got home quickly and quietly. Did some landlord duties (installed a door chain - I am so handy!) and have been flaked on the couch ever since, trying desperately to stay awake!
Late lunch/early dinner was KD. Sorry, that's all I wanted, and it was fast and delicious, and I did burn off 1817 calories today, not counting the two walking sets either...I'll try to find some protein a little later to nibble on - maybe some cheese or something.
Anyway, I'm off to get horizontal again, and watch the Amazing Race and hopefully stay awake through it.

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