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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The hills were alive with the sound of wheezing!

Last night of hills training, and to make sure we all remember it fondly, we did 10 repeats! Yes, that's right...after a warm-up run of 2km, we tackled Centre St in all it's glory, and ran up and down like maniacs for a total of 10 times. Thought I was actually close to losing a lung on lap 9, but I pushed through, made an ugly face and reached deep for #10. Highest my heart rate got was 172, which is darn close to max, but not over, so I was happy. Totals for the night: 9.55km, 1:22.35, average pace 8:39, average heart rate 149, calories burned 709.
Day recap: pretty boring, actually. Since I wasn't moving very quickly this morning, and I knew lunch was being provided (group function), I decided to buy breakfast and had the egg burrito from downstairs, with salsa. The good news is the guys down at the deli know me, and my "obsessiveness with food" so they always do their best to make sure it's as healthy as possible, right down to the wrap (whole wheat).
Lunch was catered, as we (the group) were going on a tour of another area of our company. It was very interesting, as we spent time in the central hub that literally runs everything our company offers. Without a lot of details, we have over 10,000 employees and 2 million customers spread across Canada, and it's quite a daunting task to think of having to be on top of everything all at once. I'm happy with my little cubicle and spreadsheets!! We had wraps brought in, so I had a 1/2 a vegetable one (mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and shredded cheese, on whole wheat) and tried the roast beef, but it was too peppery and I tossed it (bad food poisoning incident from years ago, that they covered up with extra pepper...I've been leery of excess pepper ever since!). I may have indulged in the softest peanut butter cookie I have ever had...we'll never know, as all evidence disappeared!!! LOL!
Came home, and had more leftovers (veggies and rice) with 4 baked chicken strips, a sliced tomato and some Epicure Teriyaki Ginger sauce for dipping. After our run, we went to our usual pub, where not 1 but 2 pints of Guinness appeared and disappeared before me...I did successfully pass up the wings, pork bites, potato boats, fries and artichoke dip, as I was enjoying the Irish Meal Replacement drink!!
Once home from the pub though, I decided I actually was hungry, so I whipped up a quick Epicure dip (handy having it all in the house, at all times!) - Roasted Red Pepper with added feta. Dipped whole grain tortilla into it, and now I may last through the night.
One last shot of the kids, as they cuddle together for snoozes...granted, just a few minutes ago I was separating the two as they tried to rip each other's hearts out, but at this moment, they loved each other!
Night all,

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