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Monday, January 31, 2011

Blah Monday

Maybe it's the cold - woke up to -29C this morning - but I just can't seem to do anything tonight! I was going to head to Walmart to pick up a few things, including milk which I am out of. Instead, I've spent the evening saying "I'll leave in a few minutes"'s now 9:25pm! Now I'll go tomorrow after run clinic, since that should be done about 7:30 or so. That's my key...I can't sit. If I sit, I stop. Acknowledging the issue is one step closer to the cure, right??

After a chilly walk in this morning (had to wear long-johns under my pants) I sat and plugged away at work. Nothing to major, but nothing too exciting either. We did hear who our new boss will be, which turned out to be good news. I love the fact that we're not micro-managed at all, and the new guy seems to be of the same frame of mind. We've worked together for about 8 years, but since it's a large department (100+ and counting), we've never worked directly with each other. But he'll be good! This I am confident about...and he's a super nice guy too.

Stayed a little later than usual, as my coworker went home sick at lunch, and I'll tackle what I left off with when I go back in the morning. It's not that we're behind...just don't like leaving things alone that could be done.

Not much as far as exercise today, but the walk to/from work counted, as I walked a little brisker to stay warm, and did some more "sand walking" in the loose snow. Really feeling it in my quads today from yesterday's run, actually. Found out that time trials have been postponed tomorrow, due to the cold/snow, event though the warming trend starts tomorrow. High of -6C...wahoo!!

Dinner was the last of the Tom Yum, with a "dessert" of whole grain bread with some light cream cheese and Saskatoon berry spread on top. Cold = carby goodness. I did control myself (there's still bread in the bag, after all) as I know the key to the new plan is planning and control. I've seen what happens when you fly by the seat of your pants (+5 pounds in 5 weeks) and when you plan (-2.4 in 2 weeks), so planning it is!

And in keeping with planning, I am busy cooking up a pot of steel cut oats for brekkie. Tonight I am cooking it in coconut milk (out of UVAB), and with some pecans thrown in. Smells awesome right now. With some banana or pineapple stirred in tomorrow...that's gonna be some good oatmeal!

That's it for me. Half watching Village on a Diet, although I am getting REALLY tired of all the tears...if I were the trainers/chef/Doctor/oh, hell, any of the experts brought in specifically to help them, I'd be telling the entire town to go F*^% themselves right about now. They are way more patient than I am. I would hope if someone handed me a gym, free trainers, nutritionist, doctors and a chef, I would grab on tight and never let go!!


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