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Monday, January 17, 2011

Something is wrong here...

Mom's grocery list:
2% milk
whipping cream (for cereal)
mini wheats (with brown sugar frosting)
chocolate chip cookies
double chocolate cookies
jelly beans
licorice allsorts
Boost (because it's good for her!)

My grocery list:
assorted fruit
cheerios (because they're good for me!)

Mmmm...guess if I make to to 75, I'll get to nosh on cookies for supper too!

Still blinking cold out there (sad, sad, sad story out of Toronto - just freaking sad) BUT it's supposed to warm up tomorrow. Fact is, it's 6 degrees warmer now than it was as 10:37AM, so I guess that's something.

Exercise consisted of walk to and from work, and then hauling groceries and cat food into Mom's. Did some tidying up there, and came home, whipping into Chapters to pick up the Born to Run and Blogging for Dummies. Let's see what I can do to this site to jazz it up a bit, and get 11 followers...I would have said a dozen, but that's just crazy talk! I also picked up what appears to be a helpful "de-cluttering" type manual. Again, let's see how it works.

I forgot to turn my alarm on last night, so slept nicely till 6:35am. That does not work so well when I usually start work at 7, so ended up working till 4:30 today. Threw my whole day off! As it was, I came home, jumped in the car, drove to the vet's for food, drove to Coop, went to the bank, went to the liquor store, dropped everything off, unpacked the groceries, cleaned out the fridge, gathered up garbage, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher, checked the mail and left. Good thing I grabbed some sushi and edamame at the store for me, because I knew I was not going to whip up dinner at 8:30 (when I got home). I will be making this really tasty sounding Spanish dish tomorrow night though, so I'll let you all know how it works out.

Packing up for bed. Yes, the alarm is on.


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