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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Feet

Don't care if the toes are in recovering from runs and in desperate need of a pedicure. I wore my 'birks to work yesterday and today! Oh, happy day!! Yes, I know it's January and I live in Canada, but it was GORGEOUS here in Calgary the last few days (+12C today) and as long as the snow doesn't get on the toes, I'm okay with it. Unfortunately it's supposed to start snowing overnight, and a small cold front is moving in, so it's back to "normal" shoes for the next few days.

I may finally have a handle on the new WW plan. What I've figured out is that it really boils down to planning. I've been good about planning meals, from oatmeal to breakfast to dinner, and resulting leftovers for lunch, and I was down again this week. It doesn't hurt that my exercise lifestyle has returned to normal as well, as I ran Sunday, Tuesday and last night, and did boot camp Friday and this evening. Add Zumba to the mix in a couple of weeks, and I'll have a pre-scheduled exercise class of some sort 6 days a week!

Boot camp tonight was hard indoors, with it so beautiful outside. And that really drew a lot of people away, as there were only 5 of us that showed for class. But we got put through our paces, focusing a lot on the upper body. Between regular weights and band work, we got our sweat on!! It felt much better once we opened all the doors in the hall, to let the fresh air in. After the hour of hell, came home, inhaled quick pasta (egg, lemon and ham on whole wheat linguine) and went downstairs to finish cleaning up my empty suite, as the new tenant was picking up the keys tonight.

I hate housework...there, I said it. Hate cleaning my own place, yet it amazes me how many times I clean the empty suites around here. Especially this's like it was cursed...which is what I thought the little troll that used to live in there years ago did! She was upset that I took over as caretaker (I think she wanted the job, but the management company picked me) and moved out shortly after. And I've had the hardest time keeping anyone in that suite since! It has seen it share of midnight moves and just outright, blatant walk aways. I can't remember how many times I've scrubbed out that same oven (my MOST HATED job), bathtub (second on the list), fridge, etc. But it's clean and keys officially handed over. My job is done and I think this one will stay for his year at least. I work with him, and he's waiting to bring his wife into the country. He'll be stable.

My back and arms did not enjoy scrubbing and washing floors after boot camp, so I think I'm going to take some vitamin I and head for bed. I'll try to get through a few chapters of Born to Run (started it this week, but I only allow myself 1 or 2 chapters, since I'm reading it just before bed...don't want to be up all night) and then it's FRIDAY! Oh...but I get to start mine with a trip to the dentist. Boo...


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