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Monday, January 24, 2011

Down a pint

And maybe that's why I am so freaking exhausted all of a sudden! I can barely keep my eyes open right now, so I'm going to head to bed. Just going to program the PVR to tape the rest of tonight's Come Dine with Me, Canada and shut everything down.

I donated blood was my 39th time. Wow. Sadly, the clinic was dead tonight...hoping it picked up after I left. Blood is very important. Because of the donation, I've had all sorts of stuff for "dinner". Before leaving work, I had my yogurt and apple, to make sure I had a full tummy for donating. I also chugged back a lot of water...that helps with the donation too, as I fill the bag in about 4 minutes. After I was done, I had a bowl of soup (chicken noodle) and a mini coconut chocolate mint cupcake. Literally a two-bite treat. Then home to a ham sandwich and two small baklava, and some more water. Didn't really feel like cooking anything once I got home.

Did manage to get a load of laundry done, in time for running clinic tomorrow. But hauling all that upstairs - almost had to sit down to I know why the nurses say no heavy lifting after donating! Oops!!!

Okay, that's it for me tonight.


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