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Monday, January 10, 2011


Baby, it's cold outside!! At least the wind has died down, which has the temps at "only" -18C without windchill. It's almost pleasant! Okay, so that wasn't quite the right word for it. Not nearly as miserable as yesterday. That's better...

After swinging by Indigo to pick up a book on blogging (I've been threatening to 'upgrade' for some time now...I may just do it!) and Born to Run and leaving with nothing (crappy bookstore - they had NOTHING that I wanted), I came home, and wondered what to have for supper all the way home. If it weren't so dang cold, I was going to continue to walk into Safeway to get some shrimp and cilantro, so I could make Tum Yum soup, but then remembered that I still had some veggie ground round in the fridge. I decided then and there (and because I already had everything at home) to make some taco filling and make a soft taco for supper.
Into the frying pan went the veggie ground round, celery, green pepper, onion, black beans, pepitas (raw pumpkin seeds) and tomato sauce. The spices were a blend of Epicure Guacamole dip mix and Taco seasoning, with a bit of S&P to taste. Once burbled, I put it on the whole wheat tortilla, added some diced tomato, shredded lettuce and shredded cheese.
Rolled up (not very well) and ate dipped into salsa and sour cream. Rounded the meal off with the rest of the tomato.
I also blended up a bit of hummus. I ate the rest of my store-bought brand (Safeway Eating points per serving) and decided to try out my latest Shopping Channel purchase (must quit channel surfing when tired!) and blitzed up my own in my new Elite Personal Blender (like a Bullit). That is waiting in the fridge, where celery and cucumber will be dipped into it when I get the munchies the rest of the week. And now I have chickpeas ready to make into a nice curry tomorrow night, since the weather this week is calling for nothing but soups, stews and other assorted hot comfort foods. In fact, I am wanting to try the latest Campbell's marketing ploy, because it honestly looks good. Put mashed potatoes on plate and top with favourite heated Chunky soup. Yum! Or maybe I was just hungry when I saw the ad! Rither way, I want to try it one night.
Went back out into the cold after supper and got the sidewalks cleaned up again. We're supposed to get a reprieve tomorrow, but the snow returns on Wednesday and on. It's all cardio, right?
Sipping a cup of tea to warm back up again (I sweat so bad, I catch a chill quite quickly, despite two layers of pants, a top, jacket and big-assed sweater over top, gloves and toque) and planning when to head for bed. Part of my 21-day "me" makeover, I need to concentrate on getting enough sleep EVERY night, not just on the weekends.
That's it for me.

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