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Saturday, January 22, 2011

I heart Chinooks!

Let the fresh air in! I've got my living room window cranked wide open, as it's still +4C and after 7pm and dark outside. Chinooks rock! This time last week, it was -21C with a -32C windchill. I will most definitely go running in the morning. Of course the downside of an open window is finding out that the guys with the band still live down the street, and that not enough cars have proper mufflers and too many cars have way too sensitive car alarms!! But I don't regret the fresh breeze wafting in right now.

Last night's boot camp was outside too, and I forgot how much I enjoy that over working out inside. The snow may be slippery but I think it adds to the workout as your core works double time to keep you stabilized. And Trainer Josh likes to use all the items in the area for our workout, so there was no short supply of places to run, lifts to lift and pull and spots to drop and give him 20! We even did some sprint work, pacing ourselves to run at 70, 80 and then 90% of our max. Starting next week, I will return to the outdoor class on Fridays, as marathon clinic and boot camp conflict on Tuesday. So it will now be Monday nights off, Tuesday run, Wednesday run club, Thursday boot camp, Friday boot camp, Saturday Zumba (starts middle of February) and Sunday long runs. Just the kick in the can I need!! Did I mention I signed up for another race last week, and that there's an 8th I'm looking at next week?! And that's just to the end of May. I need to figure out what I want to run the rest of the year, although I do have several planned out already. This year I will be a running fool!

After I got home last night, I just nibbled. My lunch was pretty substantial, so I wasn't really that hungry, even after boot camp. I had found these cute salmon roll ups at the store last week, and for 1 pt each, they seemed okay. And that's what they were...just okay. They were a piece of salmon rolled around a crab mousse and in puff pastry. A very thin bit of puff pastry, that is! Noshed on those, drank water, and went to bed. I enjoyed a very glorious sleep in this morning. Didn't even set the alarm. I enjoy days like that.

After a cup of coffee and constant gazing in my fridge to see if milk had magically appeared, I finally got dressed and walked to the store. Returned with milk, buttermilk (to make a soda bread), UVAB (for my oats), bananas (for the run tomorrow) and a coffee crisp. I was jonesing for chocolate, and I counted all 7 points of it. Ate it slow to savour, and now that is done. Time to move on.

Lunch was potato rosti, perfectly dippy eggs, toast, fat-free ham and a tomato. That kept me going most of the day, when I finally decided it was time for dinner.

I had a piece of salmon that I forgot about, so thought I should cook it up already, along with that little turnip I bought. Not sure which one is having the hacki-sack tourny in my gut right now, but hope it wasn't the salmon! Anyway, I diced the turnip with carrots and Brussels sprouts, and all went in the roaster. I haven't met a roasted vegetable that I don't like yet. The salmon went in the fry pan with S&P, lemon juice and a touch of dill. Round out the meal with a cup of brown rice and I am officially satisfied.

That's it for me. Going to lay everything out for the morning, and make up some oats tonight, so I just have to reheat. I think I'll tackle 10km in the morning, and since it'll be a long slow, it should be just fine. After that a quick trip to the Farmer's Market, as I am out of Saskatoons (gasp!) and then home to do a quick, final clean on the empty suite. Amazing the changes a coat of paint, new floor and carpet make! It looks completely different. I think the new guy will be pleased.


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