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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wiped out...

I can feel every muscle, from my ankles to my ears slowly seizing up...leaping right back into boot camp may not have been my most brilliant idea. Or taking the month of December off, for that matter!! Just as long as I can move tomorrow.

I hemmed and hawed and finally dragged my sorry butt down to Eau Claire, missing the running groups by about 15 minutes. That's okay, as I had no intentions (or need) of doing hills training, so I strapped on my headlamp (it is pitch dark at 6pm, after all) and headed out for a nice, steady run. I maintained a good pace, picking up speed the last couple of klicks, and managed a 5.52km run in just over 40 minutes. Heart rate was good, legs felt good, everything seemed to work well. And it was a lovely evening for a run...temps in the positives, clear, no snow (on the paths).

Before running, I wolfed down what may become a staple and favourite. While I baked off 3 slices of prepared polenta (3 pts), I heated up in a pot a cup of salsa with a half cup of black beans. When the polenta was brown and the beans bubbling, I threw them on the polenta, tossed on some shredded TexMex cheese and some no-fat Greek yogurt (plain, in lieu of sour cream) and devoured. Tasty, gave me good energy for the run and some wicked staying power. I will do that again, and again.

I did enjoy 2 pints of Guinness at the pub afterwards, watching Canada win silver in the Juniors. A negative person would say we lost gold, but in my mind, we won silver. Better than bronze or nothing at all, right?

Okay...I am exhausted and it now hurts to sneeze. Boot camp tomorrow is going to HURT!!! Wish me well.


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