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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A good day

Started awesome, despite the 7am wake up call. Which, let's face it, is a nasty time to wake up on a Sunday! But I was up, dressed, fed (steel cut oats cooked with UVAB, vanilla and cinnamon, with a banana stirred in), watered and prepared to run. Too bad it took longer to pay for the parking than it did to drive the 10+ blocks to get there!! I was ready to go home, by the time we got to the third pay meter, and then the person in front of me couldn't figure out how to get her receipt. Seriously, it's not rocket science, kids!!! Pick time, put in money, take out receipt. I really have no patience first thing in the's probably good that I live alone!
Met up with some of the group, although many were running 19km today. I did not have 19 in me, so I thought a nice 10km would be a great way to ease back in. Ended up running with my old pacing buddy K. and my fast pacing buddy KM. and off we went. It was already +2C when I left the house at 8:15am, and it only got warmer from there. However, heading west, we ran into a heck of a head-wind until we turned around at Crowchild. Hoping for the tail-wind though proved to be futile, as it appeared to die down the second we crossed the river!! However, the sun was shining, birds singing and we all managed a very decent 8:34/km slow pace for what was the first run back for me and KM. Took an hour and 25 minutes to pound out 10:15km and overall felt great. Had a coffee and a chat K. and Jacqui, the Running Room events coordinator for Western Canada, and got caught up on all the upcoming races...most of which I'm already registered for! LOL!!

After coffee, I whipped home, changed and picked up H-woman. Off to the Farmer's Market we went, meeting up with her cousin and his girlfriend. Quick wander of the market yielded some lean stew beef, heirloom carrots (orange, yellow and purple), some fingerling potatoes and my precious Saskatoons. Brought home two jars this time! Had a quick lunch of homemade falafel...yum, yum...oh, and some baklava from the same stand may have fallen into my bag. May have...that's all I'm saying.

Dropped H. off (she had to work) and went on a Purdy's chocolate run for Mom. Also picked up a few things at the drugstore for me, and then after filling up the tank (I shouldn't be shocked, but WHY did gas go up overnight?!?!), dropped in on Mom. Cleaned up her living room, hauled some garbage out to the garage and the bin, clipped the cat's toenails, and then took Mom for a quick drive, so she could get out of the house for a bit. Granted, the quick drive was to the liquor store, but it still counts! We also dropped in on the pet store for some treats for the boys.

Home, where beef stew was waiting for me. Before heading out to Mom's, I browned the stew meat and then sauteed onions, garlic and celery in the same pan. De-glaced with beef stock and red wine, and threw it all, with potatoes and carrots into my little slow cooker, added some bay leaves, set it on low and left. My apartment smelled awesome when I got home.
My family always had bread and butter with our stew, unless Mom made dumplings. I was not even going to calculate the cost of those, so it was a fresh multigrain slice (or two) for me to sop of the gravy with. And I have lunch for tomorrow already to roll. Came out to 5 points a serving, which I am quite pleased with.
Enjoyed a baklava (O.M.G!) and now I'm going to wash up some dishes and hit the sack. Work tomorrow...where did the weekend go?!

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