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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We had a "leg-a-thon" at boot camp today! I'm pretty sure I won't be able to walk down my stairs to work tomorrow! The legs are still shaking and boot camp was over 2 hours ago.

Pretty much a normal day. Work, "quick" walk at lunch (I now know how cows in a field feel...herded along with everyone else, at the mercy of the lead cow...mooooo...) and then back to the office. My lunch was last night's taco leftovers, but I made a lasagna out of it. Layer of taco mix, salsa, layer of cheese, layer of tortilla, repeat. Heat till warm and bubbly, top with some sour cream...yummo!

Came home, changed quickly and back out into the cold (currently -21C) to boot camp. Josh as feeling extra-specially leggy today, so we worked them till we all almost fell down. Squats, lunges, jump squats, jump lunges, more squats, wall sits, even more squats, sprints, more squats and then the beloved (yet brutal) booty-burn!

Stopped in at Safeway on my way home (where I'm sure I was weaving because my legs were shaking so badly!) to succumb to advertising. Saw an ad where Campbell's Chunky soup was poured over mashed potatoes as a dinner. Since it was so cold out, I thought it would be a perfect supper. Got potatoes (need those for mash), soup, some more bananas, apples, nectarines, tomatoes, shrimp - didn't I just go for groceries last week?! Came home, boiled the potatoes and put them through a ricer (like a giant garlic press). It makes fabulously silky smashed potatoes. Since I had fat-free evaporated milk in the fridge, I wasn't worried about them being too many points. One cup of potatoes, topped with half of the can of soup. Now, maybe next time I need to pick a "thicker" style, but I found it a little weak. I did just boil down the remainder of the broth to thicken it, so will have the rest for lunch tomorrow.

Okay...I need to have a cup of tea to ward off any chills. I had such a bad one last night, I was fully dressed with a fleece under my blankets and with a throw over top...remember, I'm the one that usually wears Birkenstock sandals in December! And while I aimed for an early night, it was still 11 before I made it to bed. Tonight I am aiming for 10:30. Baby steps...which may be all I can do for a couple of days!


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