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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gee, that felt great!

Finally got my sorry butt off the couch and out the door, and I'm happy I did.

5.86km, 45:54.09, 7:50/km, 482 calories burned, 11 PP activity points earned. I ran the entire way, only stopping for the red lights (I obey all traffic signals), and for the most part felt really good. The lungs didn't want to play at first, but a quick shot of Ventolin and they opened right up. It was a perfect day for a run, sitting at -1C (about 30F) with little or no wind. I also tried to think positive about all the idiots out there that don't bother to shovel their walkways (that includes the City, by the, bridge decks are sidewalks too!), as I appreciated the extra workout my buttocks were getting! It's just like running in the sand, for those in land of no snow. Good thing I invested in a pair of trail runners, as they really helped grip in the slipperier sections.

Going to dry off (yes, despite the negative temps, no hat or gloves and only one layer, I still manage to sweat like I just came out of a steam room!), have a quick bite to eat and then off to feed some cats.


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