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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I really stuck to the new program this week. I DID NOT sit down and eat an entire bundt cake by myself!!! I was good about not snacking, and except for one night, really didn't crave it anyway, and today the digital devil was in my favour. FINALLY!!! Six weeks into the new program and I finally lost some. Okay, so now is not the time to get stupid about it. Head down, concentrate and repeat.

No boot camp tonight, as I wanted to go listen to Dick Beardsley speak. Wow is all I have to say.

Not sure if the above link worked, but if not, go to YouTube and type in Dick Beardsley or Boston Marathon 1982. It's referred to as the Duel under the Sun. It's long (over 9 minutes) but so worth it. I got goosebumps watching it tonight at the talk and again just now. I am in constant awe of people that can run like that. And to hear his full story - he is so much more than Boston - is to hear the tale of survival. Bought his book "Staying the Course" which sounds to be an inspirational read. I also ordered the Duel under the Sun, which is all about the race itself.

Dinner tonight was the last of the Spanish Chicken and Barley. Very good the next day, as the flavours really had time to meld. Lunch was my usual hodge-podge of salads (crab, 3-bean, Greek, Chicken & broccoli), with a couple of small pyrogies and, because they looked so good, onion rings. Sadly, or happily, the onion rings were cold and nasty and went into my trash bin. Dessert as a rice krispie square and an Asian pear.

So, I'll hit up boot camp tomorrow night, which will be outside in the snow! YAY!!!! I do love boot camp but have just been enduring it inside. I so prefer working out outside in the fresh air. There is nothing more painful than feeling trapped in a school gym with a bunch of sweaty people all gasping and panting for air. It may very well be the same outside, but the sounds of pain are masked by sounds of nature!!! That and it's still +1C outside, and tomorrow it's supposed to be about the same in the sunshine. I heart Chinooks!

Okay, I was super tired this morning, so I will start getting ready for bed now. Maybe I'll actually make it there and be asleep BEFORE midnight tonight!


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