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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Repeat of the Tum Yum

It was THAT good! I took the rest for lunch on Friday and made everyone perk up when they smelled it as I walked back from the microwave...yum!

Walked home in the frigid cold...I can handle it for so long before I'm done. In fact, it's not really the cold that I have a problem with. After all, I am a hearty Canadian. Far be it for me to complain about snow and cold!! I am having issue with the wind, however. It's takes a bearably cold day of -23C and turns it into downright miserable of -32C! I was debating going to boot camp one more time, but had to wait for the floor guy to call and come by to measure a suite for new flooring. He was to call at 4...I heard from him yesterday!! Oh well, I laid on the couch, snuggled with the cats and then enjoyed a pot of KD for supper.

Got up bright and early (for a Saturday) and met up with H-woman to go check out the newest farmer's market. The Kingsland market did run during the summer, but now they are in a permanent home (former car dealership, and very easy to get to) and this weekend was their grand opening. Wandered through, checked out who's there (quite a few names from the Calgary Farmer's Market, which doesn't reopen until February, due to their recent move), and sampled some wicked good soup (the lady forgot that flavour t home, so couldn't buy any), Saskatoon berry pie filling, pork sausage. We left before the giant Saskatoon berry pie showed up, which is probably for the best! I left with some steel cut oats, Saskatoon berry pie filling, fresh soft goat cheese with Saskatoons & cinnamon - can you sense a trend here? I think Saskatoons are Canada's answer to the acai berry!

H. and I went for breakfast, since a latte and food samples weren't quite cutting it. Went to a favourite, Diner Deluxe. It's like walking back into your grandmother's 70's kitchy kitchen! Arborite and bold colours, funky lamps, metal chairs, kitchy art on the walls. And GOOD FOOD!! All fresh, all made with butter, salt & pepper (it's actually a "warning" on the menu!) and local ingredients. I had the meatloaf hash with poached eggs. In a small cast iron skillet was a layer of spinach, the BEST hash browns (crispy and soft at the same time), a piece of homemade meatloaf, red pepper jelly and two soft poached eggs. Came with multigrain toast and fresh rhubarb/strawberry preserves. And lots and lots of the best coffee ever!

Dropped H. off (well, technically left her there, as she was going to yoga nearby) and went to Walmart to pick up a few things before driving out to Cochrane to pick up a prize I won during the final marathon event for Marathon Quest 250. I won a man's tech shirt. It's a man's medium, but it fits and will be perfect as a first layer for cold, winter runs. Came home, flopped on the couch and then just as I forced myself back up to go out and shovel, the floor guy called. He came by, did his thing and left, while I finished cleaning up the sidewalks. Once again, it wasn't a lot of snow but it was packed down pretty good. My back is getting sore from all the extra workout I'm giving it lately!

I tried to decide what to make for supper and decided on Tum Yum again because it was so good and so very simple! Into a pot went a can of coconut milk, 3/4 of a carton of chicken broth, chili garlic paste, ginger, dried shitake mushrooms, dried wood fungus strips, carrots, celery, red & yellow peppers, chicken and shrimp. Season with fish sauce, lime zest and juice and voila!! Glory in a bowl!! I was full and satisfied and content to lay like a log the rest of the evening.

Watching the weather reports though, I decided to sleep in this morning instead of getting up and going to run club. It's still freaking cold out and that wind refuses to stop. It's supposed to get better this afternoon, so I'll head out later for a good loop (or two). Ate some oats with almond milk, almond slices and a scoop of the Saskatoon pie filling. Sipping coffee and plotting the day...what ever will it bring?


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An entire pot of Kraft Dinner, prepared with milk and butter comes to 39 points. Helpful FYI.