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Friday, January 28, 2011

Bunch of girls!

Well...the days of sandals are gone. Boo! It started snowing on the walk home, although all forecasts had it starting last night. Either way, the socks and shoes were back on. Unhappy toes again.

Got home, changed, and drove off to boot camp. Traffic will be the death of me! I honestly don't know how people do this every single day...thank goodness for my walk to work everyday. Got to Edworthy Park just before 5, at the same time as another booter, and the two of us headed to our meeting area. Trainer Josh. Traffic sucked though, so the two of us stood there for a few minutes, and were joined by a third, but no Josh. Finally, because we were getting cold and it was getting late, we all decided to go for a run to warm up, hoping Josh would be waiting on our return. No such luck...we all came to the conclusion that he wasn't coming, but we didn't think that he had changed the camp to indoors. After all, the snow was light, as was the wind and it was only -5C by this point. The 3 of us did some sets of weights...flies, overheads, lats, curls, dips, push-ups before we all disbanded. All in all, my boot camp tonight was 20 minutes long. Back in my car, I text Josh, to find out that yes, the class was changed to indoors, because of the "storm"...what a bunch of girls! Turns out there was an email waiting for me at home. It may not have been a long class, but I did get a mini sweat on and that's important.

Came home hungry - lunch was my usual salad buffet mix (crab & corn salad, some Greek, fresh veg, avocado and mixed fresh fruit). Even my afternoon snack of a Peanut Butter Larabar wasn't holding on anymore. Last night I successfully avoided a fast, drive through meal of filet o'fish (turned left instead of right!) and I am proud to say I did the same tonight. But I did make my own version, sans bun.

Toss sweet potato "chips" with some evoo and set to bake in a hot oven on my clay baker. Mix a tin of salmon with an egg, breadcrumbs, shredded Parmesan, onion, celery and red pepper, form into patties and fry up. Side of grape tomatoes and dinner is served. Oh, and the tarter sauce is the same sauce Earl's serves (or at least they used to) with their chicken wings. Mayo, malt vinegar, Parmesan, basil and my addition of capers. Yum.

Trying to stay awake, but I think I'm heading in early tonight. I've got a long day ahead tomorrow, as I have to take mom in for some blood work. Just getting her to remember to NOT eat between tonight and tomorrow morning is going to be a job in itself. So, aiming to pick her up at 8am. That means leaving my house around 7:30...and with the forecast snowfall, it may even take longer. Hoping that also means it'll keep more people home, and not in the labs. Then off to register her vehicle, maybe breakfast somewhere, groceries if she needs some and then to the Farmer's Market with H-woman later in the day. And to round out the weekend...a nice 12km run on Sunday. In -16C temps to boot...knew "spring" last week was short-lived!

Take care and stay warm, wherever you are.


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