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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy day

And really, I felt like I didn't really do anything. Stayed inside for one thing. Liars...all weather people are liars!! The wind did not shift did not slow down...and therefore, it did not warm up! HOWEVER...there is a big rain storm over Vancouver Island and Vancouver, so that should mean CHINOOK by the middle of the week! Glory be...just have to hold out for a couple of more days.

I did bake a loaf of bread (soda bread...very dense with oat bran, wheat germ, oatmeal and whole wheat flour) which has been outstanding with my Saskatoon pie filling spread on. I am in the process of mixing up another batch of steel cut oats (oats, UVAB, vanilla, water, toasted pecans - will top with some Saskatoons each morning) and I have lunch ready and in the fridge. My dinner was meatballs, roasted in the oven, along with potato roti (both from Ikea), which I topped with a "mushroom" sauce. Take one can cream of mushroom soup, add some sour cream and dill, heat through. I also roasted the last of my Brussels sprouts to make for a full meal. With the leftover mushroom sauce, I made chicken & noodles. Pan fried a chicken breast and the last of my fresh mushrooms till cooked through. Boiled some yolkless egg noodles, dice the chicken, toss everything together. Looks very good and filling. With dinner though, I was very Swedish, as I ate my gravy covered meatballs with Saskatoons on the side. Seriously, you have to try this one day! YUM!

I also baked up a batch of the Ginger Oatmeal cookies from the new WW cookbook. Can't say I'm overly impressed as they still work out to 2 points per cookie and these are some seriously small cookies!! Let's put it this way...the recipe says you are to get 30 (I got 21 small cookies) and I mixed the whole thing up in a measuring cup!!

Managed to stay within points today, which I am pleased with, since the biggest exercise I did was wash the dishes. Granted, I did a lot of dishes, but I don't think I broke a sweat! We'll see what happens when I tackle the litter boxes next.

Sunday night already...sigh...


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