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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fly by post

Just a quick one tonight (I Promise!). Just got in from run club. Yes, I went running tonight!! Temps weren't too bad, wind has finally shifted to the south and warmed up, with the full Chinook expected to hit tomorrow. Rumours of double digits (to the good) abound for the weekend.

Did a good 5.5km run at a good, steady pace (quite a few of us have been no shows, so we were all suffering a bit) and finished in 42 minutes. Then it was a pint at the Barley Mill, and while everyone else noshed on burgers and fries, I sat steady with my "Irish meal replacement in a glass" and did not even nibble. That's because I was a good girl and ate my supper before my run. Dinner was also a quick one - Lemony Chicken Carbanara. While pasta cooks, mix 1 egg and lemon juice together with some S&P. I had leftover cooked chicken, which I diced. When pasta is done, drain and put back in pot - shut off the heat. Add the lemon/egg mixture and stir like your life depends on it!! If you stir quick enough, you'll get a silky, smooth sauce when the egg "cooks". Otherwise you end up with scrambled eggs on pasta. Blech. Added the chicken, sprinkled with some cheese and voila. No veggies, but I did have my Spanish chicken leftovers for lunch and a whole mango as a snack. I'm good for the day.

All right...I am beat, and am going to bed.


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