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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Goals

I don't call them resolutions...instead they will be goals, something to shoot for. I do better when I have a target in sight, such as a race to train for. So here goes...

1. I will enjoy each day for what it is. I cannot change yesterday, and I have no idea if tomorrow will even each day, I open my eyes and appreciate that.

2. I will be at goal weight (174 - there, it's in black and white) at the end of the year. That doesn't mean I have a whole year to get there...I will be there by that time. I "found" quite a few pounds over the last year and they need to go!!

3. To achieve #2, I will do boot camp (already's starts on Tuesday!) and put my whole self into the new WW Plan. I will!!! And running resumes this week. Clinic officially starts January 25th, but I need to be back in form before then.

4. I will get my house in order. I know on my death bed, I won't say "gee...I wish I kept a tidier house", but I still need to get rid of some crap and organize! I think that's what held me up in the kitchen, as it was so disorganized, it was easier to take something out of the box than to make it from scratch. That changes this year. And looking around, I have piles everywhere. I need to get out from under this!

5. Pay off one credit card. Seems small, but it'll be huge for me...I am a self-confessed credit junkie, and I want out from under this monkey! What I really want is to buy my own home and I can't do that if I'm stupid with debt.

6. Run at least two, possibly three marathons in 2011. I will register - correct that - just registered for Calgary in May and I'd love to run Toronto in October again, as it was an awesome course and I PB'd there. Good news is that while Goodlife has moved to May, Scotiabank has moved to October, so we'll see what the cash flow looks like for the year. See #5, after all. I'll also look for something in July or August, so that I don't slack off from training. I have just over two years to meet my Boston target of a 4-hour finish, so I must train, train, train. I'll also do a few Halfs in the year too...already registered for the Hypothermic in February, I'll register for the Policeman's in April, probably the Big Run in May and most definitely Melissa's in September. I see a lot of running in my future.

7. Do more things. I need to go hiking more, sign up for a class, do something different. Try something new...

Think that's it. Going to go change and go for a run in the sunshine.


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Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I'm coming to Calgary in May! Only going to do the half, though - not up for another full just yet. I'm thinking of doing the Kelowna full in October though.. We'll see!