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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hurts to sneeze

Yes, the title is accurate. I sneezed last night and I swear I was close to blacking out from the pain! I am one solid mass of stiff, sore muscles. I wouldn't have it any other way! I returned to boot camp tonight, despite the pain, and pumped out a good solid hour of sweaty Tabata good-times! Sprints - pulling someone behind you, curls, lunges, squats, dips, wall sits with curls and lifts, bent-over rows, lat pulls, jumping rope, burpees! We finished with crunches, plank, superman and Russian twists.

Weigh-in did not go well today. Man, I HATE the first week in January. Took freaking forever to get my coupons and then weigh-in. Yes, gained again - I have yet to lose an ounce on the new PointsPlus program, but I'm hopeful that with the holidays behind me and the full on return to running and boot camp, that the results will be different next week. However, I did succumb to exhaustion and hunger on the way home and somehow ended up in the McDonald's drive-thru. Oh well, I still have weekly points allowance and earned loads of activity points today, so it's eaten, done and I've moved on.

Last day of work tomorrow and then it's the weekend. I will be up nice and early on Sunday to go for a long run, and I do need to do some work around my apartment and in the building. In other words, no different than any other weekend.

That's it for me...going to finish my water and start thinking about going to bed.


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