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Monday, January 10, 2011


I am fully registered for SIX races to the end of May, as of right now. All are in Calgary, as I've got the convention to go to in Montreal in April, although don't think for a minute that I didn't check out what races were available out there, when I was out there!


February 20th - Hypothermic Half - notoriously cold run, as it is February, in Canada. But it is also the unofficial "start" of racing season.

March 12th - Diakonos St. Patrick's Run - 10km. Just because I couldn't find a marathon (yet...wait for it!)

March 26th - Roger's Insurance L'Arche Half. Just heard about this morning! First time run for me.

April 17th - Calgary Policeman's Half. Very popular run, as it sells out every year. Last year I ran it under someone else's name and PB'd. Well, for me...perhaps not so much for him! Has a killer hill in the last 5 km.

April 30th - The Big Run - through the beloved (choke) Blood & Guts Park in NW Calgary. This will be my 3rd time running this race...the hills are NASTY but the race itself is quite nice and hopefully will pick up in popularity. It is the same weekend as the Vancouver Marathon, so we do lose a lot of runners to that.

May 29th - Calgary Marathon. Marathon #4! FOUR!!!! Un-freaking-believable! I am aiming for sub-5, and since I now know the course (that's always my downfall) I aim to do much better. I also aim to be running this race at goal weight, or darn-tootin' close to that. That should help immensely with the speed.

Now I just have to figure out what I want to run in June, July, August, September (Melissa's - no discussing it!), October (a return to Toronto, perhaps??), November and December. Just as long as one April, not too far away, I am running in Boston!


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