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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend update's brisk out there. It snowed most of the day yesterday, but that didn't stop me from getting Mom out for her blood work and vehicle registration, and the a trip to the farmer's market with H-woman. It was nice to see how busy the market is, considering it's smaller than the Calgary market (which has yet to open in it's new home) and only been operating inside for just over two weeks. People definitely have a need in this city. Came home with some more baklava (OMG, so good!!!) and some organic Polish garlic sausage. I'm thinking red beans and rice or a sauerkraut bake. Or both!

Got home, and was just beat. I really should have gone out and shovelled, but since it continued to snow all night, what was the point. I napped instead!! Had an awesome donair at the market, so "dinner" was a bowl of cheerios with a banana and UVAB at about 9pm. Then I hit the hay about 11, as this morning was our first official long slow of 2011.

After a breakfast of whole grain toast, almond butter and banana, I dressed for the weather. Three layers on top, with gloves and my runner girl toque. First layer is a skin tight "sleeve" as I like to call it. Wicking material, it sits right on my skin, under my favourite Melissa's technical shirt. Granted, it's colour is off...grey when with green, brown when with grey, green when with brown...very hard to match up. Lastly, the Resolution Run 2011 jacket. Warm, great wind-break and let's face it...highly visible.
Garmin sits on my left wrist, with my Road ID on the right. Cheap, cheap, cheap and awesome. Hard to read here, but name and contact numbers engraved (no ink to sweat off) along with a mantra...Left, right, repeat.

On the bottom, two layers...a skin tight, wicking pair of long johns and running pants over top. Double layer running socks, again that wick moisture, and lastly my trail runners. Little grippies on the bottom keep me from falling down, although they are a little ineffective directly on ice. So we'll just avoid that, shall we?

Today's run was a 12km double loop. Trying to keep everyone safe, since we were facing 15-20cm of snow (6-8") and temperatures of -21C (-6F) with a windchill of -32C (-26F). We ran east to Langevin, on the path that the city had yet to clear. It really is like running on loose sand, and with patches of ice underneath, it was downright treacherous sometimes. Cross the river at the bridge and back west to 10th Street. At least on this side, the paths had been cleaned, so the running was a bit easier. Cross the river again, and return to the Running Room...repeat. While most of the path was clear, the 1 km stretch really proved to tax the legs. Which is why, when I was done my second loop and was still a km short, I didn't care. I got my "run on" today...and my sweat on. While it may seem that I was under dressed, I was soaked to the skin by the time was I done. One guy joked that he ran beside me for a while just to get warm!! I stuck to the "long, slow" credo, taking just over 92 minutes to run the 11km. Others in the clinic did not heed that advice...the time trials on Tuesday could be interesting.
After some stretching and a latte and visit with fellow runners, I came home, and had a quick, rejuvenating lunch of scrambled eggs on toast. Topped with some shredded cheese and salsa, it was fast and delicious. And was exactly what I needed after a long run, and before I head out to tackle the sidewalks.

The building beside me had their crew come out and do their walks, which was AWESOME, as they tend to blow their snow over to my side. Happy face!!! Took me almost an hour and a half to shovel my stretch, and I swear with every lift of the shovel, the snow got deeper!! At one point I had to start at the "end" and clear a section, push the next section over and clear it and so on. If I had continued pushing from the start, I would have been digging out from under 3' of snow in no time. As for the main drag, it was so tramped down that I had to work double hard to break it up. Got my second sweat on for the day! In fact, between the run and the shovelling, I earned almost as many points as I normally get to eat in a day!

These two have the right idea!!

After a little rest, and trying to get warm, I made another pot of Tom Yum soup. Into my pot tonight went coconut milk, chicken broth, ginger, chili garlic sauce, brown, white and shitake mushrooms, wood fungus, red pepper, celery, fish sauce, lime juice, chicken, shrimp and cilantro. To change it up even further, I cooked some rice vermicelli and topped it with the soup. Just what a tired, cold body needs on a Sunday night. Lunch for tomorrow is ready and packed in the fridge. Yay!

Okay...that's it for me. Hope everyone had a fabo weekend doing what they love with who they love.

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